Dale’s Special Family Ch. 02

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Lynda and Dale had just starting to clean up when Bettie returns. She kisses him and then goes into the bedroom. The sexy sister-in-law follows on the pretext of wanting to talk about ‘girl things’.

“So,” Bettie asks removing a pair of shoes, “what did you an’ my husband do today?”

“Nothin’ much,” Lynda smiles coyly, “just rediscovered our relationship.”

“Did’ya decide what your gonna do?” she asks unbuttoning the blouse.

Bettie is nicely endowed. The 36C’s fills the bra cups fully. They jiggle slightly as the shirt is removed. The back zipper of the snug skirt is tugged down.

“I believe I might stay around here for awhile,” Lynda answers moving up behind her sister-in-law. “Here,” she offers replacing Bettie’s hands on the zipper, “let me help with that.”

Lynda could smell a perfume neck. It is nice and mild aroma. She likes the idea this sexy Latina would soon be on her back, legs spread.

“Well,” Bettie grants slipping down the skirt, “take all the time you wish.” She bends slightly to assist the falling garment. “You’re always welcome with us.”

A brown finely rounded ass is in full view of Lynda. A deep sigh is given as lesbian desires rise. Nothing is worn under the pantyhose. A dark haired pussy is within fingertips.

“May I ask you a personal question?” Lynda speaks up quickly. This is a distraction to reduce the desire of touching the inviting cunt.

“Yeah,” Bettie permits removing the bra.

“Do you an’ my brother have a good sex life?” she blurts out.

That wasn’t the way to allivate the rising passions. The horny sister-in-law couldn’t think of anything to ask. It is hard trying to control the cravings flooding within her body.

“That’s an unusual question,” Bettie wonders removing the pantyhose, “Why would’ya wanna know?”

The sexy Latina is completely naked. For the first time in her life, Lynda immediately becomes wet between the legs just looking at a female nude body. The urge to place a kiss on the dark red lips rises quickly.

“You an’ him seem so compatible,” Lynda answers still staring at Bettie’s treasures, “I just wanna know.”

“Well,” she giggles, “your brother is quite a stud.” Pulling on a pair of jogging shorts the proud spouse qualifies, “When he places his mind on it.”

Lynda regrets seeing her sister-in-law’s twat get covered. She thinks lustfully that soon it would be naked again. The juices between the hot woman’s legs increase with the idea.

“Well,” she asks idly, “how often is that?”

“All the time,” Bettie quips.

The two women burst out in laughter.

Dale hears the laughing. They are getting along. Bettie didn’t sound tired and is in a good mood. That is great with what Lynda and he had planned for later in the evening.

Dale completes the clean up. It is surprising of how much of a mess was made. It had been quite wild. His sister and he had a very passionate fuck session.

When the women come out he is on the couch with the TV on. Lynda walks over and sits next to him. Bettie goes into the kitchen to start dinner.

The pretty wife smiles and winks at her husband before exiting the room. That is a sign she is in a sexy mood. It is more assurance that the plan will go well tonight.

Dale would be tying her down. Bettie liked being restrained and teased. A couple of pair of handcuffs hangs on the bedpost always ready for use.

Lynda is wearing a short shirt and a see through blouse. Protruding nipples states no bra on. She grinds broadly at Dale. Legs are open to give an unrestricted view all the way up the curvy legs. There are no panties to limit the sight. A sparsely haired, pink and wet cunt is fully exposed. His sister opens wider to give a deeper view into a willing and very damp pussy.

“Could you come in an’ help me?” Bettie calls out.

“You want me?” Dale shouts back.

“No, silly,” Bettie corrects, “Your sister! I’m needin’ her help.”

“I’m comin’!” Lynda quickly jumps up and moves to him.

“She was naked in the bedroom,” she confesses hotly into his ear, “She bent over an’ I wanted to lick her cunt right then an’ there!” Kissing Dale lightly, she adds, “I can’t wait to taste Mexican pie! It’ll be wonderful!”

