Doctor’s Orders

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The last appointment! Friday was nearly over at last. This had been a hell of a week, and I was anxious for the weekend to start. I’m a doctor, a urologist to be exact. Yeh, I know what they say, ‘he’s a dick doc’! My name is Jim Morris, and I’m 53 years old, six feet even, and weigh 172. I’ve been divorced for almost ten years, and wanted to retire by now, but the divorce decree stopped those plans. And, oh yeh, I love cocks! Figures doesn’t it. During my 25 years of practice I estimate that I have conservatively seen at least 15,000 pricks. All sizes, shapes, and colors.

I picked up the folder of my last patient of the day. I glanced through it quickly looking for the notes my assistant had taken during the telephone interview after booking the appointment. Her notes were readable, a vice I didn’t have. Oh shit! A new patient! That meant an extended session as I noted that he needed a consultation and initial exam. Crap! There went any chance of getting out of her at a reasonable time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work. It is satisfying to know that you actually could make many men healthy again. Sometimes you weren’t so lucky. During the years I had my share of being the one to discover penile or testicular cancer. Most survived, thankfully, but a few didn’t. If men weren’t so stubborn about putting off seeing a doctor when they know something is wrong, many lives could be saved. Not to mention their nuts!

The file said that Mr. Jerald Gibbons was 60 years old, had just moved to town within the last month, was divorced, and had excellent insurance. In big letters she had written that he answered to the name “Red”, and not to call him Mr. Gibbons or Jerald. I smiled, obviously Cindy, my assistant, had made that mistake. I nodded to myself, committing the name to memory. I liked getting to know my patients, and was not one of those stuffy docs that tried to impress people with all their degrees and years of training. The only other entry was a note that she had a feeling that ‘Red’ didn’t feel comfortable talking to her, and that she really hadn’t gotten much personal information from him about whether or not there was something wrong or just a new patient wanting to establish roots by picking out his doctor in a new town.

A soft knock on my office door startled me a little. Cindy popped her head in and informed me that the last patient of the day was in Exam Room 2. It was straight up five o’clock and he was right on time. Putting on my white lab coat and straightening my tie, I told Cindy that she and the staff could go on home, that I would close up. She looked relieved and thanked me, saying she was just finishing up Exam Room 1. She hoped I had a good weekend and was gone. This wasn’t a fancy big city office, just a staff of three and myself. I had nearly 100 regular patients, most of them my age or older, many of them with Diabetes. Now there’s a real sneaky disease. It just sneaks up on you and you continually get worse if not treated. If it smacked you right in the face and forced you to bed maybe more people would take care of it,or control it at least. I hoped Jerald ‘Red’ Gibbons wasn’t a new Diabetic patient.

After a short walk down the hall, I knocked boldly on the door and entered the exam room. He sat on the cold, black vinyl of the exam table, his hands folded across his lap. My first impression was that he looked very healthy. He was not overweight, I didn’t see any cigarettes in the breast pocket of his polo style shirt, and he had the look of someone who took care of himself with regular exercise. Strolling up to him, I extended my hand to him.

“I’m Dr. Morris, but you call me doc or Jim, in fact just about anything will do. I’m glad you chose me to be your doctor!”

He took my hand and shook it firmly. He appeared to be studying me as if this was some kind of try out for me. I must have passed.

“I’ll be damned! I go by ‘Red’, and it’s nice to meet a doc who knows how to shake a man’s hand.” His remarks seemed to be directed to himself more than me.

“How can I help you Red?” I asked casually.

I liked him already. No pretense here, just a man who needed a doctor I guessed. He told me some things I already knew. He explained that he was new in town, and that he felt a man his age needed a urologist he could depend on. I nodded and let him continue. He was a grandfather to three boys. I looked up from my note taking, a little surprised. I didn’t hear that story often. I felt that he needed someone to talk to as much as needing a Urologist, so I asked about the boys. He bowed his head slightly and said that his son and daughter-in-law had been killed in boating accident. He was the only family the boys had left except their grandmother, his ex-wife who lived 3000 miles away. He caught me glancing at my watch. Damn! I hadn’t meant to do that! Just a bad habit I had I guess. He looked up again, this time directly into my eyes!

“Doc, I think I may be wasting your time and mine both. I don’t think I should even be here. It’s just that my penis has been acting strange lately!”

I smiled to myself. He said the word ‘penis’ as if casino oyna it were in a foreign language. That was obviously not the name he usually used for that part of his anatomy.

