Dawn’s New Day

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Elizabeth looked over her sunglasses at her best friend. “What the hell is wrong now?” She demanded.

Dawn shook her head. She knew that she should be happy. Here she was, finally free after three years of being chained down in a bad relationship, surrounded by the beauty of Elizabeth’s landscaped grounds, lounging in the sun. Yet, she just could not feel the elation Elizabeth expected of her. She did not miss Mike, nor even want another boyfriend right now. But, something was missing. She felt hollow and lonely inside.

“Well?” Elizabeth questioned, taking the sunglasses off and exposing her beautiful emerald eyes.

Dawn waved her hand, silently letting Elizabeth know that the topic was not up for discussion. Elizabeth groaned and re-positioned herself to face the pixie-like blonde beside her.

“You had better not be thinking about Mike! I told you I would spank your ass if I caught you thinking about…” Elizabeth trailed off, wondering why Dawn was blushing and looking away. She then realized that her one of her breasts had freed itself from the tiny black halter-top it had been imprisoned in. She laughed at Dawn’s embarrassment and pulled the top off, “Damn it! They’re just tits! You have a couple too, you know!”

`”Omigod!” Dawn gasped, then started giggling like a schoolgirl.

Elizabeth was a wild child, and Dawn loved her for it. She had always been more free with her body than almost anyone else Dawn knew. Elizabeth had worked as an exotic dancer at one time, and had enjoyed a great variety of carnal experiences. Her many lovers, both male and female, had always treated her lavishly. She liked to joke that she was a self-made woman. Her fortune had been made in ten short years, amassed using her pussy as well as her brain.

There were not many men on the planet who could resist Elizabeth. She was a tall, exotic looking beauty. Her chestnut hair was thick and hung down to her thighs. She was dark complected, thanks to her mother’s Native-American heritage. Her father’s Irish blood had blessed her with her large, emerald eyes as well as her quick wit and uncanny ability to drink anyone under the table. No one could figure out from where she had gotten her devil-may-care sexual attitude, but she cherished every moment of her womanhood.

Dawn was still looking down at the her own chest. Her body did not compare to Elizabeth’s, in her opinion. She was tiny: She barely wore a size four petite, and she only had a b-cup chest. Her hair was blonde, and she kept it trimmed in a short page-boy style. While Elizabeth was beautifully tanned, Dawn was fair and had faint freckles dotting her nose and cheeks. She had known Elizabeth since high school, and never in their ten-year friendship had she felt beautiful beside her.

“C’mon,” Elizabeth teased, “Why are you embarrassed? You act like you’ve never seen a topless woman before. Hey, sunbathing nude keeps the tan-lines away.”

“You lay out here naked? In broad daylight?” Dawn looked around for peeping neighbors. Of course, there were none. Elizabeth’s back yard was several acres large and surrounded by a high wooden privacy fence.

“Yeah,” Elizabeth shrugged slyly, “I skinny-dip, too.”

Dawn laughed heartily and gazed at her friend. She was absolutely beautiful. For a split second, she allowed herself the mental image of Elizabeth stark naked, swimming carefree laps in the pool.

Elizabeth noticed the change in Dawn’s eyes, and became intrigued. Dawn had always been as straight-laced as the average Puritan. Elizabeth loved her passionately, but had never showed it. She knew that no matter what, Dawn would never allow herself to do anything she considered “wrong.” Or, would she? After three unsatisfying years with Mike, and casino siteleri five years of being almost celibate, what if Dawn was ready for a change? Elizabeth chuckled to herself, enjoying the challenge.

She stood up slowly and stretched, displaying her huge 34-D breasts in their best pose. This time, Dawn did not look away.

“I think a skinny-dip sounds good right now. I’m hot,” Elizabeth pouted slightly, then pulled off her black bikini bottoms. “Hey, chick, why dontcha join me?”

Dawn watched as Elizabeth turned and dove gracefully into the pool. Why not? Lots of teenagers go swimming nude just for the adventure. Here she was, thirty years old, and feeling left out of the fun part of life. Her body ached to experience something more than “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am”. Impulsively, she pulled off her own bikini and stood up to pull off her shorts.

“Hello?” A deep male voice called from outside the gate.

“Oh no! That’s Jeff!” Elizabeth’s eyes shone as she hurried out of the pool.

Panicked, Dawn did not even think of her clothing she had thrown on the ground. She ran into the house, her friend directly on her heels. They shut the storm-door just as Jeff opened the back gate.

“Who is he?” Dawn asked, trying to re-gain her breath.

“Jeff is my pool-guy. We have a little, umm, thing going on.” Elizabeth giggled.

