Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 10

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As soon as Jimmy made the punch he carried it out to the living room.

“Happy Earth Day, ladies. I’ve prepared you my special fruit punch.”

After delivering the punch, he said his hello to everyone in attendance and left, just as he promised his wife, Diane. He set the timer on this chronograph to twenty minutes and sat at the kitchen table while drinking a beer and listening to the ballgame on the radio.

“Oh, Jimmy!” He looked at his watch. Sure enough after exactly twenty minutes he heard his mother-in-law beckoning him. The punch was working.

When the women all started giggling as soon as he entered the living room, he knew something was cooking besides his brownies in the oven.

“Oh, oh, I know something is up. Okay, what’s going on here? You guys are having too good of a time.”

“Hopefully, you are what’s up, Jimbo,” said his mother-in-law holding up the briefest pair of men’s underwear he had ever seen. There was an elephant face on the front, a g-string in back, and an elephant’s deflated trunk where his cock fills it.

“We want you to try this on and model it for us,” said Karen. “Think of it as your contribution in helping to save the planet. After you model it, we’ll buy it.”

“C’mon, Jimmy, be a sport,” said his cousins Brenda and Audrey talking at the same time. “We all want to buy one for our husbands and boyfriends but need to see what it looks like on a man, first,” they said with a giggle and a blush. His cock responded to their insistence that he expose himself to the women albeit encased in the sheer satin material that afforded him not much privacy. Nonetheless, his excitement replaced his modesty.

He looked to Diane and she shrugged her approval. He took the thong from his mother-in-law’s hand and disappeared in the bedroom. Quickly and excitedly he removed his jeans and underwear. He couldn’t believe the horny women wanted him to model this briefest of bikini underwear. He never expected his Earth Day ending up like this. This real story was suddenly getting hotter than Bostonfictionwriter’s story, Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style.

He’d be happy just to see the lingerie show, but to model in it while wearing this little thing, well, his excitement was showing already. He already had an erection. He gave it a couple good, quick strokes to make sure that he filled out the elephant’s trunk completely and stood looking at his cock in the mirror.

“Can I come in,” rapped his mother-in-law on the bedroom door and without waiting for his reply, opened the door. He had one foot in the underwear and was just putting his other foot inside when she walked in the room. He watched his mother-in-law’s eyes move down from his face to his half erect cock before staying glued there. He was embarrassed that his mother-in-law saw him naked but excited at the same time.

“My, my,” she said, “my daughter is a lucky woman to have such as big man as you obvious are.”

“Good God, Stella, have you no shame? It’s a bit embarrassing for you to see me naked.”

“Oh, for God sakes, Jimmy, I’m your mother-in-law,” she said stepping in the room and closing the bedroom door behind her. “I don’t think of you in a sexual way.”

“You don’t?”

“Well, certainly, not all the time” she said smiling. “But now that I’ve seen what goes inside your, uhm, elephant trunk, I may think of you more often,” she said laughing.

“Stella, you’re making me feel really uncomfortable. You make me feel so cheap. You make me feel used. You make me feel like a piece of meat.”

“Oh, knock it off, Mr. Innocent. I can see how uncomfortable you must be feeling right now.”

She reached down silivri escort and pulled his trunk. What is it with women that it’s okay for them to molest men, so long as their cock is covered, even by the sheerest and most abbreviated fabric, such as this elephant thong that he squeezed his cock inside of it so much like a sausage in a casing?

“Stella! How would you like it if I fondled you?”

“I’d like it,” she said with a sexy smile. She unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse and flayed it open. Her bra and cleavage were clearly visible to her son-in-law. She walked closer to him, reached down her hand and cupped his package. Then, she took his other hand and put it on her tit.

Instinctively, he reached his fingers inside her unbuttoned blouse and felt her bra covered tit. She had a heavy but firm tit that was much bigger than Diane’s puny tits. His fingers found her erect nipple and he felt that through her bra.

There is nothing like the feel of a woman’s tit through her blouse. The only thing that is better than that sensation is feeling her tit through her bra. Okay, okay, the only thing better than how that feels is the feeling of a naked tit in your hand and/or in your mouth or hanging down while the woman of your fantasy rides your cock and you reach up and feel her tits.

