Confessions of a Model Ch. 06

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Confessions of a Model. (Jennifer Stevens’ story) Chapter 6

Jeff disappeared around the corner, heading back to the dressing room. I was about to do the same, hopefully catch him, and do what I wasn’t sure. But right then Randy stepped in front of me.

“That was so fucking hot,” he said, giving my body a quick scan. Suddenly, I was aware how naked I was, and really wanted to cover myself.

“Thanks, Randy,” I said.

He stepped closer to me. “Let me see that,” he said, reaching for the towel. I reluctantly released it to his hand. “You’ve still got some cum on your face.” He wiped the towel on the side of my cheek. I held firm as he pushed the cloth against my skin. “And some here,” he said, dropping the towel to my left breast.

I took the towel from his hands and finished wiping myself. “Thanks,” I said, not too friendly.

I excused myself and went back to the dressing room. Jeff had just given me the best sex I’d ever had and despite myself I was reluctant to see him get away.

He wasn’t there. I cursed to myself and stuck my head back out into the hall. My heart was still going a mile a minute. There were a couple of shut doors I hadn’t seen behind yet. Maybe he was in one of those. I was still horny, and was starting to think maybe the pill the girl had given me hadn’t exactly ‘calmed’ me. I could feel it in my crotch. I wanted to get laid again.

I did my best to steady my nerves. I needed to get out of there before I let the whole crew rut between my legs. I quickly started dressing. That’s when I heard a voice behind me.

“Rachel, right?”

I turned with a jump. It was Jeff. My heart fluttered and my pussy pulsed. I stood there in my bra and pants, staring at him.

“Isn’t it Rachel?” He asked.

I looked back at him, for a split second I forgot my adopted stage name, but quickly recovered. “Oh, yah,” I said, laughing. “Sorry, you surprised me.”

“It was really great working with you,” he said.

“Thanks, you too,” I said, but I was thinking -Oh, take me down and fuck me fuck me fuck me, you sexy man.

“Hey, I don’t know if you’d be interested,” he said, then did a quick check behind him. “But I’m going to be starting my own site, soon. And I was thinking you’d be great-“

“Sure,” I said, a little too quickly.

“I may not be able to pay as much as Randy -not at first…” he said. “But pretty soon I hope to be able to pay you more than him.” Not that money was as important to me (at that moment) as his cock was.

“We can work that out,” I said.

“Give me your email address so I can get in contact with you,” he said.

I told him the address while he wrote. Then, just for good measure, I gave him my phone number, too.

He handed me a business card. “Use the email on the back,” he said. “And the phone number on the back, too, if you need to.” He stepped back to the door. “I’ll be in touch in a few weeks,” he said.

“You can touch me anytime,” I said. What the fuck was I saying? Did that even make sense? He gave me a funny look and walked out. I turned the card over. There was an email address and a phone number written in pen on the back. I put the card in my purse, smiling.

Now it was time to get out of there. I finished dressing, grabbed my bag and purse, then realized I still needed to pick up my check.


Bag slung over my shoulder, I looked around for Randy. I found him putting up equipment, directing two guys moving a light stand.

“Randy,” I said. “Can I get that check from you now?” He turned around and looked at me like I had just spoken a foreign language. Then suddenly you could see the recognition spread across his face.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “Sure, Rachel.” He wiped his hands on his shirt. “Wait for me at the editing room. I’ll be there in a sec.”

I walked back to the room where television and computer screens were set up with other equipment and wires. As soon as I stepped avcılar üniversiteli escort to the door, my eyes went wide. There I was, on screen. The camera angle was from behind Jeff, and showed his cock plunging into me over and over. I have to say I was mesmerized. The camera angle changed and now I could clearly see my whole body, and Jeff’s from the neck down. This was real, what I’d done. This was going to go to the internet for anyone to see.

I must’ve stood there a good two minutes, barely registering the two guys at the monitor. It was surreal to watch.

“Hey,” said one of the guys. “Nice work.”

I tore my eyes from the screen to see both of them looking at me. “Thanks,” I said. To the sound of my moans on screen, they turned back to the monitor.

One of them turned back to me, as if comparing me to the girl getting fucked on screen. “Fucking hot,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said. Watching myself like this made my pussy tingle again. I wished Alex was there so he could scratch my itch. Fuck, I’d forgotten about him! What would he think about this? There was no way he wouldn’t find out. He would have to come in to edit the sound.

