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I live in one side of a duplex apartment the other side was vacant until you moved in a few weeks ago. I have seen you and said hello, just a few times when we enter or leave the duplex at same time. But your hello seems very warm. But I do see you. Because our bedrooms both face a little courtyard, between the two bedrooms. And at night, I often see you, before you close your blinds. You are so lovely, and sexy in appearance.

But this night, you don’t shut the blinds!!! I see you in a white blouse and red mini skirt. Looking so fresh and nice. The light in my bedroom is off, so I feel I can watch you without myself being seen. AND, you begin to unclothe yourself first the blouse–showing your ample breasts enclosed in a sexy white bra. And your mini skirt is removed. no slip. You in a red sexy panty. mmmmmmmmm. I immediately start to get an erection. Wanting you to strip some more, thinking you forgot about the blinds. Your bra comes off as does your panty.

Mmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhh . So lovely. firm breasts. Nice nipples that seem to just start to get erected. a lovely bush. But you suddenly disappear so disappointed, I am. Just sitting on a chair I am. so excited. Wondering if I should relieve myself. God, I was turned on. but I decide to wait. About 5 minutes later, you return. a towel wrapped around your body, covering just enough that I can’t see your breasts or bush. You are evidently looking into a mirror. Looking at yourself. admiring. And so am I. And suddenly, you let the towel fall, again showing me your body, side view. Nice. mmmmmmm. You twirl slowly, looking at the mirror, but showing me yourself in all views. How lovely. smooth skin. Firm uplifting breast lovely buttocks. so nice. You put your arms behind your head, continuing to look at yourself. your breasts rise. Lovely.

Then, you cup your breasts, weighing them, and as you do, you let your fingers rub the nipples gently. All the while, looking, at the mirror and then down at your fingers. The nipples erecting nicely. And wow, then you lift each breast, and kiss the nipples. wetting them, and again tweak the nipples with your fingers, which have really become hard and erected. One hand now leaves your breast, and starts to caress the smooth skin of your belly, and finally reaches your bush, and you run your fingers through it. And then between your thighs that you just spread. And I see you bring that hand up to your lips and see you lick them. Oh, I am besides myself now. I am so horny, watching this. I cannot believe my good luck. But it is just beginning.

You go to the bed, nude and lie on it. The head of the bed is against the far wall, and you prop your head yabancı escort on several pillows. and again, start to fondle and caress your breasts. Your thighs seem to spread on their own. Knees bent and your lips part, letting me see the wetness and lovely pussy. Oh my God!!!. I can’t believe what I am seeing. And again, your free hand starts downward, over your belly, down past your bush, and your fingers start to roll your clit, and side your fingers up and down. By this time, I also have stripped, and now spreading my wetness all over the head, and down the shaft, as I slowly start to pump my dick, slowly or I will cum too fast, intending to cum when you do. Watch you, so nice.

Your begin to thrust a little, and finally, two fingers enters your hole. And I see your face grimace. and your start to grind and thrust. I sense you are getting close to a cum, and I want to time my cum with yours. So nice. I have to slow down. I am feeling so good. but so are you.

And suddenly, you stop. Did you cum? I don’t think so. I wanted to cum at same time you did. You get up, and disappear somewhere in your side of the duplex. I am so disappointed. wondering what to do. Should I wait till you get back and finish? God, I am so horny. So close.

My doorbell rings. “Oh shit,” I say, what a time for company I get a robe, still so erected, wet. Open the door. IT IS YOU, IN A FLIMSY ROBE. And you say: “did you enjoy the show?”. I stutter, shocked. “What show?” I finally answer. And you say, “this one” and you put your palm on my lips, and two fingers into my mouth. The unmistakable taste of you. Now, more composed, I say: “just what I need, some fresh juice!” and pull you into my side of the duplex apartment.

I pulled you into my apparent. And continued lucking and kissing your fingers and palms. The unmistakable musk of your juices. still wet. Sucking on each of your fingers, while looking into your eyes. The look of passion in each of our eyes. And while I am kissing your fingers, you ask, “Your hands seem a bit moist too.” And you take my hand, fingers, and begin to luck and kiss them. So seductively, like it is what you would be doing to my dick in a short time. Taking a finger deep into your mouth. In and out. your lips savoring what was left of my juices from my touching of myself. Both of us so turned on. Horny. From the touching. When we were both so close to a cum.

Unable to wait any longer, I pull you to me. Hug you tight. Our bodies separated only by our robes. But not for long. They become open, and we are now hugging nude. My hard dick sliding on your belly. Smearing it with my juices which yeni escort have reformed anew. And soon, our robes are off too, dropped just in a heap on the floor. Our aroused passion seeing no limits. Our hands roaming on each other, Caressing. Mine all over your back, your smooth full buttocks. A thigh of mine presses between yours. Immediately feeling first your pubic hair, and then the abundant wetness. You grind your groin on my thigh, and I slide it up and down your pussy. So wet. It just slides. You press a thigh between mine too. Feeling my balls. so full of inspect cum. And we just press and rub, wildly. Kissing each other. Your lovely breasts rubbing on my chest. Wildly moaning and sighing. Words of passion. Saying at the same time, “Oh God, I want you. now!!!”

