Cynthia Ch. 7

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Cynthia and I quietly made our way down the stairs to the living room. We paused for a moment to watch Sara and Andy on the couch, then stepped over to the bar, where I poured each of us a drink. Then, smiling knowingly at each other, we toasted to the evening and walked back into the living room, standing a few feet from our guests.

Sara had removed her jacket and was kneeling on the leather couch, leaning over Andy’s lap. Her skirt had ridden high on her legs, almost over her wonderful, pear-shaped ass and showing off her dark blue garter belt underneath, as well as her matching stockings. Her ass was raised high in the air, showing us that she was also panty-less as her hips moved in time with her head. The scene was straight out of one of my many mid-sleep fantasies. And, add to that the fact that this vision of ass-in-the-air loveliness was Sara…Sara who a few minutes earlier had had her fingers around my hard cock as she slowly stroked me to the very edge of coming…staring into my eyes as she told me how badly she wanted my cock in her mouth…between her tits… About how it would turn her on if I watched her blow her boyfriend…How much it would excite her for me to watch her make her boyfriend come… Damn! I’ve never in my life gotten so hard so quickly! It was instant hard!

Andy was laying back into the couch with his head thrown back on the cushions. As Cynthia and I moved into the living room, we maneuvered to a position where we had a clear view of Sara’s mouth as she moved her lips up and down Andy’s shaft. Her eyes were open as she sucked him, and she turned them to us as we stood in front of them.

“Hi guys…” she breathed, sliding Andy’s cock out of her mouth, “Sorry, but Andy just couldn’t wait…” She winked and returned her mouth to the cock in front of her. Andy moaned as she slid him deep into her mouth, moving her head up and down again. His balls were already covered with a wet combination of pre-come and saliva. I heard Cynthia sigh as her hand moved behind me and over my ass. We both stood swaying slightly in front of the couch, watching Sara work her magic, then Cynthia moved behind me, sliding both hands over my hips and towards the front. And after a few agonizing seconds, her fingers found my hard-on, squeezing it through my pants… I leaned back slightly, loving the feel of her fingers, then feeling them move higher…

Sara’s eyes moved back and forth between Cynthia’s and my own as she sensuously teased Andy’s cock with her tongue and her lips. “I told Andy about our plan, Cyn…” she said, in between licks, “He was a little nervous at first, but I think he’s okay about it now…” She grinned and took Andy’s cock deep into her mouth, holding it there as her cheeks indented and her tongue moved in circles. Slowly she pulled her mouth off him, making loud, slurping noises as she raised her head and turned to her boyfriend. “Are you okay about showing off for our friends, Andy…?”, Sara teased, stroking his cock against her cheek. Andy cracked his eyes open and managed a weak grin as he nodded. Then his head fell back against the cushions. Sara giggled and ran her tongue around his cockhead as she looked back at Cynthia and I.

“I think he’s okay with it…” she mused with a sexy grin, looking into my eyes. “How about you, Jack? Are you doing okay? Do you like watching me suck my boyfriend’s cock…?” She winked and closed her lips around Andy’s shaft, keeping her eyes locked on mine as she moved her mouth up and down the wet shaft. She already knew the answer to her own question, and her eyes moved down to Cynthia’s hands for confirmation.

Cynthia was calmly unzipping my pants and she slipped her hand inside, finding my naked, hard cock with her fingers and wrapping them around the shaft. She began to stroke me as she watched her roommate suck. Sara turned again and smiled around Andy’s hard-on as she wiped it over her wet lips. “Andy was a little nervous about playing with you guys…” she panted in between licks of Andy’s cockhead. “But after I told him I would suck his cock all night, he was more agreeable…” She turned to Andy and took his impressively thick cock deep into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down until he began to moan. “Weren’t you, Andy…?” Sara teased, licking his cockhead once again. Andy didn’t answer except for a groan and a nod. His eyes were still closed as his head lay back on the couch. It was obvious he was fighting off his impending orgasm. Sara knew this also, but continued to tease him. And me, for that matter…

