Dominant Son Ch. 01

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Carol stood over the bed of her son as he slept. The same way she did once or even twice a week. Luke was looking more and more like a man with each passing year and she was finding it harder to see him as her son. It didn’t help that she had had him when she was only seventeen. Luke had just turned eighteen a week ago and she was beginning to feel her midlife libido set in.

It was a fact that women hit their sexual peaks in their mid to late thirties. Carol couldn’t help herself…she tried, so very hard to refuse her urges. But every available minute to herself was consumed with thoughts of sexual intercourse. It often drove her to look up videos which usually transformed into looking up videos of mother and son videos. This had grown into a strong fetish as weeks went by.

Carol stared down at her nearly adult son. His dark hair was sprayed over his face as he slept. The blankets had been pulled down to his waist and she wanted to run her fingers over his strong abdominal muscles and chest. She wanted to pull down the blankets and see what sort of monster her son had hidden between his legs. Luke was an athlete, a born athlete.

He worked out at the gym, ran on the track team and lifted with the weight lifters. His body was in peak physical condition. Carol had managed to keep her body toned. She certainly had softness to her but it was not pushy or overflowing. Carol bit the corner of her lip and walked away. She returned to her bed and tried drifting off to sleep. Her mind lingered in thoughts of sex, particularly sex with her son.

By the time morning came, Carol had gotten three hours of sleep and she woke up feeling groggy and horny. A terrible combination. She sauntered out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. On the counter was a note that read;

“will be home late after practice mom. Breakfast is in the fridge and coffee is in the brewer. Love you” with a small heart at the end.

Carol loved that about her son. He was thoughtful and caring and always helped her, even if it was just with the small things. She poured herself a cup of black coffee and walked to her room and picked up her phone. She scrolled through her phone and dialed out to one of her closest friends.

“Hey Kate, yeah it’s me. Can you come over? Yeah I should be ready by then. Sure, see you soon.”

She ended the call and started getting dressed. She showered, put on her most comfortable pair of sweat pants and a tank top and just as she poured herself a third cup of coffee the door opened and Kate walked in. Kate was her oldest friend. She had pale skin and red hair. Freckles covered her cheeks and jawline and they reddened whenever she blushed. “Morning Carol, you sounded a little nervous on the phone so I rushed over. What’s up?”

Carol plopped onto the couch and drank deeply into her coffee.

“It’s Luke.” Carol said after awhile. Kate slid onto the couch and nodded.

“Still haven’t told him yet?” Kate asked.

“How can I?” Carol asked. “He’s my son.”

“And?” Kate shrugged. “He’s a man. With a great body and a cock. You are allowed to have feelings towards him.”

“But…I keep waking up with these urges to act on those feelings. I don’t want to, but at the same time I do.” Carol groaned.

Kate moved closer to her friend and patted her in the leg.

“You remember when I told you I first started having feelings about my son right?” Kate asked.

Carol drank another gulp of her coffee and nodded.

“When I told him about my feelings he attacked me. I have never had such ferocious sex in my whole life than when I did with my son.”

Kate blushed and her freckles darkened. Carol sank into her coffee as her inner thighs moistened with the thought of her son attacking her.

“I don’t know-” Carol sighed.

“Quit being such a pansy Carol.” Kate snapped. “If you want your son then get him. If you want to linger over him forever fantasizing about it then that’s fine.”

Carol wanted to say something snappy back but couldn’t. Her friend was right.

“Does Luke keep any journals?” Kate asked.

Carol shrugged.

“It’s his room, I don’t go through his stuff.” Carol said as she drank more coffee.

“So you’ll stare at him while he sleeps but you won’t go through his belongings? A strange fine line you have there.” Kate chuckled.

Carol puffed out her cheeks like an angry puffer fish and sulked in her coffee.

“Fine. I’ll go see.” Kate said and marched across the three bedroom apartment and straight into Luke’s room. His room was cleaner than she had anticipated. His clothes were folded and his bed was made and his belongings were organized properly. A moment later and Carol walked in. Kate started pulling out dresser drawers and rifling through them looking for notebooks or hard drives or something.

