Déjà Vu All Over Again

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This is my take on the theme of well endowed best man cuckolding the bride on her wedding night theme, only I’ve moved it to a subsequent meeting much later in both their lives. Everyone having sex is over eighteen.


One night, after they had all had too much to drink, Marie Clare had commented that for her, taking on a new cock, especially a big cock, was like test-driving a new sports car. Fun for the moment, but then you returned to your minivan, kids, hubby and life went on. Greg believed Marie might well feel that way. Her relationship with Duncan had ‘evolved’ to an open marriage, yet still; they had managed to stay together all these years. But, Greg thought she had said that, in part, to mollify her husband, Duncan. Long ago, on their wedding night, Duncan had passed out in the bedroom, leaving his bride, Marie Clare, horny and frustrated. And Greg, as the Best Man, had been filled in. Much later Greg had learned that Duncan had roused enough to watch them.

Before Marie, most of Greg’s fucks had been one-off’s, two bodies passing in the night, and few remained with him even for the morning after. However, that one night, long ago, with Marie remained in his memory. He probably even held back from marrying for a while, just in case something happened between Duncan and her. But Marie Clare and Duncan remained together, apparently happy, and he finally went off.

In part, Greg knew his infatuation with Marie Clare was because she was the only woman he had ever come across who truly delighted in large cocks. And Greg’s cock was large, just a bit over 9″; though he was only normal in thickness. Almost all of the women in his life had problems with his cock. It was too long for them to enjoy oral sex, and sometimes he bumped into their cervix, when he was only part way in. The morning after, the few who were still around, would usually complain they were too sore, to play with his morning hard-on. Marie Clare had relished his big cock, and was one of the two women who had ever taken him in her ass, and the only one who had enjoyed it.

Then Helen had come into his life, and they wed in the heat of new passion. At first, their sex had been fantastic. In particular Helen had delighted him in the morning by rubbing her full breasts round his long shaft and teasing him with her mouth until he came, shooting his jism over her face and breasts. He would follow by licking and sucking his cum from her mouth, face, neck and breasts, before moving lower to pay homage to her delightful fawn coloured quim. After she came Helen would straddle his revived cock, slowly, taking more and more of him, until her mons rubbed against his pubis. He would reach for her breast and stroke them gently then harder, watching in awe as his tawny Goddess slowly rode him to their mutual climax.

The next year, they had moved to the East Coast and the pressures of their new jobs built up until they hardly saw each other in the morning, and sometimes not at night. Their passion reduced to a simmer; yet overall, life with Helen was good. Another promotion, Helen’s this time and they were back on the West Coast, where they fell in with Duncan and Marie Clare again. While they were East, they had pretty well lost track of Duncan and Marie Clare, their friendship dwindling to little more than an exchange of cards at Christmas. But on their return it was just like old times – almost.

Marie Clare had noticed Greg was being distant and attributed it to age, they were all forty-something now, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, he was again extremely uncomfortable that he still desired Marie, the wife of a good friend, even though he, too, was now married. Greg’s one night affair with Marie Clare had been wonderful, but it was long ago: why did it stay in his mind. Although Duncan sınırsız escort and Marie Clare were forward about their open marriage, Helen and Greg had never discussed it, and he wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Till one afternoon, when he saw Helen and Duncan together, realized she had made her decision and that he would have to come to terms with it. Greg wanted Helen, he wanted Marie Clare and he might even want Duncan – but first he had to have Marie Clare again.

And to chase these demons, Greg was again going to take Marie Clare in her wedding dress. Marie Clare had looked at him a bit oddly when he told he wanted her in her wedding dress. But she had smiled, her lively green eyes flashing, and replied “Sounds like fun – but you have to wear your tux.”

It had been so easy to arrange, Greg’s mother was away for the month and he was looking after the house. Helen was at work, and she never came willingly to his mother’s house, anyway. Duncan was wherever, doing whatever Duncan he did.

