Dog Days

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Songwriters David Spradley, Garry Shider, and George Clinton created “Atomic Dog” in a recording studio in January 1982, working without a written score. “Atomic Dog” was released in 1982 on the Computer Games album issued by Capitol Records, which retained the sound-recording copyright to the album. Spradley, Shider, and Clinton later transferred their interest in the composition of “Atomic Dog” to Bridgeport Music, INC., and Southfield Music, INC.


I should have known better than to think that the office could leave me alone for more than a few hours. Here I am struggling with overloaded arms full of supplies and gear trying to walk down the catwalk at the marina to my boat and what happens? My Damned cell phone is blowing up in my pocket. With no way to get to it there is no choice but continue on as the song plays. Why the hell had I chosen George Clinton’s Atomic Dog? Oh, yeah now I remember, I was trying to get over the ex that I’d caught cheating and was feeling just a little wild and ready to lay anything in sight. But that had been months ago and now here I am in public with the song blaring and no way to shut it up.

Yeah, this is a story of a famous dog
For the dog that chases it’s tail will be dizzy
These are clapping dogs, rhythmic dogs
Harmonic dogs, house dogs, street dogs
Dogs of the world unite
Dancin’ dogs
Countin’ dogs, funky dogs
Nasty dogs (Dog)

Atomic dog
Atomic dog

Like the boys
When they’re out there walkin’ the streets
May compete
Nothin’ but the dog in me


I have to stop to avoid a collision with a couple of running children and I hear a sultry chuckle behind me. I turn to see where it came from and I am stunned by what I see. The rainbow flip-flops catch my eye first, then long tanned legs lead up to a pair of daisy dukes the contents of which would make any butch’s mouth water. My gaze goes up and damn, how the hell did she manage to get those into a bikini top that small? By the time I make it to the sky blue eyes and raven hair all I can do is stutter and stumble through an apology.

” ‘scuse me Ma’am I should know better than to think I could have a weekend off. I should have turned it off, or at least down when I got out of the truck.”

Her reply was drowned out by…

Like the boys
When they’re out there walkin’ the streets
May compete
Nothin’ but the dog in me

Why must I feel like that
Oh, why must I chase the cat
Nothin’ but the dog in me…..

Now I’m blushing on top of being half tongue tied. Her reaction takes my breath away as well. She walks up close staring straight in my eyes reaches into my front jeans pocket and fishes out my phone having a nice wandering feel on the way in and out giving my strap-on a playful squeeze. I curse myself for not stopping to change after I left the bar in the wee hours of the morning. Instead, I’d just untucked my shirt and let it hang down to conceal things. Well, at least she knows beyond the shadow of a doubt I’m a butch.

She swipes the screen to answer the phone, promptly hangs up on the caller and shuts the phone down.

“There that should delay the arrival of the dog catcher for a while. Hi, I’m in slip 3 can I give you a hand with some of that?”

“Sure uh, well, it’s kind of hard to turn loose of anything without losing it all. How about you just unlock for me when we get there? I’m just across the catwalk in 2 we must be neighbors.”

“Good! With the break-ins that we have been having I was hoping whoever it was over there would show up for a while. I’m the only live aboard on this catwalk and it gets too quiet at night sometimes.”

“You live aboard? I’m thinking of doing that myself.”

Arriving at my boat, I stop to look helplessly down at the locked gate on the bow wondering how I’m going to give her the key. Before I can say anything she steps around me and reaches into the pocket on the other side. Pulling out the set of keys on a floatation key chain with a triumphant look she proceeds to unlock the gate and the sliding glass door at the front of the main cabin. Stepping inside I begin to unload my arms, bags of groceries going on the counter, my duffel bag I heave into the lower level master stateroom. As soon as my hands are free, I reach into the fridge to pull out a couple of long necks, twisting the cap off one before handing it to her.

“Have a beer my dear! It’s the least I can do for such a beautiful rescuer. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jane but my friends casino siteleri call me Jay.”

