Cyber Fun Ch. 01

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(This story was written for a friend, hope you like it. All characters are over the age of 18. Please make sure to comment and vote. Thanks)

The e-mails drifted into her mailbox one at a time, each a little more daring then the rest. Did he really know what he did to her every time she opened one of these? The red head hung up her phone telling her friend on the line that she had work she had to get done. She never could concentrate when Rob sent her his pictures, she would become distracted for days thinking about him, dreaming about his body reacting to hers, his powerful muscles flexing under her touch. He would laugh and say it was hot knowing what an effect he had over her. If he only knew how she would call someone by his name if she had thought about his pictures: her friends would laugh and would tease her about her fascination with him.

Red, as she was most commonly known, had recently realized that she was in desperate need for a man who was a bit more dominant in the bedroom. She was quickly tiring of boyfriends that would stop and ask if he was doing something right, she wanted someone who took charge and asked questions later. Red could comment even to the casual stranger that she had an interest in bondage and S&M, but beylikdüzü escort had not had a chance to experience either as anything other than an audience. It seemed through discussions with Rob that, he was into many of the same things she was. And was more than willing to tell her exactly what he would do to her, if they were together.

His most recent fascination to get reactions out of her was to send nude pictures of himself. He had what she thought was the perfect form, and melted just thinking about it. He was taller than she was, with broad shoulders the narrow waist and the most amazing ass she had ever seen.

As she opened up the pictures he’d sent her as of recent she knew that the rest of the day she was going to be a blubbering fool. The first, a typical flexing of the pectorals, got her blood pumping: she imagined running her hands over his chest and up to his shoulders. She thought about his strong upper body holding her up when her knees would become to weak to support her. The second, was that of his ass, she bit her lip and closed her eyes imagining gripping the fleshy mounds in her hands, or even spanking him if he’d been naughty. The third, was his cock, the picture he had taken beylikdüzü eve gelen escort was amazing. His hand was at the base of his member; it was long and fairly thick. Red shifted in her desk chair looking at the pictures, rubbing her legs together. Full-blown fantasy entered her mind as she shifted through the pictures.


She imagined Rob, poised between her open legs, ravishing her mouth with heated kisses teasing her slit with the head of his member. Her hands grabbed his face, trying to bring him closer to her, wrapping her legs around his muscled thighs thrusting herself against his body. He teased her by pulling away slightly, smiling as she groaned her disapproval into his mouth.

“mmmfff, that is so not fair.” She groaned leaning back into the pillow. Rob with a wicked grin brought his head down to her right breast, and flicked her right nipple with the tip of his tongue, then circled her nipple bringing it into his mouth and sucking on the tight bud. Red arched her back tightening her hold on Rob’s hair pressing her breast into his mouth. She moaned loudly has he lightly bit down on her sensitive flesh. Rob looked up at her as he moved to her left breast, beylikdüzü masöz escort she was biting her bottom lip and had her eyes closed. He repeated the pattern on her left breast.

Rob moved from her breasts, with whimpers of disappointment, until he circled her navel with his tongue, then her breath caught in her chest. He dipped his tongue into the little hole and moved it in lazy circles. Red pressed herself up to him more urgently, and he caught a whiff of her sex, and kissed lazily up her torso. Finally, planting a long hard kiss on her mouth he positioned himself at her opening and slid in.

Red’s tight walls stretched around his hard member, and he was able to fill her hole up to the hilt in that first stroke. His pelvic area pressed against her clit and she pushed her hips into his, moaning in unison into each other’s mouths.


“Hey you,” flashed on her computer screen. Damn! He certainly had perfect timing.

Red removed her hand from inside of her jeans to type a response. She would have ignored it had it not been Rob Iming her. Typing “Hey.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just looking at your pictures”

“Your enjoying them aren’t you?”

“Yes, and all I have to say is damn..”

“And what were you doing with them?”

“I was taking care of something, until you interrupted me.”

“Use your other hand, talk to me while you finish. Or better yet, sign off and I’ll call you…” his screen name signed off, and her cell phone rang, Rob’s name and number flashed on the caller id. This was going to be an interesting evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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