Don’t Call My Son Names

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It was late. The weather was hot and humid, too uncomfortable for sleep. Tahnee Ryder lay in bed, listening angrily through her open bedroom window to the heated discussion taking place between her neighbours Darren and Veronica Smalling.

“God Darren, what are you on about, he’s just a kid” Veronica said.

“Kid my arse, he’s a sly, dirty bastard and I told you, I don’t like the way he looks at you, or the way he speaks to you or the way he fawns over you.”

“Oh, for god sake Darren, he’s just a nice kid, he’s polite, well mannered, he is always happy and he goes out of his way to help me …”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. No one does that unless they after something and I sure as hell know what he’s after”

“Jesus Darren, don’t judge others by your own standards. Can’t you even see a kind, helpful and decent person when he’s in front of you?”

“Not when it’s T.I. And what’s with that stupid fucking name anyway?”

“Darren, I don’t know what you’re on about, you’re making something where nothing exists. He’s just a nice kid and I’m not going to change because of your stupid jealousy. If he’s nice to me, which he always is, then I’m going to be just as nice and polite back”

“Don’t you fucking mess with me you bloody bitch. If I ever think you’re leading him on … well you want to be fucking careful is all I’m going to say. Just be very fucking careful”.

Tahnee gently closed the window. She was angry. Darren had no right to say what he said. Especially Darren, yes she knew a lot about Darren Smalling, first class sleazebag, he would fuck anything on two feet given a chance. Not to mention the number of times he had made advances to her. So to have him criticising her son and his values pissed her off no end. She had brought her son up to be all the things that Veronica said and she was proud of him for adopting her values. God knows it had been hard enough since her husband died without this crap. But she also knew that T.I. had an infatuation with Veronica. Ironically it had only come to her notice a couple of months earlier.


“Just had a call from Pete. Off to his place for a couple of hours, gotta go, can’t wait. See you mom.” T.I. mumbled as he rushed out the door, a smile, a wave, pulling his hoody on as he rushed out the door.

She laughed to herself as she shook her head in amazement. Ah dear, he was such a bundle of energy, but he was a good son, she was proud of him. She went to his room to tidy up. She was surprised to find that his computer was still on, the screen saver rolling through some pictures. Tentatively she sat at his computer. Her mouth went dry and she was wracked with guilt as she pressed the enter button. A blank screen, file headings down the side. She looked nervously over her shoulder as if someone might be there and turned her attention back to the screen. She knew it was wrong, knew it was an invasion of his privacy but she couldn’t help herself, she was a mother after all. She clicked on the heading “pics” and it was with some unease that she saw near the bottom of the list one labelled “Veronica”.

She pressed enter.

Her mouth dropped open as the file began to load picture after picture. They started from the day three years ago when Veronica and Darren had shifted in next door. They caught her in her home, they caught her at the shops, in the park and there were any number that caught her sun bathing beside her pool wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. In spite of herself she could understand her son’s infatuation. Veronica was an attractive 22 year old lady, a very attractive lady. Tallish for a woman at around 5’9″ the smooth curves of her body flowed from her shoulders, through her waist, slim hips and shapely legs. Her breasts were full with nipples like oysters. Her face was pretty in a wholesome way. Straight nose, full lips that always seemed to be on the verge of a smile and dark, soft eyes framed by shoulder length auburn hair; the overall package one to admire. The pictures of her laying by the pool with just her thong on would make any man’s blood pressure rise. But this was her son, not any man. She calmed her fears in the knowledge that whilst he may have been infatuated with Veronica his behaviour was impeccable, a fact that Veronica had commented on a number of times. “Let’s face it” she thought “Every boy has a crush on someone in their life”.


Tahnee fumed at Darren’s comments. She contemplated telling Veronica that Darren had made a number of passes at her. “Passes? More than passes” she thought, “where does groping fit in?” No, it had to be something different and a plan started to hatch in her mind. “If that’s what you think then let’s make it a self-fulfilling prophesy then”. The task difficult but the timing opportune.

A few days later she invited Veronica for a coffee down at Karva’s.

“Hi Veronica. Thanks for coming for a coffee with me. Today is…” Tahnee said and she paused, her lip quivering. Veronica could see the emotion wash ataşehir escort over Tahnee’s face as she fought to control the burning behind her eyes. Tahnee took a deep breath to control herself before going on.