“Before I forget; the reason why I came in here besides hoping to see your cock and hoping you’d feel my tit is my daughter’s little Earth Day lingerie party is in need of more punch.”

“Already? Wow! That went fast. Our guests must have been thirsty. I have another batch in the refrigerator. I’ll get it as soon as I finish modeling for the ladies.” With that, he brushed by Stella and walked in the living room.

From the bedroom he could hear the women singing a song from John Denver’s Earth Song album, Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day. His presence interrupted their singing. Normally, he didn’t celebrate Earth Day and to know that there was even a song written by John Denver was, well, a bit weird. It would make more sense if Mr. Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood fame had written such a song.

“Happy Earth Day!” The drunken women all cried out at once, as soon as he entered the room.

“Happy Earth Day,” he responded wishing that there was a special Earth Day salute that he could give them, much like the Vulcan hand signage that they did on Star Trek with the middle finger and ring finger splayed apart.

The women were just as bad as men at a strip club with catcalls and whistles. Every one of them fingered and felt his elephant trunk acting as if his cock wasn’t even inside. He immediately grew erect when Karen wrapped her hand around it and pulled it. She was sitting on the sofa and leaning forward and his dangling cock was parallel to her full lips. He so wanted to put a hand around the back of her head, pull his cock out of that damn cock sock, and stick it in her mouth. Then, the twins had their turn touching his trunk and even Elaine, the tall and voluptuous redhead, couldn’t resist a feel, a stroke, and a grope. His neighbors, Laura, Betty, Sue, and June all pinched his ass, as he walked by them.

By the time the ladies were working on the second batch of punch the brownies were ready. He cut them up in bite size pieces figuring the women would munch more that way and get more loaded on not only the copious amount of booze in the punch but also on the Hashish that were in the brownie mix. He was right. He tried one before bringing them out. The chocolate frosting on top along with the whole walnut pieces was a nice touch helping to disguise the taste and smell of the şirinevler escort Hashish.

As the evening wore on his neighbors Laura, Betty, Sue, and June were trying on their selection of lingerie just by stepping behind The Green Earth Clothing Company rack. The clothing rack lent little modesty to anyone trying on clothes and Jimmy was rewarded to a free show of their asses, tits, and pussies. This Earth Day lingerie show was a great idea. He made a note to remind Diane to host it again.

As it turned out, Diane was wrong in her assessment that the women would not buy any lingerie with Jimmy present due to their self-consciousness and embarrassment. Matter of fact, the lingerie had little to do with Earth Day, even though it was eco-friendly and bio-degradable clothing, this drunken bunch of broads would have bought whatever was for sale even if it was made with fossil fuels and manufactured by countries that didn’t subscribe to child labor laws.

The women acted as if Jimmy wasn’t even present in the room when removing their clothes to try on lingerie, that is, until it was time for him to model and for them to ogle him. Then, they all jockeyed for his opinion. The lingerie party was a big success with Diane selling nearly two thousand dollars of lingerie. The amount of sales entitled her to select whatever she wanted from the vast collection of sexy nightgowns, bras, and panties free.

Stella grabbed a satin shiny blue nightgown off the rack and headed for the bedroom with it. Jimmy waited until the ladies busied themselves with conversation, drinking punch, and eating brownies before he followed Stella in the bedroom. He stood outside the door waiting an inappropriate amount of time for her to remove her blouse and skirt, and hopefully her panties and bra.

“Can I come in,” he said bursting open the door as soon as he knocked. She stood by the mirror with her back to him, but he could see all of her in the mirror’s reflection. Although surgically enhanced, too, she had a nice ass nonetheless.

“Well, turn about is fair play,” she said turning to face him naked and lifting her arms shoulder height. “What do you think? Not bad for an old broad.”

She had a trimmed pussy with wisps of dark brown pubic hair that attested to the fact that she was not a natural blonde. Her tits were amazing. They didn’t sag at all, thanks to her breast surgery. Even though he knew they were surgically enhanced, Stella didn’t have implants, just some cosmetic surgery with a few nips and tucks and liposuction. She looked well preserved and rested.

After modeling his elephant underwear, Jimmy had forgotten to change out of it and his trunk was sticking straight out from the site of Stella’s naked body.

