Daring Strangers and Summer Nights

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Disclaimer: The following story is an entirely fictional work based on fictional characters for adult entertainment. It includes details of no real people or events.


Night had fallen on the small hamlet along the outskirts of Birmingham. The small town was a good thirty miles south of civilization, which meant any kind of entertainment required a short train ride into the city. On this particular night, Marissa and Susan were planning to indulge in the many vices the city had to offer. After a few drinks at the Worchester, they would head over to Studio 54 and see where the club scene could take them.

Marissa sat on the couch taking in the sight of Susan’s fit body. She pranced around the flat in nothing more than a purple bra and panties, digging through her suitcase for the “perfect” dress. Marissa was also scantily clad in a pink bathrobe she had yanked off a hook from the bathroom door. Work had been awful that day and a quick shower had washed a lot of the stress from Marissa’s smooth shoulders.

“Have you heard of this club before?” Marissa asked, wondering what type of excitement their night would entail.

“Yeah, Jessica told me it was built to look like the American club,” answered Susan while draping a black blouse over her well built body. “It should be lots of fun, with disco music and flashing lights.”

“And an incredible amount of men,” Marissa said with a raised eyebrow. It had been a month since her and Brian had called it quits and she was aching to have someone new in her life.

“I’m sure that there will be plenty of men, but I doubt any of them are worth your time,” Susan retorted while looking at her round ass in a full length mirror. “Don’t focus all your attention on guy wrangling and just try to have a good time. You’ll find Mr. Right another day.”

“But I’m thirty-five years old,” replied Marissa with a pseudo sigh. She buried her face into the quilt that covered the top of the couch and let out a muffled wail.

“You sure as hell don’t look thirty-five,” Susan said with a chuckle. “Compared to me, you look like you’re in your twenties.” Susan was in no way wrong in her observation. Time had been good to Marissa, adding curves in all the right places. She was 5’6 and all legs– her hair an auburn red, which curled way below her lean shoulders. Her facial features were well-defined, with a small round nose and bright baby blue eyes — she definitely did not look like your average thirty-five year old.

“If you say so,” Marissa said as she pulled herself up from the quilt. She continued to watch Susan hunt for a black skirt that she had possibly left at home.

“You have any idea what I should wear?” asked Marissa, batting her eyes.

“I’m worried enough about what I’m going to wear!” Susan yelled from across the room. “Find something yourself.”

Marissa rose from the couch, letting the robe hang open on its own accord. She walked to the modest sized wardrobe and surveyed her options. She had a few sexy pairs of panties and some very nice looking bras, but unfortunately none of them seemed to match. For some reason, Marissa had a tendency to buy her underwear individually instead of in sets. She thought that maybe it was somehow artistic in nature, or just plain weird. She pondered her options for a moment and decided that the red cotton and black laced panties would look awesome with her bright pink bra. It didn’t match, but it was the best she could do. She removed the robe and slid the panties up her long, silky legs. They fit firmly over her well rounded ass and slim waist. She hooked her bra into place, letting it cup her pale 34B breasts.

Marissa fell back onto the couch, holding her head up with her right arm in a pinup girl pose.

“How do I look?” she asked Susan with a sexy smile.

“Is that all you’re wearing?” she inquired, running her eyes over Marissa’s resting body.

“No, but this is as far as I’ve made it.”

“Well if you want to go skimpy, do you still have those little black shorts?”

Marissa thought for a moment, and then dashed to her chest of drawers. She dumped the contents onto the bed, searching for the item that Susan had suggested. Marissa’s eyes glowed brightly when she finally found the tiny shorts that would fit so tightly against her body and leave very little to the imagination. She pulled them on, wrenching the fabric over her curves.

Marissa was still in need of a top, which came to her in the form of a jet black bikini top with little white polka dots. Her look was now complete.

Marissa returned to Susan, who was now fully dressed in a blouse and skirt ensemble.

“You look good,” commented Susan. “but you’re going to be cold.”

“I know, but it may be worth it,” Marissa replied with a grin.

“I don’t think so. You can wear this,” offered Susan, removing a pair of black silk stockings from her suitcase.

“Thanks,” Marissa answered as she slid the thin black fabric up her smooth legs. “I’ll probably wear my blue sundress halkalı bdsm escort until we get in the club.”

