Double Fun

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Lockdowns had been tiresome, Lynn thought to herself as she stretched luxuriously in bed that morning, although they had their occasional advantages on mornings like this. She had nowhere to be any time soon, the summer sun was blazing lately, and she had the place to herself for the morning. Hubby and kids all out; a rare treat in these locked down times. She knew exactly how she was going to spend her morning. Or at least she though she did…

Lynn finally cast aside the sheets and swung herself out of bed, catching sight of herself in the full-length mirror as she tossed her silk robe around her shoulders. She admired her tanned skin and taut body, thinking that she was looking pretty good for 43, then feeling silly for even thinking it. she smoothed a hand down her belly, turning to the side to see how her 34 E cup breasts still jutted out firmly, the large dark areola that her husband so loved sitting pleasingly on top of the firm round flesh.

She padded down the kitchen to make coffee with a spring in her step, not bothering to do up her robe and feeling strangely sexy. Pouring her coffee, she grabbed her laptop and took it out into the back yard, planning to check through some emails.

She made herself comfortable on one of the sun loungers out there, knowing that the garden wasn’t overlooked and that she had total privacy.

After a few minutes she set her laptop aside; she couldn’t concentrate and was enjoying the sensual feeling of the sun on her body. Responding to that sexual energy she’d noticed since waking this morning she took off her robe entirely and stretched out in the sun.

Again, she looked down her body and enjoyed what she saw; her full breasts now resting on her reclining frame and, further down, the dark thatch of bushy hair that she maintained on her pussy (the smooth shaved look she noticed in porn stars she found to be silly and girlish).

She allowed her right hand to trail down her body, again feeling the smooth skin of her belly and into the springy pubic hair, savouring the familiar feeling of opening up and warmth as she started to become aroused. Her fingers travelled lower, tracing the prominent clitoral hood and full labia of her pussy. She briefly thought of how much her husband loved her most intimate characteristics but also appreciating the experience of enjoying herself simply for herself. The wetness accumulated as she continued to massage and manipulate her increasingly swollen and aroused sex.

Her intention now was to spend the morning outside in the delicious sunshine, bringing herself to as many slow and luxurious orgasms as she chose. Perhaps she was also in the mood for using the largest of her dildos today; something that she saved for her hornier self-love sessions. She had the sense that would like to feel full today. That could wait though, for now her fingers were doing a wonderful job.

She began to lose herself in the sensations, arching her back and clutching her left breast as she felt the familiar throb of an orgasm building. That was when she heard a familiar voice calling from next door, the neighbour guy shouting something over the dividing hedge.

She gasped and then admonished herself, feeling embarrassed. Had he heard her gasp? God, had he heard her masturbating?? She grinned momentarily, realising that she wouldn’t mind, then refocused on what he was saying.

Something about a delivery they had taken in yesterday on her behalf, would he drop it around now, seeing as she was in? Lynn grinned again — “so you knew I was out here,” she thought to herself. “Naughty boy”.

“That would be great thanks hun, could you maybe come down the side passage as I’m out the back?” Lynn called out. She arranged herself on the sun lounger, pulling her robe around her and tying it loosely as her neighbour, Jake, appeared around the corner, holding a package.

She briefly ankarada sakso çeken escortlar took him in, scruffy jeans and a white T-shirt, old sneakers. He was around her age, tall and burly, “the outdoor type” as she’d described him to her friends over drinks in the past. His dark hair extended to most of his body but not too much; he had a manly, muscular style that he wore easily. Speaking of which, these were jeans he wore well. The material around the crotch stretched over his obviously generous package, something else she’d also commented on to her friends before.

“You’re looking very rugged today, Jake,” she said, with a devilish smile.

“Uh, yeah, just doing some work in the garden. Enjoying the sun, I see,” he said moving towards her with the package. She sat up to take it from him and as she did so her robe gaped open slightly. Reaching out to take it she noticed her fingers were still slick with her own juices, which felt so wonderfully naughty as one of those fingers grazed his. Would he notice?

“Look, I’m sorry to disturb you, I’ll leave you to your privacy,” said Jake, making no effort to leave at all and blatantly stealing glances at her exposed flesh.

“That’s ok Jake, we’re neighbours, aren’t we? No need to stand on ceremony,” Lynn replied, reclining further, and pretending not to notice as her robe fell further open, barely clinging now to the erect peaks of her nipples, the silk draping over the full breasts.

