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A diary entry from the Viking

Dear Diary,

I am sitting in a plane, an all too frequent event in my life, but I am blissfully content. The first leg of my flight home was quiet. The plane was mostly empty. Flights are often light on Sunday morning. I am waiting on the plane during a stop in Chicago. Most of the passengers have been filing off. In about 20 minutes, new passengers will start boarding and reboarding the plane to head on home. In the mean time, I am replaying the events of the last 60 hours. Hours, I will never forget.

I finished my business at the conference on Thursday night. I had moved to a hotel closer to the airport where the rooms are nicer for less money and the parking is free. I needed to stay till Sunday to get the cheap airfare. When I booked the trip, I had been annoyed with the world, but things tend to work out if you let them.

I had been chatting over the Internet with Cora for some months. She had become a big fan of my fantasies. To say we had gotten intimate is a mild understatement. I can still remember our first conversations and the first time we were intimate. She was shy and needed to be coaxed out. She was skeptical that a man could please a woman with just his voice and his mind. Fortunately, I was able to prove her wrong.

One fateful day, Cora was in a mood to be ravished. Work had been hard. She wanted to kick back and relax. She agreed to trust herself in my mind. In our shared fantasy, I began lavishing tenderness on her. I slowly undressed her and hung up her business suit. I kissed her when she blushed. I gently tucked her in bed while I got undressed. She was not a virgin but was not very experienced either. She was adamant that she did not want to do anything excessive. No anal sex for example. She warned that because she lacked experience she was still a little small and I needed to be gentle. Cora relaxed when I told that anal sex was a special gift that a woman could bestow on a man she loved who had taken her to the point where nothing but passion mattered. For anal sex to be good, it must be freely given. Otherwise, it is just a form of rape.

Cora has a special beauty that I appreciate. Her cleavage is amble. 38D cups on her bra give you an idea what I mean. A man could get lost suckling her breasts. Her dark hair always smells ankara escort of herbs and fruit from her shampoo. I feel I could drown in the dark pools of her eyes. Yes, I had a bad case of the hots for Cora. It inspired me to great passion, maybe to excess.

I slid into bed with Cora and began to gently caress and hold her soft body. She trembled and moaned with each touch. I tossed the cover back and rolled her face down. I rubbed body oil into her flesh with a gentle massage from head to toe; spending time caressing each limb; enjoying the gentle curves of her body; exploring the fine details of her skin. With each touch, she surrendered more fully to me. Her passions began to rise.

When I rolled over to her back to finish the massage, I could see the unmistakable glow in her face. Cora was ready to have her passions freed. Her breasts were delicious to touch. Her sensual nature was extremely apparent. I was inspired to grander ideas. While I finished the massage, I told her that she would need to have two orgasms before I would use my manhood to please her. I was very patient and wanted her to come at least five times before we finished. Subconsciously I knew that anticipation was the key for realizing the full potential of Cora’s passions.

I enjoyed the soft skin of her tummy and breasts. I sat astride her hips feeling the soft patch of silky hair on my bottom. Cora is a real woman with generous curves. She is not a little girl with button size tits. Her smile inspired me to prolong the massage. Her trembling let me know that I was building her anticipation. I sensed she was ready for the next move. I continued sliding back down her legs finishing the massage at her feet leaving her legs slightly parted.

Shifting to a new stance, I began to crawl up between her legs. I kissed each leg alternately moving slowly towards the center of her being. Her treasure glistened with her sweet nectar. Her nether lips were engorged and flashed crimson when she shuttered. I could smell the sweet must, as I got closer. When I dived in Cora had an immediate orgasm. Her passions soared high as she called out my name for the first time. Her release was special and sweet because it was the first we had shared.

I continued to suck, lick and kiss her treasure. My tongue flicked against her swollen clit causing escort ankara her to shutter and tremble. Her passions were building again. I suckled a little longer to insure that Cora stayed aroused and focused. When she was trembling at each flick I knew it was time to shift approaches again.

