Days Gone By

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Just prior to leaving to join the military I ran into a girl I knew from another town. At the time I had just turned 20 and she was just on the legal side of 18. We had met working in a summercamp for kids and I had been smitten with her for a few years. Simply because she was already a beauty long before the age of consent and because her eyes glimmered with a passion yet to be set free. She was also one of the most intelligent young ladies I had ever met.

Upon securing a date with her I set out to win her heart rather quickly, only a month before I was to leave and I wanted this one waiting for me when I got my first leave to come home. She in turn had already developed a serious case of puppy love long before we ever dated so I had a little advantage. Although at the time I had no idea. Our first date was romantic and as sweet as can be and ever the gentleman I was reluctant to kiss her goodnight right away not wanting to scare her off or make her feel like I was after one thing. She finally on the way home told me to pull the car over because she had a question before we arrived back at her house, where her parents would surely be waiting at the door.

I pulled into a roadside area and turned towards her just as she leaned in for a kiss. Sparks, twinkles, bright bolts of fireworks lit up for me and I knew this was the girl. casino oyna So upon further courtship through the month spending every free moment with her I could while she wasn’t in school and I wasn’t at work we grew closer. She was still a virgin and reluctant to “give it up” before she was married. Now being the great seducer I am, I wanted to break her resolve and make her mine. I set up the final date before I left, a catered dinner in a hotel room from one of our favorite places to eat and candles and a few movies playing on the television.

Dinner was over quick enough and we both knew what we wanted. Our kisses at the table quickly led to the bed and as we started another movie clothes were quickly tossed carelessly to the floor. Once she finally bared her nakedness to me I was in awe of her beauty and would never be able to make this another conquest. I set out to make love to her and see if she would be receptive to giving in to our joint desires. As I kissed her I slid down her body and spread her thighs wide and slid my tongue over her soft, velvety lower lips. I knew this was the first tongue that had touch her there and I wanted to make sure if she gave in she was going to enjoy it. For twenty-five minutes I lay there lapping, fingering and kissing her pussy.

As the time wore on and I knew she would be needing to get home canlı casino soon I slid up and asked her if she was ready, through glassy eyes she smiled and said yes. Wasting no time at all I slid the head of my throbbing cock against her sweet lips and nudged. Hearing her whimper though I pulled back and asked her once more if she was sure. She said yes and I proceeded to kiss her and slide my hands down her legs to part her thighs a little wider for access. Her whimper returned and asking one final time if she was ready she softly shook her head and said no. I pulled her into a tight embrace and soothed her telling her that I would be waiting when she finally was and that I loved her and didn’t need her virginity to keep on loving her that night.

Six months later and more than a few letter exchanges that referred to licking flesh lollipops and riding her future mate I returned home. This was after boot camp and tech school and I still had to go back. After being so near some women in tech school and not allowed to do anything even if I hadn’t been committed to the beauty back home I was ready to explode from the way she smelled the first time I saw her again.

The day after returning home she called and said that I should secure another hotel room she was ready. I picked her up later that day and headed to a hotel. We once again explored kaçak casino each other’s bodies until she pushed me over on my back reached down grabbed my turgid cock slipping it just inside her; then dropped all the way down onto me breaking her hymen herself and giving herself to me. She bounced up and down and rode me through one hard orgasm for me and two for her. Suddenly she rolled over on her back and begged me to fuck her this way as well. Her legs around my waist I took her again ravaging her the way I had in my mind so many nights in bootcamp. I slammed her through another orgasm and thought we were done until she hopped up on her hands and knees and presented me with the most favorite of all sexual positions, doggiestyle. I slid into her with such fierce intensity that I knocked the mattress off it’s springs and we both crashed to the floor, still joined and neither of us hurt and both still ready for more.

All in all I think we had sex in ten different positions and I lost track of her orgasms and know I had at least five myself. The room reeked of sex and when we were finally done she could barely walk without wincing in pain. She said it had hurt but had felt so good she didn’t care what it would be like afterwards only concentrating on the now at the time. As I walked her slowly to the door that night, I kissed her and told her that she would be my wife one day. I had no doubts and I knew then I would be with this girl for the rest of my life.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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