Cyber Bond is Sealed in Boston

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This story is based on real events but contains elements of fiction. The names and places have been changed to cloud the identity of the participants.

We had chatted and e-mailed for months. A chance meeting on the Internet lead to many hours of sharing, and the more than occasional erotic exchange. Although the sexual tension between us was electric, we spent many hours just learning about one another – our successes, our failures, our joy, our pain, our hopes and our sorrows. Our relationship escalated to many hours on the phone, which solidified our growing bond.

Finally, the bilateral pressure to meet took charge and we arranged a meeting in Boston over the 4th July weekend. Kim was to arrive first and check into our hotel, then come back to the airport to meet me. We didn’t find each other for some reason, and so I spent 30 minutes or more prowling the airport in search of her. I began to think that perhaps she had changed her mind about meeting. That possibility saddened and angered me. We had grown so close that her just not showing up seemed impossible, but then…there was always that doubt. As I pondered the possibility of being left alone in Boston for the weekend, a distant voice seemed to seep into my consciousness,

“Mr. Jones, Mr. Robert Jones, please pick up a white courtesy phone.”

I made my way to the United Airlines ticket counter and there she was! We ran to each other and clung together. She had been having the same doubts as I had and the joy and reassurance of finally holding one another was overwhelming.

We made our way via Metro to the hotel and were like two teenagers on the journey, always in physical contact and unwilling to look at anything save each other.

Shutting the door to the room, we fell into each other’s arms. My lips sought hers; our kiss came from beyond a place of lust. My hands moved over her back, slipping lower to cup her bottom. She fit my hand like a familiar glove. Our lips moved apart, slowly, grudgingly, as if they had a will of their own.

“Am I what you expected?” I asked.

“Yes, yes… you are” she breathed. “Am I?”

“No, you are more: better, prettier – just more.” I looked into her eyes and as my fingers found the top of her dress, I asked, “Is what we had talked about and planned still okay?” She nodded her head in affirmation and moved her lips to mine. We had agreed that we would do our best to continue without pause the intimate relationship we had built up over the months on the telephone and over the Internet.

I opened each button carefully as if they contained and protected some great treasure. I moved a hand over her bra and touched her breasts as one would caress a priceless sculpture I felt the tip of her breast stiffen in response, and kissed the hollow of her neck, pausing there to taste her skin and let the essence of her envelop my being. I slipped the bra strap from her shoulder and with my other hand reached around the back and unclasped the white lacy fabric. I pulled the bra from her and felt that my breath had been halkalı otele gelen escort taken away. The aureoles of her breasts were small and light pink, the nipples tiny morsels that seemed to beg for attention. I kissed down the swell of her breasts before pausing to take in the sight of perhaps the most perfect breasts in the world.

They weren’t huge perhaps; a C or very full B, but they were formed as if they were the model that all breasts should emulate. They stood high on her chest, somewhat separated, and the nipples seemed to look up slightly, as if seeking attention. They had a firm yet yielding softness to them that announced they were made to be touched. I took one nipple in my mouth and twirled my tongue over it, urging it to greater stiffness. I could feel the little bud swell in my mouth and raked my teeth over it. Kim let out an audible moan and pushed into me while grabbing me by the back of the head. I sucked and gently bit her until she shuddered, letting me go only to kiss me. She was out of breath as our lips moved again to meet, our tongues intertwining, moving against one another in an erotic duel.

I finished removing her dress and she stood before me in her very revealing and sexy DKNY white lace panties. I moved back to her and, looking into the sapphire of her eyes, reached out and ran my middle finger over her panty covered mound. My finger followed the center between her lips, down, slowly down and deeper into the secrets of her, until I felt the moisture, the heat and the trembling. My touch was faint, hardly a touch at all. Her mouth opened as I moved a finger, just one finger, over her. She let out a low moan and pushed her hips forward, seeking more contact. I fell to my knees and hooking my fingers in the delicate waistband began to ease it down.

She reached for me, placed her hands on each side of my face, and asked if we couldn’t lie down before she fell down. Falling back on the bed I kissed her stomach just above her panties and resumed sliding them off her, my lips trailing kisses in the wake of the quickly lowering garment. “NO!” she said, grabbing my hand, “Not yet, leave them on.” My hands stopped pulling at her panties but my mouth continued its downward exploration, kissing and licking over her silken clad abdomen. I ran my tongue down the edge of the elastic where her legs met her body. She responded with a slight forward movement of her hips and a slow invitation that was the parting of her thighs. There is something beyond erotic when a woman, a lover, parts her legs. It is more than access; it is permission and encouragement; it is acceptance, as if some secret pact had been struck and one has now gained entry to a sacred place.