Jeff was absolutely beautiful. He had shoulder-length black hair that hung in waves. His eyes were blue, and his skin golden brown. He was clad in only denim shorts and plastic sandals. His arms and chest ripples with well-defined muscles.

“Ohhhhhhh” Dawn whispered as she watched him kneel to check the pool filter. Of course Elizabeth would be having a thing with her pool-cleaner. And, of course he would look like Adonis.

“He’s married, so we have never touched.” Elizabeth continued, moving to look out the door. “We just masturbate together.”

Dawn gasped, shocked. “What? You masturbate? Why?”

Elizabeth laughed out loud and hugged her friend from behind. Dawn’s back felt good against her chest; warm and silky-soft. “Because I’m horny, my dear,” she murmured into her ear.

Dawn felt her spine stiffen as Elizabeth’s nipples rubbed against it. It was an unsettling but oddly stimulating feeling. “I didn’t think you had to masturbate, honey. I thought that was something only teenagers and lonely people did. You, well, all you have to do is crook your pinkie finger, and you’d have any man you wanted to get you off.”

Elizabeth laughed heartily. “Everyone masturbates. It’s fun!” She pulled Dawn closer to her and whispered into her ear, “Don’t you?”

Dawn blushed. She did not want to admit to her sexy friend that she did not know how to bring herself to orgasm. Instead, she turned her attention to the gorgeous pool-guy, now skimming the water. “So, when does he whip it out?”

“Shhhhhhh.” Elizabeth was not letting Dawn off that easily. “Watch, honey.”

Jeff kept looking at the blankets and clothing strewn beside the pool, then to the house. He knew there were two women watching him. He had heard their voices and caught a glimpse of Elizabeth’s sexy ass when he walked into the yard. The whole thought of the two of them, naked and staring at him, made him hard.

He quickly finished his work, then sat down on the blankets the girls had left. The sun on his body warmed his skin and felt very sensual. He could still smell their scent; tanning oil, perfume, and that special womanly aroma. Stretching out onto his side, he faced the house and slowly began to unzip his pants.

Dawn held her breath. Her heart was pounding in time with Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth was caressing Dawn’s shoulders, her lips lightly touching her earlobe. “Watch, here canlı casino it comes,” She breathed, giving Dawn goose-bumps.

Out from the fly of Jeff’s jeans emerged the largest, most perfect penis Dawn had ever seen. It was long, about 9 inches, she estimated. It was thick, and it was hard. “Ooooohhhh.” Dawn leaned closer to Elizabeth’s body. She was now aroused beyond belief. Slowly, Jeff began to caress his dick, making sure that his audience had a wonderful view. He could see them, Elizabeth behind another, smaller woman. Both of them were topless, and Elizabeth had was stroking her friend’s shoulders. He knew, somehow, that soon those hands would migrate lower. He smiled, hoping that they would come out and join him, so he could have an un-obstructed view.

Elizabeth could feel the dampness growing between her legs. She wanted to make love to Dawn so bad. She couldn’t believe Dawn had taken off her top and was allowing her to touch her. She moved a little, relishing the feel of Dawn’s skin on her nipples. What would have happened if Jeff had been an hour later? Would she be licking that sexy little pussy right now?

“Dawn,” She whispered, her lips tickling Dawn’s ear, “Are you as turned on as I am?”

Dawn chuckled in her throat and leaned more against her friend. Her whole body was tingling, every nerve ending screaming to be touched. The point most clamoring for attention was her clit. She had never experienced such waves of arousal in her life. At that moment, Dawn had never felt more alive.

“Oh, hell, Chick, yes, I’m turned on,” She whispered.

Elizabeth’s heart lept. This was the moment she had been fantasizing about for years! “Then, you know what to do, don’t you beautiful?”

Do? No, Dawn didn’t know what to do. “What?” She asked.

“Touch yourself.”

Dawn turned to Elizabeth. Her face was flushed with embarrassment as well as arousal. “I don’t know how to masturbate.” She said sadly. “I never learned how.”

Elizabeth blinked, shocked. “Never?”


Elizabeth embraced her friend. Even though she was taller, her larger breasts rubbed against Dawn’s hard apples. “Oh, please, let me show you,” she pleaded.

Dawn nodded, and at once, Elizabeth kissed her. Their lips touched slightly for a moment, soft as a butterfly’s wings on the skin. Then, Elizabeth’s tongue began to explore Dawn’s mouth. Dawn, startled and excited at the same time, parted her lips and allowed Elizabeth access. Their tongues touched, softly at first, then hard.

Outside, Jeff was rubbing himself, taking on the sexy view. He loved watching two hot babes like Elizabeth and her friend have sex. His shaft became even harder, and he slowed down his strokes so he would not cum too soon.

