Doing the Most He Can Pt. 06

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Doing the Most He Can pt. 6

The disclaimer: Everyone engaging in sex is over 18 years old. COVID and STD’s do not exist here.

Gary and Todd drove over to see the girls every weekend. They were amazed and gratified to see the positive changes in the four new girls.

They were especially pleased with Donna. Her confidence seemed to grow more every week. After four weeks Donna and Karen made an announcement at their Saturday evening dinner.

They had just finished dessert when Donna stood and tapped on her water glass. When she had everyone’s attention, she asked Karen to stand next to her.

“We have, as you know, been trying to get me over some, shall we say, past failures. This morning, I woke up with an erection.”

She was interrupted by a chorus of: “Good for you, how odd, so did I, say it ain’t so.”

She laughed and said, “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Karen saw it and after pushing me onto my back, climbed aboard and worked her wicked way with me. Long story short, I fucked a woman and came in her pussy.”

Everyone jumped up and congratulated the couple. No one had ever seen Donna smile like she was doing now. Everyone was laughing, joking and gently teasing them.

Lisa asked, “You ready to try my ass next Donna?”

Bonnie jumped in and said, “Oh no you don’t. I have been fucking Donna’s ass for a long time. It’s her turn to do me before any of you other greedy bitches get a chance.”

That brought out more laughs.

Todd stood up saying, “It seems to be a night of announcements, so I have one too. The house closing is on Monday.”

That got a cheer from everyone.

Jenna wondered, “Does that mean a housewarming party next weekend?”

“Yeah, I think that would be a good plan. I will ask Kim and Coco if they can come when I see them at the closing.” He turned to Lisa and Jenna saying, “Besides mom, who else do you want to invite?”

“Wait a minute,” Bonnie said, “I expect this party to be one of drunken debauchery, you sure you want your mother here?”

Lisa and Todd laughed, then Lisa said, “Oh yeah, we definitely want our mom here to celebrate with us. You will love her, probably literally.”

Bonnie and Donna looked a little skeptical, but Gary chimed in, “She is a hot MILF and only 42. I have been fucking her for about 8 months now. She likes boys, girls, anal, cum baths and I guess about anything else sexual.”

Amelia, Bonnie, Donna and Karen all had shocked looks on their faces.

Jenna laughed and said, “The first time we found out about Gary and her fucking was when she walked in on the four of us fucking in Gary’s bed. She jumped on the bed and I ate her pussy while Gary fucked her right in front of Todd and Lisa.”

Karen said in awe, “You are the most amazing family ever. Just think how different all of our lives would have been if we had families like yours.”

“Well, everything happens for a reason,” Lisa pointed out, “if you had accepting parents and a decent home life, none of us may have ever met.”

Bonnie raised her glass and called out, “Well then, here’s to shitty families everywhere.”

The others agreed, then they fell to discussing the party.

The closing went well. Todd and Gary went back to the house to get their things and say goodbye.

As they were leaving, Maria came out of the kitchen and asked Todd if Eduardo and she could talk to him. He went in the kitchen and saw Eduardo and a Latina woman sitting at the table. They stood up when he entered, and he shook hands with Eduardo. He introduced the thirtyish woman as Isabella.

Eduardo explained, “This is the woman I believe should be housekeeper here. She was a maid for years then housekeeper to an old widow woman. The woman died and now she needs a new house to serve.”

“I am pleased to meet you Isabella,” Todd said. “Eduardo, you have been around here and seen some of the, what for a good Catholic like yourself, is unusual, perhaps unnatural things, that go on around here.”

“Si Senor Todd, all the staff have seen these things.”

“I have never asked, and I should have, how you felt about these things.”

“To be honest Senor Todd,” Maria answered, “At first we were shocked and offended by some of these things. Then, with time we have seen you become a loving family. Everyone gets along and all are happy. How can it be a sin when no one is doing anything they don’t want to do? I see Miss Donna smile now. She seems to have found herself because of the love she knows here. I see Karen believing in something good and trying to help someone. No Senor Todd, we have seen nothing that sweet Jesus Himself would not approve of.”

Todd said, “Thank you Maria, I am so glad you feel that way about my family. But, do you think Isabella would fit in, accept us as we are?”

Isabella spoke up, “Eduardo and Maria have explained every little thing about the people who live here. I can see for myself what a kind and decent man you are. I believe I would very much like to be the housekeeper here.”