Immediately after arriving, Marie went away to change. When she reappeared, it was as if time had stood still. Greg’s fantasy was coming true. His best friend’s wife was in her wedding gown and soon he would be delighting in her luscious bottom underneath the gown. Marie Clare came forward and kissed Greg, licked face and mustache and blew softly in his ear. She leaned over the sofa and lifted her dress saying, “I had an enema before I came here and I want you in there – just like before.” Greg knelt behind her and buried his head under her dress, ripping a few seams to fully access her delectable ass. Greg loved asses, but Helen was sensitive about this – she called it disgusting. Marie Clare on the other hand loved to have her ass fondled, and as before she wore no panties. Greg ran his tongue down the cleft of her ass, playing with her rosebud and perineum, while his fingers traced the outlines of her sex. As Greg’s tongue rimmed her sphincter, Marie Clare pushed back against him against her. His tongue pressed deep inside her, tasting, smelling her skin, her soap and then the earthy flavors within. Marie Clare arched her back as he grasped her buttocks and opened her fully licking, leaving the cleft of her ass, her sphincter and the delightful hole within. Marie Clare loosened her bodice and played with her tits, as he moved his hand to her sopping cunt and inserted a finger in the depths of her womb, while his thumb stroked her erect clit.

Marie’s fecund aroma was too much for Greg and he turned her round to bring his mouth to her sopping cunt. He devoured her sex, gumming her labia while his tongue flitted across her clit. He thrust one, then two fingers into her wet cunt stroking the spongy tissue at the top of her vagina, bringing her clit hard against his mouth. His thumb played with her perineum and then entered her anus, He whispered. “Cum baby,” and she hissed, “Yesss!” Greg continued to lap Marie’s copious juices, prolonging her afters, delighting in the raw carnal musk of pure sex.

Emerging from under Marie Clare’s dress, Greg rose and kissed her deeply. She licked her scent from his face and mustache and murmured that he was much better than her husband at that too. A cold shiver ran up his spine as she bit his lip so hard that he bled. Her hands moved to his crotch, and she chuckled at the wet spot, where his pre leaked from his straining cockhead pressed against his pants. Greg looked down as Marie Clare unfastened his belt, waistband and unziped his fly nuzzling his cock, which now protruded above the waist of his trousers. She licked the precum from the tip of his cock saying, “Naughty boy, you should have saved this for me!” She led him by his cock to a position in his mother’s dressing room surrounded by three mirrors. As she knelt before taksim escort him, Greg he marveled at the wantonness of the scene reflected around him. Marie Clare so beautifully disheveled in her ruined wedding dress, eyeing his straining cock, oozing precum. Many women had problems with the length of his cock, including his wife, who usually just licked the tip, but he remembered this hadn’t been a problem with Marie Clare. Greg’s memory was confirmed as she chuckled, “Mmmm darling, le grande coc!!” and took him deep within her throat.

Marie Clare’s tongue moved slowly up and down his cock, straying across his glans and cumhole but never staying, then lower, taking each testicle into her mouth while her hands stroked his cock and buttocks. Her mouth moved round to his rosebud, her tongue probing tentatively, then she returned to his cock taking over three quarters fully in her throat while her hands squeezed his balls and her thumb probed his asshole. Greg looked down at his friend’s wife, virginal in her wedding dress from many years before, a wanton whore lost in the sensual delight of sucking his cock and felt that familiar pulse and groaned. As Greg climaxed Marie’s mouth clamped over his cock head bathing it in his warm cum, then she pulled his cock from her mouth and pumped his shaft, spraying his cum over her face, neck and full bosom heaving in the white wedding dress. Rising up she kissed him deeply sharing his cum before she drew his head back for him to lick his jism from her face and neck.

After, their first rush spent, they undressed fully and walked naked to the back pool and garden. They smiled at each other. The years had been kind to both of them; he was tall and lithe, with a full head of dark curly hair, she still had her smiling blue eyes, blonde hair oh so sexy figure. They were still attractive sexy people and now they knew how to use what they had and to get what they needed.

Greg got their drinks as he watched Marie walking naked outside, oblivious of the slight chill, her nipples erect as she sashayed her luscious ass. Greg joined her with the drinks, they sipped then kissed. Marie Clare pressed against him, rubbed his cock, then knelt before him on the lawn, and licked the semi-dry cum from the head of his cock. She dipped the head of his cock in her strawberry daiquiri; the chill brought him to complete erection. Marie Clare sipped her drink, then she tried to dip his cock again but as he was fully erect, it wouldn’t fit in the glass. She sighed, “Not enough cock for a cocktail but if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed then…” and slowly poured the drink on his cock while licking, sucking and laving the drink from his organ. Greg leaned back on the chaise lounge, sipping his Scotch and enjoying the wonderful sensations playing through his body. “Marie Clare, you’re the best.” he muttered as she looked up from his cock and winked “But now I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours right here”

Slowly Marie Clare’s mouth moved from his cock, up his stomach, lingering on his Adam’s apple then locked onto his mouth. Marie Clare straddled his legs and kissed him again. She nibbled his ear and murmured, “In good time but first my pussy.” as she pressed his cockhead against her labia and slowly descended until here cunt pressed hard against his balls. Greg bent down to suck her nipples, while his hand reached round to cup her full buttocks and pess her hard against him. Marie Clare moaned as she climaxed, then mewed in frustration as Greg somehow resisted cumming as her pulsing vagina milked his rigid cock.

