Crossing Over

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The door swung open surprisingly easy for its mass. Heavy ornate carvings and scrolling on the solid cherry, the colors of the leaded stained glass muted by the darkness on the other side, a stark contrast to the brightness of the lobby. Stepping through, I hoped my eyes adjusted quickly, not wanting to trip and look like a fool as I made my way towards the bar.

Slipping onto a padded stool, I tried to casually look around, when in reality it felt as if a thousand sand crabs were clawing their way up and down my spine. A million ‘what-ifs’ raced through my mind, again. I searched the room, peering into the darkened corners, the purposely barely lit booths.

There she was, in a booth on the other side, her back to the wall. Her face lit like a cherub in the flickering candlelight, more beautiful than her picture suggested. I searched her face, her eyes, looking for telltale signs. As I knew she was of me.

We had met innocently enough, neither looking for another, in an online game room. We shared table conversation about this and that, the topic of the day, other players. We found we shared many interests, many hobbies, and many enjoyments. We became friends. Then we became online lovers.

This surprised both of us, as neither had wants nor needs. Both happily married, more or less. But it did happen, to both of our great joy and pleasure. As time progressed, we discovered that not only were we lovers, but that we were in love too. Needs grew. Wants grew. Desires grew, and the passion became overwhelmingly intense. We knew we were heading towards the inevitable, about to enter possibly dangerous territory. Finally, we both agreed, it was time.

We left ourselves many ‘outs’. A town unfamiliar to both. This meeting here at the bar, without direct approach. We arranged for many opportunities to call it off. If either of us chickened out, we could just walk out without a word. If either of us decided it was not yet time, we would sit here, content with just talk. I was ready to progress to the next level, all I needed was a sign.

Looking over to her, I was pleased to see her still here, a good sign, as was her nervous smile. I breathed easier, the pins and needles in the barstool retracting noticeably. I smiled back with relief.

Disturbed by a sound, I turned to see the bartender place a snifter of brandy in front of me. He nodded in her direction. I was accepted! I instructed him to deliver a glass of wine to her, my response. He brought it to her, replacing her already empty glass. She smiled in her own relief, knowing my intent to continue.

She drank quickly, our eyes never leaving the other. I sipped my brandy a bit, and then gulped the last half. I watched her drain the last of hers. Was she as nervous as I? Was she still filled with as much desire as I? It was time to find out.

Putting down my empty glass, along with a generous tip, I got up and strolled out the door. My senses so aroused, the brightness of the lobby almost blinding in comparison. I made my way to the elevators, not too fast, beşiktaş escort not too slow. Not looking back to see if she was still here, following.

I had taken a penthouse suite. If all else failed, at least I’d have a comfortable weekend, alone. The doors opened, and I slipped into the elevator car, moving to the back. Turning, I saw two other couples enter. Then she stepped in and flowed through to the back of the car. She was dressed in a cotton sundress and sandals, the dress cut to mid-thigh, not too low in the cleavage, but low cut under her arms. She also had on a short bolero style jacket, and her hair in a ponytail.

She looked absolutely delicious, and I took note that the others in the elevator noticed her too. We pretended not to know each other.

The car stopped at the second floor, then the third, each time letting on one or two people, presumably heading to the fancy restaurant also on the top floor. As the car filled, people stepped back to let others on, she slipped in front of me. Leaning forward, I could smell her perfume. The scent of her shampoo. Were the little goose bumps on the back of her neck from anticipation, or from the heat of my breath on her neck?

As is common in elevators, the silence was broken by the sounds of soft music. Being in the back left corner, I placed my left hand on her hip. She leaned back into me. My hand slipped up her side, until I felt the delicate softness of her skin in the deep opening of her sundress under her arm. Softly, slowly, my hand slipped forward, the movements concealed by her jacket, to cup her left breast. Her nipple was rock hard as my thumb floated over and around it. She pressed back to me, her right hand reached back to clench my jeans at my thigh, feeling my bulge against the small of her back.

Fifth floor, four more to go on this slow ride. I slipped my hand off her breast, sliding down her side, gliding over her hip, my fingertips barely there as I came to a stop on her thigh. My fingers started clawing her sundress up, inch by tantalizing inch. I glanced around the packed car; no one seemed to notice. Feeling the silky smoothness of her thigh, my fingers slipped forward. She pressed back harder, almost imperceptibly grinding her ass to my crotch. My fingers traced over her lacey panties, to her mons pubis, already damp. I felt her shudder against me, letting go a barely audible gasp. She was as much on edge as I was.

The elevator stopped, the doors opening. Lost in our own world, we almost didn’t notice that we had reached the top floor. Quickly I removed my hand, straightening her dress before the crowd of people flowed out of the car.

In keeping with our plan, she walked to the entrance to the restaurant, pretending to read the posted menu, as I headed down the hallway to our suite. As I slid the card into the lock, I turned back to see her walking rapidly towards me, her full breasts bouncing with her stride. I slipped into the vestibule, holding the door open. The fifteen odd seconds it took her to beşyol escort reach the door seemed like an eternity.

