Desiree at Home

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Desiree should have been born in the 60’s. Everything about her reflected a kinder, gentler, and groovier vibe than the 90’s were comfortable with–in short, she was a hippie. She wore patterned peasant skirts, thin cotton T-shirts with mandalas and such, beads all over the place, Birkenstocks, and course, a peace-sign medallion. All of these things drew my eyes to her right away, but they in no way hid the luscious body beneath and behind them. She had long brown hair that fell in soft curls below her shoulders. Her eyes were dark brown, her lips deep red and shaped like Cupid’s bow. Full breasts and wide hips stretched her garments tight in all the right places. Best of all, her skin was translucent and flawless, even in the dead of winter.

We were both new students in school during our senior year. She had been kicked out of boarding school, and my parents had retired to a small town in the eastern part of the state. That made us the only 2 students in our grade who hadn’t been there all 4 years. Actually, the rest of the student body pretty much grew up together, but since the high school served 3 towns, only a third of them had been in school together all 12 years previously. Still, it was enough to make us feel like total outsiders.

That alone was enough to bond us, but we also had a lot of classes together. There were only small sections of upper-level classes in English, history, math, French, and science, and we were in all those together. She was always somewhat spacey, but a good student, a good lab partner and homework buddy, and a pleasure to talk to, even if the conversations took odd turns.

She was dating a guy named David who had already graduated. I spent the fall pursuing the only other single girl in our upper-level group, but she was still kind of seeing her old boyfriend from a few towns away, so that wasn’t a regular thing. We all went to the same parties, hung out after soccer and basketball games, and went to the nearest big town once in a while for some wild nights of pizza or McDonalds and a movie.

It wasn’t until winter came that I realized how badly I wanted to be with Desiree. There was a lot of snow that winter, and she called one afternoon to tell me that her 18th birthday party was moved from the Science Museum to her own house–that way, no one had to drive 45 minutes in bad weather.

When I got there, Des was dressed up for a change. There was still a hippie vibe to her outfit, but her parents had friends over as well, and everyone was dressed for a holiday party. It turned out that her family had scheduled both things, but combined them to save everyone a drive. Anyway, she looked amazing–her hair was silky and somewhat straighter, she had on a little makeup, and her outfit made her look older and more beautiful. I was glad I had taken some pains to dress up as well–some of our friends didn’t get the memo and showed up in our usual teenage gear. She told me how nice I looked, and I made sure to compliment her as well.

Because of my mother’s job, I was accustomed to spending time with adults at parties like this one. I chatted with her parents, and with some other adults who were parents of kids at school, or people I had met around town. Even the damn principal of the high school was there, which was a little weird for all of us! I saw Desiree working her way around the room as well, and my eyes kept straying her way as I admired her outfit, her flashing eyes, and the soft ripples of laughter that I knew so well. She caught me looking every once in a while and smiled at me.

When I finally broke away to hang out with my friends, her mom stopped me to say how glad she was that I had come. She complimented my poise, told me I was very grown up, and gave me a peck on the cheek. I grimaced, blushed, and thanked her before disengaging as gracefully as I could. When I got out of the kitchen and headed for the den where the kids were hanging out, Desiree was headed out as well.

“Wow–you’re quite the hit with the mom-and-dad crowd, dude” she teased me.

“Just working the room, ya know?” I said in my most pompous voice.

“I’m sorry if my mom embarrassed you,” she said apologetically. “She can be kinda over the top. I keep trying to get her to mellow out, but she always comes out with something trippy!”

“No problem–I can handle moms pretty well. My mom used to drag me to parties all the time for her old job, and you just kind of get used to the chit-chat.”

“Well,” she began, taking my arm, “I was very impressed with your poise!”

I blushed again. “Oh, you heard that, did ya?”

She laughed happily and squeezed my arm, her breasts pressing against me closely.

“Yes, I did. I was thinking how grown-up you were, too. When I noticed you checking me out, I kept thinking it was some creepy older guy, but then it was you, and it just made me feel good.”

I had no idea what to say to that, so I fell back on flattery.

“Des,” I told her, “I’m sorry about that…you just looked so beautiful and natural chatting away with yabancı escort all those people that I couldn’t help but look at you!”

