Demia’s adventure

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I didn’t know it but today was the start of something extraordinary.

There Demia was, fresh from the shower in a towel that just about covered her nipples and didn’t quite reach the tops of her thighs. Her shoulders were damp and as she stood at the end of the bed I watched a drop run from her collar bone and trickle gently down between her tits. Then she turned and I had a good view of her broad and glorious bum as she checked herself in the mirror, and my cock stiffened at the sight of her, turning my trousers into a ridge-pole tent. Then I realised she’d been talking to me…

“I said what shall I wear, dozy?”

“You look good whatever you wear.”

“Oh, yeah, thanks. That’s a help. You’re all smart. Should I be smart? Will it all be your boring friends going on about their boring jobs?”

“It won’t be boring. There’s all the people from the American studio. You’ll enjoy it when you get there. Wear something sexy. Show off your tits. At least you’ll enjoy the attention.”

“Why do you want other men looking at your wife’s tits?” She looked down at my obviously stiffening cock. “Pervert.”

“Just proud of you babe. And you know I’ll look at them more than anyone else.”

“Don’t bet on it. All your colleagues are even more perverted than you are…” she grabbed my erection through the fabric of my trousers and squeezed it “… if that’s possible… “


“Oh don’t sulk. Come here.”

Demia shook off her towel and fished my cock out of my flies. “Ridiculous man” she said. And she bent forward across the bed, her tits pressing against my legs, and took the head of my cock in her hot wet mouth. She held it there. I felt my glans throb against her tongue. Then she sucked. Her cheeks pulled in and accentuated the bow of her pink lips as they clamped firmly around my ecstatic cock.

I took hold of her wet hair and she looked up at me, winked, and slid her beautiful lips down, up, down again, leaving a slick of saliva on my swollen shaft. Then as suddenly as she had started she stopped again. “That’s enough for you. We’ll be late. Go downstairs and book a cab while I’ll get dressed. I don’t want you staring at me.”

I didn’t want to leave the room of course, just wanted to stay fucking Demia’s perfect pink lips till I spunked all over her tongue. But it was late and it was important for me to make some kind of impression tonight. Maybe anticipating the pleasure of fucking Demia later while every other man there had to be content with staring at her tits and arse would add something to the evening. Ah well. Maybe I am a pervert.

Half an hour later and we’re in a cab heading into town. Demia looks amazing in a short green dress with a lot of interestingly-placed black lace and not much behind it except skin. I rest a hand on the thin nylon covering her thigh and one finger ventures up under the hem of the dress. A ridge of lace, then bare flesh. Stockings then. My cock stirs into life again and my questing finger seeks out her crotch. Lace again. Damp lace. I picture her sweet cunt behind that thin fabric. My finger strokes gently and Demia slides down ever so slightly in her seat, increasing the pressure of my finger-tip on her clit. As we drive into town I wank her oh so softly, and her lips part in an unspoken “Oh” as her labia open and swell towards the pressure of my touch. Demia’s eyes close and her legs part. For a moment my gaze meet the cabbie’s in the mirror. He winks.

Then we’re at the venue. A doorman stands at the foot of a vast staircase, roped off to the public, and as he directs us through to the conservatory I see him glance down to Demia’s cleavage. We go though, and Demia grabs two cocktails. I reach for one but she pulls it away.

“These are mine. If I have to be here I’m going to need something to numb the pain.” And she drained the first glass in one. “We’re staying for half canlı bahis an hour” she says “then your taking me home to make me come.”

I’m about to reply when my boss calls me over. There’s some people he needs me to meet. I tell Demia to come too but she says she’s going to look for a canapé, and she’s gone.

Problem. I’m talking to these guys for an hour at least. Worse than that it’s going well and my boss is happy and it’s a great contact and by the time we’ve shared ideas and swapped emails and all that endless crap I have no idea where Demia is and by now I should already be lying on top of her with my cock thrust up to the hilt in her pouting cunt.

I search the courtyard. I search conservatory. No sign of her. Maybe she got pissed off with me and left alone. I ask the doorman. He says he doesn’t know. He seems shifty, and for one moment he glances at the roped-off staircase. I tell him thanks. He goes to greet another guest and I step over the rope and go upstairs.

There’s a broad corridor leading off the landing. Formal, panelled meeting rooms with expensive leather furnishings, one after the other, all empty. The door to the last one is shut. But from behind it I hear a low groan. Quietly as I can, I turn the handle and push the door slightly ajar.

Two men are standing with their backs to me, looking down attentively at something right in front of them. One of them, a broad-shouldered blond guy, is the source of the groans. On one side, draped over a sideboard is a black and green dress.

