Crazy Girls

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Chapter 1: A Trip

“Come on honey, we want to get something to eat quick before things get crazy out there,” my mom said as she came out of the bathroom. We were in a hotel room, the three of us, so things were kind of crowded. There was my mom Alice, there was me (Taylor), and there was my mom’s best friend Kara. My mom was drying her long, soft black hair and smiling at herself in the mirror. She had reason to smile, my mother was gorgeous. Beyond her hair, she had this sexy olive skin, big perfect violet eyes with really long eyelashes. Her nose was small and her face was intimidatingly beautiful. She was pretty tall at 5’8 and she was happy because, at long last she had gotten her weight back down to where she was in high school, she weighed 110lbs. Her body was perfect. She had big, 32-C breasts, a flat tummy (with a pierced bellybutton), flared hits, tight butt and long legs. She looked like a model. And she was 36 years old, the prime of her life. She looked even younger, like a college student. That night she was wearing an impossibly tight black tank-top and a short plaid skirt. She was wearing flip-flops.

Few people would believe that I was her daughter. Not because of my looks. If fact, people were always saying that we looked a lot alike. Except they always thought that she was my older sister. See my mom had gotten pregnant with me when she was 18 years old. Now, I was 18 and blossoming into a woman. They couldn’t believe such a young woman had such a beautiful young lady for a daughter. And that is what I was. I had my mother’s hair, eyes and coloring. My face was as beautiful as hers, but a bit softer, perhaps because of a slightly smaller nose. This somehow made me look less fierce and sexual. At the time, my breasts were still pretty small, 32-A cups. My stomach was flat, the last of my baby fat having melted off during middle school. I have shapely legs and an athlete’s butt. I was only 5’2 then and about 98lbs. That night I was wearing a tight pink t-shirt (you could see the black bra I was very proud of through the think material) and short white shorts.

In fact, at the time, the only thing that made me different from my mother, besides the fact that I was smaller and younger, was the fact that I had been born without a left hand. I know, it is kind of weird. My mom didn’t know she was pregnant with me until she was 5 months pregnant. As you might have guessed, a girl who gets pregnant in high school is a bit of a party animal and my mom had been drinking pretty regularly up until the time I was born. So my hand was not there. In fact, my arm stopped right at the narrowest part of my arm, right before where my wrist would be in a clean rounded end. It made me very self-conscious and sometimes I think my mom, who cared about the way she looked and how I made her look, was embarrassed about it too. Although she never said anything.

“How do I look?” Kara said. Kara was wearing a white bikini top and jean shorts. I smiled because I liked Kara. She was a lot of the things my mother was not. She was attentive and she was warm and she was funny. My mom was smart and gorgeous but sometimes she was self-centered and intimidating. She didn’t want me to make the mistakes she did, so she was tough on me. She demanded that I be smart as well as sexy. It was a lot of pressure. Kara just liked me for what I was and I liked that. And Kara had a softer kind of beauty that I wished (at the time) that I had. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a 1000-watt smile. Her skin was milky white and she had giant, porn-cheerleader breasts. Her body was very curvy. She was only a little taller than me at 5’5 and she was around 125lbs. My mom had known Kara forever. My mom and Kara’s older sister, Pam, had been beast friends in high school. Pam had sort of outgrown my mom and so she started hanging out with Kara. They had sort of matured at the same time, my mom a little behind the curve (except for her sexual maturity). So Kara was only 25 then, just graduated. She had a masters in elementary education now. My mom ran one of my grandpa’s pizza shops.

“Hot,” my mom said, smiling at her friend. She looked over at me and gave me a weak, but still welcomed smile, “You look very pretty too honey.” If she was really happy she’d tell me I looked sexy or hot. But pretty was still good. I would take it.

“Shall we move out?” Kara asked. I nodded and the three of us headed for the door. We were at the beach for the weekend. It was the last weekend of summer and my mom wanted to give me a treat before I went to college. She was also congratulating Kara, who had gotten job at the elementary school that I had attended.

We rode down in the elevator. I was so hungry that all I could think about was eating. My mom and Kara were talking about something, but I wasn’t really paying attention. We walked briskly through the lobby and soon we were outside, being hit by the oppressive heat. We always vacationed in Florida, and even though it was late August the humidity was insane.