Almost running to the bedroom, I fall on my back on the bed, my head propped up by two pillows. You climb on top of me, straddling my face, and letting me see a most beautiful pussy, dripping. All swollen. instead of light pink, almost a reddish hue, so engorged and swollen. Swollen inner lips, a pulsating clit. And you squat on my face, your breasts swaying above my head. I see your eyes clenched shut, your face grimacing with pleasure.

The evening of previously touching yourself, almost to a cum. taking its toll. You are so hot, horny, so close to a cum already. You are moaning, and sighing. I reach up and fondle your breasts. Rolling your nipples with my fingers. You start grinding your pussy over my lips and face. My lips sucking. my tongue probing. Rolling your inner lips and clit. So swollen and erecting. Wild pleasure. Ecstasy. Your juices, so musky, so flavorful. Your head tilted back and eyes shut tightly. I love it!!! Almost drowning me with your juices. Oh, the taste, of which I had a preview earlier from the licking of your hand. Within a minute, you begin screaming, “Dave.!! I’m gonna cum. Oh my God. NOW.” Your grinding becomes almost ferocious. Back Arching. Writhing. Wild passion. Bliss. Seemingly lasting for many minutes. strong, ebbing, then strong again. A glorious cum.

And finally, it ebbs, not completely, but ebbs. You slow down. My face all wet, from ear to ear. forehead to chin. And you turn around. Squat back on my face. Still swollen, engorged. You are just beginning. You lean over, seeing my dick, so erect. Pulsating with my heart beat. My juices dripping on my belly. So erected and up to now neglected, but no longer. You first lick up the juices on my belly, then the glans of my tick. Teasing. Your lips initially just cover the glans. taking it into your mouth. Your tongue teasing the rim. ohhhhhh, feels so good. I cant yenibosna escort help but thrust. and you take it more deeply into your mouth. Sucking. running your tongue all over.

All this while you are grinding on my face is too much. I am so close. And sensing it, sends you too. A buildup, a flash build up in you. Starting deep inside your belly. You start to grind on my face, again, hard sliding on my lips and tongue. my nose, my chin. And when I say, mumbling because my face is covered by your pussy. “I’m cuming, now!!!.” As I start to throb, and spurt, In your mouth. Oh my God!!!, yes!!

Spurt after spurt, with you swallowing as fast as you can, which increases the sensation on my dick. And with each swallow, you have a spasm on my tongue, my nose. A long, intense, magnificent cum, both of us. And finally it subsides. I am still semi hard. Still feeling so good.

And you immediately turn around, now straddling my dick and you guide it in. Both of us so wet. feeling so warm and tight in you. And you lie on me, relaxing. And as you talk, vibrations spread from your vagina on to my dick. And we talk about the this evening. How you were wanting me, for weeks. And how I seemingly ignored you. (Though I really wasn’t, I was taken by you too, as I subsequently tell you.) And how, until tonight, you tried to get my attention, and finally, you took things into your own hands, literally. Putting on this show. And somehow you knew, I was watching. Not only watching, but touching myself. How you wanted to cum then, but decided to pay be a visit, dressed in only your robe. How horny you were then, and you knew I was too.

And as we talk, I start to harden again. Slowly at first, until it is as hard as ever, and it begins to throb, and you are feeling, and you provoke my dick further by inducing spasms of your strong vaginal muscles. And we begin to slowly grind. The intense feeling returns. Slowly, then more rapidly. And I begin to thrust, in and out. slowly, then a little faster. And you thrust and grind with me. Kissing me passionately. Oh, the feeling, in each of us. Faster. The buildup, now faster and faster. The spasms, the throbbing. Your thighs and legs wrapped around my buttocks. And suddenly, you arch your back. Shout, “Dave,!!! I’m gonna cum, again. Oh my God!!!” And that is just what I need. To send me over the top.

Again. I cum, this time deep in you. ohhhhhhhhhhh yes. More. And more. Thrusting wildly!!! Feeling you spasm so tightly. Again and again. spurt after spurt. Throb after throb. filling u up. Until it starts to dribble out onto me. my groin, pubic hair. Until it is over. Just residual throbs of me, and spasms of you. collapsing on top of me. Perspiring. breathing so hard. Heart beating so hard. Trembling and shaking. And gradually it simmers down. We kiss again. U still lying on me.

Nice, wonderful. Magnificent. Feeling so empty. relaxed. Wonderful. Ohhhhhhh, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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