Davis Twins Ch. 04

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Alex slept restlessly. He imagined all sorts of things that his dad would do to punish his mom. He couldn’t wait to see it. It probably wouldn’t be as much fun as Jenna, but it would still be neat to see. The next morning he went off to school, but Alex just couldn’t focus on his schoolwork. So many things were going through his head, he just couldn’t concentrate. So, after lunch, Alex cut the rest of his classes and headed over to Mike’s house. Mike worked nights, so Alex knew his friend would be home.

Sure enough, Mike answered the door right away. He was the only one home, so he invited Alex in. Alex never cut class, so Mike knew something was up. After Alex was settled, Mike asked him what was going on.

Alex hadn’t really decided what he was going to tell Mike, but as soon as he started talking it all came spilling out. Over the next hour, Alex told his friend everything that had happened. Mike just sat quietly and listened to Alex’s whole story. Then, after he was done, he just started to laugh. Alex asked him what was so funny, and Mike just told him he was trying to picture Jenna naked and crying like that. Alex could see why Mike was laughing, but he wasn’t so sure it was that funny. With all the things he had done to his sister, was there something wrong with him?

Mike had honestly forgotten just how sheltered Alex’s life had been. All he could do was assure Alex that there was nothing wrong with him. Jenna had humiliated him and had gotten what was coming to her. But Alex still wasn’t convinced. What about the way he had played with her asshole, surely that wasn’t normal.

Poor Mike just shook his head. “Alex, lots of guys like to play with a girl’s butthole. Hell I’ve screwed a couple of my girlfriends there. It’s incredibly tight and a lot of fun. Don’t worry about it. You’re perfectly all right.” Relieved Alex thanked Mike for his help. Mike told him not to worry about, it had just been a shame that Jenna’s pussy had been off limits. Alex agreed, but he told Mike that in all honesty, he didn’t really know what he would have done with it anyway.

“Well, I know what I would have done,” Mike told him. “I would have gotten some toys and made her do tricks with them.” Alex didn’t have a clue what Mike was talking about.

“You know, tricks. You get some toys like a vibrator, or a dildo, or heck a banana or a cucumber will do. Then you make her shove it in and out of her hole. Or if you want, you can stick it in there. Either way, it would be great fun.” Alex agreed and meant it. Right then, he really regretted that he hadn’t had a chance to do that with Jenna. Mike and Alex spent the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing. By the time he left, Alex felt much better. He wasn’t weird.

After he left Mike’s place, Alex headed right home. When he got there, his mom and dad were waiting for him. His dad had a grim look on his face and his mother looked like she had been crying. That was when it all came back to him. His mother was to be punished. With all the talking he and Mike had done, Alex had completely forgotten about it. This day was getting better and better.

Alex walked in and closed the door. As soon as he was inside, his dad told him to sit down. Quickly, Alex sat down on the sofa. He couldn’t wait for this to begin.

When Alex was seated, his dad told him what he had come up with. “You know son, I really had to think about this for a long time. I had to decide what would be a really fitting punishment for your mother. And the more I thought about it, the more I came to one conclusion. Since your mother allowed what happened to you to occur, she’s just as guilty as the ones who did it. So, it’s only fair that she be punished the same way your sister was.”

“WHAT!!!!”, shrieked Debbie. Alex had to laugh at the look on her face. Apparently, while she had known she would be punished, his mom hadn’t known what it was to be. Meanwhile, Debbie was screaming at her husband that there was no way he was punishing her like that. It was one thing to punish a child, but she was an adult and she was not going to be spanked and humiliated.

Roger just waited until his wife had finished ranting. Then he calmly told her that she would indeed do as she was told. He was the man of the house and his word was law. If Debbie didn’t want things to get even worse, she’d start undressing now.

Debbie listened and tears came to her eyes. Her husband was right, of course. Her religion taught her that her husband was the absolute ruler of the house. Someone had to have the final say in all things, so the man of the house had absolute authority. Beaten Debbie began to pull off her jeans.

As she began to undress, Debbie asked her husband how far she was supposed to go. Roger told her to remove everything but her bra. Debbie didn’t even question the odd request. She just began to do as she was told. Very shortly she was standing in front of her husband and son, bottomless and wearing only her lacy black bra. The pretty woman tried not antalya escort to cry, as she waited for what would come next.