Marie Clare withdrew, turned, and knelt on soft grass before him, her lovely ass full in his face! He ran his tongue down her cleft and using his hands to draw her buttocks apart tongued her asshole, while fingering her cunt. tesettürlü escort She moaned “Pussy first” as she guided Greg’s cockhead the rub against her swollen labia and slowly pushed her cunt back until his balls were pressing against her full buttocks. Greg reached for the KY jelly then rubbed it between her cheeks and used his fingers to spread it round her anus and past her tight sphincter before drawing back from her cunt and bringing his tip to her pouting rosebud. He paused, savoring the moment, then as Marie pushed back and he slowly entered. She cried, “Ohh my God!” as his cockhead past her sphincter then, “Mmmm” as they slowly worked together until he was all the way in his taut balls pressed hard against her ass. They remained stationary for a minute, two minutes, and then he moved a hand to her sex and lightly stroked her labia. Marie pushed drew forward a bit then pushed back her insides contracting rhythmically round Greg’s cock. Slowly, slowly their pace increased, until Marie Clare cried, “Yes Fuck My Ass Hard! Cum for me Now!” Her ass was pushing throbbing under his cock and if any neighbors were out, they must surely have heard and wondered what his mother was up to. Greg’s breath was ragged as he groaned and watched his cock sliding in and out of her tanned ass. He tried valiantly to hold back, to prolong the moment but finally could hold back no longer and cried “MMMMarie!” shooting his jism deep into Marie’s pulsing ass. They remained locked together, suspended in post-orgasmic bliss. As his cock slowly softened and plopped out of her ass, Greg’s fingers playing across her clit were coated in strings of Marie Clare’s cum.

Marie Clare turned her head and they kissed, before she said. “Lie back and let me straddle you, I want your tongue to clean my ass while I lathe your lovely cock” He lay back between Marie’s legs and she backed over him until her dripping ass was over his face. Greg lapped at her asshole leaking his cum and probed lightly. Marie gave a muffled moan as her mouth was filled with his cock. She slurped loudly, delighting in the mixture of her earthly flavors as she lapped his copious cum from his semi-erect cock, while Greg’s tongue lathed and cleaned her swollen rosebud. Greg grasped her and they rolled over into the warm pool, sputtering and laughing, then they languidly cleaned and caressed between bouts of playfully splashing water at each other. As they emerged from the pool, they toweled each other dry, then Greg picked Marie up, and carried her naked back into the house and his mother’s bedroom.

They looked briefly at the disheveled wedding cloths and laughed as he deposited Marie Clare on the middle of his mother’s prissy bed. “This time its my ride” she countered, pushing him back, straddling him and rubbing her remoistened cunt along the length of his massive cock. She brought his cockhead to the entrance of her cunt and slowly, slowly took him deep into her. “MMM so deep!” she moaned. Then she turned so that she faced away from him presenting him with the delicious sight of her full ass cheeks and distended anus. As she rode his cock, Marie bawled “Yes, squeeze and spank my ass!” Her hand moved to his balls, stroking lightly, her thumb rubbing her erect clit. “Can you feel me squeeze you inside Darling?” then she began to move up and down his shaft. Slowly at first, then more quickly, setting the pace, building them to their inevitable climax. Marie grunted as she fucked him, talking so dirty, “Yes Greg, this whore wants the last of your cum you make me come so good, I’ve come three times riding you and now I am coming with you stud!” Greg was amazed, almost chagrinned to find himself, crying, “FFFuck me Marie, take all my cum you whore mother!” as he came shooting the last of his cum deep into Marie’s cunt.

Then it was over, a soft cuddle, a light kiss and Marie was up preparing to leave him alone, in his mother’s disheveled bed. But as she turned to go, Marie came back to lightly kiss his cheek. “I must go now, you gave me a full load to share with Duncan. Next time let’s do it with Duncan and Helen too!’ she sighed and then was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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