“Not a bad idea. Although I think if any guy tries to undress you, he’s going to have a hell of a lot to keep up with,” Susan said with a smirk.

Both girls continued to prepare for the evening in the cramped bathroom. They stood in front of the sink, applying eye liner, glossy lipstick, and a few dabs of red blush to their cheeks. Within half an hour, the ladies were ready to hit the town.

They walked arm in arm to the train station, which was less than a mile from Marissa’s flat. The air was crisp and a cool summer breeze was blowing through the trees. They entered the train station, receiving a look of satisfaction from the attendant at the ticket counter. The girls made their way to the B-Train, which would take them into the city of Birmingham. It was a metropolitan area that was second only to London in size and population– the more people, the more fun.

The ladies anxiously waited as the train pulled into the station with a deafening screech. They boarded, finding seats toward the back of the car. Many people flocked to the remaining seats, as the automatic doors hissed shut. The train pulled away from the station and chugged along the dark, empty, countryside. The girls chatted throughout the ride, noticing stares from many of the gentlemen who were sitting a few seats ahead. They would turn around to gawk and then intently look away when the girls noticed. It filled Marissa with sexual energy, knowing that she was eliciting such a response from strangers. Every time she would catch one of the men looking, she would send a flirtatious smile there way. Susan would then nudge Marissa in the ribs, reminding her that they hadn’t even made it to the club yet.

After a short ride, the train came to a halt and the girls stepped off. They made there way through the crowded station, which was packed with travelers from all over Europe. This was one of the central stations, which was the exact opposite of the little station they had departed from. The girls held hands, attempting to stay together through all of the hustle and bustle. Wearing heels proved to be a problem, since they were not the easiest shoes to maneuver in. At one point, Marissa felt a hand grope her ass, but when she turned around to confront the culprit, there was only a businesswoman on a mobile.

Once out of the station, the crowd grew manageable. The ladies eased down South Street, which would take them to the famed Worchester. The bar had an eclectic atmosphere, which they had always found appealing. When Susan and Marissa pushed through the large wooden doors, all eyes turned their way. It was embarrassing, yet empowering at the same time. Marissa and Susan sat down at the bar between a burly man with a thick mustache and a muscular lad with wavy blonde hair.

“I’ll have a vodka and diet coke, while my friend here…” Susan said motioning in Marissa’s direction.

“The same,” Marissa answered. The bartender was a large man with tattoos streaming from his biceps to his wrists.

“They’re on me ladies,” the blonde man shouted, acknowledging the bartender with a hand signal.

“Thank you,” Marissa said with a hint of gratitude. “And you are?”

“My name’s Daniel. And you?”

“I’m Jane and this is my friend Sharon,” Marissa lied as Susan gave a nonchalant wave.

“So what brings you to the Worchester on a Saturday night?” Daniel asked inquisitively. As he sipped his beer, his eyes wandered over Marissa’s legs and chest, then met her gaze with a sneer.

“We’re just enjoying a night out on the town,” Marissa answered. She downed her vodka and ordered another.

“That sounds like fun,” Daniel said with a sly grin. “Would you be interested in some male company?”

“Perhaps,” Marissa replied, winking and downing the vodka. She hiked up her skirt just a tad, exposing her thigh. The man looked down and his smile grew wider.

“Are you staying in the city?” Daniel continued.

“Possibly. We haven’t decided yet.”

“What are you babbling about?” Susan asked, eyeing her friend’s skirt.

“I was just telling Daniel that we’re not sure if we’re staying in the city tonight or if we have other arrangements.”

“We have other arrangements,” Susan said, looking straight into Daniel’s hazel eyes with a grim look on her face. She grabbed Marissa’s arm and pulled her from the stool, just as she was about to order another vodka tonic. Daniel sat stunned, rubbing the back of his neck and squinting his eyes. Susan dragged Marissa through the bar, out the door, and back onto the street.

“What the hell was that?” Susan yelled into Marissa’s face. “Take it easy. We’ve got the rest of the night.”

“He seemed rather nice and he did buy us drinks,” Marissa replied with a pucker.

“You never take the first guy you meet,” Susan chuckled. “Let’s get you to the club before you start humping a lamp post.”

