Cousin Kayla

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I hadn’t seen my cousin Kayla since grade 8, back in 2009. Well, that isn’t exactly true. There were very sporadic encounters where we would happen to walk by one other somewhere in the city. In those instances she was with whoever she considered to be her boyfriend at the time so all I got was a nod of acknowledgement. Admittedly she was…well I won’t say she’s a slut as I do not actually know how far she goes with these guys. Instead I’ll say she has difficulty with relationships. Her longest usually last a month but often it is as short as a week. I don’t know how she does it as I am not privy to all the details. But perhaps some backstory on us is required.

We met about 10 or so years ago. It was winter of our grade 5 year which would have been 2006. At the time I had no idea we were related and neither did she. I haven’t met the vast majority of my family as most live in Quebec and I have rarely been outside of Ottawa and never out of the province of Ontario. Anyway we were quick to become friend and played together at recess here and there. I was attracted to her as she was and still is pretty. She had also developed early so she was one of three girls in elementary school with breasts already. Nothing ever came of this because at the time I did not entertain thoughts of dating or whatever you would call two 11 year olds out together.

Our relationship as friends continued until middle school, where we were repeatedly at odds. Sometimes we would still be friendly but she liked to insult me a fair deal as well. It was towards the end of grade 7 when I found out Kayla was in fact my first cousin, my aunt’s daughter. Revealing this to Kayla was not the best idea ever as she steadfastly denied it. What had happened was her father slept with my aunt and Kayla was conceived(obviously). Now, my aunt has had 6 or 7 children and Kayla is the only one that ended up with the father and not Social Services. It wasn’t long after that her father started seeing someone else and of course the only mother my cousin knew for 13 years was that woman.

I wouldn’t have believed it either but my mother happened to have one of the only photos of Kayla’s father with my aunt, taken shortly after her birth and before he and my aunt broke up. To my knowledge they were never married which is why I don’t refer to him as my uncle. Anyway Kayla’s father confirmed that we were cousins some time after I had brought it up. So of course she had to decide to be the cousin that doesn’t get along with the other family members. Because why not? We ended grade 8 on less than amicable terms and were at different high schools at two different ends of the city. Even though Kayla lives about a 15 minute walk from where I do. I guess it was avoidance. Or all her friends went to the other. Or even to avoid the cost of school uniforms. It didn’t matter.

To return to now, Kayla and I are fortunately more mature at 20 then we were in middle school. We have opened communications again, so to speak, and talk on Facebook. While I know incest is wrong I am still attracted to her. I agreed to see her tomorrow so it should be interesting. I don’t really anticipate having sex with Kayla but the thing is she’s one of those people where you just never know what they’re going to do and who they’ll do it with. Quite honestly if she wanted to do it I think I would agree. It would be too good an opportunity to pass up, even if it’s wrong.


I woke up early as usual and began getting ready. Kayla happened to be an early riser too and I was to be at her place for 8:30. I showered, shaved, towelled off and selected my attire for the day. I grabbed a tight pair of jeans. Tight in the sense that they fit closely but fortunately didn’t chafe. I put my belt on followed by a white t shirt over which I wore a black zip up sweater. I went with a heavier pair of socks as it was November and cold out there. When it was time to leave I considered my winter boots. There was no snow yet but it was supposed to rain heavily this afternoon. But I figured on being inside most of the day so I wore my shoes. Next came what was essentially a headband, made to keep the ears warm. I put on my black suede winter jacket and my gloves and went out the door.

The walk to Kayla’s was uneventful. The only thing of note on the way was a house in which display cases had been set up in front of it. These housed a collection of toys, mostly old but included was a fair sized Pikachu. This place had always fascinated me as it was an impressive sort of collection. It was better at night when it was all lit up or on cloudy days before Christmas where the colourful Christmas lights were on. Still, as I had been by this place many times over the years I skipped stopping to enjoy everything. Proceeding to where the street turned to the right yet continued under the same name, I walked most of its length until the dental office was in sight. Here I turned down the small side street with only a few buildings.