“And our lifestyle canlı bahis would not be a problem?” he asked.

“No, I myself have been in situations where I was misunderstood, even ostracized. You see, I am a lesbian, in our Latina culture, it is hard for people to accept someone like me.”

Todd stepped forward and put out his hand, “Welcome to your new home Isabella.”

“Thank you, Senor Todd, when do I start?”

“Well, we have a housewarming party this Saturday and into Sunday, so today would be great.”

“I can do that I suppose,” she said hesitantly.

Eduardo spoke up, “Isabella, Julio and I will go collect your things from your apartment and move them into your room here. Do not worry about anything, by tonight you will be settled in here. Maria, would you take Isabella into the dining and introduce her to the others. We better start the menu planning and the outdoor setup.”

Maria found her order notebook and led Isabella from the kitchen.

Eduardo asked Todd to follow him and led him into the back yard. He pointed to an area halfway between the garden and the pool.

“This is where we usually set up the marquee. It is not too far from the house and your guests can enjoy the gardens and the pool with no problems.”

“I’m not sure we need to rent a marquee,” Todd explained, “There will only be our family and three others.”

Eduardo turned to Todd with a shocked look on his face, “Senor Todd, that is not correct. You will need to invite a great many more people than that. And it will be two weeks before they can respond to the invitations. Three weeks would be even better.”

“Like whom for instance?” Todd asked frowning.

“The head of the Homeowners Association and his wife, his secretary and her husband, if you want to join the country club you will have to invite the three people on the membership committee and their spouses

I have heard the story of how you bought the house so you must invite Senor Helmand and his friend.

There are several of the rich people who live here that like a good party. It is necessary to make a good impression on them.

Then there are all the people we buy things from: the grocer, butcher, produce man, the liquor supplier, the man that owns the pool service and many others.

We will need to use the marquee. It is in the carriage house, with one hundred chairs and many tables.”

Todd shook his head, somewhat overwhelmed. “There is a marquee and all that other stuff here?”

“Yes, of course, the McNamara’s did a lot of entertaining, it was necessary.”

“Do I really have to invite all those people?”

“Senor Todd, you must understand,” Eduardo explained carefully, “you are a member of society now, whether you want to be or not.”

“But they don’t seem to be the kind of people I am used to or want to get used to. I think our lifestyles are very much different from theirs.”

“Not so different as you might think. Every house has secrets. If you make a small effort to fit in, they will let you live as you wish. If you ignore them, they will dig until they find the dirt and then bury you with it,” Eduardo explained.

Todd mulled it over, then nodded, “Thank you Eduardo, I must seem very stupid and childish to you.”

“No Senor Todd, never that, but I think perhaps naïve. Like a minnow in a shark tank.”

Todd laughed and said, “I suppose I better tell the others so they can modify the plans they have made so far.”

Eduardo smiled, saying, “Do not worry Senor Todd, I am sure my Maria has explained everything to them.”

Todd grinned and said, “Maybe not even a minnow, maybe only a tadpole.”

“Ah, but soon we will turn you into a barracuda.”

The night of the party finally arrived. From the simple family gathering it had started out as, the guest list had grown to over sixty names.

Todd was uncomfortable in his new tuxedo. He was watching the DJ set up while a herd of temporary staff were making finishing touches on the bar and buffet. He was nervous and just wished it were all over.

Rebecca came out in a dark blue evening gown and hugged Todd.

“You look very handsome son, come on it’s time for you to get in the reception line.”

Todd sighed and frowned, “You know I have only seen this type of thing in movies, right?”

“You will be fine. Lisa and Jenna will distract everyone with their dazzling good looks and lowcut dresses. The rest of us will take turns leading the guests out here after they go through the line. Most of them have been here before, they know the drill. Relax and try to have fun.”

“Thanks mom, that helps.”

The first guests arrived at seven and by eight they were all there. The DJ knew his crowd and was playing a good mix of music. Maria’s food had been a hit, several guests confided that one of the reasons they had come was they had heard Maria was in the kitchen again. The bartenders had orders to keep the drinks flowing and were doing their job well.

All the housemates were cornered individually or in groups and very subtly bahis siteleri grilled about everything from background, to education, to politics and religion.