Lynn glanced sideways at Jake still standing there and several things ran through her mind at once. Firstly, she noted with delight that his cock was growing across his thigh inside his jeans like a thick, curved sausage. She also recalled how her husband and her had talked a lot about trying a threesome and that he would be home at some stage — why not take the lead and make it happen right here and now? Her pussy almost flooded at the thought.

Lynn took the lead; she raised one knee so that her robe fell open, exposing her entire lower body — her thick dark bush and strong tanned legs. Jake went to say something, but the words seemed to stick in his throat.

“It’s ok Jake. You’re really a very sexy guy and Sam and I have been talking about opening our relationship a little. No time like the present, that’s my attitude. No hard feelings if you leave of course but if you stay, you’re gonna have to fuck me.”

Jake recovered from the shock of this admirably. At first, he wavered a little before his gaze fell back on her tight body. Suddenly and without a word he whipped his T shirt over his head and began urgently struggling with his belt. Lynn almost purred and smiled as she admired his muscled chest and arms, a nice covering of dark hair over tanned skin. His taught stomach tapered down to a dark treasure trail which led to…

Jake wasn’t wasting any time in opening his jeans and pulling them down — has he been dreaming of this moment? Lynn let out a small groan of desire as his cock sprang free, a girthy and satisfyingly long trunk standing proudly out from his own dark bush, thick veins running along its length as on his forearms.

He moved towards her, and she greedily snatched up his cock in her hand from her lying position, noting how she couldn’t wrap her fingers fully around it. Her hand had never felt as full of cock as this before and she felt her hips involuntary open and push upwards as her arousal took hold.

She immediately leaned her head in towards him and took it hungrily in her mouth as his huge hands began to traverse all over her body, exploring her breasts and tracing the wet groove between her tumescent lips. She groaned on his cock as she struggled to keep its girth in her mouth, having to pop it out and trace the veins with her tongue instead, grasping it in her hand while she began to lick and suck on his low hanging balls.

Jake elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar seemed to have been taken over by pure animal instinct now; he was fingering her quite roughly, something she didn’t always enjoy but seemed just right to her now. He didn’t seem in any mood for foreplay and pushed her back on the sun lounger, whipping her robe off her shoulders and falling on her tits with his mouth like a starving man. Lynn tossed back her head and sighed as he moved quickly between her thighs and positioned her cock at the mouth of her pussy.

Yes, she wanted it this way, urgent and fast. She tensed a little as she hadn’t accepted a cock so thick before, but she was eager to, and she held her breath as he pushed full length into her. Fuck he must have been a good inch longer than her husband and deliciously meaty. She could almost feel the veins as he began to buck on top of her like a wild animal.

He felt amazing, God this big cock was exactly what she had needed, and Jake knew exactly what to do with it. She arched her back as her large breasts swayed wit his thrusts and prepared to giver herself over to her first pulsing orgasm, when, from somewhere behind them, someone cleared their throat…

Jake jumped up like he’d had an electric shock, standing there frozen, his huge firm cock bobbing and swaying from the sudden movement, glistening with Lynn’s wetness. Lynn realised Sam had arrived home but didn’t even look around, keeping her gaze on the sexy sight in front of her.

Sam spoke first.

“Well, Lynn, quite a sight I’m met with. I could almost hear how wet you were from the street. Jake, don’t look so scared, it’s cool.”

“Hi darling,” said Lynn, still looking at Jake, “you remember what we talked about? Well, I decided to go right ahead. You know Jake of course.”

Jake had still not said anything but they both noted that his erection had not subsided one bit. Good man

“Of course,” said Sam, “hi Jake. I know that Lynn has always had the hots for you, how are you enjoying fucking her?”

“Um, well…” Jake spluttered, “things just kind of got out of hand and… you sure you’re cool with this?”

“Sure”, Sam replied, “I’m going to be sticking around though. Lynn,” he continued, addressing his wife now, “our neighbour here has surprisingly large cock”.

Lynn now turned and grinned at him, still feeling the fluttering of her pussy which had so recently engulfed its girth, “oh, doesn’t he just though!”

“I wasn’t the last bit surprised though, I always thought he would have.” she replied, moving off the sun lounger and kneeling in front of Jake, turning her head slightly so Sam could see her at eye level with their neighbours heavy pulsing dick. Fixing her husband in the eye and with a wicked smile, she began to suck on it again, greedily savouring her cunt-taste on him.