The lusting sister gives a second kiss. This one is deeper and longer. She shuttles into the kitchen.

Dale looks down at his crotch. A hard bulk says it all. Tonight he would be fucking two fine cunts! How lucky could a guy get?

The rest of the evening consists of Dale sexually teasing Bettie. She responds in the same matter. The sexy sister grins watching the two get turned on.

When Lynda gets up to use the bathroom, Bettie comes over to Dale. She places a hand on his crotch. Brown eyes sparkle impishly.

“You’re in a fuckin’ mood,” the sexy spouse prods with a squeeze, “Aren’t ya?”

“Rock hard,” he answers, “an’ ready to tie ya ass down.”

“I’m ready to be tied down,” the kinky wife responds with a final caress of the ball sac.

Dale could never get use to what a great looking body his kartal escort wife had. Nice rounded thighs. A full buxom chest with tits sits perky and upright. Dark Latina features augment the exotic appearance.

Over the years this physique has remained nice and firm. This is enforced with trips to the gym at least three times a week. She is one sexy looking woman. Bettie didn’t have to do much to get him to rise up.

By late evening the three of them are horny. Dale hopes to last long enough to seduce Bettie. There is a special fantasy to live out tonight.

Lynda had changed into the standard tee shirt and a shortie robe. A set of dancer’s legs is exposed up to the bottom of the buttocks. It allows flashes to be given during the evening.

Dale had also changed into a robe. Normally shorts were kept on. Tonight nothing is underneath.

Lynda and Dale were sitting on the couch. Bettie lay in the easy chair. All are watching TV. The only illumination is coming from the screen.

“Normally I would be at work right now an’ some old fool would be jammin’ bills down my G-string.” Lynda speaks up. “It’s nice just to be relaxin’ like this.”

“Well,” Bettie suggests, “chill out like you normally do.”

“For me,” Lynda yawns, “that usually means stretchin’ out on my couch.” She adds demurely, “But that can’t happen here. I’m sharin’ this couch.”

“Don’t let that stop you,” the young wife tells, “your brother’s leg makes a nice pillow.” She adds, “I’ve used it often for that.”

“Well,” the sexy sister eagerly agrees, “I can do that.”

She promptly places a blond mane on the bare, muscular leg. Dale watch as the processor of getting comfortable begins. Soon Lynda is motionless staring at the TV screen.

A large grin appears on the angelic face. The brother knows exactly what that means. She is thinking something devious.

A hand edges between his legs reveals the sister’s plan. Long fingers play with the head of a stiff cock. An erection comes up fast.

Dale’s minx of a sister affectionately massages the dick and balls. A slow jacking off begins. He could have raped her on the spot.

Dale leans down and whispers, “You fuckin’ tease. I oughta cram my cock in your mouth now.”

“Any time; any place; anywhere,” she dares in a low voice.

He knows she is more than ready. The smell sweet brooding odor from a hot cunt tells it all. She would suck him off right now despite the fact Bettie is in the room.

Lynda keeps kneading the cockshaft with soft fingers. Dale is as hard as ever. A helmeted head is seeping pre-semen.

“I’m gonna hop into the shower,” Bettie announces, “before gettin’ into bed.”

“I’ll join ya in bed as soon as you’re finished,” Dale informs.

Bettie gets up out of the chair heading for the bathroom.

Dale slides a hand to Lynda’s crotch. The taboo cunt is wet. He starts playing with the clit using a big middle finger.

Once the bathroom door closes, Lynda rotates on her brother’s lap. She is facing a hard cock. The head is given a pecking kiss.

The shower starts and she inhales the hard cock. Dale is up to the balls in Lynda’s mouth. A golden head moves up and down up and down in quick jerky motions.

Excited finger rubs and plays with a wet clit. Two of them slip pass the hot cunt lips. Dale finger-fucks Lynda’s pussy.