“Just tell me about it.”

“Look doc, I’m not as educated as you, and I don’t know all the fancy names for all the parts, and this whole damn thing is making me real nervous!”

I had seen this type reaction a million times, the type reaction that indicates that they feel uncomfortable around any doctor. Somehow, as doctors, we weren’t considered to be one of the boys. I knew there was something really bothering him and I had to get Red loosened up so he would tell me the whole story. Through many years of working with men, I had learned the secret a long time ago.

I stood and put a hand on his shoulder. I noticed he was wringing his hands and almost trembling as he spoke. I admired his body. He was in good shape, that was obvious. I also saw something else. He had a really nice crotch basket hidden beneath his golf shorts! He was showing about 4 inches. Now,was he a ‘shower” or a ‘grower’? I intended to find out soon enough!

“Well, Red, I’m sure as hell not in to fancy words either. Now what the hell is wrong with your cock, or prick, or just plain old dick anyway? Just talk to me as if you and I were a couple of old farts that had known each other a hundred years!” He smiled and laughed at the same time. The tension was broken. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“My fucking cock gets hard around my grandsons, and I don’t know what to do about it! I think I’m becoming a pervert!”

Being a Urologist you learn to be a little bit of a sex counselor and educator too. I deal with sexual dysfunction on a daily basis. That’s a major part of my job. Sexuality is both mental and physical I explained to Red. I suggested that we try and eliminate the physical aspect of his problem. I had him take off his pants and underwear and lean back on his elbows as I examined him. Surprisingly, he did it without pause or concern. I was right again. There on the table lay a real nice 4 inch slab of uncircumcised dick.

“Tell me more about your grandsons Red, and don’t worry, I need to examine you, but when you leave here you’ll still have your cock!” I remarked as I picked it up by the shaft and started to examine him closely.

I found out that his grandsons were 20, 19, and 18, and that he had sold his place in Florida so that he could keep the boys together in familiar surroundings. He missed his golf buddies, and hadn’t met many people yet. I could tell he was very lonely.

“They tease me doc! They run around the house all the time half naked! Their nipples showing and their cute little butts just barely covered! I gave up smoking cigarettes 20 years ago, but now I find myself sneaking out on the patio for a cigar all the time when the boys are in bed! I sure could use a cigar right now! I tell myself I just do it to calm down, but damn they do taste good!”

“I know what you mean! I’m a closet cigar smoker too!” I announced, as I felt his meat starting to swell. It was up to 5 inches now and starting to thicken too.

“No shit?!”

“No shit! Here, take one of mine, I hope you like it!” I said, taking one from the leather case I keep in my shirt pocket and handing it to Red.

“I see you like ’em real thick doc! You like ’em about 6-7 inches long too I see. There’s something about a 54 ring cigar this length that just feels right when it’s stuck in your mouth! Right Doc?”

Both our cocks jumped instantly. For a moment I considered that he was coming on to me. I still wasn’t sure as I saw and felt his cock really beginning to swell. If he only knew I was sprouting a good size boner too!

“What else do the boys do Red? Seems pretty harmless to me so far.”

“That’s what I thought too at first. Figured it was just that I wasn’t getting any pu….I mean, uhh, not having sex since I got here and all, that was all there was to it, but I was wrong.”

“Red, if you’re used to getting pussy regularly and all of a sudden it’s not there anymore, your mind and body will do strange things to make up for it. By the way, your foreskin seems a little tight.” I said, trying to act casual, as I slowly slid his skin up and down the now 7 inch shaft.

How big was this sucker going to get? My cock began to leak in my underwear as I considered the possibilities. I could almost swear that I heard Red moan slightly.

“Grant, that’s the oldest boy, runs around naked all the time, his hairy cock flopping in the breeze! He’ll stand there and stoke his nearly 9 inch prick while he says were all men here so why should he have to get dressed up for us! It’s probably good that he does go naked because every pair of underwear is yellowed with cum stains! He smokes too, hell, all the boys do, they say their dad knew about it. I asked him why he started and he said he liked to smoke a cigarette after he fucked one of his girl friends! Last week I was putting some socks in his drawer and I found a 10 inch dildo. He walked in about that time, saw me staring at it, and canlı casino said I could borrow it if I wanted to!”

I gulped hard as Red grew another inch.

“The other two, Justin and Jake, figure if Grant can get away with this kind of shit so can they! Hell fire! I’ve even started running around bare ass naked!”

