Don’t Rock the Bed…

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I woke slowly, feeling a tickle on my cheek.

A wave of soft heat washed slowly across my naked chest, as you lifted the blanket to slide yourself on top of me, dragging your long, soft hair slowly across my face, sending tingles all down my arms and spine.

Your lips sneaked a kiss as they slid past my cheek, your breath so loud as you nibbled my earlobe. “I want you so bad” you mouthed silently into my ear, as your friend tossed and rolled over. I felt your taut pink nipples brushing down against my skin, as you softly grinded naked against me. I smiled inside, knowing how carefully you must have stripped off your thin cotton pyjamas to avoid waking the third person in this bed. I knew how good my cock must have felt on your clit, the thin boxers I wore between you and my surging sex barely enough to contain the sparks flying between us. Just 3 hours ago we had been locked together on the dancefloor, my hard dick fighting the tight buttoned denim separating me from you. Every girl and every boy that danced near us that night could feel the raw sex we were emitting, just waiting for the chance to burst out, to pulse and surge and build with the strong beat that captured us both and sent us into a whirlwind of passion.

Your eyes darted towards the silhouette of your friend, sleeping off her big night as the dawn slowly broke across her curving body through our cheap hotel room window, her loud snoring echoing across the small space between us in the king sized bed.

I knew that we couldn’t wait.

I felt the thrill through your body as I pulled back the doona, exposing your legs and bare arse to the chill night air, and to the sleeping gaze of your friend. I lifted my knee, parting your thighs so slightly, letting the breeze from the open window tickle your bare skin.

My fingers reached around and trace the curve of your thigh, up towards your lower back, just barely touching you, enjoying the goosebumps I could feel. You squirmed on top of me, moaning a little as I mouthed in your ear “shhh….”

I remembered earlier on the dance floor, whispering in your ear everything I planned on doing to you bakırköy escort that night, I remembered the way you sighed and let your body sink into mine, letting me carry you away to a semi-concious place where sex dance and music fused into one.

Suddenly, you slid down my stomach, dragging your fingernails down my chest and across my sensitive nipples. I felt your teeth grip the elastic of my boxers, pulling them down so that my cock sprang out and brushed against your cheek. I felt your kisses drift slowly down my legs, before you gently let your tongue slide up the full length of my now throbbing dick.

I couldn’t stand it any longer; I grabbed you and rolled you over, sliding on top of you as your thighs parted obligingly. Instantly I was nibbling along the tender insides of your legs, planting 1000 kisses incrementally closer to your pussy, which I could see in the dawn light was glistening with excitement. You shuddered restlessly, I’d teased you so bad at the club, gently sliding my hand up that miniskirt you knew I loved, tracing the lines of your arse and slipping my fingers up between the fabric of your favourite lingerie and your warm skin.

I gently drew my tongue through the warm centre of your wetness, hearing the moan you let escape just a little too loud for a shared bed, still a tiny bit too drunk to contain your pleasure. I tensed up my tongue, poking it out, and slowly pushed it deeper inside you, your body rising up to meet me. Every time I drew my tongue out I knew you could feel that cold breeze from the window, but I also knew that it wasn’t just the cold making you shiver ever so slightly.

I felt you tug sharply upwards on my arms, impatient, driven wild and craving me inside you. I ignored you and continued slowly and deliberately licking up and down your pussy, avoiding your throbbing clit which I knew was crying out for attention. I glanced over at your friend who had gone quiet but was still breathing steadily and deeply.

I felt the biggest surge yet, as your whole back arched and you pushed your hips forward as high as they would go, and in one başakşehir escort smooth, fast movement I slid up the length of your body, flicked the covers back over our legs and let my whole cock slide all the way inside you, locking lips with you and kissing you deeply to stifle your soft little cry of pleasure. We stayed like that for what felt like an hour, neither of us daring to break the magic feeling of that perfect moment, bodies entwined. The pounding blood surging through us was enough to send vibrations deep into our cores. You let out a long, slow groan that started soft but grew and grew until you were moaning and whimpering in my ear. I lifted my body off yours, the doona lifting on my back, the cool breeze slithering across our sweaty stomachs, and I let my dick slide out of you to the tip, before plunging it once again deep into your warm softness, again, and again, and again, and again.

Your fingers teased my hair gently as you noticed that my breathing grew ragged, I was having trouble controlling myself, the waves of pleasure crashed over me even if I stayed perfectly still inside you. Fighting the urge to let instinct take over and to fill you with my hot cum, I wrapped my arms around you and rolled us over, letting you grind on top of me with my dick still inside you. Relaxing my legs I let you take up the slow yet powerful rhythm, moving not just your hips but your whole body in long, smooth circles above me, your nipples dragging over and over across the same patch of skin on my chest.

This time it was your turn to start breathing heavily, I could feel warmth building around my dick. I felt your muscles give way as I pulled your head down onto my chest, pushing your hips up into the air and fucking you with such gentle firmness that you groaned and gripped the doona in both fists tightly. Your friend stirred but you didn’t even notice, pressing your face hard into my shoulder.

I tipped you over. You slipped off my dick and back onto the bed, where I pounced on you, smothering you with a deep kiss, my nimble fingers tickling their way down your stomach. With devastating bebek escort softness I finally brushed across your aching clit. You cried out for real this time, and above the line of your face I saw your friend’s eyes dart open. I glared at her, and she nodded slowly in shock, not moving at all. I traced slow circles that gradually grew in speed, but as the waves of your pleasure began to crest I slowed down again, speeding up only to slow down once more when your body was begging me to rub you like crazy.

But enough teasing for one night, I rubbed you faster and faster until your back arched uncontrollably and your legs were surging and tensing. I whispered to you “hold onto me, hold onto me and come so hard for me babe”

Your orgasm smashed into you like a freight train as you threw your head back and parted your mouth slightly, eyes scrunching up. I saw your friend’s mouth part slightly too. Was it just the sunrise or was there a red flush in her cheeks?

I didn’t even wait a second, as the waves of your orgasm were still crashing over you I parted your legs once again and bit into your earlobe as I pushed into your pulsing, throbbing wet pussy. In no time at all my dick was aching and I let out a strangled groan as my cum gushed out of me. The rhythm of my uncontrollable thrusting sent you into another bout of ecstasy; you wrapped your legs around me and started thrusting your hips. You cast an anxious look at your friend whose eyes snapped shut immediately. You went wild, wanting me deeper and harder as your second orgasm hit you, softer and gentler this time but going on and on as I thrust into you over and over again , slowing down each time as my energy drained away.

Our chests rose and fell together as we breathed heavily, and you stretched out your legs and arched your back one last time, inviting me to slowly let my still semi-hard cock slip out of you millimetre by millimetre.

You curled in a ball and sleep took you almost immediately. Your friend raised her eyebrow and met my eye, the sun glinting behind her as it peeked over the city rooftops. “She looks happy” she mouthed, also breathing heavily, her red flushed face betraying how turned on she was.

Too drained to respond, I rolled over and drifted into a cosy sleep, knowing that in a few hours the room would be reclaimed by the cold unthinking cityscape, and the magic we had made here would dissolve away and be forgotten…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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