Dirty Dreams

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I awoke. Sweating and breathing heavy. I opened my eyes as wide as they would go, the darkness of my bedroom was suffocating. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness as I brushed my hair from my face. A faint light crept in from the bottom of the window. I turned my head and realized my husband had finally come to bed. I could feel his warmth. I took a breath as I calmed my heart rate. I just had the most realistic dream, it left me panting.

I laid in my bed on my back with just a sheet covering my body, I stared at the ceiling, the fan slowly spinning and closed my eyes and I tried hard to remember.

Flashes of being pushed up against a cold brick wall to be fucked raced through my mind like an old movie reel. The mystery man was aggressive and rough, I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he whispered that my ass was his. Even though I fought to break free from his grip, I didn’t find myself trying too hard to stop his dirty physical advances. He grabbed my hands, both of my wrists were held by one of his hands, he held them above my head and I softly protested for him to stop. I was secretly hoping he was going to keep pulling my pants down. I remember the roughness and how he dehumanized me. I was his personal sex toy whether I liked it or not, and I liked it.

I put my hand down the front of my lace panties and felt that I was really wet, it was so warm between my thighs. I slowly started rubbing my clit, softly with my middle finger.

Clenching my eyes I thought harder about the ghostly images that danced in my head from my fantasy dream. The mystery man had successfully pulled my pants down, the roughness of his denim jeans rubbed the back of my legs and ass. He wet his fingers to get me ready, his fingers roughly ran over my pussy and asshole. Still holding my arms I was defenseless, he unzipped his zipper and I felt his warm cock resting between my ass cheeks. With one thrust he entered me. His cock as thick and hard, he penetrated my ass slowly, as if to savor this. My scream was half violation and half pleasure.

I was vigorously rubbing my clit and biting the sheet at this point. I needed release. I let out a moan and just as I did, my husband rolled over. Now facing me, I held my breath. bursa escort I didn’t want to wake him. I laid there for a minute until I knew he was fast asleep again, then I continued rubbing my wetness, slowly then more quickly as I chased my sweet release.

I was trying to pick up where I left off in the dream, but I could not remember and I was losing my train of thought quickly. I glanced at the clock, 1:55am.

Fuck. I pulled my hand out of my panties and laid there, once again staring at the ceiling. I huffed in defeat.

I looked at my sleeping husband frustrated. Desire still dancing in my mind, a rush of pins and needles jolted through my pussy. I quickly scooted under the sheets and nestled in between his legs laying on my stomach, my feet hung off of the end of the bed. I slid his stripped boxers down his thighs as gently as a could, careful not to wake him. Kissing his thighs, I ran my hand up his thigh and looked at his cock. It laid there to the left, I planned on making it do a full salute.

I grasped it, it was soft in my hand and I just held it feeling its warmth. I ran my index finger up the back of his shaft. I traced my finger around the head. It started getting firm and hot. Finally I put it in my mouth, just the head at first. He moaned in his sleep, even though his cock was in my mouth I smiled at his pleasure. As I sucked and licked his head and down his shaft he grew harder and longer in my mouth, as I knew he would. I was really enjoying this, he had a perfect cock, smooth and long, and those balls, dear God he had balls that hit perfectly on my chin when he fucked my face.

I pushed myself up on my knees, not slowing my pace sucking his dick, drool started running down my chin and puddling on the satin sheet underneath me, I did not dare to wipe it from my face, I wanted to feel used like I did in my dream, the dirtier the better. The sheets were warming up, I pushed them back, the cool air came as a relief.

I slid my hand down the front of my panties again and picked up where I left off, still wet and warm. I rubbed my pussy, moaning with his dick in my mouth. I felt his hands on the back of my head, he pushed his thickness into my throat with a soft moan. I inserted my middle finger bursa escort bayan and my index into myself while I started gagging on all of his girth. I was so warm and tight that two fingers felt perfect and snug.

