Daddy’s Princess

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To my readers:

Thank ya’ll so much for all your support and encouragement, there are lots of supportive Daddys here! Love reading your feedback and comments. Let me know if this should be a series or not 😉


“Lauren, pick up some groceries today, and my dry cleaning should be ready as well.” My dad breezed past me, briefcase in hand.

“Yeah, okay dad,” I muttered, adding that to my list. “Let me just that to everything else,” I sighed. I’m sure it’s hard to be a parent. Not to mention a single father. But it was also hard to be a nineteen year old cook, maid, and personal shopper on top of going to community college and being a part time retail manager.

I sulked as the front door slammed shut, followed by a painful silence. Dad had been mourning my mom for the past three years. I feel sad for him, but at the same time I still hadn’t had time to grieve the loss of my mother and best friend.

I dragged my tired butt upstairs and into the bathroom for a shower before work. I had already finished my two mile run and was feeling it in my legs. Turning the water to hot, I stripped out of my jogging shorts and sports bra, relieving my hair from its high pony tail. I glanced in the mirror and gave my reflection a little smile. My tummy was flat, but still soft and feminine, arms thin and toned from lifting boxes at work. My legs were pure muscle, toned from my daily runs. A Hello Kitty charm dangled from my belly button, and a little diamond shone on my nose. My bangs and ends were teal blue, the rest a dark brown. My 36 C tits were perky, my skin tanned, and my brown eyes bright. Alas, with all my work, chores and school, my social life was nonexistent and my hard work was going to waste.

I stepped into the warm steamy water, sighing softly in relief. The water massaged my sore muscles as I lathered up my body, shaving my legs and pussy smooth. Not like anyone would appreciate it. I groaned in sexual frustration, but knew I didn’t have time to deal with it. Rinsing off, I stepped into the cold air and shivered. Grabbing a towel I started to dry my hair, wrapping my hair up on the towel as I walked out of the bathroom.

“There you are Lauren, I forgot my-” I jumped a mile high, snatching the towel from my head and trying to cover my naked skin.

“Jesus Dad! You’re supposed to be at work,” I squeaked, embarrassed.

“Y-yeah, I’m sorry. I just forgot my laptop charger…” He trailed off, not sure what to say.

“Umm, it’s in the office behind your desk,” I mumbled, cheeks bright red.

“Thanks Princess,” he smiled warmly, sending shivers through my body, I can’t remember the last time he smiled. He leaned down and kissed my forehead before going to retrieve his charger and head back to work. My head was swimming as I got dressed for work, pulling on some fake leather leggings, black boots and a black tunic shirt ending right below my butt. I dried my hair and applied my makeup, a dark smokey eye with heavy liner and tried to seem eager about the day ahead of me.


I could barely concentrate as I drove back to the office, my cock harder than it has been in years. And because of my daughter! My flesh and blood. And what flesh it was. Perfect, ataşehir escort unmarked tan skin, toned and thin. Hairless everywhere, just silky skin. And those ageless tits! Her cute little pink nipples, hard as little pebbles. When did she grow up? I wondered to myself. I suppose during these past few years when I was too busy wallowing in my own sorrow than to pay attention to my own little girl, I thought guiltily. I was going to find a way to make it up to her, one way or another.


My knuckles were white, I clenched the steering wheel so tightly. My eyes were red, brimmed with tears. Groceries and dry cleaning filled my back seat, and I just wanted to get home so the day was over. My wrists were bruised, mottled purple finger marks beginning to blossom. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed dads car in the driveway.

Weird, he doesn’t normally get home until much later, I thought to myself wearily. I was still embarrassed from this morning. I thought back to the encounter and was surprised to find my nipples harden a bit. I was a little turned on that he hadn’t looked away, just seemed hypnotized by his little girl. Suddenly I was glad for my two mile runs and healthy eating.

My body ached as I pulled myself out of the car. I sighed softly, wiping away my tears as I opened the back seat to retrieve the groceries and food.

“Hey Princess, need a hand?” I smiled slightly. There was that name again. He hadn’t called me that in years.

“Sure dad,” I agreed, handing him some bags. His empty hand went to my wrist, examining the bruises.

“What is this?” He asked softly. When I turned away he asked again, more demanding.

“A customer grabbed me at work,” I admitted quietly, pulling my hand back from him.

“I thought you worked at a little girls jewelry shop?” He asked, grabbing my chin so I had to look up at him.

“I do. But that doesn’t stop single dads or uncles from coming in to shop for someone and make a move,” I muttered, trying to pull away. He frowned and let me go, grabbing all the groceries and his dry cleaning. I watched in surprise, shutting the car door behind him. I knew my dad was in good shape, I bought his clothes after all. I guess I just hadn’t realized how good of shape.

When we got inside, he started putting away the groceries on his own. Enjoying the change, I ran upstairs to get out of my work clothes. Slipping on a pair of black sweatpants and a tight white tee shirt, I pulled my hair into a messy high pony tail and headed downstairs to start cooking.


I couldn’t believe someone had put their hands on my baby. And from the way she talked about it, that wasn’t the first time. I was steaming mad. At her for taking the abuse, at anyone who had ever touched her, and most of all myself for not noticing her pain earlier. I heard her walk into the kitchen and I looked over my shoulder at her. My eyes nearly fell out of my head. Her shirt was so tight, the material stretching across her breasts. It rode up, exposing her bare midriff. She gave me a little smile, pulling something from the fridge.

“I made a lasagna yesterday, just have to cook it,” she said, turning on the oven.

I kadıköy escort looked at her closely. She looked exhausted. Beautiful and exhausted. I had put so much pressure on her, I don’t think she ever went out for fun, or dates.