Though this was my first time coming to Kayla’s, I recognized the old but well canlı bahis maintained and rather large black van her father drove. I did not know if he still used it or not but it was of little consequence. I knocked and my cousin answered. She wore her black hair the same way as always: just unstyled and straight down her back. My own brown hair was only slightly longer. Hers went down her back but not halfway as mine almost did. She wore a grey sweater with black stripes which hugged her nicely and made her breasts prominent. With this she wore a dark blue skirt, similar to the one that was part of the school uniform at my former high school. She also wore black stockings that hid yet accentuated her legs.

“Come in,” Kayla invited.

I entered and hung my coat up with hers and removed my shoes and gloves. I then followed my cousin to her room where she sat on her bed. I caught myself staring though mostly because I never saw her in a skirt much less stockings. She had always been a tomboy though she liked her hair long.

“What?” she asked.

“A skirt? And stockings. So you are a girl,” I teased. This prompted her to throw a pillow, which I caught.

“Bastard,” she laughed. “I thought you had matured.

“I thought you had as well but here you are throwing pillows,” I returned. She laughed again and threw another pillow then beckoned me to sit next to her. I complied and sat as close as I could.

“Have you ever been with a girl? You know, sexually?” Kayla asked.

It was a surprising question to be sure. Especially since it came out of nowhere. True, I did not know what to expect from today but this question from my cousin was definitely unexpected. It prompted questions of my own in my mind. Where was she going with this? Why did she care? What difference did it make? There were a few others but you get the point. I looked at her, trying to read her but coming away with nothing. As stated, it was years since we talked face to face and I just didn’t know how to tell what she was thinking. I figured I might as well answer.

“A few times, if you must know.”

“Any of the girls from JVC?” she inquired. Side note: JVC was the abbreviation of our middle school, Jean Vanier Catholic.

“No. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise,” I answered.

“You’re right. Those girls hated you,” Kayla said with a giggle.

“95% of that school hated me. Including you, usually. There’s nothing like a school of about 120 kids hating you and hearing all the rumours as soon as they occur,” I observed evenly.

“I guess that would be hard. For what it’s worth I’m sorry I was part of the problem.”

“Thank you. So what did you want to do today?” I asked.

“Maybe we’ll go to the mall. I can get some early Christmas shopping done,” she suggested.

“What do you need me for?”

“To carry everything, of course,” my cousin replied with a laugh.

“I suppose I can help you out. Though it would be nice if there was a reason to,” I said, attempting to test her patience like cousins do.

“I’ll buy you lunch,” she offered.

“A matter of little consequence.”

“Fine,” Kayla said, sighing dramatically. “I have a more persuasive option.”

And with that, she seductively ran her fingers down my chest. But that wasn’t all. She kissed me as well, right on my lips. I had to wonder what my cousin was thinking. Surely even she knew incest was wrong. I did but either way I was kissing her back. Whatever she had in mind was too good to pass up. I fantasized about having sex with Kayla for years. When it came down to it I was just as weak for the realization of those urges as anyone. My cock began to stir as it too realized what was happening and what would happen. On the other hand…

“You would have sex with me just for helping you?” I asked.

“Why not? No one has ever suspected we’re cousins and either way I don’t care. I’ll do just about anything with the right person,” Kayla stated.

“Still, I wouldn’t want to have sex with you just for helping you. That isn’t any more right than incest is,” I replied.

“Then have sex with me when we come back because you want to and I want to. That way everybody’s happy,” my cousin suggested.

“Alright, I guess that’s better. Now as for going to the mall, we should wait. Only a few stores open at 9.”

“I know. Which is good because it’s time for a preview,” Kayla said with an almost wicked smile. “Take off your pants.”

I knew there was no point arguing as we had both already agreed on having sex later. I unfastened my belt and removed my pants and boxers. Kayla smiled and nodded as she stroked my cock. Then she got up and pulled off her sweater. Her bra came off next and I finally saw what her breasts really looked like. They weren’t different from any other girl’s aside from size but these were a decent B cup. I had wondered about her breasts since we first started hanging out and may have stared on more than one occasion. My cousin stroked my cock again until it was fully hard. It wasn’t overly bahis siteleri impressive: only 7 inches long and 3 inches wide but it served its purpose.