“But I think what convinced him to party with us was when I told him that Cynthia might help me suck his cock…” She looked up at Cynthia and grinned, rubbing Andy’s throbbing cock over her face until her cheeks shown with a glaze of pre-come. “A few weeks ago, Cynthia was ready to help me suck him off, but I guess I was a little to fast with my hands…I ended up jerking him off onto my tits… Ever since then he’s been fantasizing about her sucking his cock…haven’t you, beylikdüzü ucuz escort Andy…?” Andy grunted and nodded his head, his eyes still closed as he appeared to fight off his urge to come. “Ever since then I’ve been telling Andy how much you like hard cocks, Cyn… How we’d sit up at night and you’d tell me all about how you like to tease a cock until it’s ready to explode…how you love to feel a hard cock come in your mouth…” Andy groaned and Sara grinned, pleased that her words were getting him closer. “And when I’d tell him, his cock would get sooo hard…like it is right now…” She looked up at Andy as she licked his cockhead. “Do you want to come now, Andy…?” she teased as her hand moved up and down his shaft. “Do you want me to make you come in my mouth…?” Andy threw his head back once again and groaned in agony as Sara bowed her head and took his cock deep into her throat, letting him slowly fuck her mouth…

Cynthia sighed and began to stroke my cock. Then, still keeping eye contact with Sara, she released my cock and unbuckled my belt before twisting the top button that held it all together. She let my pants drop to my knees, releasing my cock before returning her fingers to it. I saw Sara’s eyes drop to my cock and I groaned as her tongue moved over her lips. By themselves, each of these girls seemed to be absolute masters at teasing a man. Working as a team their abilities were beyond description, and once again I was going nuts! Sara continued to tease and lick her boyfriend’s cock as Cynthia stroked my hard-on in front of her…

Cynthia leaned forward, pressing her tits into my back as her tongue licked the inside of my ear. “You like watching Sara suck cock, don’t you, Jack…” she panted into my ear. “Mmmm…look at her ass sticking up in the air…She’s such a slut… She’s such a cocksucking slut…but you like that don’t you Jack…You love a woman who enjoys showing off…” I began to pant also as Cynthia’s hand worked up and down my cock. The combination of watching Sara smearing her boyfriend’s pre-come over her lips and face and Cynthia’s slow and expert masturbation of my cock was making me crazy. Adding to that was Cynthia’s erotic whispering in my ear…

“I promised Sara that she could suck your cock, Jack…” Cynthia continued, “I told her how big and hard your cock got… I told her what a great fuck you were…how wonderful your hard cock felt in my ass…in my pussy…Mmmm…how much you shoot when I suck you off…Mmmm…you see that she loves it don’t you, Jack…”

Sara was listening to Cynthia’s ramble as she rubbed Andy’s hard-on over her smiling lips. She looked up at me as she took his cock deep into her mouth, staring into my eyes as she sucked his cock, bobbing her head rapidly up and down. Then she stopped, letting Andy’s cock slide from her lips and rubbing it over her cheek again.

“Andy said he wasn’t sure about watching me with another man, but I really think he’ll be okay.” Sara breathed, looking up at me. “Cynthia told me all about your little party with the neighbors…How incredible it was to have two cocks in her mouth… Mmmm…to have so much cum in her mouth… It really turned me on, you know?” Andy and I both groaned at the same time and Sara grinned. “Cynthia said she might let me suck your cock…just as an experiment, you know…” I grinned down at her and nodded.

“For Andy’s sake…” I said with a chuckle. Sara grinned and nodded, sucking lightly on Andy’s cockhead.

“Just to see if he minds watching me…” she purred. “Of course, you’ll have to come in my mouth…for the full experiment…” She heard my groan and smiled. “Or at least on my face…” she sighed. “But I’ll have to suck you off. I hope you don’t mind…” Her hot, sexy grin, as she teased me, was driving me crazy.

I swallowed hard, trying to control myself and maintain some semblance of composure. “I’ll do my best…” I croaked. She grinned and took Andy’s cock into her mouth, sucking him wetly as she maintained eye contact with me. When she pulled her lips off him again, a long rivulet of thick pre-come dangled from her chin. She looked incredibly sexy. Her short skirt was now around her waist, and she let her thighs part as my eyes moved over them, showing off her closely trimmed pussy.

“Cynthia taught me how to tease a guy until his balls are really full…” Sara panted. She smiled and sucked Andy’s cock deep into her mouth bobbing her head up and down until he began to groan and fuck her mouth. She quickly pulled off, squeezing the base of his cock as she grinned up at me. “He really comes a lot when I do this to him…” she teased, finally releasing her hold on his cock. “I was sucking him off when you guys called and I had to promise him all sorts of things to get him to stop fucking my mouth…” I stared, transfixed as she teased her boyfriend.

