Crystal Lake

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This is definitely the longest story I’ve written so far. I’m curious to see if readers find it too long. Please let me know.

Chapter 1

Melissa Saulnier pushed the door to her house closed with her heel as she stepped into the porch. It slammed shut as she dropped the bags of groceries she was carrying to the floor. She sighed as she slid her purse off of her right shoulder. It fell on the table with a soft thud. Melissa tossed her jacket over the back of a kitchen chair. Thank god this day was over she thought to herself.

The sound of the television was coming from the livingroom, indicating that her eighteen year-old son, Tyler, was home from school. When Melissa heard that the evening news were on she realized she was later than she had planned on being. She picked up the two plastic grocery bags and put them down beside her purse then brushed her long auburn hair back over her slim shoulders and walked towards the livingroom.

Tyler looked sullen, slumped down on the sofa as he stared at the television, arms folded about his waist. Melissa thought the cause of his dour look must be because she was late getting home for supper.

“I’m sorry I’m late, honey,” Melissa apologized “we had a staff meeting and I had to stop for a few groceries on my way home.”

“It’s okay.” Tyler grunted, not looking at his mother standing beside him.

Melissa looked at her son’s face and wondered what was bothering him. She sat down on the couch beside him.

“What’s the matter, honey?” she asked, her dark brown eyes locking on him.

“That…” Tyler spat out as he unfolded his arms to point at a pile of papers on the coffee table.

Melissa reached for the papers and brought them closer. She saw that it was an English assignment that her son had passed in nearly a week ago. At the top of the title page in red pen was C-. Melissa frowned.

“You’ll do better on the next one.” she told Tyler, hoping to console him.

Tyler grunted. “I doubt it. English sucks. I hate it. Who gives a shit about T.S. Eliot anyway and that Prufrock guy sounds like an asshole.”

Melissa fought back a smile as she tossed her son’s assignment back on the coffee table to her right.

“Watch your language, young man.”

“Sorry.” Tyler mumbled, his blue eyes darting briefly towards his mother.

“I can help you on the next one, if you want,” she offered “I majored in English in college, remember?”

Melissa thought back briefly to that time. She had met Tyler’s father in college and by the time she was a little older than Tyler’s age she was pregnant with him, which forced her to abandon her plans of becoming a teacher, or perhaps an author.

“Thanks, mom, but I doubt it would help. I just don’t get English. I’m better at stuff like math and science. Besides, I’ll be taking engineering at college next fall; I’ll never need English.”

Melissa nodded, knowing that her son was right. “You have a few months left to catch up. I know you can if you really try. You still have to pass this English course though if you want to graduate from high school. ”

Tyler folded his arms once more and slid down on the couch. He knew that his mother was right and that worried him. But he was encouraged by how much faith she had in him.

Melissa forced a smile as she looked at her son sitting beside her. She slid closer and kissed his cheek as she ran her left hand over his thick black hair. For close to a week she had noticed a change in his mood and wondered if it was simply school, or if something else was bothering him.

“What’s the matter, honey? Is it more than just school?” Her voice was soft, full of concern.

His mother’s brown eyes looked sad as she spoke and Tyler felt guilty for having upset her.

“Is it your father?” she prodded.

“Kind of…,” he sighed “sometimes I just wish things could be like they were.”

Melissa frowned. They had already this discussion many times over the past three years since she had decided to divorce Tyler’s father. She dreaded talking about it again.

“Ty… we’ve been through this before.” Melissa sounded weary, frustrated.

“I know,” he agreed “and I know you guys aren’t ever getting back together, but sometimes I wish you would.”

“That’s not going to happen — you know that. It’s not what I want. Besides, your father has a girlfriend anyway.”

“Yeah… Cindy,” Tyler sneered “dad could do a lot better.”

“What’s wrong with Cindy?” his mother demanded, recoiling slightly in surprise.

“She’s not very pretty, or even nice,” Tyler began “and I hate that blue eyeshadow she always wears. She’s got small boobs too. I don’t know why the hell dad settled for her after you. You look a lot better than her, mom.” His gloom seemed to lift as he spoke.

“Why — because I’ve got a bigger boobs?” Melissa blurted with a giggle, surprising even herself for speaking so openly with her son. She blushed and mentally scolded herself for not censoring her thoughts before speaking.