I stopped eating her sweet treasure and moved up the bed. The reproach in her eyes was almost enough to send me back. When I slid behind her placing one leg along either side of her body Cora seemed to relent. She seemed intrigued at what I had planned next.

I pulled her smooth back against my hairy chest. I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. I urged her to stroke her clit to an orgasm so that I could begin to fuck her. I guided her hand down to her treasure and started her. I slipped her fingers deep into her dampness. My hands caressed and pulled on each tit. Even my large hands had trouble getting around her ample endowment. Her hand began to move faster as her passions soared. Cora’s release was bigger than the first and lasted longer.

Cora turned in my lap and faced me. She was obviously ready for more. She moved astride my hips and dared me to deny her. As she lined up her treasure over my erect cock I began to pull on her breasts. I thought she was going to explode as she impaled herself on my sword taking me in to the hilt in one swift thrust.

Up and down she rode seeking another release. Cora eyes were filled with passion. Her breasts jiggled with each stroke. Up and down. Up and down in the dance of Adam and Eve, the dance of ages. We were one. I smiled a wicked grin enjoying her passion. The intensity was almost overwhelming. Fortunately, Cora exploded again with a long orgasm. It was not as intense as the second but it just kept going and going. I could feel her nectar flowing down over my cock. That made three.

It was now time for me to take control and show Cora how to enjoy her birthright as a woman. Guiding her to all fours, knelt behind her and guided my manhood into her treasure. Cora moaned as I began to gently fuck her. Her inexperienced pussy still was tight and smooth around me. Her pussy milked my cock as waves of passion swept over her. I was intent on sending her into orbit. Her passions broke through my control. I was lost in my passions. My mind raced back and forth; ankara escort bayan two equally enjoyable thoughts.

Two maintain my focus, I began counting down with each stroke. 100,99,98…long deep strokes filled with passion. 89,88,87…harder strokes smacking my hips against Cora’s ass cheeks. 79,78,77…faster strokes as my blood began to boil. 69,68,67…as I pulled her hips to mine. 59,58,57…when I began to fear I would not make it. 49,48,47…when the whole universe was reduced to the two of us. 39,38,37…when my jewels began to tighten. 29,28,27…when I urged Cora to come with me. 19,18,17…when Cora started to roar out her passion. 9,8,7…when I lost it; three strokes before the count; when we both were lost to our passions.

Cora’s body continued to shake and tremble as her pussy milked my cock of its last juices. The passions of a real woman rocked her body. I looked down at the rosebud of her virgin ass. I touched it. I smeared our love juices around it. My finger rubbed it and slipped in. My cock was still deep in Cora’s pussy. I was only trying to extend the moment. Cora looked back and with a nod told me to take her ass. She gave herself to me.

My cock began to harden again at the prospect. My fingers invaded more deeply. Cora trembled and shook. She dropped her head to the bed turning her ass up. I had three fingers in her ass now. I was working them in and out. My cock was again stiff and was working in and out of her treasure. Alternating in and out, my fingers and my dick filled her love holes. Her surrender made me superman.

I pulled my now hard cock from her pussy and guided her hand to her clit. I lined my cock on to her ass and slowly slipped in. Cora howled but told me not too stop. In and out I plunged fucking her tight ass. I was in heaven and Cora’s passion continued to soar. Even after coming and flooding her pussy, I soon filled her tight bottom with me seed.

At this point we were both totally emotionally drained. We needed to clean up. Phone sex and Internet chat had never been so hot. We were both totally spent. We had continued to chat over the last several months but we had not achieved this same perfect passion again. We had settled into a comfortable loving relationship. We are so attuned to each other needs that we did not need to make appointments to meet. We just did.

Then Cora decided to drive over to where my conference was. The extra days were a special treat. We had a special time. However, Diary I am out of time. The new passengers are beginning to file on board. Until next I write.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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