A pleased smile appeared, and she squeezed me again.

“Does that mean you didn’t think I was beautiful before?”

“Oh…no…not at all!” Did I mention I was far from smooth back in those days?

“So tell me, dude…how long have you been thinking I was beautiful?”

At that point, I realized that she was completely messing with me, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Since day one of school,” I told her earnestly.

I think my serious tone took her aback somewhat, but again the pleased smile appeared.

“So it wasn’t just because I’m all dressed up and wearing makeup instead of being my usual crunchy self?” she asked. This time, the teasing quality of her voice was more apparent.

“Nope. Crunchy Des is beautiful all the time…I just never get a chance to tell you.”

“I can see why you’re such a hit with the moms,” she murmured just before we entered the den.

She let go of me to rejoin the group, and we relaxed into our usual roles, joking around as a group and devouring the pizzas her mom had ordered for us. We stayed there for three or four hours, watched a movie, and at the cake her mom brought in. All in all, a good birthday party.

The adults had drifted off before the movie ended, so the house was quiet when Desiree’s party was over. Everyone hit the road, but I stayed behind to say goodbye to her parents–again, my mother’s training was kicking in. She thanked me again for spending time with the grown-ups and, to me embarrassment, gave me another peck on the cheek, turned me around toward Des, and said, “Isn’t he great?” in a loud voice. “And handsome?”

“Oh, he certainly is!” Des affirmed, desperately trying to keep a straight face.

“Well, goodnight…thanks again for having me,” I muttered and headed for the door.

Des caught me before I got my coat on completely. She grabbed my arm in the hallway, her eyes filled with laughter.

“I’m sorry–I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist!”

“No big deal,” I assured her somewhat truthfully. “It’s your mom–she’s just a little…”

“I know. I’m sorry. But she was right about one thing…”

“You ARE very great and handsome,” she said softly. Then she stepped forward and planted a soft kiss on my lips. Her eyes were deep and serious, and she pulled back a few inches, watching me, waiting for my reaction.

“Des,” I replied in a low voice, “I was serious when I said you look beautiful all the time. I’ve always thought so…it’s just that tonight, I saw you looking beautiful in a different way and it made me realize…” My words trailed off.

“Realize what?” she asked, holding herself just inches from my face.

“How much I want to do this,” I told her, crossing the space between us and kissing her back, letting my arms wrap naturally around her slender waist.

Des hummed happily, then broke our kiss to smile up at me. “Far out!” she said softly.

Her mom was still moving around the living room and kitchen collecting glasses, so Des urged me out onto the broad bluestone steps and closed the door behind us. The outside lights were on and it felt like snow again. I pulled my coat all the way on, then opened the front and she stepped gratefully into the shelter it offered her from the cold. Her body was warm and lush against mine, and I felt every curve plastered against me as our lips met again.

Away from prying eyes, her lips parted quickly and her tongue darted playfully into my mouth. I responded in kind, and our eyes closed for what seemed like an endless moment as we shared that thrilling rise of passion for the first time. I could feel my whole body responding, and Des shifted her weight, clearly feeling the same ripples of pleasure in her core.

“I’ve got to help my mom,” she said apologetically.

“I’ve got to get home, too,” I told her. “I don’t want to go, though…”

“I know…I don’t want you to go!”

Stepping back into me, Des kissed me hard one more time, then pulled back and looked at me sadly. “I guess we’ll have to finish this some other time,” she said.

“Yeah…definitely!” I said urgently.

“Come back tomorrow if it doesn’t snow,” she said quietly.

She smiled, then stepped back and opened the door. I watched her go and then turned down the icy stairs. Driving home, my mind was filled with possibilities, and I was grinning like an idiot.

Thankfully, there was only a dusting of new snow when I got up the next day. I told my parents I would be hanging out with Desiree and working on a lab report. They nodded, told me to be careful and be home for dinner, and went back to whatever they were doing.

The twisty back roads were gritty with salt and sand as I raced toward Des’s house. Pulling into the driveway, I noticed fresh tracks from the garage to the street. When I tapped the bird-shaped knocker, there was a long pause before I saw a flash yeni escort of movement through the prisms of glass beside the door. I heard a click, and the door swung open a few inches. I could see one of Desiree’s dark eyes, a trace of a smile on her lips, a cloud of brown hair framing her face, a flash of bare thigh, and a thick bathrobe belted tightly at her waist.

