Doug and Diane

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“So, you are no longer a virgin.” Doug complained.

Doug and Diane had grown up next door to each other since they were born and both initially sported bright blond hair. Many thought they were brother and sister. Doug grew up to be class brain, but lost the blond hair and topped out at 5′ 6″ and 125 lbs.. Diane on the other hand blossomed. From the tiny little thing she now stood 5’7″ with golden blonde hair half way down to her back and sported an incredible figure.

Diane looked at Doug a minute before answering. “Mark and I have been going out for 6 months now, it seemed like time and I love him. Plus we are both 18, so it is not like I am a minor.”

“I know,” Doug said softly “but I always thought we would be each others’ first. And you said so many time in so many words.”

“You know I love you and we’ve known each other our entire lives, but it is not the same sort of love. With you it is almost like you are family, with Mark…well, it’s different.” Diane said as she gently stroked Doug’s cheek.

“I get it, Mark is a hottie, like you said, and I’m the president of the chess club…a geek. Not exactly boyfriend material. I just always thought we would just….”

“Screw each other just to do it?” Diane blurted out a little hotly.

“No! Make love to each other and share that experience like we have shared almost every other experience in our lives. I understand why you made love to Mark, I just wish we could have been each others’ first like I said. He is your boyfriend and I know he expects that from you…I’m sorry, I should just get over it.”

“I did not make love to Mark because he expects it from me. I wanted it as much as he did. It was really a very loving act…or acts I guess I should say.” Diane said with a giggle.

“Acts? How many times did you do it?”

“I’m not sure. I think six,” Diane replied “but this a little personal, so I’d like to change the subject.”

“You don’t know? How can you not know? My assumption is that Mark stuck it in you a certain number of times and that would be the count.” Doug said loudly. “Did you even use protection?”

“No, we did not use protection, it is not my fertile time, and I am not sure since he may have cum 6 times, but I came a lot more than that. There, are you happy? Do you want me to give to the blow by blow account? Actually, if we count blow by blow, perhaps it was more than six times.” Diane snapped back. “And looking at you, you want me to describe everything?” she said staring at the tent in Doug’s shorts.

“I’m sorry, just the thought of you…OK, we can change the subject. I guess what you and Mark have makes me jealous and I really have no right to be. You know we have seen each other naked and wrestled around but that was so long ago it was innocent. When I think about you now it is not so innocent…plus you had no boobs…and now….”

Diane giggled “I can say the same thing about your cock. That tiny thing sure has grown up,” she said looking back down at his crotch, “how big is it now? Never mind, let’s stop this before it goes too far.”

Doug looked at her a minute before responding. “I am not sure what you mean by too far, but I don’t think it has gone far enough. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Remember that? Sad that we really had nothing to show back then and now it seems like we do.”

“I am a bit curious since you might be bigger that Mark. OK, we show each other, but no touching. You stay right here.”

Diane got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. When she was gone, Doug reached into his pants and wrestled his throbbing erection into a more comfortable position. Instead of pulling his hand out he started to stroke since it never felt better than this. He was amazed how sensitive the head was. The bathroom door opened and Doug yanked his hand out of his shorts. Diane walked in wearing a white terry cloth bathrobe.

“Are you naked under there?” Doug asked.

With a sly smile, Diane nodded yes, turned to her side, pulled up the bottom of the robe exposing her upper thigh and left ass cheek. She then turned he back to Doug and while looking over her shoulder at him opened the front of the robe. She then slipped it off her shoulders slowly all the while watching Doug’s expression. As she slipped it farther and farther down she swayed back a forth giving Doug glimpses of side boob, but not enough for Doug to really see how large they were. Soon her ass appeared and Doug saw that she was indeed naked – not even a thong. Then Diane just dropped the robe to the floor swept her long hair over her shoulders to cover her breasts and slowly turned to face Doug. Her breasts were jutting out and as she was getting casino oyna quite aroused her nipples projected out at least a quarter inch each between the strands of her golden tresses.

