Dancing In New York

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For The Baron…..my Sexy Fox….. thanks for the fun and the frolics and for being my inspiration! Now… let’s dance!!

Her heart raced as the plane started its descent into New York’s JFK airport. While she had met him many times since their original meeting she still got butterflies in her stomach at the thought of seeing him again and being in his arms. Neither of them could quite believe that their diverse business interests would see them both in New York for several days at the same time as each other. Peter had flown in two days earlier for a meeting while she was combining a shopping trip with picking up samples from Victoria’s Secrets as she prepared to open a similar shop “Sexy Secrets” in Dublin.

When the plane landed she grabbed her bag from the carousel and waited impatiently in line to go through Immigration. As she emerged into the Arrivals Hall her eyes scanned the waiting faces, almost immediately spotting him at the barrier his face in a broad smile. Abandoning her case where it was she flung herself into his arms as he swept her off her feet, kissing her and laughing at her excitement. He picked up her case and slipping his arm around her shoulders he led her out to the waiting limousine.

As they drove towards Manhattan they chatted easily, sipping glasses of champagne and laughing like two school kids playing truant at the prospect of four whole days together in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. He delighted in her face as she saw New York for the first time. She squealed with glee every so often “Oh look P… it’s the Statue of Liberty”, or shuddering “Look how high the Empire State Building is…. you are never getting me up the top of that”!!! He laughed at that and made some comment about her never having being “up” something quite that big!!!

The limousine stopped outside their hotel and Peter led her to their room which had a fantastic view of Central Park. He had another meeting to attend that afternoon and he suggested that she take a nap for a couple of hours to recover from the flight by which stage he would be free and he would take her to dinner. She willingly acquiesced, climbed into the enormous bed falling into a deep sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow and was only awoken when she heard his key in the door several hours later. He walked over and sat at the side of the bed and gently stroked and kissed her forehead, as she struggled to wake up. “Come on Sleepyhead” he teased, “we have dinner to go to and you can’t sleep all evening!”

Smiling she stretched and yawned as she threw the covers back. As usual when he saw her naked body he felt his own body react. He couldn’t help but love her body, her soft full breasts, her toned legs, her face, her smile. As she turned and rolled out of the bed to go into the bathroom to shower he couldn’t help but admire her perfect JLo ass and the way she moved.

She emerged from the shower several minutes later wrapped in a large white fluffy towel, “Hey P, where are we going tonight?” she called out to him, beşiktaş escort “I need to decide what to wear”.

“It’s a surprise Babe” he smiled as he started to get ready himself, “just wear something sexy!”

Half an hour later they were ready to go. Peter still couldn’t believe his eyes at how damn hot she looked and was finding it very difficult to keep his hands to himself! Isobel had taken him at his words and was wearing a long red dress, which clung to her body and which glittered when it caught the light. It fell from two tiny shoe string straps on her shoulders and was slit to the thigh on one side revealing just a hint of lace at the top of her sheer stockings. She wore matching red high strappy sandals and had a pashmina shawl draped around her shoulders. Her dark hair was caught up and she wore a diamond necklace and earrings to finish off the look.

Peter in turn looked so handsome and sexy in his tuxedo. She still couldn’t believe her eyes every time she looked at him, he was so distinguished. He was still tanned from an earlier holiday and the combination of his salt and pepper hair, his brown eyes and the way he looked at her always made her heart leap.

Once again he had arranged for a limousine to take them from the hotel to dinner. Isobel couldn’t believe her eyes when the limo pulled up outside the Rainbow Rooms. “Oh P” she gasped her eyes shining, “Oh WOW!!!!”

They walked hand in hand into the restaurant and were shown to their table. An orchestra was playing at one end of the restaurant and already several dinner patrons were dancing to the music. Peter had managed to book a table by the window with a fabulous view of the New York skyline. His eyes however were constantly drawn back to Isobel, to her sparkling eyes and to the plunging neckline of the dress which showed off her full breasts to perfection. God, how he wanted her.

She playfully ran her leg up along his under the table as they ate their meal. Her eyes were dancing with mischief and he saw the look in her face that he was beginning to know so well. Smiling cheekily at him she excused herself to go to the rest-rooms. His eyes followed her across the room as she swayed seductively in time to the music and he felt the longing in his groin grow. Several minutes later she re-emerged and as she rejoined him at the table she pressed her hand into his and winked at him. His cock stiffened immediately as he realised she had taken her thong off and had now handed it to him. It was warm and slightly damp and the thought of her pussy naked under that dress made him ache even more for her.

He put the thong in his suit pocket, reached over to her and grasping her hand he escorted her to the dance floor. “You really are a little Minx” he murmured into her hair as he held her close. In answer Isobel tilted her head up to kiss him pressing her body against his, smiling as she felt his erection hard against her. They danced in each others arms for several songs, enjoying the closeness beşyol escort of each others bodies, holding each other close, moving as one. As the set ended they both knew that their need for each other was just too great and they had to get out of the restaurant.

