Crouching Tiger

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There she was crouching beneath his office desk. She wondered when he’d be back from his coffee break so she could take care of business. The young woman knew that her emails made him hot – there was no secret about that. So she got daring and did the unthinkable…it’s crazy what people will do when they are horny. She took on the role of an outsourced consultant. This enabled her to enter the building and go up to his office without any other questions. Companies outsource their work all the time.

It was 10:00 and he left for coffee about 15 minutes ago. Prior to that, she strategically busied herself in the conveniently empty office just across from him. From here she could see into his open-door, glass-walled office, although his back was turned to her. This vantage point gave her the opportunity to see for herself how turned on he got from reading her stories.

Early this morning she watched him check his email. He jotted a few notes down in his daytimer, attended to a few tasks and then returned to Outlook. She watched him as he read. At first, just normal posture, sitting in front of the monitor. After a few minutes, he stretched his legs out in front of him and leaned back. She watched him as he moved one hand to his thigh. She still wasn’t sure if he had opened her email yet, but she was good at practicing patience. His hand moved over the crotch of his pants. She could tell by the way his back slightly arched and his elbow moved in closer to his body. She knew now, that he had opened her attachment, If she watched closely enough, she could pretty much tell what he was doing because she could see his hand move subtly up and down across his now growing bulge.

It wasn’t long before he changed positions and rolled his chair up to the front of the desk. In the process, he unzipped his fly and reached down to work on his engorged penis while he read the erotic story she wrote. He stroked his hot, hard cock slowly as he imagined himself as the main character of her literature.

Before long, he zipped up, grabbed some files to hold in front of his trousers to hide his erection, and proceeded to the men’s washroom. She imagined that he had to relieve not himself, but the pressure in his loins. This made her hot.

As he entered the empty washroom, he placed the files on the counter and proceeded to one of the stalls. He closed the door behind him, loosened his belt, undid his zipper on his black dress pants, and grabbed his now throbbing cock. He didn’t have to worry about his tighty whiteys, – he’d gone commando because he was rebelling and supporting a renewed sexual revolution. He enjoyed beylikdüzü anal yapan escort the feeling of his bare rod rubbing against the smooth lining of his pants. Especially when he was hard and reading her stories.

He started imagining her sitting in front of him, her wavy auburn hair hanging seductively over her brown eyes. He visualized her grabbing his cock and rubbing the pre-cum over the head of his shaft, while his own hand lubed his cock, rubbing the swollen tip and massaging the clear liquid up and down the length. He pictured her surrounding his wicked prick in both hands, bringing him in towards her chest, massaging her nipples with his cock, and then pressing her tits together as he stroked her between her cleavage. He began to tittie fuck her and she loved it. She massaged her breasts together as he thrust between her chest, watching as her tongue licked her lips as her eyes looked into his.

He began to jerk off faster, he SO needed this relief. His hand started pumping harder as he felt the heat build up inside of him. He visualized himself cumming all over her tits, her hardened nipples and her face as he started spurting huge wads of cum into the toilet. He leaned back against the door until his legs stopped shaking. He grabbed a few sheets of the T.P. and cleaned up, no one the wiser.

He walked back to his office with a smile on his face. He was much more motivated to work. Stress free…no more distractions. It was 9:00…only 45 more minutes till he took his usual coffee break. He started working on the projects in his “In Box”.

Time passed quickly, as he was engaged in his work. There were many deadlines that had to be met. Before he knew it, it was time for his usual caffeine dose.

He grabbed his coffee mug and walked towards the kitchenette down the hall. He was unaware that the usually unoccupied office across from him was being utilized. Too many other things were on his mind.

Meanwhile, the horny hottie saw this as her opportunity to slip into his office and surprise him. No one else was within viewing distance. She closed the blinds hanging from the glass walls, and like a tiger, she crouched, under his desk, ready to pounce at the first opportunity. Time seemed to pass slowly as she waited there, while her heart began to beat rapidly in anticipation, wondering what his first response would be when he discovered her in her hiding place.

Just then she heard his footsteps approaching. He had to notice that the blinds were now closed. The chair at his desk kept her hidden from immediate view. beylikdüzü balıketli escort He entered his office, looked at the windows and shrugged, then put his coffee down and pulled out his chair …

“What the h…”

“SSshhhh”…she interrupted, “no need for words,”.

