Deer Stand

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Leigh knew he would be coming to his deer stand any time now. She had been watching him for a few weeks. She had learned his name was Alan. She had been trying to figure out exactly how to approach him. She was hoping to get a deer and ask him to help her track it and bring it back. But her luck just wasn’t there.

Alan was walking up to his deer stand and was hoping to catch a glimpse of the lady that was hunting the area next to him. He had been noticing her watching him and it was exciting to him. He had learned her name was Leigh and that she was single and new to the area.

There she was in the stand. Just as he saw her, her eyes met his. They held their gaze for what seemed like forever, but it was a quick look away kind of thing.

Leigh’s heart skipped a beat as her eyes met his. Alan was here and she was so excited to see him but at the same time was nervous and not sure what to do next. She had rehearsed this in her mind how she wanted to play out, but now she couldn’t get herself to do it.

Alan felt his body tingle all over as their eyes locked. He had been thinking about her constantly since the first time he saw here. He wanted to talk to her and more so badly. He hasn’t felt like this in years.

Leigh was trying not to watch him, so she was scoping out the area for a possible deer. She heard something and noticed an buck just off to the right of her stand. At the same time she heard a male voice right behind her. She jumped as she turned around. It was Alan standing there.

Alan couldn’t resist climbing up into her stand. He had to talk to her and see where things went. He spoke and noticed that it startled her. His face immediately turned red with embarrassment. He instantly stepped toward her and apologized as he grabbed her arm to catch her as she stumbled from the shock of his voice.

Leigh felt his hand grab her arm to catch her stumble. She noticed his face was beet red. Her body tingled under his touch and she smiled at him. He was more handsome up close than she could have ever imagined. She felt her face go just as red as his was. They both laughed and officially introduced themselves.

They spent time talking and getting to know each other some. At the same time they were watching for a big buck. Alan could feel his pants getting tighter with every glance into her eyes. He was dying to know what she looked like under all her camo. All he did know is that she was sexy as hell in the camo. Leigh could feel her body responding to he glances. She noticed that there was a very nice bulge forming in his pants. She was trying not to look for fear of getting caught but she couldn’t stop herself. She was dying to know what he looked like under his camo.

After a long and very awkward moment of silence, Leigh stood up and stepped in front of Alan. She smiled down at him and licked her lips. She could feel her heart skip a beat as she leaned over and planted a nice soft kiss onto his lips. Just as she was about to pull maltepe escort away he raised his hands and cupped her face and kissed her again. Leigh felt her body tingling all over and her heart was beating so fast. She moved in for another kiss, which he happily supplied her with. Alan felt his body reacting very nicely to her soft lips kissing him. His heart was beating so hard and fast he could swear she could hear it. He was a little caught off guard when she made the move, but also very excited that someone finally did.

Just then Leigh pulled back and looked at her watch. She said that she had to go. Alan looked at her a little bewildered. He couldn’t believe she was going to leave him with a rock hard cock. Leigh apologized, turned and grabbed her gun and climbed down. Alan just stood there in total shock. He was becoming a little pissed as well.

Leigh headed back to her truck and climbed in and drove off. She was feeling bad for starting something with Alan and then just walking away. She just hopes she will get the chance to make it up to him in the very near future. Alan climbed down and headed to his truck, he was fuming some and was determined he would at least get an explanation.

A few days later Leigh pulled up next to Alan’s truck. She started to make her way towards her stand, when she saw him walking towards her. Her heart skipped and beat and her body instantly started to tingle remembering the kissing they did a few days before. Leigh was just hoping that Alan would let her explain the sudden departure she made the other day.

Alan’s body instantly reacted to seeing Leigh walking towards him. He was not longer pissed off at her leaving suddenly, but he damn sure wanted an explanation. He was definitely willing to give Leigh a chance to explain. And he was also hoping to get a chance to kiss her again.

Leigh immediately apologized for her sudden departure the other day. She said she was not intending to start something with him and just leave. She admitted that she was enjoying things very much. Alan felt his cheeks flush. He also admitted that he was enjoying himself as well. He asked why she took off so suddenly? She said she had to go because she was embarrassed that she started something with a man she didn’t really know. Leigh looked at Alan bewildered as he started to laugh. He explained that he thought he did something wrong. Leigh then started to laugh as well.

Alan moved in closer to Leigh, wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. Leigh wrapped her arms around Alan’s neck and kept kissing him. Alan pulled her tighter and she could feel his cock hard against her stomach. Leigh felt her heart skip a beat with the thought of what it would feel like inside her. Alan pulled away and nodded toward the deer stand. Leigh smiled and nodded yes.

They turned and walked toward the deer stand that they were in when this all started. Alan took Leigh’s hand mecidiyeköy escort as they walked. Not much was spoken between them, they just climbed into the stand.