They were all impressed by William “call me Bill” Helmand. He was very gracious, with an easy smile and a natural way of putting them at ease. All their rich neighbors seemed to be impressed also. They figured if a man like Bill Helmand was at this party and having fun, the young people that owned this place had to be, ‘their kind of people’.

When the membership committee trio cornered Todd, they assured him he was a shoo in for membership.

The very drunk HOA advisor confidentially told Gary that they seemed to be just the kind of people they wanted to have living here.

All the suppliers expressed their gratitude for the invitation and for the business they were being given. They assured the new owners that there would be no shenanigans as had occurred with other vendors under the previous staff.

By midnight it seemed the guests had satisfied their curiosity. The crowd began to make their way into the house then out to their chauffeured limos.

By two a.m. the staff had the food and booze secured. The DJ had packed his things and gone home. Maria, Eduardo, Consuela and Isabella came out to the marquee and congratulated the others on a successful party.

Todd asked, “You were watching?”

“Of course, Senor Todd,” Maria told him holding up a pair of binoculars. “It is our job to make things go smooth. All the temporary staff had radios in their ear. The four of us watch from the second floor and tell them where to go. We can interrupt an awkward encounter, get guests to move together or apart, tell the DJ what to play, when the bartender should dilute a guest’s drink, all manner of things.”

Eduardo said, “My Maria is very talented at this, what do you say, directing of the party.”

“Orchestrating is the better word, like a band director,” Rebecca said.

“Yes,” he agreed laughing, “she waves her magic wand and poof.”

It was clear the four of them had partaken of the refreshments also.

Lisa said, “Well, you four did a wonderful job, the food, staff, entertainment, the bar, the decorations were all perfect, thank you.”

The others voiced their appreciation of the effort that had gone into the success of the party.

Eduardo and Maria shared a glance, then Eduardo said, “We want all of you, the family, to know that we have never served people like you.

In fifteen years with the McNamara’s I never heard one thank you. We served them loyally, but we never felt loyal to them personally.

You make us very proud, and very happy to be here. We tell the staff we meet what good people you are. Our friends working in the other houses are very jealous of us.”

Jenna said, “It is all of us that are proud of you. None of this would have been possible without all you wonderful people.”

Consuela turned to Isabella and said, “Don’t you want to just hug her?”

They all had a good laugh. Todd told them to go home and take tomorrow off. Cleanup could wait until Monday.

Kim and Coco had found six open bottles of champagne and three full ones. They poured glasses for all of them and sat down, most of them for the first time tonight.”

Todd finished his glass and told the others, “It’s time for bed, I think. Gary, Kim, are you coming?”

“Oh, hell yes,” was Kim’s response.

Gary didn’t say anything, just got up and went to Lisa and gave her a kiss then followed the other two into the house.

Lisa looked at Coco and said, “Jenna and I have plans for you, if that suits you?”

“I would love to have a good time with you two,” she said as she rose from the table.

Amelia laid her arm on Rebecca’s and said, “Bonnie and I would like to welcome you to the house, is that OK?”

Rebecca smiled, “Yes I would love to have a girl’s night with two beautiful women like you.”

Bonnie laughed, “You might be disappointed, but not unhappy, I think.”

No one had told Rebecca about the extra equipment Amelia, Bonnie and Donna were packing. She was a little confused by Bonnie’s reply but got up and hooked her arms through theirs and headed toward the house.

That left Karen and Donna holding hands at the table.

Donna asked her, “Are you disappointed at getting stuck with me?”

“Oh god no, I have been waiting all night for you to take my other cherry.”

“Really?” Donna said eagerly.

“Yes indeed, let’s get you to a room and get that cock hard enough to take my butt.”

“Um, they all went in, how about we do it in the hot tub?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she squealed, reaching behind her for the zipper of her long dress.

Todd led the way up to the master suite. He started to undress while Gary and Kim were locked in a passionate kiss. When he was naked, he tapped Gary on the shoulder and said, “May I cut in?”

Kim said, “Not for a minute. Would you unzip me, please?”

Todd grinned and moved behind her. She was wearing a strapless gown open bahis şirketleri in the back nearly to her cute little ass. It had a built-in bra, and as the zipper went down gravity did its work. The gown was soon in a puddle at her feet.

There were also no panties to bother with so Todd reached between Kim and Gary and found her tiny tits, they were not much larger than eggs, but he could feel her large nipples poking into his palm.

