Crazy, Sexy, Drama

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– Kara Gets Punished –

Holy fucking shit! My husband… my cheating ass, lower lifeform of a husband just bit my new lover’s dick. He came in, caught us in the middle of the most electrifying sex I’ve ever had, threw me to the floor, and attacked Dominic. Dom, my sweet, gentle Dom was just giving the third or fourth or maybe fifth or sixth most powerful orgasm of many powerful orgasms, and my husband ruined it.

I hated my husband! I hated him with a passion, but that… That disgusting violation of manhood was the last straw. Divorcing him and leaving him to rot in this house with his skanky ass, dirty hoe side-bitch wasn’t good enough anymore. After that, I decided to take the house, all of the cars, all of his money, his reputation; I was going to make him regret ever meeting me.

Tara and I, who’d jumped on the bed so that Dom could kick my husband ass, watched in horror as Dom slouched over, frantically holding his crotch. There was no blood or anything like that, so presumably, he was not missing his astounding appendage, but still! WTF?

In a flash, overcome with protective, vengeful rage, Tara and I jumped from the bed and started kicking and stomping my husband. As he tried to get up, Tara landed a beautiful kick right to his shrimpy, little girly balls. I don’t know how her foot found them, but I wished she’d kicked them more than once. He rolled onto his hands and knees and scurried out of the bedroom. He was still yelling and threatening us as he fled the house and drove his truck away.

While we laughed at my pathetic husband, Dom was in the bathroom, shaking his wounded cock over the toilet. Tara was the first to the bathroom door, still holding the camera, capturing everything. I slid by Tara and went to wrap my arms around Dom’s waist, but he pushed me away.

“Stop! I need to piss!”

I was confused at first, but in hindsight, it made sense. If he can piss, his dick can still work. It took a long while, but finally, Dom’s thick stream of golden liquor spewed from his phallus. His sigh of relief matched ours as we eagerly waited for him to finish. With his dick shaken dry, I volunteered to clean and soothe his battered cock.

Fearful he’d leave and never speak to us again; I gently massaged his damaged dick. As I softly rubbed back and forth, circulating the blood through the wounded cock, Tara pushed the camera in close and got a well-lit shot of the bite mark.

“See this? This is how manly my ex-boyfriend and Kara’s future ex-husband really is. When he starts losing a fight to a real man… He bites the other guy’s dick. Not grabs it! BITES IT!! Like a little bitch.” Tara’s voice was cruel and degrading.

“I’m so sorry, Dominic! I thought he’d be gone all day. I’m so fucking sorry!” I couldn’t apologize enough. All I wanted to do was satisfy Dom; it was the least I could do. “As soon as you get hard again…” I slowly increased my pressure, giving his wounded warrior cock the most delightful deep-tissue massage it’s ever had. “I want you to fuck me till you can’t fuck me anymore. Take all of your frustration and anger out on my tight, little married pussy.”

“I’d rather not. I’m a little too angry to make love to you anymore.”

“Don’t make love to me. Fuck me hard and punish my little pussy for what my husband did to you.” As I encouraged him to fuck me instead of leaving, his injured cock began hardening. “Yes! That’s right! Get hard for me. Fuck me so that I can never fuck my husband again. Bust my pussy out so much that I can never feel dicks that little ever again.”

“Speaking of that little dick… Do you think he could taste your pussy on Dom’s dick when it was in his mouth?”

“What the fuck, Tara?” Dom snarled. “The guy could’ve bakırköy escort bitten my dick off, and you’re fucking making jokes about it?”

“What? It’s a serious question. And besides, he’s not strong enough to bite through something as hard as your dick. All he did was leave a mark. Look at you, less than ten minutes later, and you’re all ready to start fucking his wife again.”

By that time, his dick was raging hard, and I was struggling to take him down my throat like before. It’s like the rage surging through his pulsating phallus had given him extra girth and length. His insanely engorged cock felt like veiny steel inside my mouth. It stabbed my throat with its bulbous head and coated my tongue and cheeks with hot precum.

I wanted to pull away and catch my breath, but Dom grabbed the back of my head and shoved his enraged cock farther down my throat. I gagged a little but realized he was taking his anger out on me as I had begged him to do. Delighted that he’d remain and fuck Tara and me, I allowed my well-hung lover to use my throat as his cheap fuck toy.

For what seemed like an hour, Dom face-fucked me with all his might. My throat was sore, and I had loads of saliva and slimy precum drooling from my mouth, down to my tits and dripping onto my stomach. Looking like the cheapest cock slut in the dirtiest porno ever made, I smiled at the camera as Dom pulled me from the bathroom and threw me on the bed.