The heat radiated from her, my lips and face feeling the glow of warmth and moisture. As my tongue moved to caress her, barely grazing her still hidden outer lips, her scent flowed over me like a soft summer night’s breeze. Her fragrance was of perfume and sex, liquid and hot. She was soaked, her halkalı rus escort panties dripping with her excitement. Slipping my fingers beneath the leg band I drew the panties aside, exposing her to me,

Exposing her to me…

She gasped and again arched her hips. Her lips were hairless, but a small patch of blond-brown hair could just be glimpsed underneath her still covered body at the top of her labia. Running my tongue over her exposed lip I was thrilled, as I had not before felt anything quite so soft and smooth. I pulled the panties further aside exposing more of her. The action caused her lips to part so that the core of her vulva was open to me. I ran my tongue over the place where her inner and out lips met – this brought a low moan from her and I could feel her tighten in excitement.

A small streamlet of honey-like cum ran from her. I moved down scooping up the moisture with my tongue, following it to its source, taking it into my mouth, savoring the sweet musky flavor. My tongue played at the entrance to her vagina, circling the opening, taking the delicate inner lips into my mouth, sucking on them and moving my tongue over them. I slid my mouth higher seeking the now prominent center of her sensitivity. I teased around her clit, never quite touching it, running my tongue over the upper part of the hood but avoiding contact with the most sensitive tip. The sight of her was driving me wild; the drenched panties pulled aside exposing her full lips, the barely visible pink center, and the inner lips slightly exposed, inviting.

I delicately slid two fingers into her, feeling her arch into my hand. Again my tongue glided over her, drawing ever tightening circles around her clit before moving lower to lick the opening above my slowly thrusting fingers, then back up. Her body shifted, trying to direct her clit to my tongue, but I moved away, teasing her, causing the tension in her to continue building. Pulling her outer lips up and apart, her clit eased out of its hood, standing out as if begging for attention. I flicked over it with the tip of my tongue using the lightest contact possible, drifted away then back, varying the sensation from barely perceptible to a firmer touch, continuing to tease her.

She arched her hips, doing her best to direct my tongue to her clit, begging, yearning for me to focus my attention there, “Please…there” she whispered. I felt her vagina tighten on my fingers and I moved my tongue to her clit, sliding over it, massaging the hood, then the tip, then down along the inner lips and back to the sensitive little bud. Her moaning and thrusting increased, and I felt her approaching orgasm, but backed away before she was able to cum. Then I returned to her warmth, bringing her higher. Her moans were somewhere between pleasure and frustration.

Having brought her to the brink several times, I began to concentrate on her clit but kept the pressure light. She began to shudder and I felt her tighten on my fingers, squeezing them almost to the point halkalı türbanlı escort of discomfort. I heard her begin to cry out and felt her vagina push out against my ever moistening fingers, then a warm gush spread softly on my chin. I moved my mouth lower to thrust my tongue into her and she actually squirted in my mouth. It almost felt as if she were urinating, but it wasn’t urine – she was gushing cum. It was and is the most erotic experience I have ever had. “Oh God” she moaned as I looked down at her vagina; the liquid still ran from her and the bed sheet underneath was soaked – evidence of her orgasm.

I moved up between the parted thighs, taking the head of my penis in my hand and sliding it along her wet femininity, gliding the head over her clit, masturbating her with the tip of my penis. I moved lower, to the entrance of her vagina. I felt her fingers pull the fabric of the panties aside in invitation. I looked into her eyes as I pushed slowly into her, millimeter by millimeter. Our hearts locked in an embrace our bodies could never achieve. As I slowly moved into her depths, we were both lost in emotion. My heart swelled with sensation; it was a feeling foreign to me, as if my heart had finally, after all these years, been truly touched, truly shared, truly accepted, truly loved.

As I moved into her I could feel her beginning to quake, to lunge for me. I sunk into her and our bodies meshed along our entire length. I withdrew then glided back into her. I began to thrust faster and faster. She pulled me into her, using her legs and her arms. I moved my hips high so that my cock could make contact with her clit as I pushed in and out of her. I felt her pussy tighten around me, the spasm growing stronger and stronger.

“Yes, Oh God, Yes” she cried as my pace increased. My head buried in her shoulder, her hair in my face, I was immersed in the moment. There was no other time, there was no other place – this moment was Life.

“Please…now” she gasped. I felt her pussy contract around me to the point I was almost afraid she would push me out of her. Then I felt her squirt against me, my pelvis drenched with her hot liquid. “Now” she screamed “Cum in me now.” That was all I could stand and I began to throb in her, the orgasm summoned from my entire body, focusing and exiting through my cock. I could feel the separate pulses of my seed being emptied into her and she answered each one with a shuddering response. We collapsed onto one another, breathless. I gazed into her eyes that were sparkling with tears. I knew our souls had touched at a level neither of us expected or thought possible. I knew that we had transcended some human limitation and soared to a place few know exist and fewer still visit.

We threw the covers over us and drifted off to sleep, the light from the summer sky bathing the room in warm soft colors. As we settled into one another, she said with a chuckle, “And that’s with my panties on!” I laughed in response and drew her ever nearer to me.

I awoke, feeling her squirming against me. It was sexual yes, but more like a desire to have our bodies as close to one another as possible. Sensing that she was awake, I asked if she was hungry. “No”, she answered, “maybe later we can order room service”. I agreed and moved my hips against her bottom, pressing into her. My penis lay in the crevice between her cheeks…

To be continued…

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