Elizabeth pushed down Dawn’s shorts. Now nude, Dawn clung to her friend’s body, reveling in the feel of warm skin touching. Elizabeth took Dawn’s hand and placed it against the lips of her pussy. Then, she began to caress her with her free hand. Dawn was trembling with wanting. She attempted to masturbate, but even with Elizabeth’s expert tutoring, she could not pleasure herself.

Elizabeth had little patience with her pupil. She knelt infront of Dawn and ordered her to turn around and bend over. Obediently, Dawn as she was told, and was instantly rewarded with Elizabeth’s tongue sliding into her most sensitive parts. Dawn let out a deep moan and moved to give Elizabeth better access. The licking started out slowly, teasing Dawn’s clit with the tongue-tip. Then, Elizabeth began using her fingers to stimulate her deep inside her vagina as she hungrily lapped at Dawn’s clit.

Dawn’s eyes met Jeff’s across the yard. The sun was shining on his skin, and his cock was rock-hard. He was staring at her, devouring kaçak casino the sight of her nude body. It was the most erotic thing either of them had ever taken part in.

Dawn rode the waves of pleasure, enjoying every second of Elizabeth’s tongue-bath. She began to caress her own breasts, adding to the pleasure. From outside, she heard Jeff moan. She was reveling in being watched while she did something so naughty!

Jeff cursed to himself. That little slut was absolutely breathtaking, and he wanted to take in every inch of her. He was not sure how much longer he could hold back the eruption he felt building in his balls. He again slowed his rhythm, wanting to cum with her.

Elizabeth was now sucking on Dawn’s clit as if she were giving a man a head job. One of her fingers was tickling Dawn’s tight brown asshole. Her own pussy was sopping wet, and she couldn’t wait until Dawn came so she could take care of her own demands. She began to quicken her pace, to Dawn’s delight. Dawn began to moan loudly and move against Elizabeth’s face.

“Oh, shit!” Dawn cursed and bit her lip. She had never had an intense orgasm, and this one was building to a heart-stopping climax. Her body began to shudder, and a warm rush of liquid sprayed into Elizabeth’s happy mouth. Dawn began to scream with pleasure. Her voice was soon joined by Jeff’s, as he screamed with the intensity of his own rapture. Dawn opened her eyes to take in the sight of that huge penis shooting heavy streams of cum into the air like a geyser.

Spent, Dawn’s legs could no longer hold her. She sank into the floor and laid against her friend. Elizabeth winked playfully and took Dawn’s face tenderly into her hands. “This is how good you taste,” she whispered, and kissed Dawn deeply.

Dawn was surprised that the taste of her own fluids was not repugnant. In fact, she began lapping at Elizabeth’s tongue and lips, enjoing the tangy flavor. She was interrupted by Jeff’s knock at the door behind her.

“May I come in?” He asked shyly.

Elizabeth smiled wickedly. “Only if you let us touch you!”

Jeff quickly agreed, and walked into the house. Dawn, still feeling wicked, reached up and tugged his Jean-shorts off. Elizabeth pulled him down on top of them, and their bodies intertwined deliciously.

Elizabeth began to kiss and caress his dick and balls. She could not believe the luck she was having today! These were two people she had wanted to fuck since she had met them, and now they were having a threesome!

Dawn kissed Jeff deeply, then turned her attention back to Elizabeth. She wanted to re-pay the wonderful favor her friend had given her. She pushed Elizabeth’s legs apart and began to drink in her friend’s juices. Elizabeth gasped and pushed Dawn’s head deeper into her pussy.

Jeff was enjoying the show and the blow-job. He traced his fingers down Dawn’s side, and around her firm tits. Then, scooting his upper-body closer, he took a pink nipple into his mouth and began to suck contentedly.

Elizabeth was slow to cum, enjoying the feeling of her friend’s tongue-lashing. Finally, she could no longer hold back, and surrendered to the powerful orgasm. As her body began to shake, Jeff also let himself cum a second time. He pushed his spray into Elizabeth’s eager mouth, filling it to overflowing faster than she could swallow.

The three of them embraced and kissed, satisfied with their afternoon of fantasy. As Jeff dressed and prepared to return to the pool, Dawn watched him with pleasure. He had been turned on by her. Perhaps she was not as plain as she had thought.

Elizabeth kissed her and said, “This is only the start, honey. If you let me, I can show you things you never dreamed about!”

Dawn laughed. She had never imagined she would ever do anything as outrageous as this afternoon’s show. There was more to experience? She ran her fingers through Elizabeth’s soft, think hair and murmured, “Teach me.” She knew from that moment on, her sex life would never be the same.

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