“Yes?” she asked in an imperious tone, raising an eyebrow playfully.

“Good morning, miss,” I said earnestly. “Is your mom home? She told me yesterday that I should come by this morning. I believe that I was so poised and well-spoken at her party that she wanted to spend some more time with me…”

“You’re disgusting!” Des snorted, swinging the door open wider. “You probably would go after my mom!”

“Not when you’re here,” I told her, stepping close once the door was closed behind me.

Desiree grabbed the lapels of my winter coat and pushed them back off my shoulders. As the coat slid down my arms, she closed the distance between us, pressing her warm body against mine. Our lips met, softly at first and then with increasing passion.

“Come upstairs,” she said after pulling back to catch her breath.

“Parents?” I asked.

“Gone for the day” she replied with a wicked smile.

“Good!” I said fervently. “Let’s go!”

She turned with a smile and a swirl of dark hair. Her bare feet were almost silent on the wooden treads as she flew up the central staircase. My hiking boots left melting snow behind as I rushed after her. I almost tripped because I was trying to run up stairs and watch her enchantingly bare legs as I went–the bathrobe was long, but I could see a lot of her beautiful form from that angle.

When I got to her room, Desiree was standing on the far side, the neatly made double bed between us. Posters, tapestries, dried flowers, and a lingering whiff of sandalwood competed for and lost my attention as I halted just inside the door.

“You can come in,” she said mockingly, a trace of that same sexy smile on her lips.

I walked to the edge of the bed opposite her.

“This is where I wanted to bring you last night,” she said. “Once I saw you with my mom…”

“Don’t start. I was just being nice, but I’m glad you noticed me, finally!”

“I always noticed you…we just had other stuff going on.”

“Yeah,” I replied with my usual brilliance.

“So now…” she began.

“Now I’m all yours!” I told her with my best smile.

“Good. I want to show you something!”

I nodded and told her “Anything you want!”

Her smile grew wider. Then she lifted on knee up onto the bedspread.

“After you left last night, I came up here when everything was done.”

She leaned forward and put her palms flat on the covers. Her other foot came off the floor, and she drew herself toward the middle of the bed, sitting with her knees together, feet tucked under her, and the bathrobe lying in soft folds on her lap. My eyes were drawn to her bare thighs, then moved slowly upward, taking in the swell of her full breasts under the thick terry cloth. When I reached her face, I noticed both a smirk on her lips and a smoking, sensual glimmer in her eyes.

“I was wishing you were here with me,” she continued. “So I threw my clothes over there.” She gestured with her chin, and I glanced at the outfit she wore last night piled in reverse order on the chair. “And then I climbed into bed…”

Her hands pulled slowly on the bathrobe belt. When it came undone, the lapels fell apart a few inches, drawing my eyes to the soft valley of her cleavage. Desiree shrugged her shoulders then, and the soft fabric slipped back off her shoulders. Her hands came up to cover her breasts as they were exposed, but she kept up her narration.

“And I started thinking about what I would do if you were with me…”

I stood there in awe as she used her palms to graze her nipples, making small circles without fully revealing herself to me.

“I got so fucking horny!” she said more intensely. Her hands fell away from her chest, and as she shoved the bathrobe off her lap and away behind her, my heart beat faster and I drank in the sight of her breasts: pale globes with dark, tight nipples and wide areolas. They were as gorgeous as my teenage fantasies had imagined them, and my hands itched to reach for them.

Des dropped her hands to her lap then, and shifted herself to widen the space between her knees. I followed the motion and was treated to a glimpse of dark curls before one hand blocked my view. I thought for a moment she was being modest, but then I noticed her hand moving slowly, caressing herself with slight up and down motion.

“Just thinking about having you up here last night made me want you so badly…I ended up sitting just like this, wishing it was you playing with my boobs, and I was touching myself like this.”

Her free hand came up and I saw her pinch her own nipple delicately, twisting it as she did. Her other hand pressed more firmly yenibosna escort into the shadowy depths of her lap, and I knew her fingers were curled underneath her, stroking the furry lips of her pussy.

