Deal Closer Ch. 01

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As we strapped ourselves in across from each other, knee to knee, in the sleek corporate jet, I was wondering why CJ had picked me to fly out to the coast to try to close this business deal. I was pretty new to the company and nowhere near to having the seniority to be included on this trip. But I wasn’t complaining. A week in California and time to get to know the vice president of sales better was enough reason for me not to ask any questions. I was determined to get ahead in this business, no matter what it took. Sitting so close to CJ was a real bonus. I had followed his short and notable major-league football career as a running back right up until he popped that knee and decided he didn’t want to be a cripple for life. Retirement from the game hadn’t meant that he had gone to pot, though. He was keeping real good care of himself, and although his shoulders and bulging biceps overfilled that seat in front of me, he tapered down into the seat just fine.

We hadn’t been up in the air for more than fifteen minutes, though, before CJ snapped his seat belt open and leaned forward and gave me a very good idea why I was along for this trip.

“You understand that this deal is very, very important to us, Craig, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, I sure do,” I responded in earnest.

“Just call me CJ,” he said with a big grin. “We’re wedged in together here much too closely and the flight is much too long for us to be strangers.”

Then he put one of those huge hands on my knee and, while I did my best not to flinch at the touch, continued. “And I’ll bet you are wondering why a relatively new hire like you is along for the ride, aren’t you?”

I nodded in assent, all of my nerve endings focused on that hand lying on top of my knee.

“Well, I’ll level with you. All cards on the table. You were picked for this trip because you are the studliest man we have in the office, and Jonathan Binggum, the CEO of this company we’re trying to land this deal with, is most agreeable when he is surrounded by studly men. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, quite clear,” I answered, trying to keep my voice as level as possible.

“You don’t have to sleep with the guy, or anything, of course,” CJ rushed on. “You just have to be very nice to him until the ink dries on the contract.”

“Of course, CJ, no problem,” I answered. And then I added, “I am very interested in my career here at Nytal. I am prepared to do almost anything I need to do to help this company develop.”

“Almost anything?” CJ asked slowly. “Even to the extent of being very, very, extra-special nice to Binggum?”

“Yes, no problem,” I answered.

With that, CJ pushed a little knob at the side of his chair and slid his chair even closer to me. In the process, those big, firm thighs and calves of his worked their way between my legs, and he pushed my thighs apart with them as he moved in closer. The hand he had been gently holding my right knee with traveled up to mid level on top of my thigh, and his other hand went to the top of my other thigh. He looked directly into my eyes, looking for any sign of rejection or discomfort—but I was determined not to show him any. I hadn’t done this before, but this may be the make-or-break turning point in my business future. His hands went around to my inner thigh and slowly worked their way up my legs until one of his thumbs could feel the top of my dick, which was snaking down my right thigh. All the time he casino oyna was watching me closely.

“Done this before?” he asked in a low voice? “Our records didn’t show this as a possibility.”

“No, sir,” I responded. “But I hope I have made myself clear about my loyalty to the organization.”

“Good boy,” CJ whispered, and he moved his left hand over the rising bulge of my dick in my pants and began a gentle squeezing and rubbing action. With his right hand, he reached over and unsnapped my seatbelt, unbuttoned my trousers, and slowly worked my zipper down. All the time he was staring into my eyes with his big browns, holding my gaze, assessing my willingness, and assuring me that everything was OK. His left hand continued stroking my hidden cock, while his right hand pulled my shirt tail out of my pants. He then went to my throat and began unbuttoning my shirt under my tie. I wasn’t wearing an undershirt, so his hands fluttered against my bare chest as he was working with the buttons. When he had the top buttons undone, his hand snaked into the opening and found my left nipple. He gave a little grunt of satisfaction at finding the silky hair curling around my chest and down my stomach. I gave a little twitch, and my cock hardened noticeably. CJ gave me a broad grin and quickly unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, and, with both hands, started pulling it up and away from my body. I pulled my torso forward to help him and found his lips upon mine, pushing my lips apart with his and giving me a kiss. The sensation wasn’t much different from that I had felt with the women I’d slept with, except that he seemed to take charge from the very beginning. At the end of this kiss, he took my lower lip between his and gave it a little suck.

