Daddy’s Little Princess Ch. 02

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Thanks to Steveciao for editing this story.

Even though, I had ended the story to a logical conclusion in the first part, due to requests from readers I decided to write a second part which happens right after she loses her virginity to her dad.


Anas was trying to complete his sales pitch report. He wanted to move to another team to be closer to his daughter but was finding it tough. It was already 10:30 pm.

He watched as his daughter Saima bounced into the lounge room, her thin cotton nightie brushing against her thighs. Her skin was rosy from the hot bath she’d just taken, and her long hair carried the fragrance of jasmine as she climbed up onto his lap for her nightly cuddle. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, pulling her close as he buried his face against her neck and nibbled on her delicate skin. Saima giggled loudly and twisted on his lap, her soft bottom rubbing against the front of his pants, making him groan. He placed her sideways across his legs and as his hand moved slowly beneath her nightgown, Saima parted her thighs like a good girl.

Saima felt daddy’s fingers move slowly up her inner thigh and her body began to tingle in anticipation. She loved how he softly rubbed his finger along her slit and made her pussy all wet. She blushed and buried her head against daddy’s chest. Anas groaned with appreciation as he parted the lips of her pussy with his index finger and rubbed her slick juices over her button.

Saima was so wet. God, she was becoming such a little slut. He’d been rubbing his little girl’s clit for months now, and each night her pussy got wetter, and his cock got harder.

Anas was amazed how he and Saima moved to this arrangement after their accidental encounter as if it was the rightful thing to do. No shame, embarrassment, taboo, societal pressure came into the picture.

He remembered the rumour that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was distraught after the death of his wife Mumtaz Mahal and he started having an incestuous relationship with his daughter Jahan Ara who looked just like his wife. When a few courtiers expressed displeasure, Shah Jahan said that the planter of the tree had the first rights to its sweet fruit. The seed he planted his wife’s womb had grown and was giving him the juiciest nectar filled fruits to feast upon.

Anas found Saima’s tiny clit and rubbed it back and forth between his two fingers, feeling his cock harden as she jerked her tiny hips up and down against his hand. He moved his free hand upwards, reaching for the buttons that ran all the way down the front of her nightgown. Slowly, teasingly, he undid the buttons, revealing her tiny body to his hungry eyes. With the first few buttons undone, Anas pushed the cotton away from her chest, moaning softly as his eyes feasted on her rosy nipples. He lowered his head and began lashing her nipples with his tongue.

Saima groaned as she felt her daddy’s wet mouth begin to lick and suck her nipples. She didn’t really understand how her body worked, but she knew that when her daddy licked her breasts, the tingling feeling in her chest was somehow linked to the aching feeling between her legs. Her daddy liked it too, because his breathing became heavy like her own, and his hand would rub her button faster as he licked and sucked. She loved it when he sucked her nipple hard, pulling it with his lips and teeth until it hurt a little. That always made her moan, and as he continued to work her nipples, Saima could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Anas listened to the squish of her juices as he ran his fingers quickly across her snatch. It was driving him insane. He’d never done anything more than rub her clit and suck on her tiny nipples, but he’d certainly thought of all the other things he wanted to do to his baby girl. Tonight, was the night to progress matters. He scooped Saima up into his arms and stood up from the recliner chair, turning around and placing her back down on the leather seat. She looked up at him with confusion in her eyes, as he stared down at his daughter’s shapely body.

Her nightgown was doing nothing to hide her modesty. Unbuttoned to her waist and pushed up high against her stomach, there was little left to the imagination. She looked so decadent sprawled in front of him. He watched as her chest moved up and down, matching her rapid breaths. Her nipples were swollen from his urgent sucking, ruby red nuggets of sensitivity atop her soft mounds. With one hand he reached out and pulled her leg over the arm of the chair, opening her cunt up for his gaze. As he knelt in front of his baby girl, he lifted her other leg over the other arm. Already engorged from his toying fingers, her labia pulled apart. Anas could see her tiny opening, nestled into her slick pink folds. She was so wet, juices covering her slit from pussy opening down across her rosebud. Anas licked his lips and lowered his mouth to his daughter’s cunt.