“Oh casino siteleri my god, its hot as a cunt in here,” Kara said and we all laughed. Kara was always vulgar, but it was just a show. She was sweet. But sometimes I wondered if she’d be able to keep it together in an elementary school.

“We don’t want to walk too long,” my mom said and we all nodded. I already felt sweat making my shirt stick to my back. She turned around in the street, looking for something to eat.

“There,” Kara said, pointing. It was a seafood place. It had some sort of clever name and it was sitting right on the bay. My mom nodded and we went. This trip was exciting for me. Lots of times my mom went away on trips with her friends to place. Sometimes she would take me to places. But she always kept those two kinds of trips separate. This was the only time I had ever felt like one of the girls. One of the people my mom wanted to be with. It was exciting. I hated seafood, but I wouldn’t say a word. Part of being on the all-girls trip was doing what the leader said.

Soon we were inside and sitting at the table. It was cool inside and there were just a bunch of tall, four person tables with a bar in the middle. The wall was covered in goofy nautical stuff and oldies were blasting from the stereo. It was not the kind of place my mom would usually like, but Kara would and my mom was in a good mood because some guys were checking her out at the bar. So we sat down.

“This is so much fun!” I gushed and my mom and Kara smiled. I think my mom liked me growing up almost as much as I did. We looked at the menus quietly for a while, although I noticed my mom casting glances at the guys at the bar occasionally.

“Hey there everyone,” a perky male voice said and we all looked up to see a young man who looked like a waiter. He was probably my age. He looked around to all of us, then he saw me adjust my menu with my left arm and his eyes moved away quickly, embarrassed. He stared at my mom instead, either that or Kara’s tits. I felt terrible.

“Well,” my mom said, seeing him getting embarrassed and getting pissed herself. She could never stand to see anyone else embarrassed by my arm. Even though I was pretty sure she was mortified by it.

“Oh, my name is Kevin,” he said, flustered, “Is there something I can get you to drink?” I looked down at the drinks. Coke products. I preferred Pepsi.

“I we would like two shots of tequila to get us started and then two margaritas and a glass of water,” my mom said. I was a bit surprised. I knew my mom and her friends drank, but she was getting off to a hard start. I started to say that I wanted a diet Pepsi but my mom squeezed my leg under the table.

“Can I see your IDs” the boy said. Kara and my mother quickly got out their licenses and showed them to Kevin. I looked around nervously. Kevin inspected each license and then handed them back. Then he looked over at me, abashedly. “Hers?”

“Hers?” Kara asked, looking at me, “she is the oldest one here!” Kevin looked confused. Kara leaned over and sort of nonchalantly let her breast rub up against Kevin’s side, but kept it there. Kevin got beet read and stared down at Kara’s cleavage. This went on for what felt like a long time, but was probably only a few moments. Suddenly, my mom snapped her fingers. Kevin’s head swung around quickly, looking at the source of the sound.

“What?” he said suddenly.

“Kevin, was it?” my mom asked in her icy tone and his eyes got wide and he nodded, “Kevin, first you come in here and you stare at our friend Tyler’s arm like there is something wrong with you. Then you refuse to serve her a drink. Then you stand over here and stare and Kara’s tits and you try to cop a feel. Have I covered that accurately?”

“But…” Kevin said.

“I don’t want to hear your justifications. I think that I need to speak to your manager,” my mom said, crossing her arms in front of her breasts, “I don’t think he would appreciate this sort of behavior.”

“No Ma’am.” Kevin stumbled, taking a step back away from Kara and looking down at his order, “I think we have had a bit of a misunderstanding. I will go get your drinks now.”

“And…” my mom asked.

“Oh and of course, any dessert you get will be on me,” he said, stumbling backwards.

“Of course,” my mom said, nodding and letting the terrified boy run away. My eyes must have been as big as saucers. I had no idea what was going on. My mom was smiling and Kara was giggling.

“Little boys are so easy,” she said and my mom laughed a little now too. Then she turned to me.

“Taylor, I got you a drink. I bet you are wondering why,” she said and I nodded weakly, “Don’t get excited. You are drinking the water. I got it in case there is a drink minimum.” For a second my heart dropped. I had really thought maybe she was going to treat me like an adult. Instead she was using me to make sure she could get shitfaced. Did she even want me here at all.