Meanwhile, his big, sensitive hands were exploring my chest and my arms. After some very pleasant nipple time, both hands moved down my washboard stomach, and then they came down to my waist. His hands took hold of my pants and briefs, and in one smooth motion, CJ, disengaging from the kiss, pulled my remaining clothes across my buttocks, free of my legs, and tossed them to the side. Not stopping there, he pulled my shoes and socks off as well. And there I was, completely naked before him—except for my Brooks Brothers’ tie, of course. His eyes went to my crotch, and I could tell he was pleased by what he saw there.

He reached over to the chair arm, pushed a button, and my seat reclined several positions. He then bent over me, his weight born by his strong arms alongside my chest, his hands so big, that he could reach my nipples with his thumbs even though his palms encased my sides, and his mouth came down to mine. This time when he pushed my lips aside with his, his tongue entered my mouth and did some exploring, causing me to emit little involuntary gasps. His lips left my mouth and continued down my neck. They played a bit in my chest hair and around my nipples, where they did a bit of sucking and nipping. All the time I was letting out gasps of mixed pain and pleasure and was beginning to writhe a bit under his hulking presence. Supporting himself over me just with his left arm now, his right hand went to my stomach and then slowly down, through my pubic hair, and encircled my dick. I gave a little lurch, and he returned his lips to mine and gave me a soothing kiss, as his hand gave my dick a gentle squeeze. Even though I was a good eight inches and had just about filled out, his hand was so big canlı casino that his pinky overlapped into my pubic hair as his thumb came down on the knob of my cock and gained purchase to my piss slit. I was panting and moaning as his lips came away from mine, and he moved them down my body and to the tip of my cock. His hand moved to cup my balls and pull them gently down as his mouth came down over my cock, and he began to suck. I couldn’t help it, I quickly shot my load with a scream of pleasure and a shudder.

CJ rose off of me and stood above me, his legs still between mine.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t usually cum that fast. It was just the newness and—”

“Sorry?” CJ said with a big grin. “No need to be sorry. You’re doing just great so far. And you are one beautiful dude, I must say. Binggum is going to be quite pleased.”

“So far?”

As he leaned down to me, he took my tie and pulled me up to him. His mouth found mine in a deep, almost brutal kiss that made me wonder where we were going from here. Then he let me back down gently and began slowly to disrobe. Off came the tie. Next came the trousers, shoes, and socks. His legs were magnificent, still heavily muscled despite his retirement from the game. Then came the shirt, and I gasped at his smooth, light-chocolate, muscled torso. No fat had accumulated on this body. His nipples virtually popped out of his chest. I found I very much wanted to get those between my lips, a sensation that was not unpleasant now that I could admit that I sometimes had felt that way toward another man. He now stood there between my legs in just his bikini briefs. The bulge of his cock, barely held in the briefs, stretching them down to where I could see where his dong was rooted below his hairless groin matched the rest of his huge body.

“Kiss it,” he said to me in a low, guttural voice. At first I didn’t comprehend what he was asking, but then he repeated, “Kiss it.” He lifted me by my tie so that there I was, sitting up, face to face with bulging cotton briefs. So, I did as he asked. I kissed the end of the bulge, and I could feel the cock hardening even further. He must have been all of ten inches. The briefs were slightly wet where the tip of his dick pushed against them, and they were giving off a musky, not unpleasant smell. I got a salty sensation when I kissed him there. CJ’s hands went to the sides of my head and held it there.

