Don’t Look Back Ch. 22

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Marshall and Lee loved the Crockett Hotel for its proximity to the Alamo, as well as its amenities. It was right next door to the shrine, a few blocks from the Riverwalk. They’d taken the cruise a few times—a relaxing way to take in the sights.

They carried their discreetly wrapped purchases through the busy lobby. At one time, this had been an open courtyard. Now it was a six-story atrium with a skylight, where people mingled.

“Want to get a drink after we take these up?” Lee nodded toward the bar across the way.

Marshall considered the idea for maybe two seconds. “Nah, I’d rather stay up in the room. ” Lee’s smile at his words warmed him; he knew they’d have a much better time there than at some bar.

“We can always send for drinks if we want ’em.” Lee motioned toward the elevators, and Marshall followed. He juggled their packages to press the up button. Their room was on the fifth floor, and the balcony overlooked the Alamo. They tried to request the same room whenever they could.

Once inside their room, Marshall dropped everything on the bed, made a beeline to the bathroom, and took a refreshing piss. He heard Lee’s phone through the closed door. Wonder who that can be? Hope nothing’s wrong.

By the time he’d washed his hands and exited the bathroom, Lee was already off the phone. Marshall arched questioning eyebrows.

“That was the garage. We can pick up the car in the morning.”

That casino oyna was good news. Meant they wouldn’t have to take cabs any more. He liked that idea.

Lee had opened one of their packages. In his hands, he held a gray pair of boxers. “Strip, boy,” he said softly.

Marshall started to protest, what about you, but he held his tongue and did as he was told. Once he removed his clothes, Lee handed him the underwear and he slipped them on. Not having an ass felt odd at first, but also strangely liberating.

When he looked up, he saw Lee had also stripped, and wore only a black pair of boxers. Feeling Marshall’s eyes on him, he turned in a small circle, affording Marshall a better view. And what a view it was! Marshall licked his lips, his mouth going suddenly dry.

“Um, wow,” he managed to say as he swallowed. The desire to lick Lee’s ass was overwhelming, and his cock began to rise accordingly, filling the front of his boxers rather nicely. Not like he could hide his condition, so he didn’t bother.

He took a step toward Lee, and then another, his hands stretching toward that luscious flesh, wanting to touch so badly he could taste it, but Lee sidestepped him easily. Marshall pushed out his lip in a pout and Lee caught it, pressing their mouths together in a slow-burning kiss, a simmering fire that threatened to flame when properly kindled. Lee’s hands caressed Marshall’s bare ass, his fingers sliding canlı casino into the crack, over his hole.

Marshall shuddered with need, moaning into Lee’s mouth.

He expected Lee to walk him backward, toward the king-size bed that dominated the room, push him onto it, and then let the fun begin… But Lee surprised him. He released him instead and took a step back.

“I’ve changed my mind. We’re going out.”

Going out? What! Why?

Lee gently stroked Marshall’s cheek, as if sensing his dismay. “I want you to simmer until it’s time to boil. And if you can keep a lid on it, and not give me any trouble…”

Marshall hung on Lee’s every word, hardly daring to breathe.

“… then I’ll let you eat me out to your heart’s content.”

“Oh lordy,” Marshall whispered. “Where do you want to go?”

Ten minutes later, they left the hotel and strolled the short distance to the Riverwalk. Lee had considered plugging Marshall, but had decided against it and placed a cock ring on him instead. Marshall could feel it with every step, but he decided that was better than having his anus stimulated by the plug and no way to relieve the pressure. The cock ring was insurance against bad behavior on his part, as well… such as coming without permission.

It was a pleasant walk, and ordinarily one Marshall thoroughly enjoyed. But he had a bit too much on his mind to appreciate the beauty of the scenery they kaçak casino passed. Lee walked just slightly ahead of him. Not because he didn’t wish to be seen with Marshall, far from it, and Marshall knew better. It was to afford Marshall a mouthwatering view of his magnificent ass. Just knowing that nothing lay between those splendid cheeks and the material of his trousers caused Marshall’s cock to throb with need and desire.

The Riverwalk contained a number of businesses, and customers roamed from store to store, drinking in the atmosphere. Umbrella-shaded tables lined the river, where people sat and laughed, ate and drank, enjoying the view.

Much as Marshall was doing, just in a different way.

This was a game they liked to play. This anticipation of pleasure to come, holding desire in check, increasing need to fever pitch. Which would make everything that came after much better.

Marshall restrained a moan as he watched Lee’s long-legged movements, the sexy sway of his hips… seemingly innocent but filled with so much innuendo if you knew where to look. And Marshall knew exactly where to look. And he knew exactly what awaited him between those sweet cheeks.

He was determined to have that, no matter what.

When Lee stopped walking and motioned Marshall to an empty table along the river, he gritted his teeth and sat, offering Lee his best smile. Under guise of showing him something on the menu, Lee slid his hand along Marshall’s thigh. Marshall bit back a moan.

“Ready to go back to the room?” Lee whispered.

Marshall nodded his willingness, not trusting his voice not to betray him.

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