Danger Ch. 21

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Danger carefully worked his way through the crowd desperately trying not to spill his beer. Drew’s party had gotten wild. Twice as many people showed up than he had expected, but they all brought their own booze so he was cool with it. The house was literally shaking as at least three stereos were pumpin’ out the bass. There hot chicks everywhere and most of them were wearing just enough to cover the parts that Danger wished were uncovered. If a girl wasn’t wearing a skin tight dress, she was wearing a slinglet and a mini-skirt or a halter top and cut-offs. It was a sweltering night with unbelievable humidity so each girl’s exposed skin was already shimmering with a fine film of sweat.

Danger took a seat in the den and began drinking his beer trying to cool himself off. As he guzzled he heard a loud female laugh come from somewhere near the centre of the room. Looking through the crowd he saw that it was his Drew’s sister, Leah. She was a rather tall for a girl and the black platform shoes she was wearing certainly make her seem any shorter. She had short, sandy coloured hair, blue eyes, a short round nose, and full pouty lips. She was the kind of cheery person who always had a smile on her face. Danger figured she must have just arrived because she was still wearing a leather jacket and no one would keep that on in this heat even for the sake of fashion. When she slid it off her shoulders she revealed a blue silk blouse tucked into a black mini-skirt that didn’t even make it half way down her thighs. Danger knew she was athletic and into mountain biking and soccer and it showed. her legs ere long, lean, and perfectly toned. Even when she walked around he couldn’t see an ounce of fat wiggle or jiggle on the back of her thighs.

A while later Danger was speaking to Drew when Leah came up and said hello. The heat was definitely getting to her as she small beads of sweat along her hair line and she had the top three buttons of her blouse undone displaying the tops of the cups of her lacy, white bra. Danger also got a generous look at the cleavage of her impressive 33C chest.

“This is an awesome party,” Leah said to Drew with a sisterly hug before continuing. “A friend of mine is meeting me here so I’m gonna go see if she’s arrived yet.” With that Leah disappeared back into the crowd and the guys continued their conversation.

The party began to die down around three o’clock and people started stumbling home or crashing wherever they could find a clear spot in the house. Danger managed to snag one of the twin beds in the spare bedroom. He didn’t recognize the guy in the other but it looked like he had been there for a while. As he drifted off to sleep a couple more people stumbled in and collapsed on the floor.

Danger was out like a log when suddenly he felt himself yanked from his slumber. He his vision was fuzzy and it took him a second or two to remember where he was. Then he felt a chill on his skin and realized that the bed sheets were no longer covering him. He propped himself up on one elbow and quickly found not only why he wasn’t covered anymore and why he had woken up in the first place. Leah was kneeling beside his bed going down on his had cock. She had pulled the front of his boxers down and pulled out his thick meat. Her tongue flicked over the bottom of his shaft and her throat muscles gently tugged on the head.

He slowly rolled from his side onto his back and she stretched herself so that she could still reach. She was wearing a short night gown that just covered her firm, round ass but he couldn’t tell in the darkness if she was wearing beylikdüzü anal yapan escort anything underneath. As she continued sucking on his meat one of her hands fell to her thigh and slid up to her stomach dragging the bottom of the night gown with it. Danger then saw her black panties as the tips of her fingers slipped inside and headed for her pussy. He heard her moan as she began rubbing between her legs. He didn’t want to make any noise in case he scared her off if she knew he was awake, but he couldn’t help but start moaning as his orgasm approached.

“Oh, fuck,” he muttered as his cock exploded in her mouth coating it with hot, thick cum. Leah then looked up at him and saw he was awake. She smiled at him and continued milking his cock until it stopped dribbling. She then removed his cock from her mouth and immediately put a finger to her lips telling him to be quiet.

“I don’t any of the others to wake up,” she whispered, “Come with me.” With that she got to her feet and started for the bedroom door. Danger tucked his semi-stiff cock back in his boxers and quietly climbed out of bed and followed her out of the room. Walking close behind her down the hall, Danger could see that her night gown was actually see through. He looked down at her ass and found that the black panties were actually a black thong. Danger gazed at the strip of black material that disappeared between her tight ass cheeks.