A few seconds later Kevin was back. He quickly put the drinks all canlı casino in the middle of the table. He took our orders as fast as humanly possible and then he was gone again. Then she put one of the big margaritas in front of both herself and Kara, and then they both grabbed one of the dark brown shots. She gave me the water. My mom and Kara got the salt and limes together.

“To our trip” then she lifted her shot glass, Kara lifted her own and I did lifted my pathetic water. We all clinked our glasses together. Then my mom and Kara both licked the salt from their wrists. I rook a little sip of water. Then my mom and Kara lifted their glasses to their lifts and quickly swallowed down the liquid. Then they shoved the limes into their mouths quickly and sucked them dry. I saw their faces contort and they coughed and giggled. I finished the rest of my water and wondered what I would get it eat.

Chapter 2: The Crazy Gurlz Crew

Most of the rest of that night is still a blur. I might not have gotten drunk like my mom and Kara did, but I had to keep up with them. They danced in the seafood place, they hit on guys, and they made me incredibly uncomfortable. When we got kicked out of there we ended up at a club for more of the same stuff. It was so hot in that place I was soon dehydrated, I felt sick and woozy, like I had been drinking or something. I wanted to go back to the room and go to sleep, but my mom was almost in a manic state. My mom and Kara danced together really sexy and there were guys cheering and watching, she would never leave something like that. She kept telling me that she loved but that I was a kill joy I spent the entire time sitting in the darkness in the corner.

Finally, the club closed and my mom, Kara and I ended up back outside. We were only a few blocks from the hotel and so they decided to walk. Getting out into the fresh air and knowing that I would soon be in a warm bed improved my mood immensely.

“Did you have fun,” Kara asked in a slurred voice.

“Uh-huh” I lied voice and my mom giggled and stumbled a little, she leaned hard against me and I stumbled into Kara and we all stumbled against the wall of the outside of the club. They were laughing and enjoying it and I was a part of it this time. I started to laugh too. We were laughing and trying to get up when we heard a man’s voice behind us.

“Hey girls, how’re you doing,” the voice said.

“Good,” I said in a weirdly assertive voice as we all turned so that our backs were to the club’s wall. We were facing the voice, but couldn’t see anyone. There was just a bright light shining directly in our faces.

“You girls having a good time?” the man voice asked.

“Who’re you?” my mom asked. She had her pissed, icy voice out.

“I’m Dave, I’m with The Crazy Gurlz Crew, you guys ever hear of us?” he asked. My mom responded, but suddenly her attitude had changed. She brought out her sexy girl voice.

“Aren’t you that group that goes and finds drunk college girls and takes videos of them taking their clothes off and stuff?” she asked and Dave sort of laughed. I suddenly figured out that the reason I couldn’t see anything was because Dave was shining a camera in my face and he was filming up.

“Something like that,” he said, “Do you guys want to talk to us for a little while.” I was already starting to shake my head. My mom had always made fun of the late nigh commercials about these clowns and she always told me not to trust guys with any sort of camera when I was naked. There was no way I was going to mess with this stuff.

“So you guys just talk to college girls, right?” my mom asked, twirling her hair over her fingers. At the time, I couldn’t figure out what her deal was. It was only later that I realized that the guy had flattered her by thinking she was somewhere in the neighborhood as college.

“Yep, so I take it you girls don’t mind talking to us,” Dave said, “What’re your names, how old are you ladies?” He asked. At this time I was staring blankly at the camera, confused, my mom was trying to look sexy and I think that Kara was just sort of in a stupor. She shook out of it though, as though she always knew what was going on.

“I am Alice,” my mom said, “I’m 25.”

“My name is Kara, I’m 24,” she answered truthfully. I saw the camera pan to me. I felt, even at the time, that the Dave was raising the camera so that he wouldn’t catch my stumpy left arm. I knew my face was getting red. But before I had a chance to speak, my mom was talking.

“And this is our friend Taylor. She is 18 and a little shy,” she said and turned to wink at me. I just shut up, what was she doing?

“So I saw you, Alice, and Kara dancing out there, it was pretty hot. You girls college students, do you know each other?”

“I just graduated,” Kara explained.

“We know each other from college,” my mom said.

“Were do you go?” he asked.

“Penn State,” my mom said, naming Kara’s alma mater. I just sort of mildly nodded. I wanted to do what my mom wanted, to make kaçak casino her pleased. We were still standing against the wall of the club. My mom was standing in the middle, I was on her left and Kara was on her right. Kara was just staring at the camera now, but she looked gorgeous. So did my mom.