Saima couldn’t believe escort ataşehir her daddy wanted to lick her down there. She instinctively tried to pull her legs together to stop him, but his big hands on her inner thighs kept them pushed wide. She jumped at the first touch of his tongue against her arousal, wanting to call out no to her daddy, a feeling of disgust inside her as he worked his tongue across her outer lips. She didn’t, instead biting her lips against the torment inside. She could feel his tongue run the length of her snatch, pushing firmly against her slit as it seeked an opening.

Saima gasped as the tip slid between her lips, toying with her innermost slick folds. She felt his tongue sliding up her pussy and wiggling back and forth against her sensitive nub of a clit, and as it did, her emotions changed from a mix of disgust and discomfort to excitement and anticipation. There was a warmth down below, a gentle flickering warmth stirring up between her loins. The more he worked his tongue across her slick sex, the more the warmth intensified, a fire now deep inside.

She buried her hands in her daddy’s hair and pulled his head hard against her sodden lips as she arched her back. His mouth felt even better than his fingers. He licked her again and again as she moaned, and then suddenly she felt his tongue pushing against her. The feeling was new to her, an unexpected blend of discomfort from the stretch against her virginal walls and pleasure from the warm invader. She didn’t know that anything could be put inside her, and despite her initial discomfort, she knew it felt good. She told her daddy not to stop as she thrust her hips up and down against the chair.

Anas couldn’t get enough of her pussy juice. He thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into her tight cunt and felt the walls contract around his tongue. If she was this tight, how was he ever going to get his cock inside her? His hands grabbed at her ass cheeks, pulling her up off the seat of the chair as he buried his face in her cunt. Saima was moaning profusely as Anas continued to lick and suck at her sodden sex. He pulled his tongue out of her tight cunt and wrapped his lips around her swollen clit again, sucking firmly against her nub, Saima squealing in pleasure. Anas ran finger down her lit, rimming her pussy opening, urged on by his desire and her continued moans. He just had to feel how tight her pussy was, and with her juicy cunt so wet, he slowly pushed his middle finger into his baby girl.

Saima felt the tip of daddy’s finger pushing into her tight opening. She tensed, clenching her tight walls around his finger. She heard her daddy groan, the vibration sending tiny shock waves around her button. Why did he want to put his finger inside her like this? It felt so hard and thick inside her. She was still coming to terms with the stretch inside her pussy when she felt him slowly pulling out again. He mustn’t have liked it in there, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she felt him pulling out.

It was only a brief reprieve as once more he pushed his finger inside her, deeper this time. Saima she grunted, feeling her cunt stretch open to allow its entry. He slid his finger in and out, each time pushing a little quicker and a little deeper. Surprisingly, Saima began to like the feeling, her body once more relaxing as ripples of pleasure filled her body. That fire was back, smouldering away somewhere deep inside.

She felt so full with his finger buried inside her cunt, but that was nothing compared to the feeling in her pussy walls as his hard digit slid up against her sensitive skin. Before long, she had pulled her feet back up onto the arms of the chair and was pushing against daddy’s hand each time he slid his finger inside her. Daddy moaned when he felt her responding to his finger. He lifted his mouth off her button and whispered to his baby girl.

“Oh yeah Saima, you like that don’t you? Fuck daddy’s finger, baby.”

She loved it when her daddy talked to her with bad words, as it made her feel like such a big girl. He knelt back and watched as his finger slid in and out of her tiny cunt, pulling back slightly each time he felt her intact virginity. He’d imagined this so many times, but he’d never imagined it would feel this hot, or that she’d be so incredibly tight. He unbuttoned the rest of her nightgown and pulled it totally apart, revelling in the sight of her naked body writhing against his finger. He leaned over her and sucked her nipple into his mouth, pulling on it with his teeth before bathing her whole mound with his lips and tongue.

As he moved to her other nipple, he squeezed a second finger into her tight cunt and heard her gasp. His thumb rubbed at her tiny clit as he moved his fingers in and out of her wet opening. His rock-hard cock throbbed in his pants and he reached down and quickly unzipped them, taking his aching cock into his hand. He stroked himself, working his shaft in identical kadıköy escort rhythm to his two fingers fucking his baby daughter’s cunt. He knelt back up again and took in the glorious sight in front of him. Saima writhed on the seat, her hips pumping up and down, pushing her pussy up and down against his hard fingers. The head of his throbbing cock was mere inches away from her pussy as he stroked his cock harder and faster. God, she was so fucking tight and wet.