I loved sucking his dick, the way he started breathing every time I pulled up on his shaft with my lips tight. I could tell by the pitch of his moans that he was reaching climax. I was still rubbing and entering my pussy with my fingers, just harder and faster. I was determined to meet him with my climax. I felt his cock starting to throb, he tensed up, “oh fuck baby.” He came in my mouth, I swallowed quickly to try to keep up with his flow, the ropes went down my throat in a warm landslide. I sucked his dick still to make sure I completely sucked him dry. He twitched and his breathing slowed. I sat up and wiped the drool from my cheeks.

He sat up and pulled his boxers up. I laid on my back, pissed up that I still didn’t have release. But I was satisfied enough to be done.

“What’s gotten into you?” my husband said rolling over on his side to get a better look at me. I told him about my dream, about how the mystery man took what he thought was his; my ass.

Shocked, my husband asked, “and you liked it? Being taken advantage of in your ass?”

I nodded “mhmm.”

He pondered this for a second and then finally said ” I would love to take what’s mine.”

“What’s yours?” I laughed, noticing my panties were still wet.

He leaned over me, I was getting drunk in his scent. “Its all mine, don’t act like you don’t know.” He pulled my panties down to my knees. My bare ass now sat on the sheets. I freed one of my legs my panties now around one of my legs. I stretched.

He wet his fingers, gently tracing my pussy, teasing.

Throwing my legs up, my ankles touched his shoulders, I felt his thickness on my asshole. What is he doing? We have never had anal sex.

He applied pressure to my asshole. I arched my back in pleasurable pain, licking his fingers he wet me. He slowly entered my ass, only with the tip of his dick. I moaned, it was so tight but it made me feel so full. He smiled, acknowledging that he was learning more about my body and that was pleasing to me. He barely escort bursa moved, careful not to hurt me, but I was craving rough sex. I wanted to be a sex toy.

He slowly moved in deeper, I felt my feet tense up. In an effort to relax myself I softly rubbed my clit and loosened my legs. Sliding his thick cock in deeper, it was about half way in and I felt desire boiling over within myself. I slowly pushed my ass up against him until the thickness of his dick was fully inside of me. My legs trembled. He bent over me and kissed me hard on my mouth, I allowed a muffled moan to escape. He Held his cock there full pressure into my ass hole. I only took a breath when he released pressure.

Slowly he started stroking his cock in my ass. My ass was so tight, this was a sensation that I had never felt before, true bliss and pain at the same time. I loved that he was using my ass to pleasure me. He thrusted in and out of me, rubbing my pussy with his thumb and his other hand hold my leg against him for leverage.

Fucking me harder and harder sweat beaded on my chest and forehead. I was in euphoria, the pain, the pleasure. I almost couldn’t take it and I almost told him it was too much when an orgasm took me by surprise. I arched my back and threw my hands up to grab the bottom of the head board and to push up against his dick harder.

“Oh my God.” I cried out. My ass convulsed and it was almost like it was pulling him in deeper or milking him. My entire body trembled uncontrollable thrashed around. Holy shit what the hell just happened?

He smiled, knowing that he had satisfied me in a way he had never done before. He was pleased with himself, but he wasn’t done. My orgasm caused him to go again. He came in my ass. I felt his cock pulsing in my ass. He grabbed my hair and kissed my lips as he came, only breaking the kiss to moan in my mouth. Feeling him fill me up in my ass, turned me on so much. I loved that he emptied himself in me. He pulled his cock out I felt the warm cum drip down my ass to the sheets.

He rolled over onto his side of the bed, I hardly moved, I just laid there catching my breath and relaxing my body. Sweating and exhausted at this point. I glanced at the clock, 2:43am. My breathing slowed, he was asleep already. My ass was sore, but since it was a reminder that my ass was freshly fucked, I smiled.

As I drifted back to sleep, I wondered if the mystery man would make another appearance. Maybe for round two?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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