“You guys were doing a pretty sexy dance. Are you girlfriends up there at Penn State?” My mom gave a demure little giggle and shook her head.

“We were just dancing for the guys,” she said and Kara laughed.

“Any of you ever have any lesbian experiences?” Dave asked, moving the camera closer. I felt very uncomfortable. But my mom was eating it up. And she was nodding!

“No,” Kara said, “but she has,” she pointed over towards my mom and me. I quickly shook my head so that they wouldn’t think that Kara was talking about me. But it was clear my mom was reveling in the attention she was getting.

“Oh yeah, what happened?” Dave asked, turning the camera so it was looking only at my mom. She gave a drink smile and sort of nodded. She leaned forward a little when she talked so that the camera would get a good shot of her cleavage inside her black tank top.

“Nothing much,” she said, “One time this girl and I from back home, Pam, well we got a little drunk with some guys around and she fingered me.” I was shocked, I looked to Kara who was nodding. It must’ve been true! Kara’s sister had fingered my mom! It was so strange.

“That’s pretty hot,” Dave said, “You seem like a pretty sexual girl. Do you masturbate?”

“Yes,” my mom said ad this was a further shocking revelation. I couldn’t picture my mom…doing that sort of thing.

“How often?” he asked.

“At least once a day David,” she said. She had a way of saying a man’s name in way that somehow implied that she wanted the man, even if she couldn’t stand him. Even David, who I assume was a jaded pornographer, felt drawn to her. He stumbled on his next words.

“How about you…uh…Kara and Taylor?” he asked, he shifted the camera towards Kara first and she giggled and looked down at her breasts.

“I do a couple time a week,” she said and sort of ran her hand over her crotch and I felt even weirder.

“How about you Taylor,” he said and the camera was on me. I felt my face getting even redder than it was before. I didn’t want to say how much I masturbated in front of my mom. Especially because it was a lot. Also, she had that weird mom ability to know when I was lying so if I said anything I had to tell the truth.

“Stop being a wimp,” I heard my mom say and turned to see that she was looking at me, smiling, “tell them Taylor.”

“Okay, m…” I started to say mom, but caught myself, “maybe I am just a little nervous. I masturbate four or five times a day.” I tried to catch my mom’s look out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn’t, I felt Kara rub my back. She whispered something in my ear, but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“Do you ever think about other girls when you masturbate?” he asked, I didn’t know to whom, but I wasn’t going to answer. He was on his own.

“Sometime,” my mom said and she ran her hand through her hair and pushed it in front of her face. I couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth.

“You want to give one of these girls a kiss?” Dave asked. My mom didn’t say anything, she just turned and looked at Kara. Their eyes met for a second and then I saw them lean in and kiss. I couldn’t see very well, but I could hear their tongues slurping. I saw the back of my mom’s head as it shook around, I could see Kara’s hand on the back of my mom’s neck. Then their kiss broke.

“How about Alice, why don’t you give Taylor a kiss?” Dave suggest, but it sounded a bit more like an order than anything else. I was happy. Now my mom would tell the guy what was up and that would be the end of all this weirdness. We would go back to the hotel and the next morning we would laugh about it. Maybe my mom would forget that I admitted the truth that I masturbated five times a day.

While I was thinking all of this over, I felt a hand on my neck. I felt a thumb rub against my chin. It turned my head towards my mom. Her eyes were bright and she was smiling. She slid her arm around my neck and it clamped gently around the back, cupping the back of my head. I didn’t resist as she pulled me in, I was too shocked. I closed my eyes, too afraid to look. First, I felt the hot warmth of lips against my own. I had only ever been kissed once at that point, and at first it was a little like that, except my mom’s lips were so soft. I leaned into them. I could smell alcohol but also her sexy perfume. She felt so warm against me and I liked it.

Then I felt her mouth open then. I felt her hot tongue against my lips and suddenly my mouth was open too. She was dipping her tongue deep into my mouth. I felt her rough, soft, wet tongue tickling my own, she dug it deep in. She was a little hard with it. It was strange. I felt her one are slide around my back and pull me deeper into her kiss. I was licking back now, trying to put my own tongue in her mouth. I could feel her breasts against mine now; my nipples were hard against her stomach. I gasped around her tongue. Then I put my right hand on her waist and then I put my left arm up to her neck and…

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