Once in the stand, they started removing there jackets and laid them on the floor of the stand. Alan moved towards Leigh and began to remove her clothes. She raised her arms so he could remove her shirt. His eyes got a deer in the head lights look when he noticed how big Leigh’s breasts were. He couldn’t tell under all her camo. Leigh then reached for Alan’s shirt and removed it. She then removed her bra so she could press her chest against his as they kissed some more. Alan’s hands moved down her sides and came to a stop on her hips. Leigh moved her hands to the front of his pants. She began undoing his belt, zipper and then moved her hands up to his face. She looked at him and smiled a devilish grin.

Leigh stepped back some and started to pull his pants down. She could now see the outline of his big hard cock in his underwear. Alan sat down and removed his boots and pulled his pants off the rest of the way. Leigh sat and removed her shoes then stood up and walked over to Alan. He undid her pants and pushed them down, revealing a pair of camo thongs under them. He moaned as he saw her thong. Leigh stepped out of her pants. Alan moved his hands up her thighs and to her ass. He began kissing her stomach as he rubbed her ass. She started moaning and could feel her pussy getting wet.

Alan loved how her ass looked in a thong and loved the camo ones she had on. He likes how she smells and tastes. He cant wait to really “taste” her. He pulled her to him and had her straddle his lap. He wanted to suck and nibble on her breasts and nipples. As he began sucking on her nipples she laid her head back and was moaning. Leigh could feel his hard cock rubbing her pussy. Leigh whispered “please take me” and pulled his head up so she could kiss him some more.

Alan stood up with her and walked over to where they laid their jackets down and laid her down on them. He moved down between her legs and was kissing her inner thighs. Leigh spread her legs wider so he could get to all of her. He pulled her panties aside and ran his fingers over her wet pussy lips. He removes her panties so he could get better access to her beautiful pussy. He runs his fingers over her pussy lips and then he licked them. Then he moved in closer and began running his tongue up and down her lips. Then she felt him slide it between her lips and licking her clit. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy, sticking it inside her to taste more of her. He teased her from clit to hole. Then he started sucking on her clit and licking all around it. Her hands moved to his head and was grabbing his hair. She was moving her hips as he was sucking and licking her clit. She could feel her orgasm coming. He hears her telling him she is going to cum. Alan keeps sucking on her clit and flicking it with his tongue. Her grip on merter escort his head and her legs start twitching as she cums. Alan sticks his tongue inside her to get a good taste of her juices.

Alan starts kissing up her stomach to her breasts and then up to her mouth. She gladly kisses him and loves to taste herself off his lips. As he pulls away she winks at him and says “my turn”. Leigh moves so she is over the top of Alan and starts kissing him. She moves to his neck and then down to his chest. She keeps going and kisses his stomach and then kisses his cock thru his underwear. She can see how big and hard he is and the beautiful vein that runs up the underside of his cock. She grabs his underwear and he raises his hips so she can remove them. His cock pops free and stands straight up. Her eyes get really big and she starts to stroke it. She notices the pre cum and immediately licks it off his cock. He moans as her tongue hits his cock. She licks the tip, teasing it with her tongue. She looks up at him as she takes the tip into his mouth. She moves up and down slowly and takes more in each time she moves down. He is nice and long and thick. She takes as much in as she can and begins moving up and down faster and sucking harder. She also strokes it with her hand at the same time in a twisting motion. She can feel her pussy juices running down her thighs as she gets wetter and wetter sucking on his cock.

Alan can’t believe how good her mouth feels on his cock. She has some good skills and at this rate he will be cumming in her mouth really soon. As much as he wants her to suck him off he wants to fuck her. Just then she stops and looks up at him and tells him to “fuck” her.

Leigh lays on her back and Alan crawls between her legs and slides his cock inside her. She is so tight and wet and warm. She moans as he the head pops in and moves in slow letting her body adjust to him. Then as she starts moving her hips, he begins to move faster and deeper inside her. He watches her face and moves more and more inside her. He feels her pussy squeezing his cock as she cums. He looks at her and tells her he wants her to ride him. He pulls out and lays on his back and she straddles him and slides onto his cock. She moves down taking him all the way in and begins grinding on him. After a few minutes of grinding on his cock she is cumming again and again. She leans forward to kiss him as she is riding him and he begins moving in and out of her fast and deep. She finds herself cumming again.

Alan smacks her ass and tells her it is his turn to cum. She gets off of him and puts her ass in the air. He gets behind her and licks her from clit to asshole. He teases her for a few minutes then moves up behind her and slides his cock inside her. He starts out slow and she keeps pushing against him wanting him all the way in. He grabs her hips and begins pounding her hard and deep. She feels another orgasm building. He keeps pounding her and feels her pussy squeezing his cock again as she cums again. He then pushes in balls deep and explodes inside her. She can feel his cock pulsing as he dumps his big hot creamy load inside her. He pulls out and takes a picture of her creamed filled pussy.

They get dressed and head back to their vehicles. Both looking forward to the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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