She kneeled and looked knowingly at him, a devilish sexy smile lit up her face. He closed the door, sat down, smiled and winked in return, then closed his eyes as he felt her fingers undo his belt and unzip his fly.

He couldn’t believe what was happening! A horny, sexy seductress ready and willing to go down on him in his office, on his time, during the daily 9-5 grind. This sort of thing only happened in the movies!

He felt the warm palm of her left hand cup his balls, as she guided his now growing cock into her mouth with her right hand. She moved her bottom lip slowly, back and forth where the head of his penis meets his shaft, sending shivers down his spine. With her moist tongue, she circled around, probing the small opening…tasting the precum. It tasted good…salty, but not bitter. She continued to caress his balls, now and again rubbing the sweet spot behind them, close to his ass. Her lips enveloped his swollen member, tongue swirling around and around the length of his cock as she moved her fiery mouth up and down, sucking, and licking. She loved the taste of him.

His breath quickened and a soft moan escaped from his throat. The thought of being caught entered his mind and added to his excitement. He wrapped his fingers in her hair, and began to massage her scalp while guiding her in her movements. He loved the feeling of her hot lips, wet mouth, and talented tongue moving around his cock. Knowing how much she turned him on made her SO wet and horny. He felt her throat muscles relax as she attempted to take his whole length deep inside. He groaned as he felt the tip of his prick hit the back of her throat over and over again.

“I’m gonna cum…” he said as he felt the pressure build up in his loins, the heat and the pulsing sensations growing more intense.

She slowly pulled away and gave him a few more licks. “Not yet” she replied huskily, as she removed his pants.

She pounced up on his desk, and sat in front of him, hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. She wore no panties under her black skirt today, so he had an excellent view of her wet cunt, and could see just how horny she was. Her pussy lips were swollen, and he could see her juices trickling down her smooth inner thighs. He had to taste her.

She rubbed her fingers back beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş and forth along her slit, and parted her lips. He leaned forward as his fingers replaced hers. His tongue began licking her sensitive clit, rapidly moving around and around, up and down. She arched towards him, encouraging him as he plunged his fingers deep within her cunt. His two fingers found her g-spot as he felt it swell. She was grinding against his tongue and his lips as he lapped up every ounce of her wetness. He finger-fucked her hard. She began to moan and groan and purr like the tiger she was.

“Oh, Fuck, Yeah” she moaned in a whisper. He disengaged the arms on his chair so she could straddle him. He grabbed her ass and pulled her on top of him from the desk. He thrust his cock inside of her as she held on to the back of the chair for leverage. It felt so incredibly good. They fucked each other hard. She bucked against him as she came…liquid spraying all over his thighs and stomach. She still wanted more….although she gushed, her clit was still throbbing. She fingered her clit as he guided her to the floor. She was on her hands and knees, feline style, ass raised. He came at her from behind, rubbing his prick between her sopping, wet pussy. He reached around and started massaging her throbbing clit as he forced his cock inside of her again. Her hands grabbed his ass behind her as he plunged his dick inside of her over and over and OVER again. He slapped her ass as he felt it thrust against his hips, allowing for the deepest penetration.

He started pushing harder, thrusting faster, and she kept up with his pace. Time meant nothing. Location meant nothing. Everything was a blur. The only thing in their minds was the intense pleasure they each received. Bucking, pulsing, thrusting, plunging against one another until they both came. He shot his load all over her ass. She came, trying not to scream, her clit tingling, his cock oozing. They were both sweating and breathing hard. They crumbled in a heap on the office floor, energy sapped, and completely spent.

After a few moments of rest, she got up and smoothed down her skirt. He stepped into his pants and zipped up. They smiled at each other, fully satisfied…and it was still before noon.

“How did you …?”

“No need for questions,” she answered slyly.

Just then there was a knock at his door. For a brief moment they panicked. She quickly told him she posed as a consultant. She smoothed her hair, sat down in the extra chair, and appeared to be working. He pulled out his files, and opened the door.

Another co-worker walked in. He had some questions about the project they were working on. He obviously didn’t recognize the woman, so he introduced himself, as did she.

She found herself still aroused, and this new co-worker she met was kind of sexy. She couldn’t help but to wonder…what would two be like? She stood up and closed the door, smiling a sly, tigerlike smile. Oh Yes, she liked taking care of business!

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