Cummuters Pt. 03

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Part Three: ‘Three Men in a Boat’

Stephen and I became inseparable after that first afternoon. We lived some distance apart and we must have both worn out a set of ‘bike tyres as we took it in turns to visit. If our parents were feeling particularly generous, they would sometimes give us a lift by car, and as a result they soon got acquainted as well. Since we were all newcomers to the area, it wasn’t long before both fathers would disappear off to the Golf Club, while our mothers seemed to plan endless shopping trips together. Stephen and I often found ourselves alone in the house and we made good use of the time in the safety and comfort of our bedrooms.

It was after one of our long, lazy sessions that Stephen asked me whether I had arranged a meeting with Simon yet. I had rather hoped that he had forgotten about my rash promise, but Stephen had his own unique methods of persuasion and it wasn’t long before he had got me so aroused that I would have agreed to anything. He seemed satisfied once he’d extracted my promise but I knew that he would keep me to my word. The only problem was that I had no idea where Simon lived and I wracked my brains to think of some way to meet him. Then the answer struck me—-it was so obvious. We got off at the same station and I even knew the time of his train—-what could be simpler?

I rushed through my meal that evening, but even so, I only just made it to the station in time. As I pedalled up the steep ramp, there was a bright electric flash from down the line and the long, green snake of the evening train came round the bend, its brakes squealing as it slowed for the station. I leant on my ‘bike, listening to the fusillade of slamming carriage doors and watching the first clutch of weary commuters to emerge from the station. There was a long pause and for one anxious moment, I thought Simon might have caught an earlier train, but then I saw his tall figure silhouetted against the station lights.

“Do you always carry that raincoat?” I asked as he walked up to me.

“Well, you never know your luck.” He replied, easily. He grinned and added.

“And you can’t hide much under an umbrella.”

We walked slowly down the station ramp and he enquired teasingly.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“What do you think?” My experiences with Stephen had made me more self-assured, but Simon still had the capacity to make me blush. “I’ve missed you.” I murmured.

His voice lost its bantering tone and he said quietly “Me too.”

“Shall we do something about it?” He added.

We turned off the road, down a narrow footpath running parallel to the railway line. It was a popular route for commuters heading for the station, but by this time it was almost deserted, apart from a last few passengers making their way doggedly homeward. Halfway along, Simon led me up a muddy path into a small clearing well hidden among the trees,

“How did you know about this spot?” I asked curiously as I leant my ‘bike casino siteleri against a tree. He grinned.

“You forget that I used to travel to school this way, not so very long ago.”

He looked around him and smiled.

“I had a special friend I shared the journey with, and this is the spot where we often used to finish ourselves off, before going home.”

I heard a quiet buzzing sound as Simon undid his zip and I watched as he carefully lifted out his massive genitals through the open flap of his fly. He leant against a tree and thrust his pelvis forward invitingly, and I saw the long white shape of his cock contrasting sharply against his dark business suit. The sound of footfalls on the path below us made us freeze, but after they passed, we began to rediscover each other after our long time apart. Much as I enjoyed my sessions with Stephen, Simon hadn’t lost the power to thrill my imagination and I suddenly realised just how much I had missed our Monday meetings on the late train home. For a time, we just gently fondled each other, enjoying our reunion, but it wasn’t long before I was kneeling on the leafy ground, eagerly sucking on the familiar bulk of Simon’s erection.

I had learnt a lot from my sessions with Stephen and soon I had Simon groaning with delight as I tried out each new trick I had learnt. I glanced up at him, proud of my newfound expertise, but he had thrust his head back against the tree and all I could see was his breath steaming from his open mouth as he panted with excitement. I had been clinging onto his thighs to support myself and I felt he muscles in his legs tense like iron rods through the cloth of his trousers as a sudden wave of ecstasy suddenly coursed through his body. He flopped back against the tree, muttering. “I’m coming… I’m coming!” over and over again. But Stephen had taught me well, and I was determined to tantalise him by keeping him at an excruciating peak for as long as I could. I reached up for the soft pouch of his testicles and began to knead them gently, while all the time; my tongue was fluttering over the swollen dome of his penis.

He managed to endure my tormenting for some time, but eventually he could stand it no longer and he began to thrust his hips towards me in a jerky rhythm. I felt his cock suddenly expand in my mouth and I took my head away just in time to hear his cum splash heavily onto the dry leaves at our feet.

I was just about to stand up when a familiar throbbing in my groin made me crouch down once more. I knelt there, bewildered as the throbbing grew into a sharp tingling sensation, rather like ‘pins and needles’. Moments later, my cock suddenly jerked upwards and spat out a thick stream of cum that glistened white in the moonlight. I looked down in amazement as my cock slowly drooped down over my emptied balls — and I hadn’t even touched it!

“Hey! Look…no hands!” I grinned up at Simon as I pinched my long foreskin to expel the last drops of cum onto the dry leaves. Despite his canlı casino amused expression, Simon seemed as impressed as I was.