“Please…” He whispered.

Diane chuckled softly “I know, this is cruel.” as she pulled the hair back revealing the perfect, tear-dropped shaped mounds.

Diane never tanned au naturel so Doug could almost imagine she was wearing a white bikini.

His eyes travelled down and noticed her perfect navel centered on her narrow tapered waist. Then his eyes were drawn to the blond triangle framed by the pale white skin.

Diane laughed as she saw the look on Doug’s face. “If you could see what you look like now, I wish I had a camera.”

“You wish you had a camera?” Doug choked out. “Come closer…please.”

“Don’t move, just stay where you are. I told you no touching and looking at you, I’m not sure I trust you.” Diane said as she walked closer to the bed. “You like?”

Doug just nodded and couldn’t find any words…

She slowly turned around so Doug could see her ass, then after looking over her shoulder to confirm he approved returned to facing him.

“These are 36 D,” Diane continued while hefting each breast and letting them bounce when releasing them “a bit different from when we were kids. And I should get an all-over tan, but never had the courage to do that.”

“Please don’t,” Doug said “I love that I can see what you look like with a bikini and without at the same time. It is so sexy you have no idea. I think you are the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life.”

“You say that, or will, to every naked woman you see.”

“No, really,” Doug said sincerely, “no actress, no model, no one at school can hold a candle to you. You are perfect, not even a mole anywhere on you. I really need to touch you, to feel you. I’ll bet your skin is so soft and warm to the touch.”

“No, we have a deal. No touching. It is your turn, get up off the bed and I will sit and watch you undress.” Diane ordered. “I want to see what you are packing there.” Pointing to his straining erection. “That looks painful, I hope it is not too uncomfortable. Why don’t you free it and let it have some air?”

Doug got up, reaching down to adjust his hard penis “Actually, yes it is.”

As Doug approached Diane, she slid by him brushing her boobs against his arm, slowly pressing against him before stepping over to the bed and lying down on her side to watch him.

Doug groaned “I almost came…” and turned to face the bed. He pulled off his shoes and socks before grabbing the waist of his shirt and pulling it over his head.

“Slow down,” Diane said “you need to tease a little. Perhaps I should put on some strip-tease music?”

“Give me a break,” Doug laughed nervously “I haven’t exactly been naked in front of a girl since…you 10 years ago.” But he removed the shirt from his arms more slowly, one by one. Diane noticed his cute chest with no hair…no muscles, but still cute. She watched as Doug undid his belt, slipping it out of his pants, slowly before dropping it to the floor. Diane noticed that her pussy was throbbing and as crossed her legs and rolled her hips that she was getting soaked. Her eyes were glued to the bulge in his shorts wondering just how big that thing was.

Doug’s hands undid the top button and slowly slid the zipper down revealing a large wet spot in his tidy-whities. He dropped the shorts to the floor covering his bulging underwear and abruptly turned with his back to Diane.

“Hey, that’s not fair.” Diane yelled.

“Turn about, so to speak, is fair play.” Doug said as he slowly revealed his ass to Diane. Diane could tell he was having trouble getting underwear by his erection in front since Doug had to bend over slightly as he pulled at them. He let the underwear drop to the floor and looked at Diane over his shoulder while stroking his dick out of her sight.

“Are you playing with yourself?” Diane demanded. “Turn around and let me see.”

Doug turned around gripping his cock with two hands and even so, still 2 inches were exposed.

“Holy crap! How big is that thing?” Diane asked “Why didn’t you ever show me that before? It is a monster!”

Doug took his hands away and his penis stood up pointing at the ceiling. “I have no idea. I’ve never measured it.”

“Never? I would think with a giant cock like that you would have. It must be 8 or 9 inches long and 2 to 2 and half inches in diameter.”

“Come here, I need to see it closer.”

Doug walked over to Diane with his cock bouncing around. He grabbed it to keep it still but Diane ordered him to let it be. “I love watching it move like that…you canlı casino have no idea how wet I am right now.”