Tyler ran his eyes down from his mother’s angular face casino oyna with high cheekbones and sculpted jaw line face to the swell of her breasts rising from the jade green knit cardigan she was wearing. He felt his cock swell as he stared, wishing he could run his hands over her body.

“Well, c’mon mom… you’re stacked.” he blurted out as his growing arousal emboldened him.

Melissa grew flustered. She darted her eyes down to her lap and rested her hands on her grey skirt. She could feel her Tyler’s eyes on her. It made her clit began to twitch. Moments later she began getting wet as she imagined the forbidden thoughts her son might be having.

“Ty, you shouldn’t say things like that to me; I’m your mother.”

“I’m just being honest,” he asserted, sounding chastened “it’s not like everyone doesn’t notice and I’m no different.”

“But I’m your mother. You’re not supposed to notice things like that about me.” she snapped as she raised her voice, glaring at him through narrow eyes.

Tyler avoided his mother’s piercing stare.

Melissa felt like she had maybe been too harsh with her son. He already had enough on his mind with struggling to finish high school without her rebuking him for what any normal eighteen year old male like him would think or feel — even for his own mother she rationalized. She drew in a deep breath and gave her son’s hand a squeeze.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice softer again “it’s just that it’s not appropriate for a son to make comments like that about his mother. You know that.”

“Even if they’re as hot as you?” he retorted, smirking.

Melissa had been trying to portray a serious demeanor and end the conversation, but she found her son’s chutzpah disarming. Despite her misgivings she found herself laughing at his comment. She also realized that her panties were now slightly damp.

“Okay, that’s enough flattery from you. I’m going to go start supper.” she said as she raised herself from the sofa.

Melissa got up before Tyler could reply. She went into the kitchen — hoping that concentrating on preparing a meal for them would distract her from her sudden arousal and lewd thoughts about her son.

Tyler watched his mother walk towards the kitchen. He could feel his cock throb as he stared at her firm round ass and curved hips filling her tight skirt, swaying as she walked. He waited a few minutes for his erection to subside until he dared get up to join his mother in the kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table, his eyes on her as she moved about. Her hair moved as she turned from side to side and he could detect the movements of her heavy breasts as they quivered beneath her cardigan.

“It’s really good, mom.” Tyler exclaimed with a mouthful of food, as he looked across the table at his mother.

Melissa gave her son an appreciative smile. “I’m glad you like it. It’s only broiled fish and potatoes — nothing special.”

“But it’s good; everything you cook is.”

Melissa smiled, feeling pleased as she watched Tyler bring another forkful of food to his mouth. This is what a healthy mother-son relationship should be like she reminded herself as she watched Tyler. She was relieved that the tone of the conversation had not returned to the risque nature that it had been earlier in the livingroom. Part of the reason was because Melissa knew that it was wrong, but she also had to admit to herself that, like Tyler, she too was guilty of having incestuous thoughts at times.

For almost all of his life Melissa had looked at Tyler as nothing more than her son, but now that he was eighteen she at times could not help but notice what a handsome young man he had become — probably much like he found her attractive, she thought. Still, she knew it was wrong and fought against the urges she occasionally had when she saw her son walk to the bathroom some mornings wearing only his boxers, or when he would hug her, holding her tight against his broad chest, running his hands over her back. There were times when they embraced, however briefly, that Melissa was sure that she could feel Tyler’s hard cock pressing against her stomach or thigh. Those few incidents always aroused Melissa and caused her to give in to her emotions later at night as she ran her fingers over her hard clit and damp lips alone in her bed.

“You go in and watch tv while I load the dishwasher,” Melissa told her son after they had finished supper “I’ll be in later.”

Tyler listened to the sounds of his mother clearing the table and loading the dishwasher as he gave a blank stare at the television. He was more interested in his mother than what he was watching and was eager for her to join him. His cock twitched in anticipation and he shifted on the cushion, hoping to conceal the bulge in his jeans.

“There — all done!” Melissa exclaimed as she sat down next to Tyler.

“Good. You should relax a while. How was work?”

“Oh, not bad,” Melissa sighed “we got a big shipment of books in this morning, so I had to sort out the invoices and begin shelving them.”

“You look tired.” Tyler canlı casino remarked.

“I am.” she sighed as she kicked her shoes off and curled her feet up on the sofa.