They crept through the dark house until they reached a bathroom. Leah pulled Danger inside and locked the door behind him. She turned on the light giving him his first view of her scantily clad body. Not that the clothes she was wearing did much to conceal her body. The round, pink nipples that capped her large, soft tits were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her night gown. Danger didn’t have much time to appreciate her body; within seconds of turning on the light Leah lept towards him, wrapping her arms around his body. She jammed her tongue into his mouth and began grinding her body against his. She moaned softly as she felt his hardening prick rub against the front of her swelling pussy mound. Danger’s cock became harder as he felt Leah’s hard nipples poke into his bare chest. Their tongues intertwined and wrestled with each other in the hot, steamy chamber created by their mouthes. Leah could feel the heat rising between her legs and spreading through her body. Finally she could stand it no longer.

“Oh God, I’m so fuckin’ horny,” she gasped breaking the kiss. “I want this thing in my cunt,” she growled as she grasped his nine inch rod through his boxers, “Fuck me!!!” Danger quickly grabbed the hem of her night gown and pulled it off over her head. Her tits jiggled as she dropped her arms to his hips and grabbed the waistband of his boxers. She slowly pulled the elastic out clear of his prick before pulling them down his thighs and letting them drop to the floor. Leah then then turned and walked over to the bathroom counter. The counter held two sinks and faced a large mirror. She stood between the two basins and bent at the waist resting her elbows on the counter. She then slid her feet apart and looked over at Danger.

“Wanna ride?” she asked. Danger wasted no time moving behind her and grabbing the waistband of her thong. he pulled the flimsy garment from her hips and down her toned thighs. As it came away from her slick pussy, Danger’s nostrils were instantly filled with the musky aroma of her sex. He then let the thong drop to the floor and knelt behind her and lifted each beylikdüzü balıketli escort foot allowing her to step out of the discarded garment. Danger turned it inside out and inhaled her scent from the moist crotch. He then tossed it aside and placed his hands on her firm ass cheeks and spread them apart revealing her glistening wet slit and furry brown bush. He moved his head up between her thighs so that his face was just inches from her sex. Gently, he blew on her cunt which drew a small giggle from Leah. Sticking his tongue out, Danger moved his head deeper between her legs. He poked his tongue into the bottom of her bush and found her excited clit which caused her to moan and rock forward on the balls of her feet. He then slid his tongue back across her swollen lips. She gasped in delight before begging him to fuck her; “Please put that cock in me!”

Danger was only too happy to oblige as he stood and stroked his cock a few times making sure it was good and hard fro her. he then stepped towards her and nestled the large, purple head between her swollen labia.

“Here it comes,” he said as she grabbed her smooth hips and began pushing the first few inches of his shaft into her wet snatch. Leah’s ass squirmed as inch by inch Danger’s prick sunk into her body. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she felt him bottom out inside her. Slowly he began pulling out of her juicy pussy, his cock was slick with her oil allowing him to thrust back in right away. He held his cock deep within her for a few moments as he spoke, “I’m gonna hump your wet cunt until you cum.”

“Oh fuck baby, bring it!” she pleaded as Danger raised his right hand high in the air and brought it down with a loud smack on her ass cheek. He repeatedly smacked her ass as he began pounding her cunt with his stiff rod. Leah moaned and gasp in ecstasy with each blow from his cock in her pussy and from each blow of his hand against her reddening ass cheek. She then felt her cunt muscles tighten around his cock as the heat rose from her pussy and spread throughout her body. She reached out to either side and grabbed the faucets of the two sinks as Danger’s balls swung forward and thumped against her clit. Danger stopped spanking her ass and slid his hands up her sides, across her rib cage, and cupped them underneath her jiggling tit mounds. he got her nipples between his fingers and squeezed them causing her to moan out even louder. He then pinched and rolled them between his fingertips as his cock continued its relentless assault upon her cunt.

