Do It Again, Sam

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Big Tits

He couldn’t believe her bravery. That she exposed her emotions to a stranger so that they could consummate their agreement. They had talked about it, agreed that spontaneity was not the answer. The double standard that society placed on males and females was a large deterrent. She said she trusted him. He felt honored by her faith in him and more deeply honored by her offer. Males often didn’t recognize the risks that females took on their behalf. He knew he loved her. Everything she said or did assured him of her love of him. She couldn’t understand how this hard male could treat her so gently. This male with strength that made her gasp could touch her so softly. He made her feel safe. His tenderness towards her filled her with love. His constant attention to her needs showed his love of her. It was time.

He took her to his parent’s cottage. It was late fall and he knew that they wouldn’t be disturbed. They had both talked about where and agreed. She was there beside him, a willing partner in their plans. She was so beautiful; he couldn’t understand why she had chosen him. He loved her so. Her softness enveloped him in her warmth .Why him? She watched him, his nervousness endearing him even more to her. His tallness, his maleness, his good looks attracted her. His gentleness convinced her. This was a man and she wanted him. Why had he picked her?

He turned to her and took her into his arms. Her warmth calmed him. He kissed her. It wasn’t the first time but seemed as like no other kiss. Her mouth opened allowing him sweet access. He drank from her sweetness. Dare he? He slid his hand down her back until it rested on her bottom. She kissed him. It was oh so sweet. His tongue played with her lips and she responded with her own. His warmth surrounded her; his hand slid down her back. It lay on her bottom and made her tingle all over. She responded by rubbing her pelvis against his. Suddenly, there was hardness between them. It felt so warm. He tried to pull back, but she didn’t allow him, sending a clear message. He was aroused, his hardness between them. She ground her pelvis against him. How could he be so lucky? She wanted him. Tremors shook him. He took her to the couch. He lay down.

She lay on top of him. She renewed the kiss. His saliva tasted sweet to her burrowing tongue. She felt his hands renew their acquaintance with her bottom. She shivered. It felt so wonderful. She again rotated her pelvis against his hardness. She hoped he would become more daring. One hand left her bottom and moved to her chest. He dared take a breast into his hand. Even through the shirt and bra, he knew her to be lush. He felt casino oyna a small stirring in his hand. She was responding to his hardness with a sign of her own. His body seemed flushed by heat. His hands were shaking. She felt him touch her there. Her nipple responded. She was becoming aroused. His gentleness excited her. The softness of his hands on her bum and breast sent more shivers through her body. She flushed with warmth. Suddenly, he was off the couch with her enfolded safely in his arms. Oh, that gentle strength that carried her without effort He gently laid her on the bed.

He lay beside her. He stroked her body. Her softness amazed him. She sensuously stretched her body under his hands. She rolled towards him wrapping an arm around his neck holding his head as she once again kissed him. Her breasts firmly pressed against his chest, she slid a hand under his shirt. He remembered her bravery, facing the doctor’s examination so she could have the prescription for the pill. She lay beside him. As he stroked her, her body seemed on fire. She touched his naked chest under his shirt. It was strange, so unlike her own. The skin was soft. Hard muscle lay beneath giving a very different texture to his body. She watched his hands shake as he undid her buttons. He exposed her bra. He kissed around its edges his warm wet mouth delicious on her skin.

He sat up and took off her blouse. She lay in front of him in jeans and bra. He touched her tummy. It was so soft. There was muscle underneath, but covered in softness. He moved his hand along her waist, following the waistline of her jeans. He unbuttoned the fly. Her pants were loose. She felt his hand on her tummy. Her muscles fluttered under his touch. The loosening of her jeans thrilled her. She removed his shirt. He hugged her into his warmth. Her bra covered chest pressed tight against his. She laid back and his hand returned to her tummy. He slipped under her panties rubbing her lower abdomen. He felt her dome. His hand slipped from her panties and she felt a moment of disappointment. His hand was at her bra.

She lay still smiling at him with that special smile he so loved. He fumbled with her bra clasp. It was in front; he held it together as it came loose. He lifted one cup and gazed for the first time at her teat. The nipple extended fully, the large areola puckered and puffy. His mouth, warm and soft, engulfed her teat sucking both areola and nipple. She lay with her one teat tucked warmly into his mouth. The sensations seemed to go directly to her pelvis and thighs. She waited for him to uncover the other breast then he would send the same message. He took his canlı casino time working the nipple in his mouth. His tongue played with the nipple. She ached with passion. He licked the entire silken globe then took time to look closely at it. Her breasts were succulent, full of female flesh. He exposed its twin and pressed his face between them. Her bra lay abandoned on the bed. He hugged her to him, lifting her from the bed, her teats squashed against his face.