When his wife had finished undressing, Roger told her what her punishment was. “Basically, you’ll get the same thing Jenna got. Alex will spank you. Then, after your spanking, he will take you into his room to play with for an hour.”

Alex couldn’t believe his luck, his mother was beautiful, and he would get to play with her whole body. Meanwhile, Debbie was pleading with Roger not to make her do that. After all, Alex was her son. She couldn’t allow him to play with her body.

Roger just smiled at her. “Honey, not only will you let him play with you, you will beg him to do it. You see, you will be over Alex’s lap and he will spank you until you ask him nicely to take you into his room and play with you.” Debbie told him she would never do that, and Roger just said that in that case, she was going to have a very sore bottom.

With that, Roger told Debbie to get across her son’s lap. When she hesitate, Roger told her that she could either do it herself, or Roger would drag her over there. Debbie knew her husband wasn’t bluffing. With a little sigh, the beaten mom lay down across Alex’s lap.

Alex just had to admire the sight for a moment. Where Jenna’s ass had been small, soft and round, his mother’s was much bigger. Alex just put his hand on that large behind. It was magnificent, really soft and such a nice big target. If a behind was ever begging to be spanked, this was it. Well, Alex was more than willing to oblige. He pulled his hand back and then landed the first loud “SMACK”!

Debbie cringed when her son’s hand patted her bottom. It was so degrading. She was going to say something, when she felt the hand pulled away, and then she felt the first slap on her behind. After that, the embarrassment was forgotten, that STUNG!! Then before Debbie could even react, the next spank landed and then the next after that. Debbie wanted to tell Alex to stop, but each smack stung and took her breath away.

Alex was having a great time. That ass was so big, he could slap his hand all over it. He loved it, as each smack left a perfect hand print on a different spot. His mom wasn’t kicking or screaming yet, but Alex knew that was just a matter of time. The delighted boy continued to happily spank his mother’s behind.

Slap after slap landed on Debbie’s poor bottom. Damn, THAT HURT! She tried to say something, but the stings kept overwhelming her. Then one particularly good one landed, and Debbie let out her first shriek. After that, they seemed to sting even more. She tried not to move, but the spanking was too much. Debbie knew that it gave her son a perfect view of her vagina, but she began to kick anyway. Her bottom was stinging so badly, she just couldn’t keep still. Debbie kicked and kicked, and she began to shriek with every new SMACK!

It was going even better than he had expected. His mom was kicking her legs so hard, Alex had a perfect view of her pussy. It was very nice. The hair was much thicker and darker than on his sister’s. Also, the lips looked, well plumper. But it was still beautiful. And in a little while, Alex knew he would be getting much better acquainted with it.

With his mom’s ass getting bright red, Alex’s arm was getting a little tired. He decided to take a short break and just rub that beautiful ass. It really was so soft and nice, and now it was really hot as well. It was so much fun just to rub it.

Debbie caught her breath and stopped kicking. Her bottom stung so bad. Alex was just rubbing it, and even that stung. At least she could hold her legs still. As she rested, Debbie heard her husband ask her if she was ready to ask Alex to play with her. Debbie didn’t even think. She just yelled, “NO!”. Then, before she could even realize the consequences of her refusal, Roger told Alex he needed to start again.

She tried to scream at her son not to do it, but Debbie never got the chance. A moment later, that hand smacked into her behind, and the spanking began all over again. Debbie immediately found herself kicking and screaming again. Her butt was burning so horribly, she didn’t care what anyone saw.

Alex rained spank after spank on the beautiful behind. It was getting redder and redder. His mom was making the most amazing sounds, and she was showing him her pretty little pussy so nicely. It was so much fun to smack that big butt.

Debbie was losing her mind. It stung so bad. Please God, it had to stop. She’d do anything. She’d even do what they asked, if Alex would only stop spanking her. Her bottom was burning so awfully. Debbie kicked and shrieked, but the spanking just went on and on. Then, finally, just as she thought she might actually faint. The spanking stopped, and Alex’s hand was once again resting on her behind.