“Today would have been Mark’s birthday. You know, it’s been 18 months since he passed away … 18 months, I can’t believe it. God I miss him so much. I’m feeling a bit melancholy, I just need to be with someone, a friend to talk with”.

For a few, long moments Tahnee stared vacantly into the distance before quietly wiping a tear from her eye. Veronica watched silently as Tahnee absent mindedly ran her index finger around the rim of her coffee cup, her emotions just below the surface. Tahnee took a deep breath and let out a long sigh.

“You know … Mark was a big man”. She paused for a moment. “I don’t mean tall, although he was tall enough but he was big … down there” she said with a wry smile. And Tahnee gave Veronica a sidelong glance to make sure she understood the implications.

Veronica held her breath momentarily in surprise, her mouth forming a silent ‘O’ at Tahnee’s comment but she just looked on silently as Tahnee went on, although her heart beat a little faster, her interest totally focussed.

“Mark had a big cock, I measured it once just after we were married, put a tape measure along the top of his cock, 10 inches, a full 10 inches it was. When I first saw it I was scared, it seemed so big. Then I held it, Jesus, the power, I could feel the blood pulsing inside, his cock throbbing in my hand. And I knew it was for me. God it was beautiful, beautiful to look at, beautiful to … well you know” she said wistfully. Tahnee shook her head, “God, how did I get on to that, look stop me if I’m getting too personal, if you think I’m out of bounds” Tahnee said giving Veronica an embarrassed smile.

“No, not at all, I’m here to listen, you go wherever you want” Veronica answered. Her mouth was dry, her heart was pounding in her chest and she could feel a hot flush in her groin. The last thing she wanted was for Tahnee to stop now. This was more than interesting; it was raw and exciting. “What are friends for if they can’t help in a moment of need” she said smiling, desperately wanting to hear more.

“Thanks veronica, you are the best.” Tahnee took a sip of her coffee and settled back in her chair. For a moment she looked with vacant eyes before continuing quietly.

“We used to have sex every night … apart from when I had the curse of course. And even then I used to do things to keep him, interested, shall we say. You can’t imagine just how good sex is until you’ve had it with a big cock. The feeling as he puts the massive head into the folds of your pussy, the way he works the bulb to gently stretch you, God you feel like you’re going to split in two, then the incredible feeling as your pussy stretches to take that massive head and he is inside you. God, I could never control myself, always moaned out loud when he entered me. But he was gentle, always gentle. He would slowly work that beautiful cock into me, inch by inch, thrust – withdraw – thrust until he buried it to the hilt. God it was so good. You never really get used to that feeling; it’s always like the first time, so beautiful.

“I don’t think I can find the words to describe the incredible feelings of taking a big cock. I mean, it’s inside you, it’s there, you are full, everywhere, stretched to the max along the length of it, stretched around it. God, a solid pole of throbbing meat driven into you by the man you love. You can’t breathe, can’t think, you’re just consumed by the heat of the sex. And that’s before he starts to fuck you with it. The strokes, god they go forever. Long, slow, touching every part of your cunt, god it’s so sexy, so fucking erotic. So much love.” Tahnee sat silently, reflecting for a moment.

“You scream, you moan, you make all sorts of noises, the pleasure is so intense, you can’t help it. Sometimes you think you can hold back but you can’t. The cock consumes you, you know you’re going to orgasm, every time. Not that you don’t want to of course but it’s between your legs, your stretched cunt, your clit feels like it’s going to explode, the head of his cock is battering your cervix wanting to blast his seed straight into your womb and your body knows it. When it hits you you’re just like a rag doll impaled on his cock, arms grasping him to you, legs going all over the place, you just lay your head back and let your vocal chords go. If it wasn’t so good I might have been embarrassed. I hear stories about women who get bored or feel sex is demeaning, they’ve never had a real man between their legs I can assure you.”

Veronica clamped her legs together to stop the trembling between her thighs. She looked breathlessly at Tahnee and felt a stab of compassion as their eyes met and Veronica could see the water in Tahnee’s eyes.

“Men” Tahnee said quietly. “Mark was my mate, my soul mate, we didn’t argue, we didn’t avcılar escort fight. I loved him so, I miss him so much. But at least I have a part of him with T.I. Thank god I have him, he is such a beautiful boy. He’s so much like Mark. I shouldn’t complain”.

