Cross Roads Ch. 01

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A Note:

Thank you for all the comments on the first chapter. After a little thinking I decided to expand a bit on the story and re submit it, the core of the tale stays the same just the events building up to and the climax itself was expanded upon.




This story contains senses with forced sex and minor assault. Most of the events in this story are based on a true tale, however a human tends to forget and thus I added A little fiction to this story. This is a re submission of ‘cross roads ch1’.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


Thinking back on the events that passed I could not fathom how I could have become this lucky. First, I think that I should give you a little background on the events that transpired.

My name is Arden; I am 5.6 feet tall and weigh 75 kg. I am 20 years of age and about to turn 21 in a few months, I have short, dark brown hair (the reason why I keep it short is because I have very curly hair). My eyes are a dark brown — some even think black.

Well, my father and I do not have the best relationship — wait that is not correct — we have no relationship. It was December and it was very warm like the African sun tends to be. I had not yet come out to anybody about being gay except for a few very close friends. I live with my father, mother and two brothers (one older the other younger) on a farm just outside of the city.

My brother had his best friend Max staying with us for the vacation before I would start work the coming January. Unknown to everybody Max and I were together, we had hooked up about a year back and I truly loved him.

Max was short for Maxwell. He had jet-black hair that he kept in a spiked style. He was tall about a head taller than I was and sculpted like a Greek god. His body hair consisted of the patches under his arms the line that run along the length of his 6-pack, that reached his waist. I loved his pale blue eyes and perfect lips that went with his natural dark tan.

About two weeks in to the summer, everybody had stuff to do in town so I said I would like to stay as always I got my wish. Max said that he had to get all of his belongings together so that he can leave in a few days time. Without any protest, Max stayed with me to pack his things.

I was sitting in the living room when I felt the strong arms of Max tighten around me, I turned around and was greeted by a kiss of so much passion that that my heart skipped a beat. We were lying on my bed making out with some music on that I had not noticed my parents return.

Within a few moments, my whole world changed. I looked up and saw my red faced father standing in the doorway. All he said was that I had to leave before casino oyna they came back again and that I was no longer his son. He slammed the door on his way out I heard his car drive away and started packing. I looked stunned at Max and he told me I’m moving in with him.

Max drove us to his place in town, it was a small two bedroom duplex near where I was about to start work. We did not have much be we had what we needed. A fridge with a freezer, a comfortable queen size double bed that Max owned. A small TV and home gym that Max also owned.

I started work in January and things were going good I received a promotion to store room controller. That night Max and I went to celebrate that evening, he planned a whole romantic picnic under the stars, there were candles everywhere champagne on ice and the food was perfect.

A few weeks after I received my promotion I noticed a change in Max. He became more aggressive and had an unnatural sex drive wanting to make love to maybe 3 times an evening.

After a few days I saw the little holes in Max’s arms, was he in to drugs?

I had confronted him about it he said he did not do drugs and he was using a cycle of steroids again so he could have better muscles so that I liked him more. This made me sad I already loved him the way he was and now he wanted to change.

After that Max got home late, he was usually drunk and showed me little if any respect at all.

One night, Max had a friend over. He was introduced as Alex. He had blonde hair that hung just over his ears with average green eyes and a well-muscled body. As always I cooked I made a chicken pasta bake that I served with salad, and for a while max was back to his old self. He changed in a blink of an eye. He was ordering me around as if some maid get beer get chips get beer and beer and beer.

The then ordered some coffee, I smelled the milk and it was off. With that, I decided to go to the store and get some milk. The store was a few blocks away but still in walking distance. I took money out of the jar on the counter and walked over to the living room, told them I was going for milk and left.

When I got home, there was a note on the fridge that read: “Went for a drink, don’t wait up. I’ll be home late.” With that, I cleaned the dishes, took a long, warm shower, and went to bed.

The bed was cold and I struggled to sleep. I was asleep for –I cannot recall how many hours- but it was early in the morning. A very drunk Max and Alex waked me. He was his charming new self with me. He grabbed my head and kissed me, after I turned my head away. He repeated the same this time keeping my head in place; I did not kiss him back.

He exclaimed that he wanted to fuck and I refused him; I got out of bed and headed down stairs. Before I got to the door, a hand canlı casino grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me back in to the room. I shouted at the top of my voice for whomever to let me go. In the dark, I heard max’s voice exclaim the wanted to fuck and if I was not going to give him sex, he was going to take it.