Diane swung her legs off the bed and reached over to feel it, to feel how warm it was, how big it was and the weight of it. Her fingers could get just half way around and she gasped.

“Not that I am complaining, but you did say no touching.” Doug breathed

“I’m sorry, I just needed to touch it.”

“Well, if you can touch me, I should be able to touch you.”

“OK,” Diane said, “but just my boobs.”

Doug reached down and gently lifted her left breast basically doing the same thing Diane did with his cock. He was amazed how heavy it was and how soft. His thumb slowly felt around the areola and over the rock hard nipple. As he was doing that Diane felt his cock jerk in his hand.

“Oh my God, your breasts are incredible.”

“I believe you, your cock just confirmed that.”

Without taking her eye off the stiff rod in her hand Diane stroked it marveling at how far here hands had to travel to get from the bottom to the top and back down again.

“Go to the closet and get me the yardstick in there,” Diane ordered. “I need to know how big this is, and don’t hold it – let it flop around.”

Doug turned and went over the closet. Diane groaned when he bent over to pick up the ruler and again when he walked back to her with his hard cock swinging back and forth. He handed her the ruler and she placed on end at the base. She got her face right next to the head of his cock and sighted across to the 9 inch mark. “Wow! 8 and 5/8ths inches. No way should anyone have a penis this large. Can I make you come?”

“You want to give me a hand job?”

“No, Diane said, I can do better than that.” Then she leaned forward, opened her mouth and started flicking her tongue around the bulbous head. She tasted the salty pre-cum oozing from the tip and the soft fleshy texture of the head. Doug reached down and grabbed her right breast this time more roughly than the left one and started squeezing.

“That’s it, play with my breasts. I want you to come down my throat while you feel me”

Diane then pushed forward taking in more that she had ever had in her mouth. Doug felt the warmth wrapping around his dick and unconsciously pushed his hips forward. Instead of resisting, Diane opened her mouth more, taking in half of Doug’s huge rod feeling the head pushing against the back of her throat. Soon they established a rhythm with his cock sliding in and out of Diane’s throat.

Doug groaned as Diane pushed him away and pulled her mouth off of his cock.

“Don’t stop, it feels great.” Doug moaned.

Diane held up a finger. “Wait, let’s try it this way so that you can get more of this monster down my throat.”

Diane got onto the bed and lay on her back with her head hanging off. Her legs were spread and Doug could see her hand rubbing her pussy.

“OK – put that monster back in my mouth and let’s see how much I can take.” Diane opened her mouth wide.

With that Doug leaned forward, took his dick and pushed in down into Diane’s eager mouth.

He slowly pushed his hips forward feeling more and more go into her throat, then pulling back before pushing in again. When he felt like he didn’t want to choke her he pulled out and then pushed back to where he stopped before.

Diane reached back, grabbing his ass cheeks and pulled him forward abruptly until his pubes were mashed against her lips. Then she let go and went back to rubbing her sopping wet pussy.

Doug was entranced by the immaculate goddess spread out in front of him. He watched her breasts jiggle every time he thrust into her mouth and her fingers work more and more feverously on her pussy. He reached down with one hand and started pinching and pulling on her nipples. This caused Diane to moan on his cock which sent electricity up through his groin. He was amazed how long he could last and as much as his body demanded release, he never wanted this to end.

But it wasn’t long before he felt his impending orgasm and started to pull out, but again Diane grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him all the way in.

That was all it took as Doug let out a long moan and shot at least a cup of cum down into her stomach.

Diane swallowed over and over so as not to choke and was amazed at the massive amount of sperm Doug produced all the while moaning on his cock. Doug kept pumping in and out of her mouth even after he stopped cumming before finally extracting his dick from her throat.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you,” Doug said, “Your lips look bruised.”

“That was amazing. I cannot believe I was able to get all of you down my throat. How kaçak casino much do you cum anyway? That was a lot more than I ever imagined.”