“I worry about you, mom. You work too hard.”

“I have to. I barely make enough to pay the bills as it is.” Melissa lamented.

Tyler frowned as he looked over at his mother to his right. “I know. I just wish you could take a vacation sometime. Remember how we all went to Crystal Lake years ago? That was a great time.”

Melissa smiled as her thoughts drifted back to the trip her son was referring to. That was nearly four years ago and she had not had a vacation since then.

“We should go there some weekend.” Tyler suggested.

Melissa thought for a moment. The idea appealed to her, but she was not sure if she could afford it.

“That would be nice,” she agreed “but now’s not a good time. Things are really busy at the book store, plus you have to finish school.”

“I know. It’s just that I worry about you. If you don’t take a vacation sooner or later you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.”

Melissa smiled at her son. She thought that he was over-reacting, still she appreciated his concern. She slid closer to him and draped her left arm around his shoulders, clutching him to her. She ran her hand over his muscular shoulders and rested against his arm. As Tyler slipped his right hand around her waist she felt herself relax. It had been years since Melissa had been with a man and even her own son’s touch was welcome now. Moments later her clit began to throb. She felt a wave of guilt. She thought of pulling away from him but did not want to appear flustered or offend him. Besides, this would be her guilty secret that only she knew Melissa told herself.

“I’ll make a deal with you.” Melissa told her son.

“What’s that?”

“If you pass your English course this year I’ll take you to Crystal Lake as a graduation gift.”

“Really?” he exclaimed as he leaned away from her, his wide eyes locking on hers.

Melissa nodded, flashing her son a smile.

“Thanks, mom!”

Tyler wrapped his arms around his mother’s shoulders and pulled her tight. Her touch excited him as she glided her hands up his broad back. Tyler felt his cock twitch and tent his jeans as he held his mother to him. Her firm, round breasts were pressed to his chest and he could feel them shift as she moved against him. Through her cardigan he could feel her bra and wished she wasn’t wearing one. As he ran his fingers down her spine he thought he felt her quiver.

“But you have to pass everything — including English.” she reminded him as she leaned away, giving him an serious look.

Tyler nodded. “I will.” he vowed.

Tyler’s hands slid down to his mother’s waist, just above her hips. As his eyes drifted from her gaze he noticed her swollen nipples rising from her cardigan. He licked his lips as he stared at them, trying to imagine how they might look.

Melissa gave a chuckle. “Maybe this is what it takes to get you motivated about school,” she concluded “I haven’t seen you this excited in a long time.”

“It looks like I’m not the only one who’s excited.” Tyler teased, his eyes riveted to his mother’s chest.

Melissa’s eyes followed her son’s. She leaned away and looked down, flushing when she realized what he was referring to. She let out an embarrassed gasp as she pulled away from him, wide-eyed.

“Tyler, you shouldn’t make comments like that. I’m your mother!”

Undaunted, Tyler clutched his mother’s hips tight as he let out a nervous laugh. “I was only teasing, mom. Besides, it’s not like I couldn’t notice them.”

“Well, you don’t have to comment!” she snapped in an angry tone as her dark eyes narrowed.

Tyler gave his mother a chastened look, his eyes meeting hers, then darting away. “I’m sorry,” he muttered “I didn’t think you’d get so angry about me teasing you about it.”

Melissa sighed. She thought she had probably over-reacted because of the stress she had been under recently, as well as the guilt she was wrestling with from being turned-on by her son’s embrace. She gave Tyler a dim smile.

“It’s okay,” she told him “maybe I’m making too big a deal about it.”

A smile crept over Tyler’s face as his eyes moved towards his mother’s bosom once more. “Well, they are big…” he remarked, not making any effort to conceal his leering.

Melissa felt a surge of lust at her son’s words, but knew that she must not encourage him. She forced a disapproving glare.

“That’s enough, Tyler.” Now her voice was harsh.

Tyler removed his hands from his mother’s hips and turned to face the television. From the corner of his eye he saw her slide away. She crossed her legs and folded her hands on her lap, silently staring ahead.

For the rest of the evening Tyler and his mother never spoke. His arousal was replaced by concern that he had gone too far with his bawdy remarks and that she was angry. He sensed tension between them, but did not know what to say that might make things better. Two hours kaçak casino later Melissa stood up and told Tyler that she was tired and was going to bed.