“What are you doing, stop this.” Carol said. Kate kept on as though she had not heard her friend. Kate pulled open the folding closet door and pushed through his hanging clothes and there hidden in the corner of his closet behind buca escort bayan his laundry basket was a black box. She pulled the lock box out and found the lock was not completely latched. She tugged it open and swung open the twelve by twelve box.

Carol watched a smile slide onto Kate’s face and she just had to see why. Inside the box was a black and white college notebook. Underneath that were several pairs of Carol’s lacy panties and thongs.

Several had thick white stains on the crotch. And under them were several sex toys that he had purchased with his own money from work. There was a set of metal and silicone anal plugs. An expensive vibrator, a small bullet vibrator and some cuffs.

“Your son is definitely into kink.” Kate said as she opened the notebook and started reading random pages.

“May tenth. I had another dream about my mom. I was standing over her in my bedroom. She was on her knees begging for my cock. I stuffed it down her throat and started throat fucking her. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to push seven inches down a throat. If my mom ever found out she would probably be disgusted.”

Kate turned to a new page.

“March twentieth. I woke up and had this urge to cum all over my mom’s face. I wanted to cum on her breasts and lips and eyes and cheeks. My urges are getting stronger. Masturbating isn’t helping. I am cumming in her panties but it isn’t enough.”

Kate turned another page and found she was starting to get aroused.

“February fifteenth. I nearly did it. I stood outside my mom’s room, naked and hard. At any time she could have woken up and saw me. I was so hard thinking about cumming all over her. She probably would’ve thrown me out of the house. Soon I’ll be turning eighteen and it’ll only be one more year until I’m able to move away or tell her the truth. If I can last that long without my mom finding out.”

Kate continued reading and turned to the last written log.

“May seventeenth. I had a very vivid dream about tying my mom to the dining room table and using her for hours. I filled every hole full of toys and my cum until she was oozing with it. I’m going back to the store to buy a double ended dildo for my collection soon. I almost have enough money now. A part of me wishes I could stuff the whole thing into my mom’s anus. She’d probably strangle me if she knew the thoughts I’ve had about her.”

Carol was listening to her friend read the journal and as she did, her hand had unconsciously slipped down her pants and she was rubbing her pussy while applying pressure to her swollen clitoris. Kate had been rubbing her own pussy two pages in. She turned and looked back at Carol who was lost in some fantasy as she pleasured herself. Carol’s grey sweat pants were already soaked with cum that was nearly gushing from her aroused vagina.

“I think I should go home and see my son now.” Kate giggled. Carol swallowed hard and removed her hand feeling a little embarrassed.

“My son is attracted to me.” Carol said in a low voice. “My son wants to use me like some sex toy.”

Kate got up and handed her friend the notebook.

“Wasn’t it your fantasy years ago to become some guy’s sex slave or something?” Kate asked.

Carol raised her brows and nodded. She had almost forgotten about that.

“Looks like Luke might just be that guy.” Kate chuckled and walked out leaving Carol all alone with her son’s notebook.

Luke had gotten on the bus to go to school but today was a half day and he knew his mom wouldn’t remember. He was let out of school after eleven and he walked downtown which was only fifteen minutes away from the school. He walked through the strip and into the mall and straight into the ‘adult sex shop’ which had been appropriately named ‘Adult fun and games’ and walked in.

Lucy, the nineteen year old woman working at the register smiled as he walked in.

“Hello and welcome in to…oh hi Luke.” She said realizing it was him.

“Hey Lucy. How’s it going?” He asked.

“Not bad. Kinda slow. What brings you in so early?” She asked as she flashed her long lashes at him.

“I’m here to add to my collection.” He replied and pulled off the eighteen inch double ended purple dildo.

“Oh.” She said with a smirk. “Everything on that back wall is buy one get one half off.”

Luke glanced back at her and then at the wall. He had already decided what his next item would be before she had even said that. He walked over and pulled off a ten speed black vibrator. He set both items on the counter and she rang it up.

“So who is the lucky lady you will be playing with tonight?” She asked.

“No one. But once I actually tell the woman I like I’ll have all the toys I need.”

Lucy rang it up and said, “seventy six twenty nine.”

Luke grimaced and sighed. He had a total of sixty five saved up.

“Sorry Lucy. I can only afford the dildo.”

Lucy traced her long finger nail over the counter and glanced at him from the length of her nose.

“I escort buca could give you an employee discount.” She smirked.