Leah could now feel her orgasm clenching her cunt as her grip on Danger’s cock tightened. The heat generated by their sexual organs was almost more than she could stand. Suddenly the build up came to a head and her orgasm exploded over her body causing her to scream out in pleasure. Danger pulled his hands back from her tits to her hips and took a firm grasp as he increased his speed. His thighs were now hitting her ass hard enough to make an audible smacking noise. He could feel her body trembling in his hands on his straining cock as small beads of sweat broke out all over her naked back and ass cheeks.

She began raising her upper body of the counter and supporting herself on her arms causing Danger’s thrusts to almost lift her off the floor. Her large tits bounced up and down as Danger continued humping her pussy. His hands left her hips and went back to her soft tits allowing him to pinch her nipples and provide even more stimulation as her orgasm continued to ripple through her sensitive beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş body. Before long Danger could his cum bubbling up out of his balls preparing to burst into cunt. As he started to come, he pushed Leah back done on the counter, grabbed her hips, and gave a few more long, hard, deep thrusts before burying his cock deep within her and letting it erupt and coat her ravaged pussy with his hot, thick cream.

After the last drops of cum spit out of his stiff cock, Danger slowly pulled it from Leah swollen pussy. Small drops of her sweet nectar trickled from her lips down the inside of her thighs tickling her slightly. With his cock still hard Danger took some of her oil on his hands and rubbed it over her rosebud and gently stuck his fingertip into her tight ass hole.

“Hang on,” Leah said when she realized he intended to invade her rectum. Danger held his breath hoping that she wouldn’t object. “Let me change positions first,” she said to Danger’s relief. She then turned, jumped up on the counter with a small plop, and then laid down on her back before lifting her legs high into the air and spreading them. Danger grabbed her thighs and pulled her towards him so that her ass was hanging off the counter. He rubbed some more of her pussy juice between her legs before wedging the head of his cock into her ass hole. “Go on, push it in, I can take it,” Leah urged him as he began sliding more of his prick into her back door. Danger loved how tight her ass was, he wrapped his arms around her thighs and gently kept pushing into her. Leah was once again grabbing the faucets of the two sinks as she felt Danger’s rod sinking into her and the walls of her anus stretching to accommodate him.

Danger had about six or seven inches of his cock buried in Leah’s cramped rectum when he knew she couldn’t take anymore. He slowly slid his prick out of her leaving just head inside her before sliding back into her. He kept getting faster and faster until he had reached a brisk pace at which point Leah began moaning and gasped deeply. She arched her back and one hand went between her legs to rub her protruding clit. Her hips were now bucking against Danger as he humped her ass. Her pussy had begun manufacturing more of her slick juice and it was seeping down to her asshole giving Danger more lubrication with which to pound into her. Knowing she was at the brink of coming, Danger removed one hand from her thigh and slowly inserted two fingers into her drenched pussy. He pumped them in and out a few times before adding a third finger. Suddenly her cunt gripped his fingers so tightly he couldn’t move them and a flood of pussy juice came out in the palm of his hand and spilled down her slit and over his cock still pistoning in and out of her ass hole. Leah’s moan escalated into screams as the long, hot cock gliding through her rectum sent a massive orgasm crashing over her body. Her arms went limp at her sides and her legs leaned against Danger’s shoulders as her body trembled from the climax rippling through her body. It took several minutes for her orgasm to release the grip it had on her body. Danger pulled his now flaccid cock out of her ass and began cleaning it off with a towel.

“Holy shit,” Leah finally managed to stammer, “I’ve never been fucked like that before.” She slid off the counter to her feet and grabbed another towel and held it to her sensitive pussy mound to soak up some of her own cream. “I’ve gotta get back to bed. That took everything out of me,” she said as she pulled her thong back up her legs. She winced when the crotch touched her still swollen labia. After sliding her night gown back over her heaving tits she kissed Danger again and left the bathroom to make her way back to bed.

Leah was still asleep when Danger went to leave the next day, so he slipped a note into her jacket saying that he wanted to get together with her again sometime. When she found the note later that week she felt a twinge in her hungry pussy.

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