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It was a day after school, and I was meant to be catching up on some of my artwork that I had fallen behind in due to a few distractions in class, of the female kind, who I thought deserved my attention far more then my canvass.

However, my appreciation for them was always been kept in my head, and they would only be able to suspect any form of lust or desire I had for them since I wasn’t about to make it known.

But now I was paying for my tardiness, and was in class after school with the teacher and two other pupils. I stared dejectedly at my painting; I knew I should be working on it at the pace of the two other pupils in the class, both guys, one called Jeff and the other Ted. Everyone in the art class got on well, so we would talk here and then, but we soon be hushed by the teacher who was busy trying to grade some papers.

It was times like these that I was reminded of the other obvious distraction that was not helping my art at all – Mrs. Simon. Recently married, young, friendly but firm and sexy enough to be the subject of many of her pupils’ fantasies. Slightly on the short side, shoulder length blonde hair, big eyes and a tight body with firm, large breasts and small ass.

When her voice reminded us to keep it down, I always turned around and let my eyes linger for a little on her body and face as she graded the papers ignorant of my desire. I could not afford to keep looking for too long, as our desks faced away from hers at the back of the class, and should she look up my attentions would be easily noticed.

An hour passed, and Jeff decided that he had caught up enough work for the day and though Ted had not, he had gotten bored and decided to leave as well. I decided to follow his lead and was going to leave too, but Mrs. Simons asked to see how much work I had done before I left. I knew I was going to have to stay, as I hardly got anything done during the hour.

‘I’m afraid you’re going to have to do a little more work then that if you plan on leaving’ she said to me while looking at my painting. I was at her desk and a lot closer now, and I was able to see much more of her on a more personal level. Her top was orange and tight, and realized she must not be wearing a bra. I tried to see what kind of pants or skirt she was wearing, but couldn’t because of bakırköy masöz escort the desk.

‘How are you getting home? Do you have a lift waiting?’ she asked, and I thought about lying and saying I did in order to get out of here, but realized that I’d be able to get in a little more looking done if I stayed, and we’d be alone too, not that I thought anything would happen, but at least no one else would notice me looking at her body all the time.

‘I’m walking,’ I answered, ‘So I guess I could probably stay for a little longer.’

‘Good, it’ll be in your best interests if you get some more of this done, it’s looking really good so far,’ she added.

‘Okay, I’ll put in another hour or two if I can,’ I replied.

‘That’s fine with me, I got a lot of work to get done myself, so I’ll be here for a while too’ she smiled, ‘now go sit down and do some work.’

I liked her smile and started thinking how I could get her to do it again. However, I wanted to get out for a little walk before I started another painting session, so I asked if I could go to the toilet first.

‘Sure’ she said, ‘just hurry back, and incase they’ve locked the doors, take this master key for the block’. She leaned forward to get the key and I was given a great few of her cleavage. I felt the start of an erection and knew I should hurry before it became noticeable. She gave me the key and I took a slow walk to the toilet, where I tried my best to get rid of my noticeable erection. I didn’t masturbate, just rearranged so it would be a little more discreet.

I washed my hands, drank a little water and made my way back to class.

I walked quietly, because the school was quiet since no one was around and I didn’t want to make unnecessary noise that would draw attention to me. As I got to the class, I heard a moan. At first I took it for a frustrated or disappointed sigh from Mrs. Simon due to something she was grading, but then it came again, louder.

I looked quietly in the door, the sounds were sexual and if this was true I didn’t was to stop them coming again by being noticed.

I planned a quick look, but stopped. Mrs. Simon was wearing a short black skirt and no underwear. Not only that, but the dress was hiked up and she had two of her bakırköy otele gelen escort fingers buried in her pussy. Her eyes were closed, and her head tilted slightly upwards. She moaned again, her eyes still closed and whispered ‘Fuck me,’ to herself or whomever it was that was in her fantasies. I took a deep breath, this was incredible, fuck going home, school suddenly got interesting.

Her fingers continued to work her pussy furiously; sometimes she would take them out of herself to work her clitoris. She was moving fast, I guess that’s cause she thought she had to hurry, as she knew I’d be back soon, but she didn’t realize how long she had taken.

I decided that I didn’t want this to stop at just being a secret little show; I wanted to fuck her, or least replace her fingers with mine or my tongue.

Her breath started getting quicker, and I knew she’d be finished soon and that would be it, she’d compose herself as if nothing had happened, and I wouldn’t be able to try anything.

Her eyes still closed, her moans getting louder, I started moving closer to her desk hoping I didn’t get noticed before I was there. She was in her own world, and I doubted she would hear me, but I kept quiet anyway. I moved around the desks and across to hers, keeping quiet and now starting to crouch too. As I got closer, I could hear the noise of the moisture as she pumped her fingers in and out of her vagina, and could smell the sweetness of her pussy juice. I had to have a taste. I got to her desk, still walking low, just in case, and dropped to my knees. I made a little noise as I hit the floor, and held my breath in case she had heard me. Not at all, she moaned once louder and then returned to her hurried gasps. I was in front of her desk, less then a meter from her tight cunt and I could see the wetness, hear and smell the sweetness. I leaned forward, and my heart started beating faster. This could get me into serious trouble but I rationalized that it could also cause some problems for her if she decided to take action, having to explain why exactly she was masturbating in class on school premises.

‘Oh God!’ I heard her moan loudly, and I make my decision. I placed one hand on her inside thigh and another on her hand. Her body tensed bakırköy rus escort and she took her fingers out her pussy and stopped moving, but kept up her deep breathing. I knew she was surprised, worried and shocked.

I didn’t wait to explain anything, but leant forward and placed my tongue low on her vagina and licked upwards once. I heard a small moan and looked up from under her desk. Her eyes had closed but then opened after I had finished tasting her. She looked down on me and smiled nervously. I knew I had her then, that I could taste her, fuck her with my tongue and fingers, maybe even more… I looked down again at her pussy and started playing with her clit with my tongue. I parted her lips slightly to get a better look, pulled back her hood and flicked her clit a couple of times. Then I licked her harder, and she moaned again. I started up with a faster pace, and also inserted my middle finger deep inside her pussy while licking her clit.

She started moving with me, like we were fucking, my tongue on her clit and my finger inside her wet, tight pussy. I added another finger and sped up the pace. She was close to orgasm, and she had been there before I interrupted, so it didn’t take long before she started moaning ‘Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!’ and then went quiet for a few seconds as her body tensed and I was rewarded with even more wetness to taste. She let out an extended moan and her body relaxed. I licked up as much of her juice as I could and then looked up.

Her eyes were closed and she had a small grin on her face. However, as I watched, her eyebrows came together in a frown, she opened her eyes quickly and looked at me.

‘Oh shit’ she said.

I smiled and said, ‘Miss Simon, you shouldn’t swear in front of the pupils, you might get into trouble.’

She looked at me for a while with the same worried expression on her face. ‘You’re not going to tell anyone about this? I could lose my job, you could probably get into some kind of trouble yourself too you know.’

Still smiling I replied, ‘If I told anyone this, they wouldn’t believe me anyway, and if they did they’d probably just be jealous, so no, I wont.’

She smiled then and added, ‘I am married you know, and my husband satisfies my sexually. But this was incredible too, I really enjoyed it.’

‘Me too,’ I said, ‘You tasted wonderful, and even though you are sexually satisfied, I wouldn’t mind if we shared this again, perhaps a few times.’

She smiled wider and said with a grin, ‘I’d like that. Now, what time did you say you were leaving? Not any time soon I hope…? We should make this staying after school thing regular…’

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