“Do you like watching me suck Andy’s cock?” Sara a asked innocently, covering his cockhead with her lips. “I know beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort Cyn likes it…She told me that she loves to watch them come…sometimes she’s a bigger slut than I am…” Sara grinned and opened her legs wide. I groaned as I watched her glistening pussy lips part slightly. “So…do you like watching me sucking a cock so close? Or does it bother you?” I smiled as best I could and shook my head, enjoying the game. “Would it bother you to watch Cyn sucking Andy’s cock…?” she purred. “It was kinda one of the promises I made…” I could see where this was going, and decided to play along.

“I’m not sure…” I said, trying to sound cool and collected. “I guess if she wanted to, I could maybe accept it. But how will I ever know for sure…?”

This made Sara laugh and Cynthia joined her. Soon we were all laughing at Sara’s little game. With the exception of Andy, that is. He was trying to smile, but was managing just a painful grimace. I looked at Cynthia who had her eyes fixed on Andy’s long, thick cock as Sara rolled it over her face. I could tell her mouth was watering. I leaned over and ‘whispered’ to her.

“It’s in the interests of science, sugar. Would you mind helping Sara…?” Cynthia looked up at me and smiled.

“But what about this guy?” Cynthia breathed, squeezing my hard-on as she stroked it. “Will he be okay by himself?” I chuckled and dropped my hand, covering hers and following her slow stroking.

“I think I can keep him happy…for a little while, anyway… “Better hurry…” I teased, “You experiment is going to come soon.”

Cynthia squeezed my cock and withdrew her hand. Stepping over to the couple on the couch, she dropped slowly to her knees. Andy groaned as he watched her approach, knowing what was going to happen. I watched with voyeuristic glee as Cynthia leaned forward and ran her tongue along Andy’s shaft as it moved in and out of Sara’s mouth. Sara grinned and pulled her lips off him, pushing Andy’s cockhead towards Cynthia with a grin.

Cynthia smiled and looked up at Andy. “Are you sure this is okay, Andy…? Is it okay If I suck your thick hard cock…?” Andy stared into her eyes for a few seconds, then let his head drop back onto the back of the couch, unable to reply. Sara grinned and held his cock out to Cynthia’s lips, stroking him slowly.

Cynthia grinned her thanks and opened her mouth, leaning forward and taking Andy’s cock inside. When Andy looked down to see Cynthia sucking his cock, he groaned and pushed his hips up, burying his cock in her mouth. She held her face still, just using her tongue as Andy pushed in and out.

I looked over to see Sara staring at me, and I stepped out of my pants, then stood in front of her, slowly stroking my hard cock. Her tongue poked out as I began to stroke it in front of her, grinning excitedly. What a pair these two were. Lord, was I a lucky man! Sara lowered a hand between her legs, running her fingers over her pussy as her eyes moved back and forth from my cock to my eyes. She made certain I was watching as she parted her lips and slowly slid her middle finger deep inside her pussy. I groaned again, stroking my cock in front of her as I watched her finger fuck herself.

“Does it bother you to watch Cynthia sucking my boyfriend’s hard cock, Jack…?” Sara panted. I grinned and shook my head. “Or is this turning you on?”

“Does this look like it’s bothering me?” I rasped, slowly stroking my hard-on on front of her face. Sara smiled sexily and dropped her eyes to my cock. Her tongue moved along her bottom lip as she shook her head.

“And what if she makes him come in her mouth, Jack…? Will that bother you…? Watching her swallow Andy’s cum…?” she teased. Again, I shook my head, wondering how much of this game I was going to be able to handle. “Cynthia’s as much of a cum slut as you are, Sara… And I love watching her go for it…” I grinned down at her. “But you know that don’t you?”

I stepped closer, stroking my cock just inches away from Sara’s smiling face. She stared at my cock, licking her lips, but made no move to touch me. Things were proceeding at a much faster pace than I’d anticipated and I was going crazy with lust! I saw Cynthia reach a hand out and find Sara’s stockinged thigh. She continued to suck on Andy’s cock as she worked her hand higher. Sara sighed and got up on her knees on the couch, leaning forward to join Cynthia’s face at Andy’s crotch. Cynthia pulled her mouth off, turning her head to sloppily kiss her roommate before they both turned back to his throbbing pole. I couldn’t just watch anymore.