The halkalı elit escort line to Studio 54 stretched for two blocks, encompassing a diverse group of seventies stereotypes. There were men wearing polyester suits and afro wigs that looked absolutely ridiculous. Many women had on spandex leotards and crimped skirts; their hair brushed out to the max. Everyone in the line didn’t look as candid, but the majority appeared as though they had stepped through a time portal. Susan and Marissa stood in the line, anxiously waiting and watching all of the people. A stifled version of “Staying Alive” blared through the walls and into their ears.

“How long do you think we’ll have to wait?”Susan asked impatiently.

“Well the line is not moving, but I’ve seen a few people just walk right in,” Marissa answered. “What’s the deal with that?”

“You know what that’s about,” she snickered. “They’re putting out.”

“What’s stopping us from trying?” Marissa said, squeezing her arms and pushing her breasts together.

“What do you have in mind?” Susan inquired. Marissa yanked Susan out of the line and marched up to the very front. A short bald man, built like a tank stood between the girls and their fun.

“You’re not getting in,” he said in a strong tone, eyeing the ladies up and down. Marissa grasped the bottom of her dress and slowly eased the fabric from her shapely body. The bouncer’s eyes were fixated on her creamy white thighs and bare mid-riff that were now exposed to the summer air. Marissa leaned in, her scanty shorts tight against her ass and her cleavage spilling from her spotted top.

“Will you please let me in?” she asked with pouty glossed lips. She ran her finger along her flat stomach, letting her bright red nail circle her abdomen. The bouncer unclasped the velvet rope and ushered the girls through, never letting his eyes wander from Marissa’s firm ass.

The atmosphere inside the club was exhilarating. A shiny disco ball illuminated neon tiles along the dance floor, while hundreds of people were moving to the beat of “That’s the Way”. Hundreds of others lined the bar and tables along the edges, while a few hundred more stood along the terrace on the second story. Marissa and Susan made their way to a table, where they were immediately followed by a plethora of guys.

“I can’t believe you,” Susan shouted over the loud music. “You never cease to amaze me.”

“I got us in didn’t I?” she responded. Susan didn’t have time to get in an answer, because a dark haired man approached, offering to buy the girls a drink.

“Good evening,” the brash man said running a hand through his wavy black hair. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure,” Marissa answered. “I’ll have a Malibu and Pineapple.”

“That sounds good. I’ll have the same,” replied Susan.

The man went to the bar and shortly returned with two drinks in his hands.

“What’s your name?” he confidently asked Marissa, handing her a brightly colored drink.

“I’m Marissa,” she replied. “And this is Susan.”

“Thanks for the drink,” Susan answered, nudging Marissa under the table.

“And you are?” Marissa asked. She noticed that the man was wearing a stylish pair of jeans, with a black t-shirt and brown jacket combo. He stood roughly 5’9 and his eyes were to die for. They were brownish in color, with an exotic flare about them. His face was clean shaven, with a broad jaw and chiseled features.

“My name is Jack,” he said with poise. Another man approached the table and stood next to Jack. He was a little shorter, with long blonde hair and more rounded facial features. “This is my buddy James.”

“Nice to meet you,” Marissa responded. “What can we do for you?”

“Well, would you be interested in a dance?” Jack inquired without losing his brass. Marissa thought for a moment, and then stood up, tugging the shorts that had crept into her nether region. Jack kept his cool, struggling to stop himself from mauling the scantily clad girl in the middle of the club. Marissa latched on to Jack’s arm and they stepped onto the dance floor. “Burn Rubber on Me” rattled the club over the impressive sound system. The dance floor was crowded, but that didn’t stop Marissa from showing her graceful moves to the handsome onlooker. She began with a simple two step, which Jack was able to easily keep up with. She clapped her hands to the beat of the music, letting the rhythm drive her movements. When the music would crescendo, Marissa dipped down with her legs spread wide; a quick uncovering of her red panties for any who were looking. She would then shimmy her way back up, until she was eye level with the entranced Jack. She waved her arms in the air, nestling her delicate back into the man’s waiting chest. She dropped to the floor a few more times, letting her shoulder’s graze Jack’s pants as she rose up. The last time she came up, Marissa could feel a slight bulge in the fabric. Marissa took Jack’s hands and tangled them around her body, growing so halkalı escort close that she worried their feet would collide. Marissa wiggled her hips, letting her ass rub against the hard protrusion. Jack closed his eyes, embarrassed and satisfied at the same time. Marissa bent forward and thrust her cheeks into his torso, feeling the growing erection poke her sparsely clad buttocks.