Veronica sat quietly, amazed but excited at Tahnee’s personal revelations.

Tahnee was quiet for a minute, then she chuckled quietly to herself. “Ah T.I. now there’s a story” she said. She slowly took a sip of her coffee before continuing.

“T.I. is like his dad. I think he was about 8 or 9 when he came home one day in tears. I rushed to him in a panic thinking something was wrong.”

“I’m a freak mom, the kids called me a freak’ he sobbed to me. Then he pulled his pants down and pointed to his cock. ‘They called me a freak, they laughed at me and called me a horse. There’s something wrong with me” he said tears streaming down his gorgeous little face as he displayed his juvenile cock. God you could see he was big even at that age.

“I can recall holding him till he stopped crying then I told him that one day he would be thankful for what he had down there. That all the boys would be jealous of him and all the girls would love him. “Who cares about the girls” he said. “Ah how the young change. He didn’t believe me at the time but I’m sure he does now.”

She paused and took a sip of her lukewarm coffee.

“T.I., do you know how he got the nickname T.I.?” she said giving Veronica a wry smile.

Veronica just shook her head, mute, engrossed, breathlessly excited; wet.

“He was 13 I think, maybe going on 14, I’m not sure but somewhere around there. He never told me the full story but one way or another, his mates must have measured him, not his height, his cock, who knows what boys get up to. T.I. – ten inches … at that age. God he was just a kid. He’s grown taller since then and I know from the glimpses I’ve seen of him that he’s bigger than Mark. Can you believe that? Ah, my boy, my lovely boy”.

“He never talks to me about girls, one thing about him is that he is discrete, but I’m sure he has been with a few. He certainly gets plenty of phone calls but there are some things boys just don’t discuss with their moms. I think there is someone he likes, someone who he has a crush on but I sort of suspect she must have a boyfriend or something, but I’m not sure. Just so long as he doesn’t get anyone pregnant. I’ve found the odd condom or two in his pockets, extra extra large, as you do.”

Tahnee smiled and shook her head. “Fuck, how did I get onto all that? Ah, sex, god at some stage I guess I’m going to have to find the right guy and give him a good time, or he can give me a good time. Who knows? It’s sure as hell not going to happen here. Who is going to look at me when I’m anywhere near you, you fucking gorgeous looking bitch” she said laughing at Veronica. The mood lightening.

Tahnee sighed and held Veronica’s eyes. “Look, thanks for listening. I’m really sorry to be so … oh, fucked if I know … sad, miserable, boring, whatever but …” and she shrugged, placing her hand on Veronica’s forearm. “Thanks Veronica, truly thanks, you are the best friend I’ve ever had”.

Veronica leaned over to Tahnee and gave her a warm hug. “Anytime Tahnee, I’m here for you anytime.” And as she held Tahnee she could feel the wetness between her legs and the picture burning her mind was that of T.I. and a long 10 inch cock. Which was exactly the response that Tahnee hoped for.

Tahnee arrived home before Veronica. T.I. came out to meet her as Veronica pulled into her drive. “Veronica is home, why don’t you go and help her with her shopping” suggested Tahnee.

“Sure mom” he said eager to be anywhere near Veronica.

Veronica could feel her legs trembling as T.I. jogged to her car. “Here, let me take these Mrs Smalling” he said leaning into the boot of her car and loading the shopping. Veronica smiled, afraid to speak. She could feel the dryness in her mouth, the wetness in her cunt and the thunder in her chest as she eyed his body, her mind imagining images of his cock.

On impulse Veronica leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he placed the shopping on her kitchen table. “Thanks T.I. you’re sweet” she said in defiance of her husband’s comments and in recognition of the heat his presence was generating in her body. When he left she crossed her legs trying to control the tingling sensation between her legs.

When T.I. left Veronica went straight to her bedroom. She was shocked at her appearance as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed and the two hard buds of her aroused nipples stood out prominently in the front of her blouse.

“Oh god” she said as her hands cupped her breasts and she squeezed her nipples. She sucked in a breath and almost doubled over with emotion as she felt an electric charge that went from her nipples to her moist pussy.

Veronica’s eyes dropped to the vanity top and settled on avrupa yakası escort the cans of spray deodorant and her husband’s shaving cream. Almost in a daze she reached out and picked one up. She stared for a moment. “Fuck, that’s only about 8 inches” and she could feel a flush of arousal in her pussy as she tried to imagine an extra two inches in length.