Saima wasn’t sure what her daddy was doing to her exactly, but she was certain that she didn’t want him to stop. His fingers thrust in and out so fast and, as she looked down, she saw his other hand moving back and forth below his waist. Every time he pushed his fingers inside her, she felt her pussy clench tight. Her daddy was breathing even heavier than normal and his eyes were glued to the area between her parted legs.

Suddenly she felt her whole body begin to shake, tiny grunts escaping from between her clenched teeth. She felt her daddy pull his fingers from her cunt, and she groaned in disappointment. He moved his fingers quickly to her button and began rubbing it in tight circles, keeping her fires burning. There was something else though, something hard pushing at her wet opening. She wasn’t sure what he was rubbing against her, but it felt hot against her cunt, and a lot bigger than his fingers. The tingly feeling began again in her body as she moved her hips up and down, grinding against the hardness pressed against her, as her daddy rubbed her button.

He moaned at the erotic sight of his baby girl’s cunt sliding up and down against the length of his rock-hard cock. Her juices were flowing freely now, bathing his shaft in their wetness, and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Saima was grunting harder now and he watched as her tiny body began to shake. As his hand reached down and stroked the head of his cock against her daughter’s cunt lips, he whispered to her.

“That’s it Saima… rub against daddy’s cock… you like that don’t you baby… cum for me, Saima… cum on daddy’s cock.”

As if on command, Saima went rigid beneath him and then began to thrust her hips frantically, moaning daddy repeatedly as her virginal cunt orgasmed against the head of his cock. He stroked faster as he watched her cum, then moaned her name as his cock exploded against her pussy, spurting stream after stream of thick white cum between her parted pussy lips. He’d never cum this much in all his life, and he watched as his cum mingled with the juices flowing freely from her tight hole.

Saima felt as if her whole body was exploding. She couldn’t catch her breath, and her hips had a mind of their own as they pumped up and down against her daddy. She never wanted this feeling to end, and she loved her daddy so much for making her feel this good. He was moaning as he jerked against her, and she felt something hot spurting against her little pussy hole. She wondered briefly if she was going to get in trouble for making a wet mess on her daddy’s favourite chair, but when she looked up into his eyes, she could see that he wasn’t mad at all.

“C’mon beta, thank you for reminding me to tuck you in and give you a nice good night fuck,” he said to her.

Anas swept the startled daughter up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom and set her on the bed.

His eyes swept over her body, pausing at her full breasts, the dark nipples hardened to peaks, then drifting over her belly before focusing on her chestnut bush. He drank in how her hips flared out from her small waist, and how thick her thighs were. She was perfect, just like his late wife.

In one move he was on the bed with her, crushing her soft body under his. This wouldn’t be gentle, that much was sure. He rolled off Saima long enough to pull her up in the bed, so her head rested on the pillow. The same bed which carried the memories of his wife screaming, writhing and cumming in pleasure, now was soaking the moans and gasps of his daughter. He climbed back on top of her, raised himself a bit and started to hoist her legs over his shoulders.


“Daddy,” Saima managed to rasp, her words morphing into a gasp as she felt the hardness return to her opening. She arched her back as the Professor entered her with a growl, sliding through her wet heat, filling, and stretching her pussy around his hot, hard girth.

“You’re so big,” Saima whispered to him as he stared down at her, his dark eyes hot with lust as he felt her life pulsing around him. It had been months and still Saima’s tight pussy couldn’t handle his thick cock. He thrust into her until he could reach her cervix.

Saima gasped again, louder this time, as her daddy closed his eyes and plunged deep into her tight cunt. When they opened again there was a fiery passion in his gaze, an intensity, a hunger, a needful desire. His loins pressed tightly against her thighs, his cock buried deep maltepe escort bayan in her warm, sweet body.

“You are delicious,” he whispered, “simply delicious.”

“Ummmmffff,” she gasped, shifting under him, thrusting her hips upward and moaning a bit as her motion caused his cock to slide a bit deeper.