The working of his cock didn’t take long. A fast climax is arriving. She knows it and sucks even harder. The hot sibling desires to taste the forbidden sperm.

Dale’s fingers bang a wet cunt for all it is worth. Quivering pussy muscles constrict around the invading digits. She is ready to climax.

“Oh gawd!” Dale moans, “I’m gonna shoot off!”

“Hmmmmmmm!” Lynda sounds.

Hot sperm burst into her mouth. As before the expert cock sucking sister eagerly drinks the hot cum. No drop escape.

Lynda had lifted one leg. The curvy gam is placed on the back of the couch. It gives Dale complete access to the hot cunt. Nervous fingers attack the accommodating pussy without restraint.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Is all the sound Lynda makes as the climax captures her. Love juices flow from the uninhibited cunt.

“Please fuck me now, Brother,” Lynda begs climbing onto a big lap, “Fuck your sister-whore raw!”

They kiss passionately.

“We’ll fuck,” Dale promises in a lustful whisper, “But I wanna live out this fantasy.”

“An’ I’ll live out my fantasy,” she nods acknowledgement as they kisses again. Their tongues tangles and plays together.

The bathroom door opens. Lynda hops off her brother’s lap. A shy smile is given. A wet cunt is flaunted one more time.

Bettie comes out of the bathroom with a towel covering hair and one wrapped loosely around a damp, tight body. The bathroom light silhouettes the unsuspecting wife.

Dale hastily stands up as Bettie goes on into the master bedroom. He steps forward to follow. Lynda suddenly grabs her brother’s arm.

“She’d better be ready to fuck,” the lustfilled sibling warns in a hushed maltepe escort bayan voice, “or I’m gonna rape that bitch.”

“Gimme about twenty minutes,” he instructs, “Then ‘accidentally’ come in.”

When Dale enters Bettie is lying on the bed straddle-legged. She is ready to fuck. The hot wife wants to play their sexy games. He could smell the sweet pussy aroma saying she is hot.

Dale removes the robe while stepping toward the bed. A rock hard cock waves vulgarly. Bettie’s eyes light up.

“You’re really ready to fuck,” she asks greedily, “Aren’t, Baby?”

“You’re right, Bitch,” he promises climbing onto the bed, “An’ tonight, my lovin’ cunt, you’re gonna experience fuckin’ lik’ ya never had!”

Dale quickly pushes arms back to where wrists are next to the bedposts. Handcuffs are snapped on. Kisses trail down a soft, long neck, shoulder, and into the valley between the naturally tanned mounts of lust. The trek continues on down until his head is buried in a fine cunt.

Dale slurps and eats the sweet pussy. He sucks for all it is worth to drink her dry. The lusting husband is always able to bring on a quick climax with oral love.

“Damn!” she moans, “You’re always ready in makin’ me cum with that marvelous tongue!” She wails softly, “Yaaaaiiiiieeeeeee!”

His tastes the hot twat and begins to lap down between the curvy legs. Dale then clicks handcuffs to the bottom bedposts.

Bettie is now tied to the bed and at his mercy. A wife’s cunt is wide open. It is begging for an erected cock.

Bettie hunches a rounded ass. A sexy pelvis wiggle follows. The turned on Latina is horny.

“An’ you’re always ready to toss a guy a fuck,” Dale states moving up to position at the opening of the hot pussy.

“Why not?” She brags, “I’m a good piece of ass.”

Dale slides a hard cock into the accommodating cunt. She moans with pleasure as the shaft runs all the way in. Slow, easy strokes begin.

Dark brown eyes closed submitting to the pleasurable sensation. She is a whore when it comes to her husband’s amusements. The young wife is an amoral bitch when it comes to sex.

A knock on the door occurs just as they are on the edge of cumming. Dale feels Bettie’s pussy muscles tighten. It is Lynda who is at the door.