Just then Randy came in. He stopped to look at the screen again. “Ah, the glory of digital,” he said. “Instant satisfaction.” He watched for another second, then turned to me. “Again, great job!” He was looking right at my chest, the creep.

“So, got my check?” I asked.

To his credit, he didn’t break his smile. “Sure,” he said.

We went across the hall into his office. It was a fair sized room with equipment and stacks of tape lining the left wall. On the right was a cheap looking self-assemble desk topped with papers. In the middle, on the back wall was a green couch that just fit. Randy went to the desk and rummaged through the stacks for a few seconds before finding it. He turned and handed me a white envelope. When he did so, he took my hand.

“You know, you have got a great screen presence,” he said, gently but insistently pulling me closer to him. “With the right moves you could be a star in this business.” He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me in proximity. He leaned in and his tongue went straight for my ear. His right hand snaked down, tried to get into my pants and when that failed, reached around to grab my ass as close to my pussy as possible. What I couldn’t believe was that I was actually feeling a little turned on. That pill sure did it’s work! I had to do something to extract myself from this situation.

“Randy,” I said. “I have to pee.”

He continued to kiss my ear for a moment before straightening up. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Sure. You can use my bathroom over there.”

I looked where he had indicated and there was a second door leading from the room. His office had apparently once been a master bedroom and had it’s own bathroom. Fuck, I thought. How am I going to get away? I went into the bathroom anyway, disappointed to see no other doors leading out. What could I do? Wait in here for him to be called away? I’d have to get past him somehow. Just move inconspicuously fast. I stood there thinking of no better plan. Then I realized I really did have to pee.

Just as I was finishing, my shorts around my ankles, the doorknob turned and Randy walked in. “Randy, what the fuck!?” I yelled.

“Easy, not like you’ve got anything I haven’t seen recently,” he said. “I was just getting a tape.” There actually was a small videotape on the bathroom counter.

I grabbed my panties and shorts and pulled them up as I stood, and suddenly Randy was there. He grabbed my hands before I could finish buttoning and pushed them to my side. He leaned in and kissed me, his tongue sliding along my closed lips. My panties and shorts were pushed back down my legs and then his hands were up my shirt, touching my breasts through my skimpy bra.

In retrospect, I wish avrupa yakası escort I had screamed, kneed him in the groin or scratched him, and I don’t know why I didn’t fight. Maybe it was because I was too tired, or I knew that since I’d let him have me once before people wouldn’t believe me. Or maybe it was that damned pill, and here was a hard cock ready to give my body the attention it demanded, and I wanted it bad.

Whatever it was, my feet stepped out of my shorts bunched around my feet, sliding out one at time, and I opened my mouth to Randy’s tongue. We moved a few feet, and my ass hit the cool marbled counter. Randy’s hand reached between my legs, his fingers began to tenderly caress the folds of my pussy. I opened up my legs slightly, resting my weight on the countertop. He stroked me softly, and gradually his fingertips became coated with my juices.

When I guess he thought I was wet enough, he dropped his trousers. I watched as his cock came free, bobbing slightly. The tip was red and swollen and he moved closer, aiming it at my wet slit. I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me. Using his hand he moved his glans up and down my cunt lips twice, then he pushed forward.

My eyes closed as I felt his cock wedge deeper inside me. I felt like such a slut, my nipples were tight and my whole body tingled as I sat there, pussy wet, legs spread for a dirty old man with a hard cock. And it was the second cock I’d taken in one day.

Randy pushed into me until he was buried completely inside me, and looked straight in my eyes. He began to thrust gently, pulling all the way back and then pushing back in. His gaze left my eyes and trailed down my body, over my breasts, down to our wet juncture. As he watched his flesh disappear into mine, his pace increased. I couldn’t help but moan as the pleasure invaded my core. I put my feet against the cabinet doors and let myself down off the counter just a bit more, so that I was just on the edge and I could spread my legs even wider for him. This made it easier for him to maneuver, and now his thrusts sped up considerably, which was exactly what I wanted.

From the angle we were now in, every time he thrust all the way inside me, he brushed my clit, sending shivers of pleasure through me. After a few minutes, he came to a stop inside me, and reached his arms around the small of my back. As he picked me up, my ass stung from where the edge of the counter bit into my flesh.

He carried me out of the bathroom and into his office, setting me down on the desk. He thrust into me slowly a few times, smiling at me. “I wanna fuck you from behind,” he said in a hoarse whisper. His cock slipped from me and I numbly turned around, placing my hands between stacks of papers and tapes. Facing the window, I could see sunlight still peeking through the closed blinds.