“Thank you Jay and it was the least I could do, I certainly didn’t want the dog catcher to get you. My name is Catherine but everyone calls me Kitty.”

I inhale sharply at the name, which is a mistake when taking a long sip of beer. Now I’m choking and sputtering as beer comes out my nose and spews on the galley floor. She proceeds to giggle and slap me on the back.

When I finally recover, I just manage to get out “Why must I feel like that? Why must I chase the cat?” And we both burst into laughter.

“So Jay you said you were thinking of living aboard? This is a very nice marina for it. They have been discussing adding some round the clock security because we’ve had a group of young punks breaking into boats at night the past couple of weeks. Never a problem until recently though. I’ve been here 4 months now and plan to stay on until November when my lease is up. Maybe even longer.”

“Well, I just sold my business and I am ready to cruise for a while and enjoy myself. I uh, just turned 48 this year and it’s time to slow down. I’ve worked my ass off 15 years to build a solid company but I want to give it up while I still have enough energy to enjoy the boat and do some serious fishing. I’m thinking of doing the loop next spring if I can get the new owners settled into things by then.”

“The loop?”

“Yeah, its called The Great Loop. You circumnavigate Eastern North America by water using a combination of inter-coastal waterways and hugging the eastern coast of the US. Most head north in the spring and then by the time November rolls around you are down to Florida. Some choose to spend the winter in the Bahamas but I’m not sure my 45 foot trawler and my navigational skills are up to that yet.”

“What kind of company did you have, if I may ask?”

“Security, both residential and commercial. My father was a Marine, my two uncles were one, Air force and the other Army. All three turned cop when they came out of the service. I served a stint in the Army but I just don’t have the temperament to be a cop so I started a security company. I know there are some crimes that I couldn’t arrest someone for. If I saw with my own eyes someone abusing a child, an animal or a woman for instance and I had a gun on my hip, I’m sorry I would just have to shoot the bastard. There is little that can be done to rehabilitate a true abuser and I see no reason to slap them on the wrist and turn them loose to do it again.”

“That is where I know you from! I thought you looked familiar! You were on the news when those East Ridge wing nuts were picketing soldier funerals. I have to thank you for providing security to keep them away from the families. I don’t know how a supposed religious group can be so hate filled and spiteful as to picket the funeral of someone that died protecting their right to picket in the first place.”

“I and my.. well, the company always stand by our veterans. In 15 years, I’ve managed to hire only vets and their close families. We all take honoring our fallen very seriously. I sold the business to Senator Jones’ son Peter. He just came back from Iraq a double amputee last year and it was part of the agreement that he continue the practice. Would you like another beer? I can fire up the grill and fix us some lunch or… If you don’t have any plans for the afternoon that is.”

Finishing the last of my beer, I turn to put the bottle in the recycling bin and take her empty as well.

“Do you jet ski? I’ve got a two-seater and I was thinking of packing a lunch and riding out to Cooper’s island for a picnic and some sun bathing.”

“I’m not much on sun bathing but I’ve got a collapsible fly rod if you don’t mind me bringing it along. I can fish the eddies around the island.”

“Not a problem, not a problem at all, I think it can carry a little fishing equipment. I’ll run over to my boat and throw together some food while you get changed. Meet me over there in say 20 minutes and if you can get your other equipment stuffed into some swim trunks, there just might be a surprise for desert.” With a saucy wink, she was out the door and across the catwalk.

Standing before the mirror in the master head, I shake my head in disgust. This just isn’t going to work. My normal swimming attire of neoprene wetsuit shorts and half top, while showing off my muscular legs and tight abs are not meant for packing. My strap-on looks like a huge log in my shorts and very nearly peeks out at the leg no matter how I try to situate it. With no other option I can think of, I throw an over sized white T-shirt over it all and pick up my fishing gear, carefully locking up and canlı casino turning on my security system on the way out.