Kayla wrapped her lips around my fully erect cock and started sucking. I could tell she did this often and that she was quite skilled. She kept a good amount of pressure on as she went about giving me a blowjob. I watched her while she worked, somewhat amazed this was really happening. Kayla took most of my cock into her mouth and sucked on it hungrily. If I had to guess it had either been some time since she did this or she was just eager to be doing it with me. I guessed the former as I am nothing special and therefore not a subject of such eagerness.

Still, I was content to be her first blowjob in however long it was since her last. Kayla managed to lick my cock as she sucked on it before withdrawing her mouth altogether. She kissed the tip and licked off the pre-cum. Then her tongue slowly made its way from the head to the base and just as slowly back up. Immediately after she took my cock back in her mouth and was sucking hard and fast. She had been so quick that I was overwhelmed by the stimulation. I ejaculated for my cousin, shooting hot semen down her throat. She swallowed it and stood up after a caress of my cock. We got dressed and started getting ready to leave.

“We aren’t taking the bus, are we?” I asked. While I had little issues with the city’s public transit system, the closest route to the mall downtown was always a crowded bus. And doing a fair amount of shopping and having to get everything on the bus and off without losing anything was a hassle.

“Hell no. We’re taking the van,” Kayla informed me, grabbing the keys.

I noticed Kayla hadn’t bothered with a jacket. Probably not the best idea. Sure, getting into the van was quick enough so that she wouldn’t get cold. But if it rained as much as the weather report said and we didn’t get back before it started she could be instantly drenched. But it was Kayla’s decision so I said nothing. Once in the van, I looked at the back. There were posters of metal bands all over the walls. That suited me fine as it was my preferred style of music. As well, the back seats were removed and taking up the space on the floor was a bed big enough for two.

“Is this the metal van or the fuck van?” I asked.

Kayla laughed at that as she started the engine. “For your information, it is the Fucking Metal Van,” she said.

The drive to the mall took about 20 minutes. Basically that meant the traffic downtown was fairly decent and not a nightmare. It was quite common at certain times of the day to be stuck for three or more rotations of the lights before getting past that intersection. We had parked inside(not that there was outdoor parking here anymore), so I left my coat and gloves in the van. We walked into the mall, coming out near one of the escalators to the second floor. I was content to follow Kayla as I did know where she wanted to go. We went into EB Games and as she didn’t need me, I browsed their selection while she looked for what she wanted.

The place was good for overpriced new games but did not carry old ones beyond PlayStation 2 and Xbox. They had the latest WWE game but I was not all that into buying it as they were on about limiting its features on PlayStation 3 now that the fourth model was out. I also noticed Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I have been wanting for a year. Again I decided against it as getting it required buying a new console to replace the one that was damaged. My cousin had what she wanted and I waited by the entrance. I followed her to the next place, a specialty chocolate store. She bought some boxes that were decorated for Christmas and handed them to me.

We continued around the mall, stopping at the van twice to put Kayla’s purchases in the back. It was around 11:30 so we went to the food court. The mall, in an effort to be fabulous and trendy, had actually completed relocated its food court and labelled it the “dining hall.” I know that people had actually picked up on calling it by its new name but the concept was lost on me. It implied something fancy yet was serviced by the usual chain restaurants you would expect. Anyway, my cousin and I got what we wanted to eat and somehow managed to get a table.

“Thanks for your help Johnny,” she said.

“It’s no problem. Although you seem to have done most of your shopping here. I had only thought you were getting a few things,” I replied thoughtfully.

“Not everything. I still need some more stuff. And wrapping paper.”

“Okay. What are we doing after this?” I asked.

“Silly question. Of course we’ll be having sex after,” Kayla stated.

I looked around to see if anyone heard. True, no one here knew we were cousins but it still didn’t sit right for her to just announce it.

“Relax,” my cousin said, catching me look around. “No one’s ever guessed we were related before now. Why should they think it now?” she inquired.

“Because you just sort of announced we were bahis şirketleri cousins and that we’d be doing that,” I answered.

“No one picked up on it. Besides, say someone guesses we’re cousins on our way back to the van. They won’t guess what we’ll be doing later,” Kayla reasoned.

