Discovering Her Cum Fetish

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I get a text from the ex, “Am I bad at giving blowjobs?”

Weird question. The erotic memories flood back. She was always generous on the fellatio end of the relationship. But things didn’t work out between us.

“Of course not”, was my reply. Followed by, “Why?”

“Well this guy I’m dating usually stops me mid head to fuck me instead”, goes the response from her.

Interesting sharing of information, I thought. But now I’m curious as to where this conversation is going. I opt to console her.

“You’re actually really good at it. I still think about the first time you made me cum in your mouth.”

“When was that?” she types.

“Well you know, that time after watching the Stanley cup playoffs on tv? You took me to the bed room. We fucked and to finish me off, i laid on my back and watched you suck and stroke me. Then like a porno I got to see my white cum spurt onto your pink tongue.”

A bit of a pause. Did I get too vulgar and turned her off?

“Yeah, I remember that now. That was fun.” she replied.

I’m getting aroused now. So I press on, “You know near the end of our time, you gave me a lot of head. You are pretty good at it.”

She’s knows she’s got me hooked on chatting with her now. She continues with “I do enjoy it with you. But this guy I’m seeing doesn’t like it much. I made him cum the other day and he tasted sour. I just spat it out”

Poor guy I thought. I guess he’s missing out on some great blowjobs. You see, towards the end of our relationship, her medications were interfering with her achieving orgasms.

So at the end of our fuck sessions, she would ask to suck on my cock while she used her vibrator to get off. Picture her on her back, vibrator between her legs, and me kneeling by her head while she nursed on my cock. Often I would try to time my ejaculation with hers as best as I could. Sometimes i came in her mouth, but it doesn’t look as erotic as in pornos. Sometimes I would just pull out and spray my load over her lips. When she does orgasm, I would watch her face shudder in ecstasy, licking canlı bahis and tasting my semen on her frosted mouth.

And that’s how she loved swallowing my load.

But I was always too shy to ask for a facial. Getting head was a good thing, and I didn’t want to get called out for being a porno pervert. But since we’re broken up, and time has passed, I took a chance.

“Would you like to see if I still taste good?”, I typed back. “And at the same time practice your blowjob skills?”

A long pause now. The triple dotted text display feels like an eternity. “Will you give me pointers on giving head?”, was her reply.

Yes! Here we go. “I’m glad to help you out with that if you want. But I have a favor to ask though.” I gambled, “Would you let me record a facial on you?”

“Like how porn stars do it in the movies?” She typed. “I never knew you liked that kind of stuff.”

“Now I’m asking to do it. I want to see how you look with my load on your face.” I demanded.

An even longer pause. “Ok. When do you want to do it?” Was the reply.

We chatted more. She confessed that she has a BDSM fantasy. She wants to be tied up and dominated. Its all new to me and after a lengthy chat we arranged for a date at her place.

The days leading up to the date was excruciating. Its going to be my first time and if it was unimpressive, it could be my last time. I did the no nut November thing for the week, while wrestling with constant erotic thoughts. Like how I’m going to seduce her, acts I’m going to perform satisfy her, techniques to bring her to orgasm, what position she should be in while we record her taking my load. My thoughts at work centered on planning D day. I sent her a list of props to prepare, if she wanted me to fulfill her BDSM fantasy.

So the time arrives, and I knock on her door. A muffled, “It’s not locked. Just cum in.” was heard.

Don’t mind if I do. I entered, looked around the kitchen. Sure enough, the items I asked for are on the counter. I looked in the fridge, and sure enough, the things are there too. I gathered bahis siteleri the props and went upstairs to her room.

She was dressed in black laced lingerie and finishing up her makeup as I walked in. She smiled and approached me. It felt awkward. Its been a while since we’ve seen each other. We embraced and gave each other an awkward kiss. My awkward erection is pressed between us. She smiles and bents down, pulling my pants.

“Oh I missed you!” She admires my released cock. “Oh and he’s already dripping precum!” She elegantly holds my penis with both hands and guides my into her mouth. My ecstasy. She gives me a quick suck and a quick lick of the juice on my tip.

I cup her face with my hands and guide her up. I don’t say anything and roughly turn her around. Push her to the cold wall, and pull her hands behind. My foot forces her to stand with her legs apart. She gasps in excitement. I grab the ball of twine she bought. The rough abrasive kind, and tie her hands together. Once bound, I press my cock her hands so she can have a feel. Her fingers attempt to caress it. I breathe heavily behind her ear, kiss the nape of her neck and give a bite with my teeth before pulling away.

I find a pillow and throw it on the floor. “On your knees, woman”, I commanded.

She obeys and stays there. Eyes obediently on my cock. Her lips parted. She looks so gorgeous I thought. I feel my foreskin roll back, I’m so hard. I want to do more prepping but I can’t help myself. I bring myself to her mouth and she eagerly leans to meet me. She’s talked about getting mouth fucked with her recent partner. Here’s my turn to give that to her. I hold her head and begin thrusting my cock in her face. Throat pumping sounds is heard, I let go of her head and she continues to bob on my member. She is deep throating me like a porn star.

I stop this act and pull away, bending down to give her a deep kiss on her mouth. Tasting my salty juice on her. “Good girl. Thats a very good girl”, I complimented.

I searched around, found a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Then reached bahis şirketleri down a felt her wet quim. I have her stand up and her legs parted. She can’t see so I have her lean onto the wall. Now I kneel down and its my turn to taste her juice. I start with gentle laps on her pussy lips before lapping at her hole. Then I trace my tongue from her pussy to her clit, as firm as my tongue can. My fingers part her buttocks and fingers tease her anus.

Next I have her sit on a chair. Legs parted. I grabbed a steel knive and dip it in heated water. With the warmed handle end I teased her thighs and slowly make my way to her clit. As she’s getting teased, I kiss her breasts and nipples.

A few minutes of that and I switch to a chilled glass bottle of coke. It was something I saw in a movie, and I thought to try it out. She shrikes blindly at the cold sensation and I continued to tease her mound. Bottle slowly entering her.

Now I have her kneel back on the pillow on the floor. Unable to see, her mouth and tongue eagerly waits for my cock. But I don’t give it to her yet. I take a soft silk scarf and slip it between her legs, brushing against her engorged vagina. She screams, “Fuck! That feels good.”

Finally I slip her favourite dildo between her legs, tickling her clit. From her behind, I work my fingers in her cunt, until she shakes and shudders in orgasm.

Once she catches her breath, I untie her hands and her blindfold. She’s still on her knees and she opens her eyes to my cock and balls at her face. I’m past horny now, so I stroke my cock at her. “Stick out your tongue” I said and I squeeze out a big drip of precum onto her tongue.

I find my phone and turn on the camera to selfie mode. She takes it and begins filming whats to come next. She smiles at the camera and looks up at me as I masterbated. I lovingly hold her chin with one hand and stroked with the other. Pretty soon the first load blobs onto her top lip, she closes her eyes and my next squirt over her forehead, and a final load blankets her nose. I sigh at the final release. She looks over at the selfie camera and admires our work. She is beautifully covered with my sperm, mouth to chin. Pearly drops driping down her neck.

She hands me the phone and I hand her a towel. And this begins our erotic adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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