I moved behind Sara, my cock throbbing at the sight of her firm, naked ass sticking up in the air. I climbed onto the couch behind her and pushed her skirt higher…Her movement had made it drop enough to cover her ass, but I moved it up until it was back around her waist. She moaned and spread her legs further apart. I grinned and leaned forward, beyoğlu escort running my cockhead up and down her crack, feeling her wetness combine with my flowing pre-come. I stayed that way, watching over Sara’s shoulder as she and Cynthia worked on Andy’s cock. Both their tongues blazed over his cockhead as Sara stroked him up and down. His pre-come was flowing like a river from the expanding slit in the head and every so often one girl or the other would lean forward and suck it into her mouth, making him groan, then teasingly pulling her lips off him. They delighted in bringing him to the edge, then pulling back, his agonized groans spurring them on. Every so often, the girls would place their wet lips on either side of his throbbing cock, licking his shaft as he fucked his cock between their faces. And, as before, they would let him almost reach the point of no return before pulling away…letting his cock bob in the air as they waited for his need to come subside…

As I watched them perform, I felt Cynthia’s fingers against my balls, tickling and fingering them. I sighed and continued to rub my cock against Sara’s crack, from her clitoris to the top of her ass. Cynthia’s hand moved higher. She encircled my cock with two fingers and her thumb and began to assist my teasing of Sara. She tipped me downwards on my next pass and I felt my cockhead slip between Sara’s pussy lips. Sara groaned and pushed her hips back…inviting me deeper. I willingly obliged, pushing my cock inside of her as I felt Cynthia’s fingers move up to tease her clitoris. Sara groaned and took Andy into her mouth, sucking him hard up and down as I began to fuck her with the same rhythm. Her pussy was incredibly tight around my cock as I reached down with both hands to hold her hips, pulling out of her slowly, then sliding the full length inside…again and again.

I felt as if I was in a dream…slowly fucking this gorgeous blond as I watched my girlfriend greedily licking another man’s cock and balls. I had always fantasized about this kind of thing but, at the same time, I’d wondered if I would be able to deal with it properly. Even after our encounter with Jim and Anne next door, I held on to some doubts. Now that it was actually happening those doubts vanished as if they’d never existed. I was every bit as turned on by watching Cynthia suck Andy’s cock as I had been watching her with Jim. And the realization that I was actually sliding my cock in and out of Sara’s tight young pussy made the reality pure heaven. I found myself grinning and almost laughing out loud from happiness!

I could feel my cum beginning to boil, but I held back, knowing it would be worth the wait. I slowly pulled out of Sara’s tight pussy, trying to make my own need for orgasm subside as I rested my shaft on the comparatively cool surface of her ass. Immediately, though, I felt Cynthia’s hand wrap around me. I looked over to see her smiling up at me as Sara returned her mouth to Andy’s cock. She winked and began to slide my cock up and down Sara’s crack again. I leaned back and let her play…using my cock like a dildo on her friend. The feeling was magnificent and it allowed me time to come down a little. Cynthia stopped manipulating my cock, and gave me one of her “Groucho Marx” raised eyebrow looks. She ran my cockhead through Sara’s wet pussy lips, then back, pausing when I reached her tight bud of an asshole. Cynthia began to rub my cockhead against Sara’s tight hole, making me groan. She continued to stare into my eyes as she tried to push me deeper, forcing my head forward. I noticed that Sara had stopped moving her head up and down on Andy’s cock. She felt the pressure against her asshole and was concentrating on the sensation. Then, as if she had made a decision, she pushed her ass backwards, against my probing cock. Cynthia smiled and began to work my cock around in tight circles, as if trying to drill me into her roommate’s ass. Cynthia leaned forward, licking Sara’s ear as she began to tease…

“Do you want Jack’s hard cock in your ass, Sara? I know you do… You’re such a slut, Sara… Such a cock slut… Do you want my new boyfriend’s hard cock in your ass, slut? Do you want him to fuck your ass?” Cynthia continued to rub my cockhead over Sara’s ass as she rambled on. I wondered how much more of this I could take… “I’m going to slide Jack’s hard cock in your ass, Sara” Cynthia wheezed. “And I’m gonna suck your boyfriend’s cock while my boyfriend fucks your ass…Mmmmm… You are such a slut, Sara… If there were ten guys here you’d take every cock wouldn’t you?”

Sara was beginning to groan over and over as Cynthia teased her asshole with my cock. Finally, I decided to help, pushing forward slowly. I felt her relax, and my cockhead slipped past her tight ring and into her ass. Just an inch or two, but the feeling was indescribable! She groaned low in her throat, and paused, then she began to wiggle her ass from side to side as she pushed against me. I grinned and pushed a little deeper, beginning to fuck her slowly and gently as more of my cock disappeared inside her. As we set up a rhythm, she pulled her mouth from Andy’s cock and raised her torso up. Cynthia’s head went down, taking Sara’s place on Andy’s cock as Sara turned to her boyfriend and kissed him passionately. She pulled back, but kept her face right in front of his, looking into his eyes.

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