“Fair enough,” I conceded. When did my cousin get so good at reasoning and logic? It definitely had been too long between us. Oh well.

After we had finished lunch, Kayla had this mischievous look in her eyes. Before I could question it, she grabbed my hand and led me through the mall. Instead of going to the parking lot we ended up at some of the washrooms. She went in quickly then came back out and dragged me in. Locking the door, she stood by the sinks and bent over. Then she lifted up her top and pulled her skirt up. My naughty cousin wore no panties.

“It’s just us in here and I need sex now. Fuck my ass, cousin!” she begged.

I sighed. There was still a risk of being caught or heard, or both. But there was no way out of this and ultimately this is what I wanted. Now was my chance to fuck my hot cousin. I unfastened my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down. Guiding my cock up her ass, I began humping. She moaned as she gripped the counter to support herself. As I fucked her, Kayla lifted her sweater and pulled off her bra. She tossed it across the room. With her breasts free, I began fondling one while holding her hip with my other hand.

“Oh yeeesss!” Kayla exclaimed.

I teased Kayla’s nipple, making it hard. In between squeezing her breast I pinched and pulled at her nipple. Grabbing both hips roughly, I shoved more of my cock in and began humping harder and faster. My cousin’s breasts were bouncing and she watched us in the mirror. Kayla smiled and pushed back against my cock. I was now fully inside her and humping as hard as possible. Kayla moaned and screamed. It was a wonder no one had showed up at the door, heard this and went to fetch security. Our luck was good, apparently.

After about ten more minutes Kayla screamed loudly and came hard. I followed suit, ejaculating while still inside her ass. I pulled out and dressed. My cousin hopped up on the counter and pulled me close. We began kissing passionately. This make out session lasted a few minutes before I broke the kiss.

“We should go,” I said.

“Sure,” she agreed.

No one was waiting outside when we left the washroom. Kayla left her bra there for whatever reason. Her face was flushed though it was warm in the mall. Any passers-by would likely attribute it to having been all over the building and the heat. If anyone noticed at all. People tended to rush through, even in the pre-holiday season. I guess it was a good thing. Anyone who observed for more than 2 seconds would know we had sex. Her colour was normal by the time we neared the parking lot. Once inside the van, I put my coat and gloves on. We pulled out into a heavy downpour.

“It’s raining,” Kayla muttered.

“Did you not check the weather report today?” I asked.

“Nope. Guess we’re in for a slow drive back. Good thing we fucked before leaving. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this,” she observed.

“If you say so.”

The drive back was slow. A lot of traffic on the roads, which were wet. No one in their right mind would purposely want to crash. Still, in 35 minutes we made it back to Kayla’s house. She parked in the driveway and stepped out into the downpour. I followed suit and we began bringing her purchases from the van into the house. By the time we were finished, Kayla was absolutely soaked. She shivered slightly and stripped off all her clothes. Naked, she threw them in the dryer and went to her room. I followed her and she stopped me from sitting on the bed.

“No way. You aren’t going to be that lucky. If I have to be naked so do you. And if we’re both going to be naked we might as well finish what we started and have more sex,” Kayla stated.

“I can live with that though your phrasing is wrong. Obviously I am indeed quite lucky to be able to have sex with my cousin,” I replied, stripping.

Once naked, I joined my sexy cousin in bed. We began kissing, slowly at first. Gradually we became more passionate as if there was some urgency. Leaving Kayla’s lips, I trailed kisses down to her breasts. My tongue travelled over every inch of her firm tits, enjoying them. I had wanted to taste them for so long. After I was eventually satisfied with her breasts, I kissed Kayla again. As I slipped my tongue into her mouth, my cock entered her pussy. She moaned in approval as we kissed. Our tongues intertwined and I held her close. My thrusts were steady but not rushed in any way. I wanted to take my time if possible.

Normally I would have started fucking her only after protection was established. I had noticed the birth control pills on her nightstand this morning, however and that was enough. There was no way Kayla would have wanted this if she had STDs. I trusted my cousin completely. Currently I was kissing along her neck as she sighed in pleasure. I gave her neck a little bite and began sucking on it. My thrusts inside her pussy were still moderate. She seemed content with this. Awhile longer however and I needed to get closer to release.

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