“Gag on it, honey” says his friend. “Gag on his dick.”

I stand there, hypnotised. I can’t see anything but the backs of the two guys but even the sound, the rhythmic wet slop of lips spread wide around this man’s cock makes me instantly hard.

The blond guy steps back, and it’s his friend’s turn. As they move around I see Demia, on her knees, topless, wanton. Gorgeous. And she reaches out towards the big guy and takes in her hand the thickest cock I have ever seen. So fat her fingers barely reach around it as she masturbates the shaft and opens her lips wide to take in the huge red tip. He takes a fistful of her hair. He pulls her forward slamming his cock far into her mouth, stretching her jaw wide. Her saliva drops onto her tits and he begins to face-fuck her with that monster cock, slowly pushing and pulling her mouth back and forth over the swollen dome of his glans. She moans, she gags. She lets this guy fuck her mouth while his cock muffles her groans and her fingers grip his impossibly fat shaft. Back and forth. Back and forth. He thrusts his hips and generally makes a pig of himself in Demia’s lewd wet mouth.

I should burst in. I don’t. I watch. It’s the rudest thing I’ve ever seen. The beautiful slut can’t wait half an hour more for my cock and so she’s helped herself to whoever was nearest. And there she is on her knees sucking a stranger’s cock, smearing it with her lipstick till the pre-cum and saliva trickle all over her swaying tits. Every now and then as she jerks the thick shaft she looks up at him and he pulls her deeper onto his thick cock. And behind her stands his friend, watching, jerking himself off.

“Oh man. I’ve got to get a better look at that ass” the blond one says. Keeping her mouth tightly clamped on the big guy’s cock Demia shuffles on her knees to the low leather sofa, and arranges herself on all fours, her bum up in the air at one end, her mouth at the other. Now appreciative hands wander over her body, on her tits, on her arse, over the soft flesh of her splayed thighs at the tops of her stockings, and over lace-clad bulge of her cunt.

And I realise my hand is rubbing my own cock. I unzip and pull it out into the open. It’s hard and hot, the tip dripping with pre-cum, aching at the spectacle of strangers helping themselves to my wanton wife as I watch through the half open door.

There’s bahis siteleri a rustle of foil. The blond guy is slipping a condom expertly over his cock. Demia lets the other guy’s erection slip from her mouth.

“Oh, yes, fuck me. Please fuck me. Make me come.”

Then she starts back in with her epic blow-job while the blond guy slips her knickers to on side, and lines his cock up against her sopping exposed cunt. Then in goes his cock. He’s fucking her. And she’s loving it.

The two men hold her shoulders and her hips and slide her back and forth, their cocks piston in turn into her mouth and cunt, spit-roasting her with gusto while Demia moans with abandoned pleasure and my own desperate cock twitches on the edge of orgasm at the sight.

Then the big guy starts to come. He pulls Demia’s gaping pink lips onto him and shoves home grunting as he thrusts deep into her mouth. But there’s too much cum for her to swallow and it spills out around his fat cock and dribbles down her chin. At last he pulls back gasping and the last spurt of spunk spatters her face. He steps back.

“Oh! Fuck me!” she moans, and blondie’s cock slams home again and again and Demia’s tits swing back and forth and her mouth gasps with each thrust and she’s about to come when suddenly he too groans and spunks his load into her.

“Fuck!” he says. “Fuck, honey! That was incredible. Fuck!”

He slaps her arse affectionately and withdraws his cock with its condom load of cum.

“Hey, that was amazing, honey” he says. “Truly!”

“But…” says Demia “One of you guys has got to make me come.”

But the boys laugh.

“I’m sorry honey. We gotta go! We’re flying in a couple of hours.”


“Hey. The customer always comes first. You know that!”

He zips his fly. He takes a couple of notes from his pocket and leaves them by her dress.

“I don’t know what these guys are paying you but I think you earned a bonus!”

“What? But I’m not -“

“Come on Rick. We’ve got a plane to catch.”

And they make straight for the door. I haven’t even got time to put my cock away before they walk straight past me.

“Hey buddy. Treat yourself. That girl sucks incredible dick.”

Demia looks up and sees me in the doorway, my mouth wide open and my cock out. I look at her. Her lipstick is smeared and her face and tits spattered in saliva and spunk. Neither of us says a thing. Time passes with each second marked by the throb of my stiff and swollen cock.

She blushes. I just stare.

Eventually she speaks. “You took your time.”

“You didn’t.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. At least they paid me some attention.”

I walk towards her: “That’s not all they paid you.”