After several thrusts and a moan or two from Jack, Marissa stood up and let her hands wander into his hair, allowing Jack’s strong hands to explore her body. Jack rubbed his hands along Marissa’s bare navel, circling the small button with his index finger. He ran the tips of his fingers along her ribcage, stopping just before the fabric of her top. His digits slid down her sides, as he leaned into Marissa’s dainty neck and inhaled the sweet scent of her perfume. Her flowing red hair brushed against his forehead as he nuzzled her shoulder.

Maybe it was the atmosphere. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was pent us sexuality. Whatever it was, Marissa didn’t seem to give a damn that this stranger was making his way toward her neck. After all, she had basically brought it upon herself with the outfit and the dancing. Marissa closed her eyes and felt the sensual caress of Jack’s lips skimming her neckline. She was sweating from the dancing, but shivers were rushing up her spine. Jack could feel her reaction and began licking the salty nape of her neck. His face was buried in her hair, searching for the sensitive area that would bring pleasure to his new plaything. Jack’s hands continued to drift north, eventually cupping Marissa’s right breast. Marissa let out a squeal, then immediately removed his hand and turned around to face the stranger. She looked deeply into his eyes, the confused feelings sending contradictory messages to her already buzzed brain. He pulled her close and she could now feel the bulge against her bare belly. She locked lips, kissing Jack in the center of the dance floor. Their saliva mixed and their tongues wrestled inside each other’s mouths. Her lipstick tasted of strawberries, with a hint of pineapple on her breath. They embraced for several minutes, ignoring the frantic dancing that was going on around their quivering bodies.

Susan was dancing with the shorter gentleman, when she looked over and noticed Marissa locked in a deep kiss with Jack. She rushed through the crowd and confronted the two. Marissa let off of Jack, and then looked brashly at her friend.

“What’s going on?” Susan asked with alarm.

“We’re kissing,” Marissa retorted. “I don’t see a problem with it.”

“I thought tonight we were going to take it easy tonight,” Susan replied. Jack knelt forward and whispered something into Marissa’s ear. A smile formed on her flushed face.

“Jack has invited us back to his apartment for some fun,” Marissa gleefully explained. “He’s invited us both, so we can have go together.”

“What kind of fun?” Susan hesitated to ask.

“Well we won’t know what we’re missing unless we go,” Marissa added. “Sound like a plan?”

Susan let out a sigh. “Alright. Let’s go.”

The three gathered their things and made their way onto the street. The line to the club was still as long, but Marissa anticipated their evening to reach a new high when they made it to Jack’s apartment. Jack hailed a cab, and then escorted the ladies into the musty backseat. He sat between Marissa and Susan, informing the driver of his address. The girls looked at each other with bright smiles on their faces.

“What are you ladies giggling about?” he asked with a cocky grin.

“Nothing. We’re just feeling a little adventurous, going to a complete stranger’s home,” Marissa explained. She bit her lip, still able to taste Jack’s kiss along its glossy ridges.

“Adventurous?” Jack said, pondering the word. “Would you be interested in adding to the adventure?”

The girls looked at each other once more, and then Susan spoke up.

“What do you have in mind?” Susan asked. Marissa dug her nails into Jack’s left thigh.

“I was thinking that maybe we could play a game of truth or dare,” he announced.

Susan laughed. “How old are you? Fourteen? That’s a kid’s game.”

“Not the way I play it,” Jack reiterated. “It’s a little more “adventurous” and perhaps more of what you’re looking for in a night.”

“I’m up for it,” Marissa added, making swirls in Jack’s pant leg with the tip of her finger nail.

“What about you?” Jack inquired to Susan.

“Damn. Alright, I’ll play,” she harshly answered.

“Good. Let’s get started. Marissa, truth or dare?”

Marissa was uncertain which to choose. She wasn’t sure how much she wanted to tell this guy, but then again she was trying to be adventurous? She let out a simple “truth” and shrugged her shoulders.

“Truth. Good choice,” Jack complimented. He thought for a moment, and then spoke. “Where is the strangest place you have ever had sex?” he asked without loosing his calm.

Marissa took in a deep breath and thought about the question. She had sex on the beach once and in an airplane bathroom, but those were really the only strange places she had ever had sex. When she was younger, she had sex with a guy in the woods, but that didn’t seem too weird to her. She decided the beach incident would be the most interesting.

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