“Yeah!” Dale responds.

The door swings open. Lynda walks it and halts. A mock expression of shock is on the lovely face.

“Oh god!” the startled wife reacts. She couldn’t move because of the handcuffs. “Doncha think I should be covered?”

“No.” Dale quickly calms, “Trust me, Honey.”

“Oh!” Lynda continues the sham, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you guys.”

“You didn’t, Sis,” Dale assures continuing the slow pumping of Bettie. “You should leave.”

An elfin smile appears on the sexy sibling’s face.

“You’ve tied her down?” she observes biting a bottom lip, “That’s kinky.” The hot sister then asks in a little girl manner, “Can I stay?”

“I dunno,” he feigns doubt. Dale looks down at Bettie quizzing, “Why not?” A hard cock strokes deeper into the sexy wife.

“An audience?” the sexuality-hazed spouse peers over at Lynda, permitting, “Why not?”

“You can stay, sis.” He specifies, “But the robe goes.”

“That I can do,” Lynda eagerly agrees.

The garment falls down around small ankles. All other clothing had already been removed. A beautiful, naked body stands in the doorway.

Dale gives a quick inspection of Bettie. A set of dark brown nipples had gotten harder when seeing Lynda’s hot body. The scheming husband knows his Latina wife is finding the blonde stripper sister-in-law hot. The reality makes a hard cock stiffened even more.

Lynda walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. She had put on perfume. The smell is sexy to both her brother and sister-in-law. The aroma is a reminder of the legendary “French Whore”.

The fucking pace with Bettie steps up. She responds with heightened gyrations and twists of pleasure. His wife repeatedly looks over at Lynda. The nude woman presence is making her hotter.

“Oh, baby,” she cries out, “Fuck me deep! Run that cock up your bitch’s cunt!”

She robotically raises hips to meet the diving cock. Dale goes deep. Bettie’s cunt is even wetter than before.

“Fuck her, Brother,” Lynda encourages. Finger a wet pussy, she huskily encourages, “Fuck that cunt hard! Make her cum lik’a fountain!”

“I’m ready to cum!” Dale announces loudly.

The pumping of Bettie escalates. She is at the point of climaxing. The scheming husband knows that the fact there is an audience only makes her hotter.

“Hey, girl,” Bettie pants lustfully, “How do’ya like watchin’ your brother fuckin’?” She states moaning, “His cock is sooo gooood!”

“Make her cum, dear brother,” a hot Lynda promotes.

Lynda places the wet fingers on his ass. They wander to a puckering anus. A middle finger is inserted up to the first joint. Dale had never had that done before, but it feels good.

“I’m gonna cum!” Bettie shouts. A pair of trim escort pendik hips buck faster. She strains on the cuffs as he rams harder.

“Deeper!” Lynda cheers, “Go very deep into that pussy!” She leans over to his ear and whispers, “Show me how you two mate!”

Lynda removes the long finger from her brother’s asshole and again finger-fucks herself. His dick goes deeper into Bettie. She twists and contorts aggressively as the pleasure waves intensify.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Bettie screams, “Make me flow with cum!” She yells lustfully, “I’m cummmmin’!”

“So am I!” Dale responds. He fucks as deep as possible. It is a surprise his ball sac doesn’t rupture due to how hard of a pounding is being done.

“I’m shootin’ off!” Dale shouts gleefully.

“I’m cummmin’ too!” Bettie sheiks.

They explode together. Hot sperm rushes into the spouse’s waiting cunt. Her juices meet his with a furious wave.

Dale then falls to one side fully satisfied. Bettie is one good fuck. Only Lynda this afternoon could rival the performance.

“That’s wonderful,” Lynda applauds, “You two are a fantastic fuckin’ pair.”

The turned on sibling then leans across the still restrained wife and kisses Dale on the lips. She smiles and mouths, “I’m next.” He notices as she sits up her hand brushes across the mocha breasts.