“Again, no idea. Not something I would have measured. I need to return the favor now. Turn around.”

“You don’t have to,” Diane said while eagerly spinning around on the bed. “I’m sure you don’t want to bury your face in here.” She said as she fingered her wet pussy between were obscenely spread legs.

Doug pushed his face forward, taking in the arousing musky scent while also looking closely and the first vagina he’d ever seen from this angle.

Diane watched him as she played with her nipples, “Just taste it and if you don’t like it…”

Doug buried his face in her pussy and let his tongue slide up and down her slit felling it go deeper and deeper each pass. He noticed if he flicked the tiny knob at the top of the slit Diane sucked in air and mewed each time. So as he delved deeper into her wet slit, he made a point of lingering on that button each time. Soon he tasted her as deeply as he could and reached up with both hands to take over ministering to Diane’s rock hard nipples. Diane started bucking against his mouth more and more and soon Doug as just focusing on the knob while Diane grabbed his head and pulled him to her as hard as she could. Doug’s face was soaked with her juices and when she stopped writhing around and she released his head, he came up for air.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. You are amazing with your tongue. Where do you learn to do that?” Diane gasped.

“I went by feel I guess,” Doug replied. “I loved doing that to you. I had a bit of a problem breathing at the end, but it was worth it to see you like that. I suppose you had trouble breathing when I was in your throat, so turn about is fair play.”

Diane sat up and looked at Doug. I’m sorry we were not able to be each other’s first, but you are the first to do that to me.” Then she noticed Doug’s dick was still pointing at the ceiling. “Does that thing ever go down?” She said pointing at it.

“Not today, I guess. Being with you is such a turn-on I cannot get enough. Can I at least feel what it is like being inside you?”

“You were inside me, but I know what you mean. I was going to say at this point what can it hurt, but looking at the size of that, I think I know what it can hurt. Actually, I’d like to know what it feels like also and if I can take the whole thing. Come here and kiss me.”

Doug crawled up and leaned down and started kissing Diane. Their tongues were mashed together as Diane pulled him down onto her tightly. When they finally came up for air, Diane said “Now I know what I taste like.”

Doug laughed “I guess I do too. I hadn’t thought of that.”

Doug felt Diane’s hand push between them, grab his erection and guide it between her legs. She looked up at him and said “Look, if it is too much, promise me you will pull back out. Also, take it really slow since I’ve never put anything in there even half this size.” With that Doug gently pushed the head in watching Diane’s face for any wincing or pain. When she showed anything at all he slowly backed off then after a minute resumed pushing in. It felt incredible just having the first inch inside of Diane. Something he’d only dreamt about. It wasn’t long before Doug was sliding in and out 5 inches and Diane seemed to be oblivious to everything. He thought he would try another inch so he pushed in a little, then backed out. Then pushed in a little more, each time backing out all the while watching her face for any discomfort. Without realizing it, he found he was all the way in and their pubic bones were pressed together. With more confidence and energy he pulled all the way out and pushed back in. It wasn’t long before he was pounding her pussy with long strokes and Diane was cumming over and over gripping his ass with both hands feeling him driving his cock deep into her womb. Doug started to groan knowing he was going to come soon and started to pull out, but Diane wouldn’t release his ass and when he finally let go, she pulled him in all the way grinding her clit against him screaming out her biggest orgasm yet. Doug felt his seed gush into her womb while hoping it wasn’t her fertile time while pushing as deeply as possible with each squirt. He collapsed on top of her feeling totally spent.

Doug roused and pushed himself up, looked down and started to say something but noticed Diane was totally passed out. He pulled his now (finally) softening dick all the way out and went to get a towel to clean Diane up. He took a wash cloth with warm water and a towel and tenderly cleaned her leaking, inflamed pussy lips, then wiped her dry. He returned those to the bathroom and when he came back he let his eyes linger on her beauty before covering her naked body with a blanket and left the house with a smile as persistent as his returning boner.

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