Divorced in South Florida Ch. 01

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I understood why my wife left me. Once we retired in our late fifties, we realized that we shared no interests and no longer enjoyed being together. Raising kids and working let you ignore drifting apart, but being together each day in retirement exposes the problem. She liked shopping, TV and exercising. Me, I liked playing golf.

She is still a beautiful woman, and she found another guy, a tough thing to do when you live in a golf community in South Florida where the competition for single men is brutal and the competitors are tenacious. That she snagged one proves she was pretty special, but I really didn’t care. I was happy that after splitting our assets, I could survive pretty well on half of the pension my generous former firm paid me. Most important, I kept our place on the golf course and could keep doing what I enjoyed. But, I had to move on with my life and that included finding some female companionship interested in a 60 year old who cared about golf and who wanted to explore some new games in the sack. So, I began formulating my plan.

Before I could start my pursuit, I had to become more appealing. I’m not bad looking at all, but I am not real tall and I am a little bit chubbier, about 175, than I should be. I started by watching my diet, exercising more, and hiring a trainer. Of course, I played a lot of golf, but that did not count for the type of exercise I needed. Now there were some changes I would not make. I dress mostly in golf clothes, and I had no intention of becoming some stylish guy. Also, I refused to go buy fancy cars or other symbols of prowess even though I could probably afford them. The goal was to be a down to earth, casual, slimmer guy.

I realized I had to be really specific about the woman I sought. In a South Florida golf community, the sorriest of single men is highly sought after and I was already attracting attention from five very focused single women. I could not be lazy and simply be caught by the most persistent. I resisted them as I conceived the attributes of my ideal woman, a woman who met my desires, including satisfying the sexual fantasies that occupied my thoughts every night as I was falling asleep.

Capturing the fountain of youth through my dream lady was not a goal. I did not want someone much younger than I. My rule of thumb was that she had to be old enough to remember the Sixties, the Beatles and the other events that shaped our generation. I can talk to a woman of that age, but probably not someone much younger.

She must love to play golf, such a nice canlı bahis way to spend a day with someone you care about. She did not have to be that good, just love to play. I am not that good even though I play a lot, but I knew that I was nice to play with, kept my temper and my sense of humor, and supported my playing companion. Golf and romance mix.

She had to be smart, up on current affairs and intellectually curious. I pictured us reading on the couch, she would be naked and I would be caressing her. She might put my cock in her mouth occasionally but more about that later.

She would carry no baggage. I was not interested in a woman warring with her ex, dealing with a kid who is a constant pain in the ass, or having any of the other myriad of problems that can drain those of us around our age. I was happy, but a little lonely, and I wanted someone who felt the same way.

She should be just attractive enough, because a beauty queen would intimidate me. I would not insist on any particular look, because I find all types of women attractive and I mean women of all ages. Shorter is definitely better, because I am on the short side and I just don’t mean my height. Let’s face it, everyone else on the internet has a nine inch dong, so I am not going to compete with that.

If forced to choose, I am partial to women with short hair and small tits. I just like how they look; I have always liked the looks of figure skaters who often have short hair and small boobs, but also come with outstanding firm tushes. I don’t like the skating at all. I also have this impression that women with short hair or small tits have greater sexual energy, although I have no basis for this opinion other than a few silly observations. Every time I see genuine amateur porn on the Internet with a woman giving a great blow job, it seems like she has short blond hair. Then, the other day I was sitting in a restaurant and I noticed a cute college aged girl who had no tits whatsoever. She was sitting with her legs crossed and her hand between her legs. She was swinging her leg quickly and I thought she was kind of getting herself off. I can’t recall a busty woman doing that.

Lastly, well before I was married, my first girlfriend, Carole, supplied further evidence of the short hair/small tits libido theory. Carole was thin with short dark brown hair and really no boobs at all. She was very self-conscious about them or lack thereof, and I could tell that she really did not enjoy my feeling them. Her pussy was another matter. She loved to let me bahis siteleri play with her moderately hairy pussy whenever there was a chance to do it, at the movies, in the car, anywhere.I really did not have too much skill or experience making it with women, but when I rubbed her pussy, she went nuts, breathing, gasping and bucking her hips and legs. We totally lost touch, but I bet Carole made lots of guys happy. Actually, the guys, I think, made her happier. Yet more evidence that a sexual correlation with small tits and short hair exists, and I was hoping to continue my study of this hypothesis.

