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Her name was Donna. She was and is still married. I was in my early thirties when I met her she was 45 I think. One time trophy wife to an older guy. He’s elderly now, she’s still very hot and completely fuckable.

5′ even straight black hair that is long enough to reach her lower back. Thin even after three kids. Maybe b cups and a tight ass but not much in the way of hips. Naturally tanned skin, I find out later she’s about 30% aboriginal. Dark brown eyes and a face that looked serene and calm with a slight smile nearly always.

We met at a Publix. I was picking out fruit and veggies when this women asked me if I know how to pick out a good cantaloupe. I explained to her that it’s also called a musk melon for a reason. It should be first with some give, but you will smell the ripeness through the skin. I handed her the one I had in my cart so she could smell as an example. She smiled at me and asked me if I was doing anything later. My response was it was my week with my daughters, but if she gave me her number I could call her.

We exchanged numbers and I notice them that there was an old guy watching intently from the deli area. I ask her if she has an admirer and she tells me that’s her husband. If I hadn’t already have met so many swingers as hotwives in my life I might have been taken aback. She noticed I didn’t react and smirked.

A week went by with occasional texts and a couple phone conversations. And we made plans to meet up at this dive bar that was half way between where we both lived. And it was a hell of a dive bar. Years later it was actually on that bar rescue show.

So we meet in the parking lot and walk in together to this karaoke night that also seemed to overlap a Plenty of Fish meetup night. It was like all the local MILFs and cougars were in attendance. I ordered us a couple beers and we found a booth far in the corner away from the music to talk and get to know each other.

Pretty simple. Her husband is too old to physically satisfy her so she’s allowed to have play time, but she doesn’t like having casual flings. She wants a regular side piece so she won’t have to keep worrying about testing and condoms all the time. I completely understand where she’s coming from canlı bahis and agreed it’s probably the best situation for her.

We get to drinking and dancing in between the caterwauling some people call singing. A lot of the women there are asking her if it’s okay to dance with me and she obliges. She says to me when we get back to the booth she likes to see me dancing and grinding with other women.

Later into the night we make our way out to the Tiki area in the back to get fresh air. No one was out there because it was pretty cold. We got a couple deck chairs to sit in and started to make out feeling each other up. She wasn’t shy at all and guided my hand under her shirt to feel her tits and play with her nipples. Her tits were small and perky so I don’t think she even needed a bra. I moved my hand between her legs and moved close to, but never over her pussy.

I knew this was teasing her. She grabbed my cock through my pants and gave out a little moan and smiled. She asks me when we were going to get out of there. We stood up and walked past all the people in the bar and headed straight for my car. She calls her husband and tells him the date is going well and she will be home in the morning. I drive is back to my apartment. The entire way she was playing with her self and telling me she cannot wait to feel my cock inside her.

We go upstairs and I tell her she can use the bathroom if she likes and I undress and get into bed rock hard prepared to have some fun with her. She comes out of the bathroom completely nude and climbs into bed and takes me into her mouth. No hesitation at all and is very enthusiastic with no shame in her game. She’s fucking her mouth on my cock and cupping my balls with just enough force to feel good.

I tell her to slow down or she will make me cum and she tells me we have all night to play and really starts to push her face down and I can feel my cock slamming into her throat. I start to thrust up to meet her with every stroke. I feel my orgasm building up and I tell her I’ll be cumming soon she doesn’t stop and I start to cum so hard and so much. She makes that cute choking sound, but she’s a trooper and continues to suck me off and swallow every drop.

She bahis siteleri climbs up and lays next to me and holds my cock still stroking me looking into me eyes and tells me I taste good and she cannot wait for me to cum inside her. I smile and make my way down to start playing with her nipples and move my hand to play with her pussy moving my fingers up and down her lips and occasionally tease or put pressure on her clit. I then make my way down kissing her until my mouth is on her pussy. She loves every second of my attention. I’m not a great looking guy, but my personality and confidence have always worked for me and once they’ve had my mouth between their legs that’s usually what makes them love me. Good sized dick is great to have, but if you can’t eat pussy it doesn’t matter how big you are.

The whole time I was going down on her I was still rock hard and I couldn’t wait to slide into her. After her third orgasm I made my way back up to suck on her nipples and use the head of my cock to tease her lips and clit. I reached over to my nightstand to retrieve a condom that I keep hidden behind some books and start to put it one. She’s focused watching me roll the condom down all 9 inches of my thick cock and I could tell she wanted to feel me right now.

As soon as it was fully on she grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. As wet as she was she struggled to get me in. The look in her eyes of confusion and pleasure with every inch until I was all the way in. I felt myself bottoming out in her. I know that if I fucked her too hard she would be bruised internally. I’ve learned over the years I can’t just pound away like a maniac or we end up in the ER with your date.

I slowly pull out and start the rhythmic strokes while still kissing her or making sure she’s looking at my face. I want that eye contact. I want to see those emotions crossing her face. The look of want when I’m pulling out to the look of gratification when I go back in deeply. Since I had already cum I had the lasting power they would make it more likely for my back to get tired before I came and now doubly so with a condom on.

I kept my strokes steady. Long and deep and not frantic. She was loving it and beautifully bahis şirketleri cried out “gimme” every time I pulled out too much for her pleasure. So slowly I started to build up momentum and fucked her harder and maintained that deep thrust holding it inside her that made her grunt with pleasure and hold my ass so I would stay in deep. When she came she came hard. Her legs wrapped me up and she clawed my back something fierce. I held myself deep inside her until her convulsions subsided and then continued to stroke and the look on her face was of confusion.

She told me she knew Latinos were good lovers, but wasn’t expecting this. If she only knew that it’s a damn near curse that it was to stay hard after cumming, but then cannot cum for like an hour afterwards.

She told me she wanted to ride so I pulled out and got on my back. Before she swung her leg over to mount me she pulled the condom off and started to suck my cock again. I instinctively started to reach for another condom when I felt her straddle me and then guide my cock into her bare. She impaled herself on my cock and reached up to squeeze her own nipples. She started to grind down on me. I could feel the head of my dick pushing up inside her hitting so deep it was like a barrier.

She kept up that grind and occasionally ride up and slam herself down on my cock. She would look into my eyes and just ride me sometimes a little slow sometimes speed up almost hurting herself. When she started to cum again she raked her nails against my chest and that actually pushed me over the edge. It had to have been close to 30 minutes since I had last cum and I told her I was about to cum. She took that as a command to really milk me for everything he had.

She started ridding me with all her energy. She wanted my cum inside her. There was no denying that. She needed it. Just as my first spasm of cum shot she climaxed again. And collapsed on top of me kissing and biting my shoulder. I just kept cumming and cumming a lot deep inside her. Ultimately overflowing and spilling onto my bed.

It was close to 4 by this time. She rolled off of me pulled the sheet over her and mumbled something before passing out. I got up and got a couple water bottles out of the fridge for when she woke up.

Other than Gina she’s the longest FWB I’ve had since my divorce. She’s not as kinky as my other ones. She won’t do anal, she’s not down with threesomes or BDSM, but she is a lot of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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