Luke smiled and said, “I’ll pay you back I swear.”

Lucy smiled and replied, “how about you pay me in the back right now?”

Luke looked over Lucy and nodded. She was a beautiful woman with short black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. Her breasts were small and perky as was her ass.

“Molly!” Lucy shouted. A pudgy short older girl walked out from the back.

“Will you watch the front for me?” Molly nodded and Luke followed Lucy through the curtain and into a small storage room which had a fold out bed and mattress.

“What would you like?” He asked.

“You owe me almost twelve dollars. So let’s say for the next twelve minutes I get to do whatever I want? Fair?” Lucy asked.

Luke nodded and relaxed. Lucy leaned in and Luke leaned down and kissed her. Lucy was a short girl and as they started making out her hands moved to his pants and started pulling at his buttons and the zipper and then his pants fell down. She looked down and her breath caught in her throat. She could not believe the circumcised monstrosity that had been hiding in his pants. His cock was nearly as thick as her wrist and as long as her forearm. Lucy slowly rubbed and stroked his cock and watched as it continued to grow. She dropped to her knees and licked his cock up and down.

It throbbed on her tongue as if daring her to suck it. Lucy grabbed the base of his cock and wrapped her mouth around its head. Luke couldn’t help but moan as she sucked his cock slowly. Her tongue swirled around his cock over and over again as she took in two inches of his cock. Lucy moaned with arousal as his thick cock filled her mouth in ways no other man or dildo ever had. Three minutes ticked by and Luke was getting anxious. Rarely did he find himself in the submissive role in any of his fantasies and now that he was living out one of his, he had to restrain himself.

He wanted those sex toys and if that meant being submissive for another nine minutes he could do that. Lucy closed her eyes and sucked on three inches of his cock and just enjoyed his moans and his cock as it filled up her mouth. Lucy became aware of the fact that Luke was restraining himself when he linked his arms behind his back. Lucy was a swapper, she could be just as dominant as she could be submissive. A part of her wanted to know how Luke would act if she let him use her. There was still five minutes left to go. Lucy pulled away and looked up at Luke.

“Luke?” She asked. “For the next five minutes I want you to use me.” She said.

Luke bit his lower lip as ideas flooded his mind and desires dashed through his brain.

“You mean…anything?” He asked nervously. Lucy nodded.

“Get naked.” He said.

Lucy shrugged and got naked. Her small breasts made her pink nipples look large as they stood out.

“Let loose Luke. My body is your-”

Luke grabbed Lucy by the hair and pulled her mouth over his cock. His thick massive cock hit her throat as he started fucking her face harder than anyone ever had. Tears started running down her face as she squirmed for air. Luke though was too lost in the feeling. She ripped herself away and gasped for air.

“I’m sorry. So sorry Lucy.” He said.

She looked over to the clock. Still two minutes left to go. “Again.” She said and opened her mouth. Luke didn’t hesitate. He grabbed her by the head, pulled her straight back in and then with almost no mercy he forced the last several inches of his cock straight down her tight throat. Lucy had never been so forcefully used in her entire life. Stomach acids rushed up and spewed out her nose and mouth. Luke though wasn’t showing sympathy. He started using her entire throat as his personal flesh light.

Five inches went up and then back down and again she vomited. Luke pulled up and then pushed right back down. He pulled out all the way and Lucy gasped and spit out the last of the vomit. There was still thirty seconds left to go and for the first time she felt worried. “Hang on I-” Lucy’s meek protest was silenced as his cock filled her throat all over again and for the next twenty six seconds he used her throat until her face was red as a tomato and her eyes had rolled back into her skull. The alarm went off and Luke pulled out.

Lucy collapsed to the ground and gasped for air and coughed. Her ragged coughs brought about a fit of bile vomiting. Luke couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“Lucy I…I’m really…I…”

Lucy got back up to her knees and shook her head.

“I told you to use me and you did.” She coughed and gagged. “I have never been used like that. Thank you.” She said and then looked at the vomit on the floor. “And now I’ll need to mop.”

Carol’s grey sweat pants looked like she had urinated all down the crotch she had leaked so much cum. She had tossed the pants onto her son’s bed and discarded her shirt. She sat in the middle of the floor and had started reading each buca escort and every page of his journal as she rubbed her pussy. Slowly rubbing the inside of her pussy passing over her clitoris and dipping into her vagina every so often. Cum dripped down her vagina and coated her anus and soaked into the carpet.