As I make my way down the port side of her boat, I am greeted by an entrancing sight. The daisy dukes have gone, nothing remains but two small triangles held together with thin strings tied at the hips. Her position bent over the back of her jet ski strapping down a soft sided cooler gives me a view that would make a dead man’s heart throb. It stops me in my tracks and I stand there gaping like an idiot as she turns and catches me staring at her ass.

“Like what you see do you? Come on lets strap your pole on the side here and mount up.”

“My… pole? Here in the middle of the Marina? Oh! You mean my fishing pole!”

I slide onto the seat behind her and she releases the winch cable sending the ski backwards off the ramp and into the water.

“Hold on tight now Love, I have a need for speed and this is one of my favorite ways to satisfy it.”

Grasping her around the waist with some trepidation at her words, I realize that the small size of the seat and my need to hold on has our bodies pressed snugly together. As she heads out of the marina’s no wake zone and opens it up another situation develops. I can feel her chuckling with my arms wrapped around her ribs; she knows damn well that the combination of high speed and choppy waters has the base of my strap-on pounding into my clit.

Once we are away from the cove the marina sits in and racing across the main channel of the lake, I decide to give a little of what I am getting and slide one hand down into the front of her bikini bottoms and the other up to pinch and tease her left nipple. She is sopping wet as I slowly tease my finger up and down her slit and she moans, arching her back. I bury my face in the back of her neck and nuzzle my way through the hair to nibble and kiss, thrusting my hips to increase the friction on my clit and stroking hers in time with my motions.

Just as the first waves of orgasm hit me, I bite firmly down on the back of her neck and press her clit firmly against her pubic bone, shaking my wrist, causing a wild vibrating rub that has her arching her back again, screeching like her name sake. She cuts the throttle on the jet ski completely in a sharp turn sending us in a sideways skid across the water ending just short of the bank surrounding the island. We are both left slumped forward, lungs heaving for air, sweat rolling off us, trying to recover as the gentle motion of the water rocks the jet ski.

She’s the first to recover and squirms in front of me on the seat.

“Whew, if that’s any indication of what’s coming I think I am in a world of trouble. Come on, move it now, let’s get to the bank, there’s a blanket in the cooler, bring it and I’ll tie the ski.”

Sliding off the ski into the waist deep cold water revives me and I quickly unstrap the cooler and wade to the bank behind her. She’s already got the rope ready and ties off to a sturdy looking bush. Turning, I slide open the zip on the cooler and take out a small blanket, spreading it out in the tall grass, hoping its height will hide us from any passing boats or barges. I cannot wait to get her naked and hear that screech again. I rip off the t-shirt and fling it to the ground followed by my half top and shorts just as her bikini flutters down to land in the midst of it all.

Sinking to our knees on the blanket, she grabs me by the back of the head and lays a deep passionate kiss on my lips. Taking her in my arms I pitch sideways, both of us landing with a dull thud. Before I can react, she catches me by surprise, rolling me to my back and climbing astride me as the kiss continues. She breaks the kiss to rise above me and I suck in great heaving gasps of air my heart pounding loudly in my ears.

As she lowers herself onto my strap-on, I reach up to cup both those gorgeous breasts, lifting my head, leaning forward, trying to get at a nipple with my tongue. Grinding her hips in a circular motion, Kitty begins to moan and I have to join in. Finally, I capture a nipple and suck it between my lips, nipping it with my teeth and swirling my tongue across its puckered surface. I can’t help but thrust upward into her and my beautiful lover starts a wild back and forth, up and down dance that has me nearing a second release already.

“Ah, come on, come with me Kitty. I can’t stand much more.”

The pace doubles, she looks deeply into my eyes and I am surprised by the emotion I see there.

“Almost, almost there Love, just one… more…. good…. grind….”

