Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 01

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This section is the introduction to a story that involves a married 19 year old Asian model and her sexual exploits with powerful, wealthy and very endowed older men.


My name is Doreen. I am Asian, a mix of Korean and Japanese. I just turned 19 three days ago and on that day I married my fiancé of one year, Jason. I met Jason at a club in NYC where I was doing a modeling show for a trendy swimsuit company that specialized in ultra-sexy bikinis.

About me. I stand 5’8″ tall and weigh 108 pounds, and have long, jet-black hair. My measurements (which are always turning heads) are 34D-21-32. At the ends of my round breasts are a pair of dark nipples that sick out almost an inch and are a wide around as a dime. My nipples alone always advertise that my body runs really hot. This is something older men recognize. Being a popular swimsuit model has had many advantages for me, including being on lots of extravagant locations and also in the company of very-successful men.

Most of the men are older and very distinguished, between the ages of 55 and 65, and some in their mid to late 70’s. I have to say that all of these older men were in great shape and are always well groomed, dressed in very expensive European suits.

Being güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in their company with their eyes all over me during shoots and then being in their spacious limos sipping champagne while going to dinner with them to the finest restaurants has always excited me. Ending the evening in their beds, after being spoiled and pampered, has always turned me on too and made me cum like crazy. This was the case for a majority of the models my age.

We all knew the benefits of being with older men. Being 18 and 19 and making a good living there weren’t many guys our age that could match our lifestyles. We all found ourselves in the company of older men, because of their success, and wealth, not to mention their years of sexual experience.

I always found it really sexy to be with a handsome man 30 to 50, even 60 years older than me. There were even a few times when I devilishly ended the night in bed with two distinguished, older men. The confident way these men carried themselves has always excited me and their success in life and the power they wielded has always drawn me to that type of man.

Even though I married Chase who is 25, I was always attracted to older men of wealth and power. These güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri men had the means to provide a luxury lifestyle which is how I wanted to live.

In a very trendy NYC club hosted by a large investment Hedge fund firm I met my husband Jason. He was 25 when I met him. Jason is stands 5′ 10′ tall and has a real preppy look. He is a little on the chunky side with a little beer-belly (exercise is just not his thing) but has a great personality, with a funny, quirky sense of humor that always made me laugh.

He was certainly different from the type of men I was dating and sleeping with. In fact, in bed Jason was really awkward and sex was very average, especially compared to the type of sex I was accustomed to having with much older men. What wasn’t average about Jason was that he was the head investor for the highest-rated Hedge fund management company, earning him an eight figure salary.

The reason I married him was because I knew he would always provide a very comfortable lifestyle for me. During our short engagement and right before we got married I admit to being really naughty and fucked three older men while on shoots while he was back in NY working.

Even though I tried güvenilir bahis şirketleri to remain faithful before I walked down the aisle I just couldn’t help the attraction I had for these older, powerful men that were so self-assured and exuded so much confidence, especially in the bedroom. One of the men who was the President of the company I was modeling for was 70 and the other, the CEO and main investor of the company, was 80. I had been with both of them a few times, once fucking each of them separately and twice fucking them together. The older one absolutely drove me insane.

They were both very distinguished looking, especially the 80 year old and were so persuasive when it came to getting a girl into bed. The biggest part of the reason it was so easy for them to fuck any model they wanted was because they were both so well endowed. The younger of the two had a real thick cock that measured 10 inches and the 80 year old had a staggering cock with a wild hook in the middle of it that measured 13 inches. His cock was not only enormous in length, but also as fat around as a soda can.

He drove every teenage girl crazy when he fucked them. He had the most charming and charismatic quantity about him that made every teenage model eager to go to bed with him but once he had you in his bedroom a ‘villainous’ quality instantly came out him that stripped-away any ‘moral-principals’ a girl had by the things he would order you to do to please him. He knew his cock was huge and thoroughly enjoyed making every teenage model fuck him the way he wanted.

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