Wrapping Isobel’s shawl around her shoulders and holding her tight against him to protect her from the chilly night they made their way back to the waiting limousine. Isobel snuggled into Peter’s arms in the back of the limo and giggled as he produced another bottle of champagne from the car’s fridge. “Mmmm Baby” she whispered huskily, “you want to tell the driver to take us the long way home?” Peter groaned with desire and somehow with the help of a $100 bill, managed to communicate to the driver that they wanted to see the sights of New York so to speak and that they did not want to be disturbed!

He turned to Isobel and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. She in turn began running her hands up and down his thighs. Slowly she began to unzip his trousers, enjoying teasing him slightly as she touched his erection through the material. She slid her hand into his trousers, pushing his boxers aside, reaching for his cock. He gasped as his cock sprang free and her hand grasped his erection as she very slowly began to stroke him and caress him.

He bent his head towards her as he slipped the thin straps of her dress down over her shoulders revealing her breasts. Hungrily he began to lick and kiss at her soft pert breasts, sucking at her pink nipples, feeling them grow hard and erect in his mouth. All the time he could feel her hand working his cock and he could feel himself grow wetter as she rubbed his precum all over his shaft.

He groaned out loud and dragging himself away from her breasts for a moment he kissed her again on the mouth. His hand running along her thigh, feeling the top of her stockings under her dress, teasing her but knowing she needed him as much as he needed her now. As he grazed his fingers across her shaven mound she gasped and arched into him for a moment, increasing the pace on his cock. As she opened her legs for him he slowly began to run his fingers along her slit, feeling her pussy lips smooth and glistening with arousal. He dipped two fingers into her pussy feeling how wet she was and then brought them up to his own mouth to taste her. “Oh God Isobel” he moaned as her hands continued to work on his cock, “God I want you! I want to fuck you! Oh Babyyyyy!!!!”

In reply she continued to stroke and grasp and tease his cock, running her hand over the tip and back down the shaft again. She cupped his heavy balls in her other hand, drawing them down as she stroked his cock. He peeled back the hood of her clit and stroked and teased it. He could feel how swollen it was and how eager her pussy was for his fingers. He gasped as he felt her slip a finger into his ass as she continued to alternatively stroke his cock and gently squeeze his balls.

They lay against each other beykent escort like that masturbating each other and kissing each other for what seemed like an eternity. Isobel stroking and caressing Peter’s cock, balls and ass; his fingers fucking her and circling her clit. Finally he pulled away from her, his need for her overpowering. As if reading his mind, her eyes smiling lovingly into his, her breasts spilling out over the top of the dress as she pulled the dress up over her waist and raised herself to sit astride him. Slowly but eagerly she lowered herself down on his throbbing cock, both of them gasping as the tip of his cock entered her as she slid the full length of his erection into her aching pussy. He arched into her, wanting to impale her, driving his cock into her hungry cunt. He buried his face into her breasts, licking and sucking hungrily at her nipples.

Isobel’s head was leaning against his, her hands running through his hair, caressing and stroking his face. She rode him slowly, both of them laughing every so often as the limousine went over a bump or around a corner, causing them to lose their rhythm for a second. Peter’s cock felt so good inside her pussy, she could feel her lips being stretched as he drove further and deeper into her. His hands were on her ass as she rode him. His fingers still slick with her cunt juices started to gently probe her rosebud, pressing up into her until he felt his finger slip through her tight ring.

“Oh God yessss” Isobel screamed, oblivious to their driver or anything else other than Peter and their hunger for one another. Peter continued to finger fuck her in the ass as she rode his cock. She drove heavily down onto his fingers and his cock, feeling herself being pushed close to the edge. She felt him thrust harder into her and reached her face down to kiss him on the mouth, knowing they were both close to cumming. They fucked each other frantically, their tongues clashing, their breath panting into each others mouths. “Isobellllllllll” he screamed into her mouth as he felt his orgasm explode, his seed spurting deep inside her. His body shuddering and driving into her just as her body began to buck and shudder as wave after wave of orgasm crashed around her. Screaming for him, clinging to each other, kissing passionately as their bodies trembled and bucked as they came together.

Gasping and panting they held each other, Peter caressing her, whispering to her, holding her like he never wanted to let her go. She sat on top of him, his cock still buried deep inside her, feeling his warm creamy cum sliding out of her pussy and onto their thighs, all the time her head on his shoulder, her face buried into the side of his.

They sat that way for some time, catching their breath until Isobel finally slipped off his lap and curled up on the seat beside him in his arms. Peter kissed the top of her head as he picked up the intercom to the driver and asked him to bring them back to the hotel. As they got their clothes back into some semblance of order, Isobel snuggled into Peter’s arms and murmured cheekily “Mmmm if that was my first night in New York Sweetheart, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the next four days!” Laughing down at her he kissed her long and hard on the mouth “You will just have to wait and see My Sexy Vixen!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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