Alex had gotten tired again. And anyway, he really liked the feel of his mother’s ass. As he rested his hand there, he heard his dad ask his mom once again fethiye escort if she was ready to do what she was supposed to.

It took Debbie a little while to collect herself after the spanking stopped. Her ass hurt so bad. Wouldn’t they please STOP? Then she heard her husband asking her once again to do as she was told. Debbie started to yell “NO!” again, but the burning in her bottom stopped her. She couldn’t take any more. So, with a little sob, Debbie asked her son to please take her into his room and play with her.

Alex couldn’t believe it. It was one thing to here his dad tell him what would happen. It was quite another to actually hear his mom ask him to play with her body. Well, he certainly wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. Quickly he pushed his mother off his lap and stood up.

As she was pushed off her son’s lap, Debbie just rolled on to the floor. Then Alex was pulling her to her feet. As she stood up, she turned to Roger and begged him not to do this to her. Roger just frowned at her, and asked her if she needed more spanking to convince her. Debbie just sobbed and shook her head no. Then she let Alex lead her out of the room. As they left, she heard Roger tell Alex that he had left her bra on for him. Alex was welcome to play with her boobs all he wanted. Roger had just thought that he could have fun removing the bra. Then, as they were almost out of the room, Roger reminded Debbie that she was to do whatever Alex said without exception, and he reminded Alex that his mother was certainly no virgin, so he was welcome to do whatever he liked with her holes. Alex couldn’t help the huge smile that crossed his face, as he led his mom into his room.

Sadly, Debbie trailed her son back to his room. After the last instructions from Roger, she had no idea how far this would go, and she was terrified. When they got there, Alex turned her around and unhooked her bra. Lord, it was starting already. After that he turned her around and put his hands on the cups. Slowly, her son began to peel her bra off her. Debbie started to resist, but realized it was pointless. So she just stood there and let her teenage son expose her big breasts.

Alex was thrilled. His mom’s boobs were so much bigger than Jenna’s. Even the nipples were bigger. They were darker and stood out much farther. Alex grabbed them and pinched them gently. Then he began to squeeze and jiggle those huge melons. God, those things were fun. The young boy played with those boobs for a good ten minutes. Then he decided it was time to move on.

Debbie tried not to cry as her son played with her breasts. He seemed to really like her nipples and was paying a lot of attention to them. The poor woman forced herself to just stand there, as her big tits were fondled and toyed with. Then, after he had thoroughly explored every inch of her boobs, Debbie heard her son tell her to lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide.

This just couldn’t happen. Her son was telling her to lay down on his bed and show him her vagina. It was impossible. Debbie just couldn’t allow it. The poor woman just stood there, trying to think of what to do, when Alex again told her to spread herself, and reminded her what would happen to her poor behind if she didn’t.

The poor woman was beside herself. Doing what her son asked was unthinkable, but her poor ass just couldn’t take any more smacks. Suddenly, the unthinkable became much more thinkable. Gingerly, Debbie lay down on her son’s bed. She had to be careful, because just getting down like that made her bottom sting. Then, when she was settled, Debbie spread her legs wide apart so her son would have access to her vagina. Then she just tried not to cry and waited to see what Alex would do next.

Lord that pussy was beautiful. The fur was dark and luxurious, and the lips were full and pink. Alex wanted a closer look at it, so he told his mom to spread it open for him. When she hesitated, Alex told her that either she could spread it, or he would spread it for her. It was her choice. A moment later, he watched his mom reach down and pry her pussylips wide apart for him. Debbie thought she might be ill. She was lying on a bed, with her legs spread, and her son was between them staring at her vagina. Then, to make it worse, he had told her to spread it open for him. At first, Debbie hadn’t done it, but then Alex had told her that if she didn’t open it up, he would do it for her. She knew he meant it too. Her own son would reach between her legs and grab her vaginal lips and pull them open. Whatever happened, it was better if Debbie showed Alex things, than if he touched them. So, with a little sigh, Debbie reached down and pried her vagina wide open for Alex.

Alex was thrilled. There was his mom holding her pussy wide open so he could see everything. Yes, there was the little button, just like on Jenna’s. And below that was the hole. He had been sooo! looking forward to this. He hadn’t been allowed to poke around inside Jenna’s kaş escort hole, but he was allowed to play with this one. So, without any hesitation, Alex reached between his mom’s legs and stuck a finger right up her hole. The look on his mom’s face was priceless, as his finger went inside her.