“I think Dumbo likes your body, too, Stella. You do have a sweet ass for an old broad,” he said walking closer and reaching his hand behind her to cup her ass cheeks. “And your tits are amazing.” He stared at her nipples. “Do you mind?”

“No, please, enjoy yourself” she said puffing out her chest as his hands felt and caressed her big knockers.

“Well, thank you Dumbo,” she said reaching out and taking his gray satin covered cock in her hand. “I’m so glad that Dumbo likes my ass and tits,” she said tightening her grip around his cock and slowly moving her hand back and forth.

He reached down and fingered her pussy before taking her nipple in his mouth, first one and then the other. He couldn’t believe his mother-in-law had seen him naked. He couldn’t believe he had seen his mother-in-law naked. He couldn’t believe he was touching his mother-in-law so very inappropriately şişli escort everywhere. And he couldn’t believe his mother-in-law was stroking his cock. It was then that they kissed, French kissed. Karen walked in on them interrupting their kiss.

“Don’t mind me. I just came in to strip naked and try on this sexy nightgown” she said laughing while making eyes at her brother-in-law. Definitely, she was high on punch and brownies.

Jimmy fell back on the bed in readiness to watch the free strip show.

“In that case, I’ll just wait here to ogle your naked body, I mean, to give you my opinion of the sexy nightgown.”

“I don’t care if you see me naked, Jimmy,” said Karen with a shrug and a coy look. “It’s no big deal. I’ve been to nude beaches in Mexico. I have the same body parts as other women.”

“Yeah, but only nicer.”

“Well, thank you.”

Without hesitation, Karen removed her top and unzipped and pulled down her skirt, as Jimmy watched her reflection in the bureau mirror. The mirror afforded him simultaneous views of her front and back.

She wore pink bikini panties that flattered her figure and a low cut bra that sculpted her C cup size tits. Then, when she turned to face Jimmy as she unhooked her bra, slid the straps from her shoulders, and threw her bra in his face.

He couldn’t believe that first he was ogling his mother-in-law and now he was flashed by his hot sister-in-law. Just as Stella had, Karen had nice tits. Even though they were implants, the surgeon who did her breasts was an artist. Then, in one quick motion, she slid her panties down to reveal a shaved pussy.

Like mother like daughter, Karen didn’t have a shred of modesty. Between the alcohol and the brownies, these women were ready to be fucked and sucked. Stella was still naked and her nipples were so very erect. In the way that she stared at Jimmy’s elephant trunk, he could tell that she was hot and horny for him.

Stella wiggled into her nightgown finally and left the room leaving Jimmy and Karen alone. Once Stella left the bedroom, Jimmy leaned forward and grabbed Karen around the waist. He pulled her on top of him on the bed, rolled her over, and kissed her passionately. She not only didn’t resist him but also encouraged him by her responses to his actions. His cock was so hard and he humped her a few times and she surprised him by returning his humps. He so wanted to pull his cock out of the elephant’s drunk and plunge in deep in her pussy.

As soon as he felt her tongue in his mouth, he had his hand between her thighs. She was wet and he fingered her clit before probing her deeper with his middle finger. He wanted to fall between her legs and eat her pussy before sticking his cock deep inside her. He’d been dying to fuck her and now was his chance. Only, he couldn’t. What if Diane walked in the room as he was banging her sister? That’d be the end of their marriage. She’d divorce him.

When he stood to leave for fear of Diane walking in the room and seeing them together in a very compromising position, he stood. As soon as he stood, Karen sat up, leaned forward, reached in his underwear, and pulled his cock out from the elephant’s truck. In one quick movement, she had his cock in her mouth and was blowing him while looking up at him with her big brown eyes.

He couldn’t believe his sister-in-law was giving him a blowjob. This was his best Earth Day celebration ever. Actually, this was the only time he had celebrated Earth Day.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, Jimmy,” she said removing his cock for a second while continuing to stroke him. “I want to taste your cum. I want to swallow your warm, gooey load.”

That was all she needed to say and all he needed to hear for him to start fucking her mouth while she massaged his balls. Somehow he gained composure enough to pull away from her when he thought he heard Diane heading towards the bedroom. He left the bedroom leaving Karen there alone.

To be continued…

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