The screech she let loose with must have been loud because just as I went crashing over the edge of sanity myself, a tug kaçak casino pushing its barge upriver blasted its horn. I don’t think they could see us but they damned sure had to hear her and probably myself also. Collapsing forward on top of me, she buries her head in my shoulder and I can almost feel her purring in contentment.

I must have dozed because I am suddenly aware of her giggling and before I can get my eyes open the little she cat has rolled a bottle of ice cold water across the blanket to connect with my bare ribs. And they say human levitation is an impossible dream… not so!

By the time we finished our “lunch” of cold chicken, potato salad and sticky sweet orange slices, it was perilously close to dark. The ski had lights as is required by law but I have to admit the thought of her driving it like a bat out of hell in the dark was not a welcome one. Thankfully, as we finished packing and were ready to mount up again, she demurely deferred to me and let me drive. I’m sure my slow steady pace across the channel to the cove had her frustrated but there were just too many unknowns out there in the dark to go any faster.

She leans over to talk in my ear as I drive. “So your boat or mine Love? I am surely not finished with you and hope you are not finished for the night either.”

“Oh, no way in hell am I finished with you my little she cat. You’ve got a good thorough licking coming as soon as I can get to it. How about your boat, I’ll stop and get off at mine and you can head round the dock to yours. I need a shower and I am sure you would like one too. Meet at your place in an hour?”

That is strange, very strange. As I leave the master head and look through the windows out across the catwalk I notice there are no lights on over on Kitty’s boat. Quickly slipping into a pair of sweat pants and a tank top, I slip on my flip flops and head across to see what is up over there.

The gate is open, the door to her main cabin is open also and the hair on the back of my neck rises. Just as I am about to step into the main cabin calling her name, a teenaged boy rushes at me from inside. With reflexes born from years of defense training, I grab him by the front of the shirt, slide my right foot forward between his legs and lean to the side as I pull, neatly hip rolling up him over the port railing to sail out into the cove. A second attacker this one older and larger, follows shortly behind him and I dodge sideways scrambling to avoid the large hunting knife he thrusts at me. I meet his wild overhand stab with regret and feel the blade slide cleanly through my left forearm as I grab his throat with my right hand. Squeezing my fingers nearly closed behind his Adams apple, I give a quick twisting jerk and with a crunching gurgle, he sinks to the ground immediately. I whirl back around searching for Kitty to find her in the grasp of a fat, brutish looking older man. She wriggles free of him just as he pulls a revolver from his pants and takes aim. Instinct and self-preservation take precedence over pain and I rip the knife from my left arm, flinging it at him as the shot goes off.

The next thing I am aware of is the inability to breathe, coupled with the gagging feeling of something down my throat. I try to sit up, to rip the tube from my throat but then my father’s voice brings me to my senses.

“Jane stop it, damn it! You’ve been shot, you have an airway in, quit fighting! They are taking you to surgery.”

I see him running alongside the gurney I am on and recognize the walls of a hospital speeding past as a nurse rushes up and does something with the tubing in my arm.

I struggle to open my eyes and look out through the haze. My mother is sleeping in a chair by the bed and my father is pacing back and forth across the tiny room. When I try to move, they both jump to my bedside immediately and then I notice a police officer standing on the other side of the bed and recognize Captain Henry, an old friend.

“Glad to see you awake buddy, we thought we were going to lose you once or twice there. I’ll go now and let your parents visit. I just stopped by to check on you and to tell you the investigation is over and Jay…. You got them all, there will be no more break-ins at marinas from that crew.”

My mother is fussing with my pillows, Dad is trying to get me to drink from a cup of water, the straw in it is trembling, and I can’t understand why everyone is making such a fuss.

Just as Captain Henry is going out the door, I hear a tremendous racket. I’d know that screeching anywhere! A nurse comes flying down the hall.

“Officer, officer come quick it’s her again, she’s back and security can’t handle her.”

Everyone turns to stare as I speak for the first time.

“No! Let her in. She’s, she’s mine!”

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