I could feel my heart shatter in to a thousand little pieces. Here was the man I loved the one that filled me with so much joy; he was going to force me to submit to him. I was not about to let that happen or at least not without a fight. I took my right fist and just swung it. The little fucker just punched me in the face Alex shouted.

Two strong hands took hold of my wrists and before I knew, what was happening a big fist made a connection with my stomach. I fell to my knees in an agonizing pain. I felt as the hands grabbed my body and flung it on to the bed.

My arms were pinned below Alex’s Knees. I was kicking like a rabid horse. A sudden sting of pain shot thru my cheek, Max had punched me in the face. He said that I should be still or the next one will not be so soft.

My clothing ripped of my body. I felt a pair of hands tighten around my neck. A sudden bolt of light made my eyes hurt as Max had just turned on the lights. Max said that he wanted to take me now. I started squirming and Alex tightened his grip around my neck, I could not breath so I laid still. My mind returned me to a happier time:

I remembered the day that Max and I finally hooked up: It was September Just a few days after my 18th birthday. I was home alone for the weekend my parents were away for the weekend. That meant a few things. One my older brother was going away like always and my younger sibling was going to a friends for the weekend that left me alone not that I minded.

It was late Friday night everybody already left. I had my set up in the living room all laid out, mattress, bedding and DVD’s. There was a knock on the door as I opened up I saw Max standing there.

My parents are fighting again mind if I spend the weekend. I told him I was alone and that he could stay. He replied that he would like that and that I did not have to call anybody he would be fine with my company.

Okay so I had a huge crush on Max had for almost 2 years now. I blushed a little at his comment and told him to get out of the cold air. All the rooms were locked save mine, he came in to the living room and asked if Id mind if he could sleep here with me. I said that it was all right but we were going to have to share the mattress on the account that I did not have more than one blanket.

We stayed up late talking joking and finally went to bed and about three. When I woke, Max was already up playing games on my Playstation. It was way passed noon. I was in the mood for a swim. kaçak casino I asked Max if he wanted to join me.

We went out to the pool. I striped to my boxers and dove in, when I surfaced Max was naked he told me he had not brought any clothes and he needed to keep his dry. We swam four what felt like hours. I was flouting on my back when a hand pulled me down when i came up Max pressed his lips against mine. I was in shock but I kissed back.

His hand grabbed my boxers and I stopped him in his tracks. I told him that I did not want a one-night stand thing and I would only allow my boyfriend in there after a month. He then asked me to be his boyfriend I said yes.

Currently, it was another story all-together Max pushed his hard cock up my ass no lube no condom nothing, it hurt like hell and I started to cry. He did not give me time to adjust or took things slow, he pounded my ass hard but all the fiscal pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain I was feeling. My heart had been shattered I just shut down tears running down my face to scared to move.

I felt as he pushed in to me once more and I knew that he was busy cumming. He pulled out and said something to Alex but I could not hear what he had said. My body was flipped around so my ass was in the air.

A new pair of hands replaced the old ones and I knew was going to happen. All the hopes that I might have had that this was over left my mind as soon as Alex pushed in to me. He was thicker than Max and the pain was unbearable. Tears still running down my face Alex started to Pound my ass his pubic hair scratching my cheeks every few seconds.

Alex pounded away and it still hurt there was no pleasure in this the pain the heartache everything hurt. Alex pushed in harder than ever. He pulled out and left the room with Max laughing like mad hoarse.

When I finally got up, I felt a wet feeling running below my legs, brushing it off as their cum that was leaving my ass. I went to the bathroom, and when I saw the floor, I towered in fear. It was not just cum running down my legs — it was blood. My legs covered in it.

The next day I asked my boss for a few days leave. I went straight home with a few boxes and started packing up my things. When I was done packing. I grabbed the four boxes and headed to the company storeroom. My position at the firm allowed me to have keys to the place. I hid my things there; I could lose my job if somebody caught me.

I took my backpack, added a few cans of food, and some clothing. I went back to Max’s apartment, took a piece of paper and wrote:

“I loved you with all my heart but you hurt me so bad.

It feels like my heart was ripped out of my chest.

We are over I never want to see you again.

Hope you enjoy your life,


With that, I left the note and key on the table and closed the door behind me, not knowing where I would go or what could happen. Next, I ventured into the world alone. . .


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