“Okay, have a good sleep.” he replied, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

“Don’t stay up late; you have school in the morning.”

Before Tyler could reply his mother had left the room. He sighed to himself as he heard her bedroom door close.


For the rest of the week Tyler felt uneasy and tentative around his mother. He tried his best to make conversation during supper, telling her how his day at school had been, or what he and his friends had been doing, but he still felt tense and uncomfortable. That, however, did not entirely quell his lustful thoughts for his mother though.

That Friday night Melissa stopped on her way home for a pizza. She was glad that the work week was finally over and wanted a break from cooking. She knew that Tyler would never object to having pizza for supper so did not feel bad about taking a night off from cooking.

“This is great. Thanks, mom.” Tyler exclaimed as he placed a third slice of pizza on his plate.

Melissa smiled, happy that her son appreciated her decision.

“I’m glad you like it, and to tell you the truth, it gives me a break from cooking for one night.” she told her son with a guilty shrug.

“You could bring home pizza every night and not hear any complaints from me.” he replied as he chewed.

“It won’t be every night because I can’t afford it, but I thought I’d treat both of us for a change.”

Melissa was relieved to see her son smiling at her. She too had felt uneasy around him throughout the week and was glad that things between them seemed to be getting back to normal once more.

After they had finished eating Melissa cleared the kitchen table, then joined Tyler in the livingroom. She was looking forward to spending some time with him, especially given how strained their relationship had been the past several days.

Tyler slid over on the sofa to make room for his mother. She stepped out of her shoes and curled up beside him. Not wanting to get caught leering, especially since the were getting along better once more, Tyler gave his mother several furtive glances from the corner of his eye.

Melissa was wearing a white short-sleeved dress, decorated with tiny blue and red flowers. It had buttons running down the middle, three of which below her knees were undone and two at the top. Tyler noticed that he could see her upper chest and a teasing glimpse of her cleavage at the top of her dress as she leaned over next to him. He folded his arms and stared at the television as his mind wandered, filled with forbidden thoughts as his cock throbbed.

Later that evening it occurred to Tyler that there was leftover pizza in the fridge. He decided to have a slice and some soda before bed. “I’m going to have another slice of pizza. Do you want one?” he asked his mother as he got up from the couch.

“No, thanks,” Melissa replied, then paused “but maybe I’ll make a cup of camomile tea. It helps me to sleep.”

“I’ll get it for you.” Tyler offered.

“No, that’s okay.” his mother replied, rising from the couch.

As Tyler brought the pizza box from the fridge he watched his mother padding into the kitchen in her bare feet. His eyes moved down the length of her body. It could not be said that he had ever had anything close to a foot fetish, but at that moment as he looked at his mother Tyler thought that she was the prettiest, sexiest woman he knew — even her feet were cute.

Tyler placed a slice of pizza on a plate and put it in the microwave. As he watched the digital timer, waiting for the series of beeps. He felt his mother beside him. She placed a mug of water with a teabag in it on the counter, waiting to use the microwave. Her oak-colored eyes met his and she smiled, giving his back a brisk rub between his shoulders.

“I love you, Ty.” she told him, almost whispering.

“I love you too.” he responded, somewhat surprised by her unexpected display of affection.

Melissa’s arm fell to her side as she drew in a deep breath. “I hate it when it’s tense between us.” she lamented, her eyes darting to the floor, then back up.

Tyler knew exactly what she was referring to, but was hesitant about revisiting the subject. “So do I, mom.”

“It’s just that, the other night, maybe I was too harsh on you. I’d already had a bad day, and…” her voice faded out a moment as she drew in another breath, wiggling her full lips, “it’s not your fault, honey, but it seems like I work so hard and the bills keep coming in. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I want us to go to Crystal Lake, but I don’t know if we can. I never mean to take it out on you. I hope you know that. I love you, honey.”

Tyler was not sure how to respond, then he noticed that his mother’s lower lip was quivering. She bit it. Tyler looked into her eyes. They were watery. She wiped one with the palm of her hand, forcing a smile.

“Oh, mom… don’t cry. I love you too.” he gushed. Tyler wanted to hold his mother, but was hesitant to, fearing she would misconstrue his intentions. Instead, he ran a hand up and down her bare left arm. Her skin was soft and he felt guilty for getting turned-on again.

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