She entered, stopping to search the room. I closed the door, and she turned to see me. Time stood still as we looked into each other’s eyes. All the online and telephone conversations, teasing, and lovemaking, building for months in a crescendo of boiling lust and desires finally coming to fruition.

She plunged into my arms, driving me against the door. We kissed, for the first time, madly, passionately. Our hands simultaneously pulling our bodies together as if to meld into one. Our lips devoured each other, the floodgates of our desires released. I pushed her bolero jacket off her shoulders, fighting to slide it down her arms as she franticly tried to unbutton my shirt. Biting and kissing my way down her neck to her shoulder, my right hand assisting her grinding against my thigh. I kneaded her right breast with my left hand, as she pulled my shirt free of my jeans, her nipple hard through the soft cotton of her sundress.

Releasing her breast, I pulled her face to mine, our tongues assailing each other’s. I felt her hands unbuckle my belt, then the button on my jeans. She ripped the zipper down, intent on releasing me as quickly as possible. I pushed her back, I needed to cool off. The months of pent up passions and lust had me too close, I was ready to explode, and I wanted this to last. But she was not to be denied.

She grabbed my shirt, pulling herself to my chest. Leaning into me, she took my nipple into her mouth, sucking and biting it as her hands pushed my jeans over my hips. She grabbed my cock in a death grip, throbbing in the heat of her hand. She looked up at me, her green eyes glazed with lust, before dropping quickly to her knees.

Without hesitation, she drove me deep into her mouth. I pushed my arms out to steady myself against the walls, my knees giving out to the intensity. The heat of her mouth matched only by the heat of my cock. She sucked once hard, then reached behind me to grab onto my ass, and plunged me all the way into her throat. I felt her throat muscles grab onto me, as she closed her eyes tight and shuddered in orgasm. I lost it. Screaming through clenched teeth I exploded, pulsing hot cum into her throat as her muscles milked me.

I held onto the walls for support, as she voraciously cleaned me with her tongue, pumping me with her hand to get every drop. Finally, my toes uncurled and I regained my senses. Reaching down, I pulled her up, her body dragging along mine. Leaning in, I kissed her deeply, my fingers caressing her face. Releasing her lips, I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I set her on the edge of the bed, sitting with her feet on the floor.

Dropping to my knees, I pulled her to me, giving her a deep, sensual kiss, as my hands slid up and down her back. To her neck, and through her hair. She leaned her head back as I began kissing and nibbling my way down her throat. Lower, to her chest. Lower, to beykent escort her cleavage. As I pulled the knot out that held up the front of her sundress. She leaned back on her hands as the front of her sundress slid down, revealing her full firm breasts.

Cupping her breasts in my hands, I blew across her left nipple, watching in amazement as little goose bumps formed around it. I teased her with the tip of my tongue around her nipple, circling lightly, spiraling inward until I was rimming her nipple. I sucked it gently into my mouth, allowing slight pressure as her nipple dragged across my teeth. She arched her back, as I began to flick the tip of my tongue on her nipple. I started sucking her nipple in and out of my mouth, my tongue continuously flicking across it, as she arched further to press her breast to my face. She moaned deeply in approval.

I let her nipple slip from my lips, as my tongue slid down her breast to her cleavage, then up the side of her right breast to her nipple. I ran the tip of my tongue lightly across her nipple, then again as it hardened. I held her nipple in my teeth as I began to assail her nipple with my tongue from every direction. I left her nipple with one last lick, then proceeded to nibble my way down her breast, with soft nips to the tender underside. Down her stomach. She lifted her hips as I pulled her sundress from her, tossing it to the bed, along with her lacey panties.

I looked into her eyes, filled with love and desire, before dropping my head, my long hair falling across her belly. I moved my head so my hair flowed across her crotch, then down her leg, turning to let it drag up the inside of her leg. Turning the corner to let it flow down her other leg, and back up again. I began to tease her hairless crotch, letting my hair lightly drag across her pussy lips, up and down, and up and down, until my hair began to glisten with her juices.

Slipping my arms under her thighs, my hands on her hips, I leaned forward, until she could feel the heat of my breath on her pussy lips. I inhaled deeply, absorbing her scent. Leaning in further, I let my tongue flow slowly across her lips, tasting her. She tasted delicious. Again my tongue floated the length of her lips, to end at her clit. The tip of my tongue began to circle her clit, around and around slowly. I could feel it plump and harden against my tongue.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, letting my tongue flick across it in every direction. I began sucking her clit in and out, letting it drag across my teeth gently as I did. Her hands went to the back of my head, her fingers entwining themselves in my hair, as I sucked faster. Her fingernails began to dig into my scalp as I sucked her in and out faster. And harder. And faster, as her body began to quiver. Suddenly she pulled me tight in a death grip to her silky lips and shook violently in orgasm as my tongue continued to assail her clit.

Finally relaxing her grip, I began kissing and licking my way up her body, my face and throat covered in her juices. Kneeling, I pulled her to a sitting position and kissed her sensually, slowly. Our needs for instant gratification satiated, we finished undressing each other slowly, savoring each others touch.

Pulling ourselves onto the bed, we laid, embracing tightly. This would be the first weekend of the rest of our lives.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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