“Lauren, Princess, I don’t want you going back to work anymore,” I said slowly, trying to gage her reaction.

She looked at me, confused. “Daddy, you said I always had to have a job after I turned 18.”

She was right, I had said that. “Well not anymore. Just focus on school, okay baby?” I crossed the kitchen in a few strides and pulled my daughter to my chest, kissing the top of her head. It felt so good just to hold her tight young body against me. Too good, in fact, I could feel my cock twitch and grow between us.


I squeaked in surprise as my dad pulled me to him. All of this affection in one day was going to my head. I nuzzled into his chest, happy to let my handsome dad hold me. Suddenly I felt something big and hard pressing against my stomach, and couldn’t suppress a little moan, as I realized my dad had an erection. So bad of me, but I pressed myself closer to him. I was starved for some sort of attention, and my normally cold, distant daddy was giving me it. I felt his arms tighten around me, pressing his hardened cock more firmly against me.


My daughter was moaning against me, because of me. I was going to lose it very quickly. I looked down at my little girl and saw her tits squashed against my chest, her firm little stomach pressing into my cock. She looked up at me with her sweet brown eyes and I was gone. Lifting her into my arms, I kissed my daughter. Soft and curious, sucking on her bottom lip. Now I couldn’t help but moan, her young lips the sweetest I’ve ever kissed. She kissed me back eagerly, her arms wrapped around my neck and legs thrown around my waist. My hands supported her ass, kneading and squeezing the sexy little thing. Every moan of hers made my cock pulse, and I knew I needed to sink it deep inside my little girl. I carried her into my bedroom and set her gently on the bed. I watched as she peeled her shirt off, revealing those two glorious young tits to her fathers eyes. Laying back on the bed she hooked her thumbs into her sweat pants and slid them and her panties down, giving me a close up of her perfect teenage cunt. I felt like a clumsy teenager, tugging off my suit shirt and trousers, my thick eight inch cock making a tent in my boxers as I slid them off. Leaning over my daughter I kissed her deeply, rubbing her tongue against mine. I looked deep into her eyes, seeing nothing but love and innocence. I smiled softly, kissing the corner of her lips to her delicate neck, relishing in the soft kitten moans coming from my daughter. I kissed and suckled on her neck, leaving little hickeys on her tan skin down to her pert full tits. Listening to her squeal with delight as music to my ears, her hands running through my hair, pressing my mouth against her nipple while I sucked and nibbled.

“Daddyyy,” she moaned breathily, whimpering as I nibbled down her tight stomach, pressing a kiss right below her naval.

“Yes my Princess?” I teased, dragging my tongue across her sweet slit. She cried bostancı escort bayan out, her hips bucking against my mouth. I looked up at her, watching her struggle to form words while my tongue attacked her sweet teenage pussy.

“Daddy I’m still a virgin…” She mumbled, embarrassed. I nearly bit off my tongue in surprise. My baby, my sexy little girl was still a virgin. I moved back up her body and gathered her in my arms, covering her in kisses. She reached between us and grasped my cock in her little hand. I moaned against her lips, my hips thrusting against her grasp.


I gasped, feeling how thick my dads cock was, how on earth was this going to fit? I purred with delight hearing my daddy moan. My fist pumped up and down, intrigued by his cock. I’d seen some online but never in person. He noticed my curious expression, I could feel him watching me as I leaned down and licked the head. Deciding I liked it, I suckled on the head, my hand still jacking him off as my tongue swirled around his hardon. I could feel his cock twitching and pulsing in between my lips, making me moan around him. He pulled my mouth off of him with a groan, quickly flipping me over onto my back.

“If you keep that up your old man won’t last too long,” he smiled, biting my bottom lip gently. He spread my legs with his own, taking his cock in hand. He rubbed the head against my slit, making my wetness drip with anticipation.

“I love you Princess,” he murmured in my ear, making my heart leap.

“I love you Daddy,” I whispered, shutting my eyes, feeling him begin to slowly push his cock into my impossibly tight cunt.

“Daddy…” I whimpered, squirming beneath him.

“Shh…Shh Princess,” he soothed, kissing my neck as he kept filling me with his cock. “Deep breath baby,” he murmured. I took a deep breath and let it out with a cry as my daddy took my cherry, his cock ripping me in half. He kissed away my tears, smoothing my hair away from my face. I felt impossibly full as the pain started to fade, replaced by an insatiable urge to be fucked. He could sense my need and his kisses turned to moan inducing bites in my neck, his hands lacing with mine as he started to thrust deep into my pussy, slow and steady. My legs wrapped around his waist, my body on auto pilot as my need took over.

“Fuck Daddy, fuck yes,” I moaned, my back arching against him as he started fucking my soaked pussy harder. Each thrust made me cry out in ecstasy as he manipulated my body in ways like never before. I could feel my pussy tighten around his thick hard cock, and he must have felt it too the way he growled, pulling my legs over my head and resting them on his shoulders, burying his cock deep in my cunt.


I couldn’t get enough of my daughters sweet cunt wrapped around my cock. I was fucking her harder than I’ve ever fucked before. I could feel my baby cumming hard over my cock, watched her face screw up in pleasure and almost desperation as I stuffed her with my cock.

“Moan for Daddy, Princess, make Daddy cum in that sweet pussy,” I groaned, listening to her cries of pleasure as she came again, drenching my cock. I couldn’t hold off any long and thrust into her once more, emptying over a year of cum into my sexy exhausted daughter. I collapsed beside her, pulling her tightly to me.

“I love you Princess,” I smiled, kissing her jaw. I watched her eyes close sleepily, her cute little tongue licking her lips.

“I love you Daddy.”

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