“Good girl”, said Sam, undressing as he watched. His familiar cock sprang out already erect, not as long as Jake’s and not quite as fat, although she’d always loved his thickness. She watched as he picked up her discarded silk robe and took the belt from it. He moved over to her and asked her to stand up, moving behind her and gently blindfolding her with it.

Lynn shivered and giggled to herself; what an inspired idea. She could feel their hot male bodies close to her on either side but quickly lost her bearings as to who was where. She felt hot breath on her neck, hands running over her tits and her plump ass, cocks rubbing her thighs and belly, but she couldn’t tell what belonged to who.

She groped with her hands and found firm flesh; she thought probably Jake? Then rough stubble as someone nuzzled and kissed her neck. That must be him behind her! Sam didn’t have that stubble. So, this was Sam in front of her fingering her sopping slit! How fun. She sincan gece kalan escortlar bent her head back as she enjoyed the delicious kisses and nibbles sending electricity down her body, feeling Jake’s rigid erection reaching up her lower back.

Reaching one hand forward and one back she managed to find both cocks, and sank to her knees again, sucking first one and then the other, moving her willing mouth from one to the next with gusto. She could feel the difference in girth in her hand clearly and loved how familiar her husband tasted.

By tugging with each hand, she encouraged them both to move nearer, now able to run her tongue from one stiff dick to the other in a continuous movement, even trying to cram both heads into her mouth at once. It turned her on so much to think of both beautiful wet veiny cocks rubbing and bumping off each other.

“Looks like you’re in the mood for two,” said Sam, waking her from her erotic fervour. She felt both cocks slip away from her hands, and someone took her hand in theirs and brought her to her feet. She was sure it was Sam, but she couldn’t quite tell.

“Jake…” she heard Sam say but then couldn’t tell what was happening; there was movement and sound, but they weren’t speaking. What were they planning?! She heard someone lying down on the sun lounger and was brought by the hand over to it.

“Now baby,” it was Sam’s voice, “I want you to sit on that big cock for me”. She felt Sam help manoeuvre her into a position straddling Jakes strong thighs. Sam was behind her, hands over her breasts as he moved her into position. She could feel Jake’s insistent cock at the entrance of her swollen vulva, hard enough for her to slide down at any second.

“Now!” Sam whispered in her ear as he firmly guided her down onto that huge pole, biting her neck from behind as she cried out in ecstasy. God, she felt full, what could possibly feel better than this.

She was about to find out.

Sam encouraged her to lean forward as she was fucking Jake, so that her large breasts swayed against his hairy chest as he drove his thick shaft in and out of her meaty and aroused pussy. Again, she became lost in her animal passion, before feeling more movement behind her. She felt hands on her ass, slowing her rhythmic thrusting and then, what was this? Another cock at her pussy? She realised Sam was squatting over her, sandwiching her between him and Jake, pushing his own cock against Jake’s shaft still buried deep in her pussy. Sam, what a genius!

“Yes,” she moaned, “yes, that’s what I want, both of you in me!”

Lynn knew that Sam was aware of her ability to accommodate some big toys and he had decided to give her a real experience. She felt his well-lubed cock at her cunt and managed to reach a hand back, helping to work him in bit by bit into her sopping hole, right alongside the throbbing shaft already nestling there.

My God the sensation! She had never felt so full in her life and as Sam began to thrust slowly in and out, she realised that her G spot was being massaged more deeply than ever before. It immediately set off a series of electric reactions throughout her pussy, building quickly to a more intense orgasm than she had ever experienced before. The contractions pulsed through her as she cried out and heard guttural cries from both men. Her pussy felt flooded and she could hear how wet she was, the smell of bodies and cocks and pussy all intermingling in her senses.

The sensation of her tightness and the hard cock alongside was clearly too much for the guys too and both began to buck and grunt as their cocks pulsed, achieving full hardness as they pumped generous loads of cum into her. She could feel it fill her as her own orgasm persisted.

As the shaking subsided, she felt Sam withdraw, allowing a huge amount of cum to flow back out of her pussy. She sat back and reached up to untie her blindfold and, having done so, looked down at the astonished looking Jake beneath her. Smiling at him cheekily she climbed off him and looked down at his still throbbing, lengthy cock, which sideways all the way across his thigh, covered in cum and her pussies’ secret fluids.

“Don’t look so shocked, big guy”, she winked, “Round two is coming right up…!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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