Kim moaned and said, “Gary, get a thumb in my cunt right now, get me wet. Todd, lick your thumb and put it in my ass.”

Gary and Todd smiled at each other over the head of the petite woman. Todd thought Kim would need more than a little spit to be able to take him in her ass, she would maybe even need lube to get Gary’s fat cock in her pussy. He reached a long arm out and got the lube from the top of the nightstand.

He squeezed a glob of lube onto her ass crack and watched as it ran down to her pucker, he put his thumb to work rubbing the lube in, then eased his thumb into her tight asshole. When it was all the way in her, his fingers came up against Gary’s.

Todd opened his hand and when Gary felt his outstretched fingers, opened his hand and they shook hands in Kim’s hot crotch. Kim gasped when they nearly lifted her petite body off the floor when they did it.

“Oh fuck, this feels so good, keep pumping me until I come. That will loosen me up some more,” Kim cried out.

With her hands she reached out to fondle their erect organs. When she touched Todd for the first time, she ran a hand down his long length then tried to form a circle around the large head.

Her fingers were too short to make a circle. Looking over her shoulder at him she said, “Fuck Todd, let me see what you think you are putting up my poor tiny butthole.”

Todd kept his thumb in her but moved to the side so she could get a look at him.

“Oh fuck, that thing is going to be up in my stomach. It is going to hurt so good,” she panted.

“Oh god, I’m coming,” she screamed.

Todd and Gary started bouncing her off the floor by the thumbs in her holes. She was thrashing and moaning continuously. After one particularly violent convulsion Todd’s thumb came out of her butt.

“Enough, enough, you have to fuck me now or I will go crazy. Gary, lie down, hurry damn it,” she said in a frenzy.

She climbed on Gary’s hips and gave him a few strokes before telling Todd, “Lift me up and sit me down on Gary’s slab of meat.”

Todd put his arms under her knees and shoulders. He had her nearly folded in half as he positioned her dripping pussy over Gary’s cock. He carefully eased her down, when he felt her tense he stopped and waited for her to nod at him. They repeated this until her incredibly tight pussy was being tickled by Gary’s pubic hair.

“Oh, my hell,” Kim breathed out, “that is one fat cock. Todd, get behind me and pinch my nipples. Don’t try to put your cock in me yet. I want to ride this beautiful thing for a bit.”

Gary started slowly pumping his hardon into Kim’s pussy. It felt like her pussy was strangling him, gradually her tight box loosened for him. He began to increase the length and speed of his thrusts.

Kim called out, “Stop, please stop. Todd get your cock in my ass. I want to feel it stirring my guts into knots.”

Gary laughed, “What a romantic image Kim.”

“There is nothing romantic about this, this is fucking, pure and simple,” she grunted out as Todd’s cock began its long, tight journey into her bowels.

When they were buried in her holes she gently, almost experimentally, began rocking her narrow hips on the cocks.

“Todd, back off a couple of inches so I have the room to move on you both. Oh, you guys fuck me so well.”

Todd used his hands on her hips to move her body. Gary had his fingers pinching her nipples.

Kim was almost incoherent with her demands that they, “Fuck me ’til I die. This has to be heaven. Come, come, coming again.”

She began flopping around like a rag doll and wailing like a banshee.

Todd couldn’t take it anymore and unloaded in her ass. Kim tightened her ass and pussy even more and that set Gary off, also shooting inside her.

They gradually came to a stop. The only thing holding her up was Gary’s grip on her nipples.

Todd pulled his cock out slowly, trying not to hurt her when the fat head stretched her sphincter out again. Todd slid off the bed and stretched his legs.

Gary said, “Hey buddy, lift her off of me, would you?”

Todd picked up her unresponsive body the same way he had lowered her. When Gary got up, Todd gently laid her on her side in the bed and pulled the blanket over her.

Gary asked, “Is she going to be OK do you think?”

Todd nodded and said, “I need a drink, let’s go down to the study.” They fist bumped then looked at the exhausted woman in the bed, and grinning did it again.

Gary went to the closet and brought back two robes.

Lisa and Jenna had Coco sandwiched between them. They were kissing her and getting her clothes off at the same time. The tall mocha skinned girl was loving all the attention.

Jenna broke contact with the two women and stripped off her stunning red gown. Coco saw her big breasts and reached out to her with her fingers and mouth.

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