Debbie’s eyes almost popped out of her head. After she had pulled her vagina open, she had taken her eyes off her son. Honestly, she just couldn’t stand to see him staring at her pried open vagina. But then, she had felt something touch her, and before she could even react, a finger had gone straight up her hole. The miserable mother couldn’t believe what was happening. Her own son had his finger up inside her vagina. Not only that, but he was poking all around in there. All Debbie could do was try to lay back and relax, while her son explored the inside of her vagina.

For Alex, this was even better than he thought it would be. This hole was warm and wet and easy to poke around in. Not like his sister’s anus, which had been warm and nice and tight, but too dry to get into without help. Then, as he continued to poke around inside his mom’s pussy, Alex decided that he would like to check out that hole as well. But he was enjoying playing with her pussy, so he didn’t want his mother to roll over. Instead, he just told her to roll herself up a little so that he could get to the other hole, too.

Debbie tried not to think about what was happening. Her son was still poking around inside her vagina, and there was just nothing she could do to stop it. She just tried not to think about that finger digging around in there. But now her son was telling her something else. She had drifted off so far, that she hadn’t really heard him the first time. When he repeated it, though, Debbie heard perfectly.

What did her son mean? She was to roll her body up so that he could poke into her other hole, too. What other hole. If she rolled herself up the only thing that would become available was.., no it couldn’t be…her anus? HER ANUS? Surely the boy didn’t want to poke a finger up her bottom. But as she looked at him, Debbie realized that it was exactly what he wanted.

How could she do that? Debbie had never allowed anyone to touch her anus. Her husband had asked to a few times, and once even suggested having sex that way, but Debbie had adamantly refused. She tried to obey her husband in everything, but that she just hadn’t been able to do. No one was supposed to touch her there. But now her son was asking to do it, and there was no way she could refuse now. If she didn’t let him do it, her poor behind would be spanked again, and as red and sore as it already was, Debbie just couldn’t face that.

Debbie took a deep breath and prepared to have her anus probed. Carefully, she rolled back farther onto the bed, until she felt her bottom come up off the mattress and could tell that the hole there was now up in the air and pointing directly back at her son. The woman couldn’t believe the position she was in. Debbie was rolled up on her son’s bed. She was holding her vagina wide open while her son poked away inside it. And now, she had made her anus available as well.

There it was. Alex hadn’t been absolutely sure that his mom would obey his last order, but she had. She had rolled her body up, and there was her little asshole pointing right at him. Well, no time like the present. This time, Alex wet his finger before poking around the hole. Then he reached down to his mom’s ass. That hole was really cute. It was puckered up and just waiting for him to play with it. He took his finger and rubbed around the outside. For some reason, the little wrinkles fascinated him and they felt really neat. After that, he placed his finger right at the center of the hole and shoved it in. He watched his mom’s eyes pop wide open as his finger went up her ass, but while she cringed a bit, she didn’t do anything to move away from him.

As she continued to lie there holding herself open, Debbie steeled herself not to react. A moment later, she felt a finger brush her anus. It was rubbing all around it. Then it lightly touched that hole itself. Suddenly, it plunged all the way up the hole. Debbie managed not to scream, as her son’s finger plunged up her butt. It felt so weird, she could feel the fingers up both her holes, and at times it felt like they were trying to rub together. Debbie struggled desperately not to grab at her son’s hands, as he dug around inside both her openings.

Alex played around inside his mom’s holes for a while. They both felt so nice, and it was really neat to see his mother rolled up on the bed and pulling her pussy open for him. After a while, though, he felt he needed to do something different, but Alex couldn’t even think of what that would be. He pulled his fingers out of his mom’s holes. Then he just stared down at her displayed openings, while he tried to think of something new to do with them.

Debbie sighed with absolute relief as she felt Alex’s fingers leave her vagina and anus. The in her bottom had really felt strange, and she was particularly happy to have that one removed. With her holes now empty, Debbie just lay there waiting to see what Alex would do next. Whatever it was, she really hoped he was done with her anus.

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