“March eighth. I had another dream of fucking my mom’s ass. I spent hours fucking her anus all over the house.” She turned the page. “March tenth. I wish that mom accepted my offer to become my slutty fuck toy. The idea of her being my sex toy is my greatest fantasy. I think she would be disgusted with that idea.”

Carol whined as she started rubbing her clitoris harder.

“Oh Luke, I’ll be your sex toy forever.” She whined. “I’ll let you use me all day every day. I’ll be your fucking whore.” She moaned as her climax grew closer. She leaned back and looked over at the door and there, standing in the doorway way was Luke. Her son’s mouth hung open and his eyes were wide as he looked upon his mother who was masturbating on his floor. In his room. He couldn’t believe it.

Carol didn’t care anymore. She turned towards her son, opened her arms and legs and said “come to your mother” and moaned. Luke dropped his package, stripped every scrap of clothing he had on and dropped to his knees. Carol watched him undress as if it were happening in slow motion. His shirt and then pants and then socks and finally his underwear.

Carol marveled at how handsome and muscular her son had become and was stunned at how much he had grown. His massive thick penis stood straight up. It was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen face to face. She embraced her son as he crawled on top of her and started kissing her. Their lips merged and their tongues intertwined and they drank in each other. They passionately made out for what could have been hours or seconds. Time didn’t matter. When they pulled apart it was only for the briefest moments before they merged once again.

If it was possible, Luke’s cock grew another several centimeters in length. Precum, thick and warm dribbled out of his cock and started puddling in his mother’s abdomen. She could feel his warm precum as it flowed from his penis. The flow of precum moved down her abdomen and pooled into her belly button. It quickly filled and then continued down over her pelvis and became caught in her hairs. They pulled apart and stared into each other’s eyes. There was a bond that surpassed mother and son, a bond of trust and compassion and lust and desire.

“You really want me?” She asked and she combed her fingers through his hair. She searched his face and eyes wanting to see the answer more than hear it.

“I want only you mom.” He replied.

She glanced at the notebook. “You want me to be your sex toy?” She asked. “You know, when I was your age I wanted nothing more than to be a sex slave.”

“And what do you want now?” He asked.

“I want to be my son’s fuck toy. I want to be your cum dumpster and sex slave. I’ll do everything and anything you want. All you have to do is say the word.” Carol said.

Luke sat up and stared down at his mother. For a very brief moment he wondered if he was dreaming all of this. Luke looked over at his journal and grabbed it.

“Did you read the back cover?” He asked. She shook her head puzzled. Luke opened to the very back of the college composition book and there, in black permanent marker were his rules for master and slave. He read them off one by one.

“My submissive will call me master in private and call me sir in public.” He looked to his mom who had this expression of disbelief on her face. Carol was entering a master to slave contract. She remembered when she would’ve given anything to be in one and now that she was, she felt a sense of completion. She was graduating from mother status to sex slave status.

“Yes master.” She replied. Luke smiled and continued.

“Submissive will follow every command her master gives her. So long as it doesn’t jeopardize her safety or life.”

“Yes master, always.” She replied.

“Submissive will never leave the house until her master has given his stamp of approval.”

“Yes master.” She replied, each time she said the words ‘yes master’ she felt like she was selling a shred of her freedom and for some reason she loved that.

“Submissive will accept her master’s cock day and night, at home or in public.”

“Yes, always master.” She replied.

“Submissive will wear as much or as little as her master wants.”

“Yes master. I am your sex toy to dress up.” Carol replied as if it felt instinctual.

“Submissive will receive punishment if she does not follow every rule.”

“Of course master.” She replied.

“From this moment on. Carol Johnson, will hereby become Luke Johnson’s slave and he shall become her master. So long as she wears this collar, she shall follow her master’s every word without fail.”

Luke reached into his box and pulled out a very stylish silver wire choker which had a thin charm at the front which said ‘owned slave’ in thin engraved letters on the back side and on the front side it said ‘I am loved’. He snapped the collar on and a very tiny bolted lock at the back slid into place. Luke wiggled a very thin but very real key in front of her face.

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