“More,” he said huskily. My hands went to the backs of his bulging thighs and worked up to his tremendous bubble butt cheeks underneath his briefs. I took the tip of his encased cock tentatively into my mouth. It was a big load to take in. I could feel when my lips had drawn over the base of his knob. I put the tip of my tongue to the tip of his dick and gently brought my teeth down behind his knob and flicked my tongue back and forth across the wet cotton. CJ moaned and his hands tightened on my head and guided it back and forth in a short, slow motion. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but instinctively, my left hand came back to the front, freed his balls, and gently explored them. My right hand also came around to the front and then went behind his balls and continued on until it found his asshole. CJ gave a grunt of satisfaction and spread one leg out into the aisle (which, of course, opened my legs wider), which I took as a signal that I was doing OK. So I rimmed his asshole with my finger a couple of times and then worked, first one finger, kaçak casino and then another, into his ass.

Not long after this CJ pushed my head away with his hands and pulled his briefs off and tossed them aside. I gasped in shock. Whereas CJ was a light chocolate color everywhere else, his ramrod of a dick was almost black. Before I had much more time than to see the measure and color of it, however, CJ’s hands were back on my head and guiding me toward that log pole.

“I don’t know if I can,” I whimpered. “It’s so big, and I’ve never—”

“Just relax,” CJ whispered. “It will be fine. We’ll take it slow. I’ll talk you through it. There, take just the head in, as you did before. Yes, oh yes. That’s good. Tongue on hole again. Ahhhhhh, yes. You can put more pressure on my balls and pull them out more. Yes, that’s right. Other hand wrapped around my dick. Yes. Now gently stroke. Ahhhhh. Good. Yes, more of that. Now, hand all the way down on the root, thumb and forefinger wrapping tightly at root, giving pressure, thumb on the underside just at the root. Yes, right. Binggum will go wild over this. Now, jaws open wide, tongue sliding under the cock, take in more of the cock. Yes, don’t be afraid now. There, that was OK wasn’t it? Now suck and stroke at the same time. No, not with your hand. Hand back to root; stroke with your mouth. Here, just hang free. I’ll guide your head with my hands. There. That’s not bad, is it? Yes, Oh yes. Oh, baby fucker, yes. Now a little further down when you swallow it this time. No, don’t think ‘gag.’ Just relax. There, that’s right. Now, can you take more? Oh, yes, yes you can. There, that’s far enough for now. You’ll be able to get more in later, but this is fine for now. You’re doing just great. Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good. Your mouth is so soft, so good. Yes, yes, in, out. In, out. Ohhhhh. Ahhhh. Okay, I’m about to . . . Don’t worry. We won’t do that this time. Ohhhh. Ahhh.”

With a jerk of his hands, CJ pulled my head away and his dick plopped out of my mouth, just as he came in three separate shudders all over my chest. He reached beside the seat for some tissues and gently wiped the cum off my chest and stomach and pushed me back down to the seat.

“There, now. That wasn’t so bad, was it? You did great for the first time.”

I started to sit up, but CJ pushed me back down with that big mitt of his, slid his seat back and went down on his knees between my legs. He took my cock in his mouth again and brought it to a full hard again, while he ran his hands over my body and did some work on my nipples. I thought I might cum again, when he popped my cock out his mouth, gave my balls a few licks, and then worked on down to where his tongue found my asshole, which he began flicking and rimming. He slowly worked his tongue into my hole. I was getting pretty wet down there, and, after tensing up at first, my hole was relaxing and expanding for him, which, I guess was the whole point of the operation. He must have had some oil or cream in his pants pocket or somewhere close, because I felt him take his tongue away and starting to apply something cool, wet, and slippery to my ass with the finger of one hand, while the other encircled my prick and started a slow pumping action. I tightened up again as a well-lubricated finger probed deeper into my hole, relaxed, and then tightened again as a second finger joined the first. When I had relaxed from this, one of CJ’s fingers must have found my prostate, because I suddenly felt a pleasure-pain sensation I’d never felt before. I started to jerk and writhe and issued an involuntary moan, which turned into a gasp as I shot my wad again.

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