“Tell me,” he said. “Tell me what you want.”

He whispered down at her, his voice deep. He gave Saima a short thrust, and she groaned, her arms locking around his lower back, pulling him to her.

“I want you to fuck me, Daddy,” Saima responded, her eyes filled with lust.

“Yessss,” he replied, drawing back from Saima, lifting his hips high, then ramming into her hard, jerking her body roughly as she cried out.

Anas repeated the thrust, twisting his pelvis slightly and groaning, driving into her at a different angle, then again, with another twist, and again, and again, Saima’s moans increased, fuelled on by a mix of pleasure, delight, and the sweetest pain, as he stroked away her ache of longing, replacing it with his own lustful sting. Lost to the sensation of sliding into her soft, tight walls, Anas claimed every inch of his baby girl, thrusting with increasing speed and growing ardour, driving his cock into her deeper, faster, and harder.

Saima cried out between gasped breaths, Anas’ pelvis slapping between her open thighs loudly as he fucked her. The headboard started to shake rhythmically, then began banging against the stone wall as he repeatedly buried his cock into Saima. His gaze alternated between his long, glistening organ, watching it piston in and out of her willing body, her bouncing breasts and her beautifully contorting face as she cried out beneath him. Her half-opened amber eyes caught the light of the torches and blazed up at him from beneath her lashes. His mouth dropped open helplessly as pleasure coursed through her body. Anas groaned in delight.

Saima had never been fucked like this before. Nothing else mattered but living out her fantasy, feeling the heat of her father driving into her body, pounding, thrusting, slamming his lust and need into her like a man possessed. His piercing black eyes swept over her body, watching what he was doing to her, watching what she was letting him do to her.

She was watching her dad fucking with the same passion as he used to do her mom. Every thrust of his cock inside her sent thrills of pleasure pulsing throughout her body, feeding her need, stoking her lust to a roaring flame. Saima couldn’t help herself from wanting more of him.

“You like this, Saima? Am I fulfilling your fantasy?” Anas breathed down as he plunged his cock into her.

He knew Saima couldn’t answer him. He was fucking her too hard for her to do anything but cry out and take it, surrendering to his frenzied penetration of her body, accepting him fully claiming the gift that she gave him.

Anas simply took his pleasure of her, listening to the wet, squishing sounds of her juices as her pussy swallowed his cock down over and over. It was as if he couldn’t get enough of her. The more he fucked her, the more he wanted to fuck her.

Anas felt Saima stiffen, shudder, and come for him for the first time, and it was both beautiful and gratifying. She screamed out his name as her pussy clenched around his cock, her inner walls squeezing and pulsing as release flooded her body. It was like a hot flood was boiling forth from the broken dam of her body. Saima’s neck stretched out as she tilted her head back into the pillows and bliss washed over her, her lips parting, her amber eyes flickering wildly as she dug her nails into his back, leaving eight thin, bloody trails to mark the moment he delivered her from her need.

Anas hissed, cursed, and arched as the pain hit him, but he continued to ride through her orgasm, unable to stop fucking her or even slow up, the tight sleeve of her sex gripping his shaft too deliciously to quit now. He was invested in her pleasure, immersed in seeing her complete surrender, yet demanded even more. He fucked the now whimpering girl with a sustained ardour. Her pussy was his now, and he partook of it with abandon, his cock covered in her creamy come, his nostrils filled with the animal scent of raw sex.

Anas continued to fuck Saima through one more orgasm, the last being so intense that he could no longer hold back, dropping onto her body and stroking into her violently, sliding her body upward until she was stopped by the pillows piled against the headboard. He fucked her brutally until he reached his own plateau, then tumbled over it. He gasped her name as he flooded her shuddering body with his seed, shooting blast after blast of hot release until every drop was spent. Anas lay with his cheek pressed against hers, while he panted as if recovering from the biggest battle of his life.

The couple lay there for several minutes, body to body, chests rising and falling like the tide, hearts pounding in unison, reluctantly returning to the world of reason. Finally, Saima recovered enough to speak.

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered.

“I love you too princess,” he said and kissed her forehead. It was an island of solitude in this uncertain future.

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