Dark Urges

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Arthur Milton lay in bed. The big man felt a bit depressed. While coming home from the school where he taught, a group of hooligans called him some rather nasty names and he felt sad. These comments had really hurt. Arthur had always been a big man. Standing six feet tall, with dark brown skin and weighing two hundred and sixty pounds. He was a professor of criminal justice at the local community college. One of the few African-American teachers in their predominantly white small town.

When Arthur got home, his wife Amy greeted him. Amy was a tall, plump but sexy, big-booty woman with bronze skin, piercing green eyes and short blonde hair. Like him, she was a teacher. Amy taught at a private school not far from the house where they lived. The two of them met many years ago. They were both avid scholars and fell in love while in college. Arthur was a police officer before he became a college professor. Amy had a lifelong fascination with teaching. They moved in together when they were both twenty five years old and had been together in the two decades since.

Lately, things had been intense in the household. Arthur wasn’t happy with his job anymore. Also, he had been exploring his bisexuality with Jonathan Brown, the good-looking African-American firefighter who lived a few blocks away. Amy knew about her husband’s bisexuality. They had worked out an arrangement years ago. He could have his affairs with men on the side, but he had to be discrete and always practice safe sex. Things had worked fine. Amy wasn’t worried about Arthur leaving her for another man. What worried her was his general restlessness and his stress.

Amy thought long and hard about what could cheer up her husband. She halkalı otele gelen escort decided to bring him out of this slump with some kinky sex. She went to the bedroom, put on some sexy lingerie and brought out her favorite sex toy. Her large black strap on dildo! She went to the living room, and surprised the hell out of Arthur when he saw her sexy attire. Amy smiled, and told him to get naked. Arthur undressed hastily, eager to get started. Once he was naked, Amy knelt before him and took his hard cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock and licked his balls while giving his ass some play, just the way he liked it.

Arthur lay on his back, watching Amy as she sucked his cock. While sucking him off, she slid the dildo in and out of his ass. He closed his eyes, and enjoyed what she was doing to him. Although he loved his sexy and wonderfully kinky wife, he had certain needs that she couldn’t understand. Sometimes, he wanted to suck some dick and get his ass pounded by something hard and masculine. Making love to his wife was fun but there were times when he wanted something she didn’t have. Amy, a very kinky and creative Irishwoman, decided to surprise him today. And so far, he was liking it.

Amy thrust the dildo into him, looking into his handsome face as she fucked him. Although she was kinky, this was extreme and not something she was altogether comfortable with. She loved this man and she didn’t want to lose him, so she was desperately trying anything just to hold onto him. Was this how he was with his male lovers? He let other men fuck him in the ass? Ever since he disclosed to her the secret of his bisexuality three years ago, halkalı rus escort she had been frantically reading about bisexuality and male sexuality in general. Would she ever be enough for him? Would he leave her for a man? Did he like what she did in bed?

Well, he was liking what Amy was doing now. She stroked his cock while fucking him. Then, she pulled the dildo out, threw it away and looked at him. Arthur looked at Amy, and smiled. He got up, and winced. Surely, that ass of his must be sore by now. Amy looked at him. Did he like it? What did he want now? He kissed her, and pulled her down on the floor with him. Amy didn’t resist as he swiftly entered her. She felt his hard cock in her pussy. At last, he was inside her. Where he belonged. She felt his hard cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. He fucked her hard, making her scream his name. After a few passionate moments, he flipped her on all fours, and took her from behind.

Amy laughed, loving his manly passion. She stopped laughing when she felt his hands grip her butt cheeks, and spread them. He pressed his cock against her back door, and pushed. Arthur held her by the hips, and slammed his cock into her ass. Amy gasped, shocked beyond belief. Never in a million years had he done anything like this to her. He just took her roughly, and went where he had never gone before. His cock was in her ass. A torrent of feelings and sensations assaulted her senses. Her husband had his cock up her ass. She felt so vulnerable right now, with his hard dick pounding into her where the sun didn’t shine. She also felt almost vile. His hands had become like steel on her hips and his dick stabbed her ass violently. halkalı türbanlı escort Amy had never been penetrated anally before. It was unlike anything she had ever felt.

Arthur continued to pound his into Amy’s butt, filling her asshole with his dick. He felt her body tremble against his. He had never done anything like this before, not to her. Truth be told, in his many encounters with gay men, he’d always been the bottom. They fucked him, not the other way around. Well, today, this bisexual man wanted to feel what it was like to fuck someone else in the ass for a change. Why not his sexy tomboy wife who just fucked him with her strap on? Like a man possessed, he continued to pound into her ass. And she didn’t resist. She took it like a champ. Not a word of protest from her. Finally, he came. When he did, filling her ass with his cum, a great scream escaped Amy’s lips. Then, she lay still and said nothing.

Arthur looked at his wife, lying there in his arms. He was still inside her. Slowly, he calmed down. He looked at her. His dear wife, had he hurt her? Amy looked at him. She looked into the eyes of the man who had thrown her on all fours and mounted her, the man who had taken her and made her his. The man who had done to her what no one else had ever done. He wasn’t an odd-faced caveman. He was the man she loved. And she still loved him. There was an apologetic look in his eyes. She stopped him with a kiss. Although this session of sex had been a surprise, it had revealed to her the depths of his passion. This was the first time he let go with her, and did to her what she thought he did with his male lovers. She had seen his true passion. She wrapped her arms around him, and told him that she loved him. He told her that he loved her, but still had dark urges he could not control. Amy lovingly told him that whenever he felt those urges, he should come to her, his loving wife, rather than take off in the pursuit of a stranger. She loved him that much. Arthur looked at his wife, and counted his lucky stars. Then, he embraced her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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