My pussy clenched as I felt Dom place his hands on my knees and open my legs wide. I knew he was going to be rough with me, but I never expected him to slap his throbbing rod against my waiting wetness so wrathfully. The sharp pain quickly turned to pleasure only to be replaced by another sharp pain as he slapped his cock against my slit again. And again, the pain turned to pleasure. Over and over, sharp slaps preceded the most euphoric energy.

With my pussy red and swollen, he rolled me onto my stomach and pulled my ass into the air. He coated his thick shaft with my wetness before sliding his pulsating girth between my ass cheeks. I panicked and froze, fearing he was about to savagely fuck my virgin ass.

“Are you sure you want me to take my rage out on you?” He whispered to me, his voice domineering.

Though I’d never been fucked in my ass, I wanted him to use me. “Yes,” I whispered back. “Do with me what you will.” The words escaped my lips before I could even think of them.

He smiled and kissed the back of my neck. His hands found my sticky waist and held me steady. “Take a deep breath.” Following his instruction, I prepared and braced. He pulled his hips back, took his own deep breath, and rammed forward.

My body tightened immediately, my eyes watered, and my pussy clenched so hard; I thought it would never loosen. I leaned my head on his shoulder and cried out in ecstasy, orgasmically rejoicing that he’d impaled my pussy, slamming his cock against my G-spot with such force that it only took one thrust to make me cum.

My ass was spared, but I realized that my pussy would not be, as Dom began roughly pulling my ass into his rampaging thrusts. One orgasm quickly became two and then three as he held me by the waist and claimed my body as his property. His long, thick cock pressed into my silky, wet gripping walls like a drill. He had my pussy cumming so hard; I could feel every vein and throb of his cock.

Tara cheered as my body convulsed, cumming harder as Dom’s pace quickened and harshened. I fell forward onto my chest, screaming into the sheets and clawing into the mattress, trying to hold on for dear life as the mad man behind me relentlessly ravaged me. My legs wobbled, my fingers hurt from pulling and scratching bakırköy eve gelen escort the bed. I was afraid I’d shatter my teeth; I was biting the sheets so hard.

As my umpteenth orgasm flooded me with warm jubilant sensation, Dom moved his hands to my hips and pumped the hell out of me until I broke my muffled screams and begged for mercy. He threw his hips into me one last time, launching my entire body to the other side of the bed.

“Goddamn, I can’t wait to fuck you!” Tara growled.

“Well, you’re gonna have to. I’m not done fucking this one yet.” He replied in a harsh tone.

He grabbed my ankle and pulled me to him. My pussy was delightfully sore, but I didn’t want to impede his vengeance. I wanted him to fuck me softly and tenderly like before, but my husband saw to it that Dom would fuck me ragged. Thinking of what my husband did to him only made me want to get fucked harder.

As Dom climbed on top of me, I opened my legs and put my hands on his hips, guiding his infuriated monster into my sacred womanly domain. He smiled at me and ran his fingers through my raven hair. “Good girl!” He rewarded me with a softer tone, sending a warm breeze through my body before pushing himself beyond my pussy’s limits.

With my legs open so wide, he could come within millimeters of my cervix, but he never forced himself too deep. He reached new depths that caused my body to jerk and contort in unimaginable ways. In blissful rapture, I cried out as a mind-warping orgasm erupted from the deepest center of my womanly core. Fiery juices exploded from around his thrusting phallus, which maintained its drilling power as my orgasmic liquor sporadically spurted from my swollen slit.

It was the first time I’d ever squirted, but it wasn’t the last. Again and again, Dom drove me to the edge of sanity and threw me into the abyss. I felt weightless every time my mind exploded, and my body flooded with wet sensations of euphoria. I could only feel his thrusting cock between orgasms, pounding my wet pussy relentlessly as he conquered my once sweet, little cunt.

The rhythmic knocking of the headboard echoed in my ears as my screams and praise filled the room. I rolled my hands up and down his body, pulling him closer as he bit and nibbled on my chest. The feel of his hot, sweaty muscles hovering over me warped my mind, making me feel as though our bodies were melding into one. My hot pussy gushed around his hard cock, creating the most harmonious music of angry sex my ears have ever heard.

My hard, deafening screams turned to passionate moans as my body succumbed to my lover. I opened myself to his harsh lovemaking, ecstatically yet silently vowing to obey his every command, committing myself to only him.