Red was on a roll, so I let him continue. Besides my mouth was dry as cotton. Precum oozed from the uncovered cockhead and slid down the shaft as I raised his cock straight up to check his furry balls.

“Uhm, doc! Shit man! I didn’t know an exam would feel this good!” he laughed and groaned at the same time. “Damn, I could sure smoke a cigar right now! Can’t you just taste that fragrant smoke rolling around in your mouth?”

“Just relax, I’ll be done before too long.

“Take your time Jim, take your time!” He was using my first name now I noticed. He must be feeling more comfortable about talking.

“Justin, he’s the middle one, gets calls from girls all the time. I overheard him telling some little gal with big tits that he had brought over to the house a few times that he really liked eating her pussy, especially after he had just cum in her! He always waits until I’m in the bathroom, and then he walks in holding his 7 incher telling me he needs to piss! Kid cusses like a fucking sailor. I don’t know where the hell he got that!”

Funny, but I had a pretty good idea.

“He can’t go wee-wee or peepee, or even pee, hell no, this shit for brains has got to piss! Fuck Jim! I’m sorry man, but my cock is gonna get hard here real soon! It feels like it’s on fire!”

“Don’t worry about it Red. Happens to damn near everybody,it’s only natural.”

Red was at 8-1/2 inches and beginning to slow down. The top of my right hand was soaked in his clear liquid as I massaged his nuts with my left hand. He spasmed as I rolled his thick balls between my fingers. First the right one, then the left one, and then both together. I hoped he couldn’t see the wet spot in my suit pants as I really worked him over. I shifted my hips slightly to pull the front of my lab coat over the growing ooze spot.

“No sign of hernias, that’s good!” I remarked clinically, hating to release his thick, furry family jewels. “You haven’t told me anything about Jake, I take it he’s the good one?”

“Good one my ass! He finds every reason on earth to run around naked too! What’s more he’s always ‘accidentally’ dropping something in front of me so that he can bend over and show me his little asshole! Would you believe he has thick hair around that pink little rosebud?!” Red exclaimed, sounding proud.

I hated to, but I was forced to release his swollen prong for a minute to write down my findings on his chart. I made sure to keep my back to him so that he wouldn’t see how aroused I had become. Dammit, now I needed a cigar bad too!

“Didn’t mean to make you stop Jim.” Red said, smiling.

“Oh, you didn’t, and now for the best part!” I said, smiling back as I snapped on a new pair of rubber gloves. “Gotta check your prostate gland old buddy! When’s the last time you had a PSA test done?”

“More than a year ago. I figured you’d get to that sooner or later, dammit!” Red whinned, in a not too convincing voice.

“You know the drill, get up on all fours and spread your legs apart for me.”

Again surprising me, he quickly raised himself, getting on his hands and knees effortlessly. He turned his head to the side as he lay against his folded arms. I now stood directly behind him as I prepared to lubricate his ass! The view was merely magnificent! I was distrated by two hairy balls hanging low, almost touching the vinyl! I could only see part of his cock as it tried hard to slap against his taut, firm stomach.

“You’d never guess what Jakey did Tuesday morning! I was taking a shower when in walks our little hero and stands at the pot facing the toilet. He acts like he doesn’t even know that I’m there. The little shit takes his cock in his hand and starts to jack off right there, not 5 feet away from me! In just a few seconds he’s hard as a fucking rock! I turn off the shower and open the glass doors to make some noise just in case he’s still so sleepy that he really doesn’t know I’m there. He looks over to me and smiles and continues fisting his good sized monster until he begins to moan, throws his head back slightly, and starts to shoot 5 or 6 thick ropes of cum down into the toilet!”

I stuck my finger right into his rectum with no warning. He grunted with surprise from my sneak attack.

“Sorry Red, guess I should of warned you first!”

“That’s OK Jim, didn’t hurt, just surprised me!”

“Kinda sounds like Jake surprised you too!” I laughed as I probed his bowels, searching for the magic spot.

“I gotta tell you something else. I was standing there in my birthday suit, cock harder that a railroad spike, with the door wide open. I’m looking at him and he’s smiling at me. I mean I’m totally shocked. Jakey makes a big production of milking off a final good sized wad into his hand and turns to face me. He bring his cum soaked kaçak casino palm up to his mouth, snakes his tongue out, and eats it right in front of me! Fuck Jim, what would you have done?” Red asks, beginning to moan now.