My new love must a pleasant voice. I was sitting near a mid 30’s guy and gal in Starbuck’s who obviously were on a first meeting after a Match.com type of connection. She was fairly attractive with long black hair and wonderful breasts. Just by looking at her, she seemed really nice, but her voice was grating with an awful Midwest accent. I realized then that my ideal woman’s voice must make me all ears.

Finally, she must fulfill my developing sexual fantasies.

I am not experienced. I was married young and always resisted my few chances to stray. But, my married sex life was blah. We did not talk about it, did not challenge each other to do what we liked, and never became skilled enough. My ex did not like to give head and I never really got decent blow jobs. I liked to lick her, but never did it enough because she barely reciprocated. Our sex became less frequent and more mechanical.

Here’s the odd thing. My ex liked anal. She would never admit it, but there was many a time when she would say nothing but start grinding her ass into me. I would use some lube and go to it while rubbing her clit. She never failed to come, but once that happened, she kicked me out and I was left wanting.

After the divorce, I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do, and for the first time in my life, I was excited to experiment. Watching porn on the internet presented to me a menu of wonderful choices, and I wanted a lady who want help me cook the meal.

I wanted a woman who loved to suck cock since I spent so many years missing this joy. I longed for spontaneous blow jobs and having my balls licked. And, I loved shaved pussy although a Brazilian with just a small patch would also be great. Even better, she should not shave herself, because I would happily be her between the thighs stylist. Once I finished shaving, my tongue would be all over her.

I thought finding these two sexual attributes would be pretty bahis şirketleri easy, they were the appetizers. The next part of our sexual meal would focus on the ass and finding an enthusiastic mature partner might be a challenge. Thinking of three specific things really got my juices flowing. The first was that I wanted her to massage my prostate while sucking my cock. There are a few films on the web that show a man coming like crazy when his lady sticks a finger up his ass while polishing his knob. I’m not gay and am not curious, but this attention looks great to me, and I read that it is good for your health. Made sense to me.

Next, when I said my tongue would be all over her, I was not limiting that to her pussy. I have never done it, but I crave licking ass. My ex would never let me do it. I could not be certain I would like it, but I really wanted to try. Whenever I saw a flick with a guy licking his lady’s ass, I thought I sure wish that were me, but I would do it longer, better and in every position possible. My tongue would cover her rosebud while my fingers rubbed her clit. Now as much as I would like her to reciprocate, I don’t expect it. I know that my lady’s ass would be a much more beautiful place for a tongue than mine. This was the most important fantasy at all, because I thought I had a mild submissive streak that I wanted to explore.

Now I do insist on is being clean and smelling good before jumping into bed. I feel more comfortable about myself and I am only interested in tonguing a squeaky clean butt. Showering together before bed would be the norm for us. It’s fun and sexy.

Finally, my lady must be anally inclined. I have experience in doing this, and it is special fun. One time in a book or on radio, I heard a lady asked, “If you were an electric socket, would you be a two-hole or three-hole.” She replied three-hole, exactly the type of lady I was looking for. Now I think it’s my job to get her anal engine running, and I would be excited to do it with fingers, mouth or whatever she wanted, but if she were a golf course, I want to play all three holes.

My biggest worry was how to identify a lady that shared these desires since I was not experienced in the ways of seduction or talking about my wishes. But, at my age, I was too old for coaxing, the “three date” rule, or other dallying. These things had to be accelerated. I needed a woman who was experienced or as interested in experimenting as I was, and who was just as worried about running out of time as I was. No faux innocence, no being offended or horrified, but simply a woman who said, “Baby, my ass needs attention.” But, I needed advice soon on how to find someone, because if I couldn’t get it done, I might resort to hookers who probably don’t have much of a golf game.

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