“Show me…” I whispered, finally contributing to the conversation.

Des smiled again and rose up to her full kneeling height. From knees to neck, her body was a symphony of pale olive skin and alluring curves. She kept her hands in place, but seemed to savor my admiration while I took in the narrow waist, the long muscles of her thighs, and the rippling bounce of her breasts.

Again, she spoke as she played with herself: “My nipples got really hard thinking about you pinching them, and I started playing with my clit because I was already so wet for you!”

Looking down, I saw that she had two fingers extended and they were making tight circles at the base of her mound.

“Sometimes…” she resumed, “I put my fingers inside to get them wetter.” Her hand curled lower for a moment and then went back to lavishing attention on her most sensitive spot. “Is that what you would have done to me last night?”

“God, yes!” I told her immediately. She smiled, but I wanted to raise the stakes a little more.

“I would have started like that, Des…I wish I could have come upstairs and seen you naked like this! I would have kissed every inch of you and pinched your nipples and rubbed your clit exactly the way you’re doing it now!”

“What else?” she asked in an urgent whisper, her back arching a bit and her eyes half-closed.

“I would have pushed you back, though, so I could taste you,” I said.

“mmm…I love that idea!” she assured me with a sexy smile.

Her hand left her lap and she brought the two fingers she had been using to play with herself up to her lips. “I do that all the time!” she said happily before licking each finger individually. Then she sucked them both at once, slowly getting every trace of her juices off.

As I stood beside the bed and watched this erotic display, my cock was achingly hard inside my jeans. I could think of nothing to say–my mind was gripped by the show in front of me, and I was fantasizing about those beautiful lips sucking me instead, and I was imagining the taste as well.

Fortunately, Des kept things moving forward. “When I was thinking about what I wanted you to do to me last night,” she began, “you weren’t wearing all those clothes!”

As quickly as I could, I unlaced my boots, shucked off my jeans and underwear, and whipped both sweater and T-shirt over my head. All this was hampered by the face that Des was naked in front of me and I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her!

When I was as bare as she was, Desiree took the initiative again. Bracing her hands on the bedspread, she slipped her feet in front of her and moved them off the bed. Her legs parted even more as she scooted forward until her ass was just on the edge of the mattress. This position revealed her fully–wide-open thighs framed the neatly groomed, silky curls that covered her mound and along each side of her opening. Her earlier actions had turned her on, and her inner lips glistened with her arousal.

“What were you going to do to me?” she asked enticingly.

In a heartbeat, I fell to my knees on the soft rug beside her bed. My hands went to her inner thighs, pushing them wider apart while my thumbs did the same for her labia. Leaning in, I licked her from bottom to top, my tongue broad as I repeatedly lapped up her juices.

Desiree groaned with pleasure, and her arms wrapped around my head, pulling me into her.

“Oh, fuck!” she exclaimed. “Fuck me with your tongue!”

With my nose bumping against her clit, I plunged in as far as I could. Rocking my head, I did exactly as she asked, fucking her repeatedly with my tongue, relishing the copious lubrication she was producing, and using my thumbs to caress her pussy lips as I worked away at her.

Almost immediately, Desiree started to rock her hips into me. She must have been close already, because I could feel the trembling begin in her hips and thighs. She bent forward to embrace my head fully, her breasts crushed against my hair as I ground into her.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…I’m gonna cum!” she hissed above me.

I didn’t pause to reply, wanting only to drive her over the edge. Instead, I rubbed her clit harder with my nose from side to side and lashed her inner walls with the tip of my tongue. That did it.

“Ooooooooohh fuck!” Des cried out happily as her whole body froze. Her thighs clamped down on my head, her arms gathering me in even tighter, and her hips rocked forward to drive herself against me one last time.

Barely able to breath, I held my position for a long minute, sucking gently on her pussy to gather every drop of her sweet juices.

When she began to breathe again, Des pulled me up to her lips. I rose to stand in front of the bed, and her arms stayed wrapped around my head as she kissed me frantically, her tongue breaking away from mine to taste herself on my lips, my chin, and all around. Finally, she let me go and I stood up straighter, grinning down at her flushed face, her dark hair dampened by her exertions. Des looked up at me, grinning as well, then wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me in for a hug.

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