“Fucking hell, enough” she thought. “I’m acting like a fucking bitch on heat. I’m a married woman for god sake. Off limits, off limits, Christ” she muttered shaking her head angrily at herself.

But the seed was planted in fertile ground. As much as she tried not to, she couldn’t help but think about T.I. and a 10 inch cock. “Shit” she blurted out, angry at herself as she picked up a tape measure. Embarrassed, she crept into her bathroom and measured the various cans. “Oh my god” she muttered quietly to herself as she compared the tubes to her measure and the stark reality of size hit her when she placed a tube against her body and saw it extend beyond her belly button.

Veronica lay back on her bed. She dropped one hand to her heated pussy and slowly slipped a finer into her dripping cunt. “Ahhh” she sighed as her fingers started to work their magic in her sex. As she finger fucked herself and teased her engorged clit with her thumb, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to dream of T.I. covering her and filling her cunt with his massive shaft. And she was dreaming of him pumping her body as her body convulsed in wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh god, I can’t ever allow that to happen again. Christ, what would Tahnee think if she knew I had orgasmed dreaming of her son? She would hate me. No, never again. He is just a kid and I’m a married woman. That’s it, done, finished, never again.” But she found it hard not to mentally compare everything to 10 inches as she did her housework.

Thereafter Tahnee took every opportunity to ensure Veronica and T.I. were close over the next few weeks in the lead up to his birthday. Suddenly, it seemed to Veronica that she was being overwhelmed. T.I. seemed to be around her often helping everywhere, when he wasn’t thoughts of him overwhelmed her mind and at night the incessant, wild sexual dreams left her exhausted and frustrated each morning.

Two weeks later it was T.I.’s 18th birthday. They had a party at Tahnee’s house to which Veronica, but not Darren, attended. Veronica spent the afternoon with Tahnee helping to prepare the food and setting. Between them they finished off a bottle of white wine so they were both warm and tipsy by the time Veronica left to shower and dress for the party. Veronica was feeling a bit nervous as she dressed. She wore heals, jeans and a sexy black shoestring top that showed plenty of cleavage. Casual but sexy, just so long as her husband didn’t see her.

T.I. was flushed when he realised that Veronica had come alone. He paired off with her on the pretext of introducing her to the various groups to the stage that he had virtually assumed the role of her date for the evening. And Veronica found him to be a perfect host: attentive, inclusive, funny, engaging and entertaining. Gradually she relaxed and joined in the conversations as an equal, laughing and having fun. T.I. gradually made light contact before the occasional arm around her waist as he ushered her from one group to another. Tahnee smiled to herself as she watched the interaction. She noted with some satisfaction as Veronica started to inadvertently preen herself.

Veronica excused herself to go to the toilet. She knew she had been drinking more than normal and was flushed being around T.I. The toilet was in use so she waited her turn when she overheard a conversation between two girls.

“Who is the chick with T.I.” she heard from around the corner.

“That’s his neighbour” was the reply. “She’s married”.

“Jesus, she is drop dead gorgeous. Thank god she’s married. So who is her husband, I haven’t seen her with anyone but T.I.?”

“He’s not here, she came by herself to help Tahnee out”.

“Fuck, I wouldn’t let anything like that out alone, especially around T.I.”

“Why do you say that, do you think he’s fucking her?”

“Who knows. If he isn’t I’m sure he would like to. Have you seen the way T.I. looks at her? Fucking hell, I wish he would look at me like that. I was hoping to hook up with him tonight. Mind you, if she ever gets to ride that cock she sure as hell won’t want to give it up.”

“Maybe she should back off if she can then?”

“No. She probably has an inkling of what’s in his mind, nothing wrong with flirting I guess, but she wouldn’t know what T.I. has in his pants. If she did she would jump him tonight while she’s free. Living next door, shit gotta be opportunities there. Look, if you had the chance to get laid by T.I., to have that monster cock of his inside you, you would do it anytime. If you didn’t you would regret it every day for the rest of your life. Trust me, you will always want more but you will never regret it. As someone once said, better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. The bitch is fucking hot and he’s obviously got the hots for her. If I was her I would spread my legs for him tonight: if her husband is stupid enough to let her out by herself then more fool him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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