“I think she likes it,” Tara sweetly sang.

“Fuck yeah, she likes it. I can feel it in her pussy. She’s mine… Ain’t that right, Kara?” Dom slammed his hips into mine, striking the burning core of my womanhood. I lightly nodded, unable to speak or even murmur. The world faded away, but I could hear and feel Dominic’s magnificent manhood sliding in and out of my depths. “Ah, she’s about to cum again. Tighten this pussy!” my master commanded. “Cum harder than you’ve ever cum before. Cum on! Cum hard! Squeeze this little pussy, or I’ll fuck you like this every time.”

Longing to feel his sweeter side but not fearing his permanent savagery, I tightened my cumming cunt. Squeezing his throbbing cock as hard as I could, I desperately tried to satisfy his lust for my tight pussy. My gaping wetness tightened more and more until the world around me turned black. I’d lost all feeling, and I couldn’t hear a thing. Yet, my only concern bakırköy grup yapan escort was whether I’d satisfied my new lover.

Suddenly, all feeling returned in an orgasmic explosion. I yelled and gasped for air as my body shook and violently twirled beneath my hunky, talented lover. Every inch of me convulsed. My toes curled so hard; they hurt. I could barely keep my eyes open. My fingers hurt from scratching Dom’s back and arms. And my feet involuntarily slapped against Dom’s legs. It even felt like water was running down my body, as my squirting pussy gushed like a geyser despite Dom’s persistent pounding.

The room spun, and I exhaustedly held onto Dominic for support. “Goddamn, girl, you blacked out.” I heard Tara’s voice echo. “I’ve never heard of anyone cumming so hard that they blacked out. Damn, Dominic must be fucking you hella good! You were out for like five minutes.”

Five minutes? It felt like mere moments had passed between one overpowering orgasm to the next. The soreness between my slippery thighs revealed that Dom had never stopped. Even as I lay unconscious, he dominated my sweet pussy. But despite the soreness, he made me cum. He had such power over me that he could not only put me to sleep with his cock, but he could also revive me with his cock.

In awe of his might, I gave in to him completely. I incessantly held my pussy tight, squeezing his cock so hard that it felt like we could start a friction fire. His muscles bulged, and his breaths deepened as he worked my pussy into another gushing frenzy. My mind was adrift, lost in emotions of pure lust and love intertwined.

“Open your pussy?” Dom growled. “Open it wide and let me fuck you deep.”

I had no idea what he meant, but I followed his command the best I could. I loosened my grip and allowed my pussy to gape freely. Once loose, Dom drove his powerhouse cock right against my cervix. Just for a second, pain consumed and overwhelmed me. His cock was too deep, but he didn’t care. He disregarded my cries of pain and fucked me hard, slamming his angry cock against my boundary as he swelled inside me.

“Ahh!” he growled. “Shit! Shit!”

His growls were quickly followed by a hot, wet sensation inside me. The cervical pain that consumed me faded, gently replaced by liquid happiness. Dom’s thick, hot cum filled the newly fucked cavern of my pussy. Surge after surge flowed from his pulsating phallus and streamed into me like a passionate deluge. I wrapped my legs around his and held him deep, relishing the electric lust of our shared creams.

With his cock buried to the hilt, he pumped the last drops of cum into me. The gentle, deep movements stirred dormant desires, igniting a flame that the atrocious pain had distinguished. Within seconds, I had to wrap my arms around his neck and hold on, as one final back-bending orgasm rippled through me.

He leaned up and grabbed a fistful of my lush hair, holding me like a rag doll as he insured his balls were empty by driving himself into me as hard as he could. “You like getting fucked hard?”

Reeling from the lingering orgasms and riding the waves of ecstasy toward another as he pummeled my ragged pussy, I nodded as eagerly as I could in my derelict state.

“Bring me her panties,” he commanded Tara, who was in the middle of her own final orgasm. “Find her panties and bring them to me.”

Tara wobbly walked around until she found my damp lingerie. Once in hand, he pulled my feet up onto his shoulders and slowly teased my panties down my legs. When the fabric was firmly pulled around my thighs, he issued a final decree.

“Don’t let a drop of cum leave your cunt. If I see any of it on the floor or sliding down your legs, I swear I will fuck you so hard; you’ll be scared to let me ever touch you again. Got it?”

I don’t know what I was more afraid of: getting fucked too hard or never wanting Dom to fuck me again. Regardless, I nodded in compliance, and he slipped his cock out and slipped my panties on. Not a single drop of cum, mine or his, spilled.


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