He looked at her. Her breasts proudly displayed. He loved her. He lay her gently back into the bed. His hand returned to the fleshy globe. It rubbed softly down along her belly, sliding once again under her jeans and panties and stopping at her hair. His fingertips touched her pubic hair. She shivered with emotion. Her sex let lose a flow of moisture she did not expect. She became ready for him. She spread her legs. She was wanton in front of his gaze. She hoped for the last tiny movement that would send his hand over her sex. He stopped, removed his hand, stripping his own jeans from his body. Left in his underwear, his cock tented them, his desire rampant. He stood at the foot of the bed. He leaned forward and took the waist of her jeans. She lifted her hips allowing him to slide them off and toss them to the floor. He again lay beside her. One nipple was in his mouth sending messages to her vagina. His hand again slid under her panties, his hand cupping her sex, one finger deep in her sweet pussy.

He looked down at his hand deep in her panties. Her moisture astonished him. His hand formed a mound over her sex. Her legs spread wide giving him full access to her femininity. Suddenly, her stomach muscles contracted thrusting her sex into his cupping hand, sending the finger into her unknown depths. She moaned. Goose bumps traversed her body. She grabbed his sex. His hardness was in her hand. She felt him through his briefs instinctively stroking him. He stood stripping her of her panties. His own briefs quickly followed. She saw his size and was fearfully unsure she could manage him. It was her first look at an erect male. The fear left. It was partly why she had chosen him. He would be gentle. He watched her look at him. Maybe he was too small. Maybe he couldn’t satisfy her. She smiled. Everything was perfect. She loved him. He loved her. He looked at her beautiful nude body and saw the flair of her hips. The width of her pelvic girdle was astonishing. She inflamed him. Her soft mound covered in auburn hair and her glistening lips pouting. He shivered again with lust. His cock ached with desire.

She lay on her side with her belly pressed tightly against him. kaçak casino Her breasts crushed against his chest. She felt his cock. Cock, what a delicious word. It slid between the folds of her cunt. Cunt was another delicious word. She clamped her legs together, while he thrust between her legs. Her cunt wet the top of his shaft. His hands gripped her ass tightly to him, helping her thrust against his cock. She shivered with lust. He rolled her over on her back. He was on top of her. ‘Now I’m going to get it,’ she thought. She was wrong. He kissed her neck, her shoulder, on and under her breasts, her belly and her pubic hair. She spread her legs wide. He kissed her inner thighs. He kissed her cunt. He smelled the heady aroma of her arousal. Her hormones raced through her body. She spent profusely. He licked the moisture from her. He sucked more from her cunt. He tasted her. He smelled her. He seethed in her essence.

She needed his cock. Nothing else would do. She grabbed his head pulling him up her body. She kissed him, tonguing him deeply and tasting her own juices. She held his cock. How could anything so soft be so hard? Her hormones raged. Her cunt sent rivers down the crack of her ass and onto the bed. She placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He felt the helmet of his cock placed at her entrance. He pushed gently. It entered the mouth of her cunt. He waited. She clenched her stomach muscles lifting her hips and driving him part way into her sopping cunt. His cock ached with need. He felt her velvety wetness. He thrust. She thrust. He thrust. Suddenly, he was fully in her.

He was fucking her. Fuck, what a delicious word. She had waited so long for this, him coming deep inside of her. Too soon she thought. He did not diminish. His cock pushed deep into her cunt lubricated by his own cream. Something in her was building. Her teeth sank into the muscle of his shoulder. Her ass writhed on the bed. She wantonly heaved her hips at his cock. Her fingernails raked his back. He felt her sheath grip him. Her cunt sucked on his cock. His need built again. He drove hard, his gentleness forgotten. She didn’t care. Pressure built in them both. She groaned, “Fuck me,” and he fucked her. Suddenly, it was there. Skewered on his hard cock, her first orgasm came upon her. His hard driving cock fucked her. Her cunt gushed around him. Then, came a jet of warmth as he filled her. She loved it. She bit; she writhed; she fucked. Her gentle man overcame her with his strength and power.

They lay entwined. Their chests heaved as they replaced spent oxygen. Their bodies perspired. The flood of hormones that had overtaken them subsided. His cock lay flaccid against his thigh, still wet from her lusciousness. Her body leaked their juices onto the bed. Her thighs wet from their recent loving. Best of all, it would soon be time to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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