“I understand why my brother has made you his woman,” Lynda states ogling the forbidden sweaty body, “You’re one hot bitch.”

“I’m good,” Bettie, sighs, “’cause your brother has a very educated cock.”

Nonsense!” Lynda rejects while running an excited hand across a damp flat stomach, “You gotta fine body.” She adds with a giggle, “It’s made for sin.”

“So’s yours,” Bettie compliments back. “You have those beautiful titties.”

“Mine,” Lynda reminds, “has been enhanced.” With a gentle hand skimming over both of Bettie’s, she notes, “But these are real an’ beautiful.”

The restraint Latina did a breathing pause as the warm hand glides over erect nipples. A trim back involuntarily arches so the soft mounts would meet the tender petting. The wet Latina wife is getting hotter.

“Ya know,” Lynda, admits, “I’ve always wonders what the pussy would look like that belongs to my brother’s mate.”

Lynda unexpectedly shifts so to be directly over Bettie’s cunt. A hand is placed at the outside her sister-in-law’s right thigh. Long golden strands titillate the Latina’s oversensitive skin.

“I knew it would be beautiful,” Lynda says leaning closer to the hot cunt.

The smell is making a set of pink nipples hard. The sexy blond couldn’t hold out much longer. She is going to eat this dark haired pussy.

“In fact,” Lynda says hotly, “it’s as beautiful as I always thought it would be.”

Bettie’s pussy gapes at Lynda, dripping with love juices. Dale’s sister couldn’t resist touching it. The engorged clit is too tempting.

Lynda then confessed, “I must kiss it ’cause it’s such a pretty pussy.”

The lusting sister dives in tongue first and plants a deep kiss on the sister-in- law’s cunt.

“You’re so warm an’ sticky and so tasty,” Lynda moans between licks and sucks.

“Oooooooooh,” Bettie murmurs, “I knew there was something really special about you, baby.”

Lynda licks the taboo taut hole. A hot tongue laps the inviting clit. The sexually driven sister sucks on it gently, drawing the sensitive skin between teeth.

A glistening cunt angles to make it easier for the blonde head to go deeper. Lynda shifts to go deeper between the athletic legs. She kisses and then licks the offering love hole with quicker, darting movements.

“You Gawddamn whore,” Bettie moans pressing against the restraints, “You cunt teasin’ Gawddamn whore,” she growls involuntarily widening long curvaceous legs.

Lynda parts the brown pussy lips and washes the pink exposed inner skin. An erect clitoris is being loved again. The hot blond sucks on the blood engorged skin tenderly amplifying the pleasure sensations to her sister-in-law.

“Suck a little harder, darlin’,” Bettie pants.

The young wife’s body jerks and pulls at the handcuffs. Her head contorts backwards as if caught in an intense muscle spasm. A dark lipped mouth gapes open. A look of tremendous bliss appears on Bettie’s face.

“Aaahhhhhh!” she groans huskily, “That’s magnificent, Baby! So fuckin’ good! I’m gonna cum!”

Lynda stops sucking and flicks a warm tongue rapidly over the extended clit.

“Iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!” she squeals with wrists straining against the cuffs.

A firm ass hunched forward. The sexy spouse rubs a hot snatch into the sister-in-law’s face. Lynda’s mouth presses harder on the quivering wet twat.

Lynda slides two fingers up Bettie’s cunt and churns them around while a darting, pink tongue that tortures the woman’s clit. That is all that is needed to send her on a sexual roller coaster ride.

“Gawd!” Bettie wails, “I’m cummin’! I’m climaxin’! I’m explodin’!”

Lynda attacks engorged clit a few more minutes. Forbidden pussy lips are spread wider with two thumbs. A hot tongue goes deeper into the flowing cunt. Dale observes his sister greedily drinking the flowing juices.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Bettie pants, “You’ve got such an experience tongue.” She looks at her husband ordering, “Git over here.”

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