“Looks like you needed that even more than I did.” He whispered as he carefully wiped the tip of his cock with a crisp white handkerchief.

We stood for a while, smiling at each other as we slowly recovered from our efforts. Neither of us felt in the mood for any more, and after some final, half-hearted groping, we tidied ourselves up and left the clearing. We looked cautiously up and down the footpath, but it was deserted, so we continued our walk homeward. I was still on a high from my spontaneous arousal and decided to take the plunge and tell Simon about my adventures with Stephen. I had some misgivings at first, but unlike my jealous school friend, Simon showed no sign of envy as I described the events of our fishing trip. We turned under a railway bridge into a well-kept avenue and I knew that we would soon have to part company. I would probably get it in the neck from my parents for staying out so late, so I finished my tale hurriedly and waited expectantly for Simon’s reaction. He had asked a few questions in a matter of fact way during my tale, but he couldn’t hide the excitement in his voice as he remarked carefully. “Stephen sounds like fun: Perhaps I could meet him sometime.”

The thought of a threesome made me gulp with excitement and I answered hastily.

“I expect he’d like to meet you too. But how?”

“Leave it with me. I’ll think of something.” Simon said thoughtfully. He reached into his waistcoat pocket and handed me a business card.

“Write your address on that and I’ll contact you soon.”

He took back the card and after a brief goodbye, he walked briskly up the road into the darkness.

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday is the only day that my busy family has time to have breakfast together. Stephen had gone away for a few days and I was at a loose end, so I sat moodily chewing on a last piece of toast as I watched my Dad open the weekend mail. He gave a little grunt of surprise and handed my mother a small white envelope. It contained an invitation to a garden fête the following weekend in aid of the local hospital appeal. The sender’s name and address were unfamiliar, but all our details were correct, even down to mentioning me by name. They puzzled over it for some time before handing it to me. It was clearly Simon’s doing, but I shrugged noncommittally and I handed it back—-I didn’t want to appear too excited or eager.

* * * * * * * * * *

The day of the fête was bright and sunny and we were in high spirits as we looked for the address on the card. It wasn’t hard to find as there was a string of cars already parked in the long driveway and along the road outside. We made our way to the gate where a young man sat at a folding table, busily issuing raffle tickets. I wasn’t surprised to find that it was Simon, although I hardly recognised him in casual clothes and out of his smart business suit. kaçak casino He greeted me cheerfully, explaining to my puzzled parents. “Mark and I are old friends; -we meet on the train most days.” He called out to a couple standing nearby, and then turned back to us.

“You must meet my folks. They’re the ones responsible for all this nonsense.”

After the introductions had been made, we were just about to be led off to a large marquee, when Simon pointed to me and said to my parents. “You go off and enjoy yourselves and we’ll meet up later on for a chat. I’ll see that he’s well fed.” When they had gone, he smiled charmingly at another volunteer and handed her his sheaf of tickets.

“That’s enough of that for a while. Let’s go and eat.”

“I thought you weren’t supposed to eat pork.” I said accusingly after we had stopped at the barbeque stall. He gave me a fierce grin and stabbed playfully at my crotch with his plastic fork.

“That’s true: I do like some sausages better than others…as you know.” He grinned, “—-but anyway, these are beef. Want another?”

I took the hot dog he offered, smiling at his double entendre and munched steadily as we walked around. There were several stalls and other attractions to be investigated and it was quite some time before we started to look for my parents once more. We eventually found them standing by the house, wineglasses in hand, admiring a sleek sailing boat on a trailer.

“Lovely, isn’t she?” Commented Simon as he stroked the shiny hull affectionately.

“I got her for my twenty-first birthday, but I hardly get time to sail her these days.”

“Don’t you believe him!” Simon’s mother appeared round the corner of the house. “It’s because none of his friends will crew for him. Some kind of Captain Bligh, he thinks he is.” Her large frame shook with mirth as she topped up our wine.

“Have you ever sailed, Mark?” Enquired Simon, rapidly changing the subject.

“No, never.” I replied, adding wistfully ” I’d love to try though.”

My answer seemed to please him and he stood for a moment, thinking.

“Hmm. It would take some time before you could handle this beauty, but we have a cruiser moored on the Hamble. Perhaps I could take you out in her and show you the ropes one day?”

My mother looked dubious, but Simon’s mother came to my aid.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Bradley. My Simon is an excellent sailor. Your boy would be quite safe with him.”

That’s what you think. I muttered to myself, but I looked at my mother with appealing eyes. Eventually, she gave a deep sigh and uttered her usual mantra on such occasions.

“You had better ask your father.”

I could hardly contain my delight. Dad had been talking animatedly with Simon’s father, and from the way they were getting on; I knew that I would have no difficulty in persuading him. When he nodded his agreement, I hugged him gleefully.

“That’s fixed, then.” Simon said nonchalantly, adding almost as an afterthought.

“Why not see if that friend of yours would like to come along? It would be company for you and an extra pair of hands is always useful.”

Game, set and match to you, Simon. I thought, trying hard to curb my excitement.


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