“Stupid bastards. I don’t know why they thought I was-”

But before she can finish I’m on her. And now it’s my cock in her mouth.

“Suck it!”

I pull her head onto me and fuck her mouth hard. She looks up at me, her eyes wide, her chin glistening with a smear of another guy’s cum as she swallows my cock. She puts her hand on her cunt and her fingers start in on her clit. She pulls back, gasping.

“Hey Tommy. Fuck me. Please. I didn’t come and I need a cock in me so much.”

She stands up and puts her hands on my shoulders and gives me a lewd smile.

“Please, honey. I’m sooooooo wet for you. And… I’m sorry about those guys. But you took so long and they really wanted to see my tits and then they were so persuasive and in the end I just had -“

I grab her arm and shove her, spinning her around until she’s face down on the sofa. I hold her hand behind her back.

“You are such a slut!”

“I know”

“Lift up your arse.”

She does so.


She flexes her back and her bum thrusts back at me.

“You are such a filthy tramp!”

“You bahis şirketleri are such a pervert!”

Her black and green lace panties stretch across her up-turned buttocks. I touch the crotch. It’s warm and wet.

“Anyway,” she mutters “it’s your fault for neglecting me.”

I yank the lace down her legs and it rips a little. The steps out of the ruined knickers.

“Spread your legs.”

She does. Her breathing is heavier now. Her arse stays raised towards me like a peace offering.

I spit on my finger and slide it into her cunt. She shudders, then sighs and shoves back a little on my hand. Slowly I finger fuck her, in time with her breathing. First one finger. Then two, three fingers, spreading the swollen lips wide. Demia gasps in time to my thrusts as her cunt swallows my fingers. After only twenty or thirty thrusts she sounds like she’s ready to come.

“Fuck me now, baby. I want your cock in me when I come.”

“You’re in no position to make demands.”

“Come on honey. Make me come. Please.”

By way of reply I pull my fingers out of her. Her pussy gapes hungrily, waiting to be filled. By now my cock is straining to fuck her. The tip is glistening and my balls ache to spunk in her. I rest the tip of my dick against her sopping opening and squeeze my shaft so more pre-cum mixes with her slick juices and my hot cock slides easily over her cunt lips. But that’s not where my cock is going now. I splay the cheeks of her arse and raise my shaft towards the tight pink star of her anus.

I lean forward, and land a mouthful of spit on the swollen tip of my cock then press it against the tight pout of her sphincter.


Then I push forward and the tight little rose unfurls around the throbbing crimson dome.

I push in and hold it there an inch, enjoying the feel of her resistant arsehole stretched tight around me. She grunts. It hurts her I can tell, but I hold it there and bit by bit she relaxes. Then just as her breathing calms I shove in another inch of cock.

“Be gentle baby. It stings.”

I make no reply by my cock throbs harder. I give her another inch.



I love the sight of my thick red shaft reaming Demia’s tight little anus. She’s on her knees, bent forward, buttocks spread wide. I inch forward again, and again, my cock revelling in the tight constriction of her arse and finally I’m lodged in her to the hilt. Now her buttocks press against my hips. “Oh baby” she says.

And now I start to fuck that pretty arse. And each thrust feels so good and lewd it’s almost painful, and it holds me like the ridged fingers of a fist squeezing me, my cock a hard rod plundering her most intimate hole. I grip her hips and slide her onto me, using her, wanking into her, my cock twitching, for ever on the point of orgasm but having too much fun to ever want to stop.

Fifty or sixty blissful thrusts and her legs buckle as she slides forward onto the sofa, and I spin her around and lift her onto me. Now she’s sat on my lap, my cock still lodged far up her bum and all her weight forcing my shaft right up into her. Her legs part wider now and my hands grab her tits and pinch her nipples while her fingers work her cunt furiously and I thrust up, up into her bum as her mouth opens wide and she shouts her orgasm to the whole room. And as she comes her muscles spasm around my cockshaft and I unleash spurt after spurt of spunk up into her hot tight bum.

We sit there, a mess of sweat and saliva and lipstick and cum. I kiss her neck and shoulders.

“See?” I say “you had fun in the end.”

She laughs. She sits up and my cock slides from her as she reaches for her dress. Two notes fall to the floor.

“Two thousand dollars!”

“Well, from what I saw you worked hard for it.”

“Whole new career…” she says. “Could be a whole lot of fun…”

We step out into the street.

“Thanks for coming!” the doorman says, a lewd grin spread across his knowing face.

“Oh, my pleasure,” she says. And by way of a tip Demia slips her damp lace panties into his hand.

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