He knows I can hear him and doesn’t care anymore. Neither do I. I can see precum dripping from his lust engorged cock in a steady stream down onto the vinyl.

“If you want to know the truth, I probably would have shot my wad right about then!” I confessed, inserting a second and then a third finger into his colon.

“Well, at least you’re honest! You say you would have done it, but I’m ashamed to say that I did it! Thankfully, I had enough sense to pull the door closed enough to not cum all over the boy! I know he could see my ball juice splattering against the inside glass though. He just stared, never saying a word, and then left.” Red exclaimed, his breathing labored.

With just a little more effort, I probably could of gotten my whole fist up inside there! The idea made my cock twitch spasmodically and my body shudder. I had to get control of myself.

“That’s it! All done!” I said, snapping off the rubber gloves and throwing them away. I couldn’t wait to get back in my office, light a cigar, lean back, and jack off a big, thick, creamy wad of my own!

“So what is it Jim? Is there something wrong with my cock, or am I just a dirty old pervert?!”

“You can get dressed now, and Red, if you want my opinion you’ve got to realize that my training is in Medicine not Psychiatry. I can tell you this though, with a medical certainty, there’s nothing wrong with your dick, in fact, any man would want that dick!”

Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn’t said that exactly the way I had meant to. Or maybe I had!

“Ya think maybe I should see a shrink?”

“If you think that would help, you should make an appointment. I’m sure I can get a referral for you. You’ve got good insurance, so that shouldn’t be a factor when you’re making a decision.”

“So what do you think is wrong?” Red asked cautiously, returning to his sitting position on the edge of the table. I noticed that he was still very hard and erect, and I could see his cock bob up and down as blood coursed through it. I also noted that he had turned to face me directly, and, he was making no effort to dress.

“Well, Red, you’re just very horney!” I laughed.

“Horney? Is that all?”

“Could be! Think about it for a minute! You’re not getting any pussy, so I assume you’re forced to jack off a lot, and we both know thats no fun after a while. Remember, I’m divorced too! You need some other way to release your sexual tension than just beating off! Deep down you’re afraid that you’ll have sex with the boys, but even that sounds like a whole lot more fun than just fisting yourself! Look at your cock right now! The bastard is throbbing like a son of a bitch!”

“Shit, Jim, I know it! It hurts when it gets this hard!”

“Tell you what. I’m going down to my office and light us both a good cigar. You can stay in here and jack that big, beautiful donkey dick off, and when you’re finished we’ll go have a few drinks, smoke our cigars, and have a good steak dinner. How’s that sound?”

“Are those your orders doc? You want me to jack the musky cum right out of these old balls? You’re sure right about one thing! I gotta blow my nuts right away, but do you have to leave for me to do that?”

Now he really surprised me. My cock was about to explode. Even my lab coat couldn’t hide the tent I was making.

“If it will help you out, I’ll stay and watch you cum!”

“Great! I gotta better idea though. I don’t want you to watch me cum, I want you to help me make this snake spit!”

I shuddered at his words. I was very near an orgasm and knew if he said one more thing I would fill my suit pants with the biggest load of spunk ever!

“If that’s what you want, I’ll do it! What do you want me to do?!”

“First thing, show me your cock! Second thing, do anything you want to, and here’s the big favor I need Jim!” he said meekly. I approached him, fell to my knees, and grabbed his blood engorged prick, it was now at least 9 inches long and starting to grow again.

“And what would that be!” I asked, lowering my lips over his slimy cock head. My breathing was ragged and shallow, I hadn’t been this aroused in years! His cock pulsed in my mouth as I pushed him gently to force him to lay back on the table.

“Would you fuck my ass with that big, man sized cock you’ve been trying to hide ever since I got here?”

I swirled my tongue around his cockhead and then slid down slowly, nibbling as I went. After only a few trips up and down his shaft, I felt him tense, as his cock thickened one final time. Quickly sliding back up his thick shaft, I arrived at his cockhead and clamped on firmly, but gently, and held on for dear life! His cock spasmed and pulsed wave after wave of thick sperm through the shaft and in to my waiting mouth. I gulped quickly as I tried to guide his slimy cum down my throat. Finally, he was done and shook violently as I literally sucked the last of his sperm from his balls. I stood before him now, cum still on my lips and chin. I held him down so that he remained laying prone on the table. I grabbed his legs and pulled his ass off the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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