Randy’s cockhead pushed against the wet flesh around my vagina, then found it’s way between my pussy lips and he began to work his way back into me.

His cock was thrusting into me over and over, and I was feeling very good. My eyes were closed, concentrating on the feeling while small moans escaped my throat.

He slowed down for a moment, then repositioned. He pushed my shirt up my back, and I helped him pull it over my head. Then he started fucking me hard and fast, his cockhead jabbing against the walls of my pussy over and over.

It was then I noticed movement out of the corner of my half-shut eye. My eyes snapped open and I saw what it was. One of the tech guys was standing to our right, holding a video camera.

I quickly looked back at Randy, to tell him, and from the look on his face I could tell the asshole must have seen the camera before I did, and obviously didn’t care to let me know.

It was at that point I freaked. Like I suddenly I was humiliated. I tried to get Randy off me, but he had me pinned down, his hard cock buried inside me. He told me to bağdat caddesi escort just be cool.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t believe my shitty luck. But my pussy was still feeling so good, so turned on. Randy moved inside me, sending a wave of pleasure to my brain. ‘Just a few more thrusts,’ I thought. ‘I’m already on camera.’ That damn pill. My heart was thumping wildly. ‘Randy’s on this one’, I remember thinking, ‘so he won’t want to show it to anyone else’. The logic was faulty, but I accepted it for the moment. Fuck the camera, I wanted to keep feeling his cock plow into my pussy.

My head dropped down, letting my hair fall over my face. I closed my eyes and let myself go, squeezing his thrusting flesh inside me. Randy adjusted and his cock was now coming into me at a different angle. I didn’t know whether or not he knew what he was doing, but now his cock was sliding right over my g-spot. He started fucking me with a real steady rhythm, his hands on my waist. He had to know he was doing something right, because I couldn’t keep the moans quiet anymore.

I have to admit, Randy may be an asshole, but he sure knows how to use his cock.

Before long I could feel my orgasm overtaking me while he kept thrusting and thrusting. It hit hard and I squeezed on his cock. He pressed firmly into me and held himself there while I was wracked with pleasure, uncontrollable moans coming from my throat.

“You’re so sexy,” he whispered in my ear. “You have such a hot pussy.”

His cock kept thrusting inside me, making me feel so good. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “You’re going to make me cum. Your pussy feels so good you’re going to make me cum. Do you want me to cum on your face? Or do you want me to cum in your pussy?”

He asked the last question as if I’d already answered yes. I couldn’t think how to reply. No, I didn’t want him to cum in my pussy again, but between my moans I didn’t say it.

“You want to feel my hot load inside you?” he said. “Oh… Yeah, baby, I’m going to cum in your hot pussy, I’m going to cum up inside you,” he said. “Get ready, get ready.”

Then with a loud groan he pulled almost all the way out of me, leaving the head of his cock inside me. His body shuddered, and I felt each shot of cum as it spurted into me, wet and warm, for the camera to see. “Oh yeah,” he kept saying. “Oh yeah.”

Then he pulled out, and immediately I felt a big glob of wet slide out of my pussy and down my leg. “Oh yeah,” he said again. “Get in tight on that.” His hands were then on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart, thumbs trying to spread my cunt lips. “Squeeze it out, baby. Let’s see it.”

The dickhead. I was bent over the desk, head down, wishing this had not just fucking happened on camera. I felt more cum drip out of me, and I squeezed inside my pussy. Thanks to that pill, I was still feeling horny, despite still being pissed.

I reached down and picked up my shirt. Without looking back at Randy or the cameraman, I went into the bathroom to get dressed. It was time to get out of there before I let it happen again.

I walked back into Randy’s office, dressed and cleaned up, check in hand. Randy was waiting for me, partially dressed. He had a smug grin on his face as he looked at me. “You didn’t know I used to act in my videos, did you?”

“No,” I said. “When can I pick up my check?”

“Give me a few days,” he said. “Just drop by and see if it’s ready.”

“All right,” I said, and walked past him to the door.

“You know,” he said in a softer tone. “You should spend the night with me tonight.” He was leering at me with a grin, rattling a bottle of Viagra like a shaker.

“Later, Randy,” I said, and bag over my shoulder, I stepped into the hall.

An image on a monitor caught my eye as I walked past the next room, and there was the guy who had held the camera on me with Randy, watching the raw footage on two monitors. One of his arms disappeared at the wrist inside his shorts, and was moving. I couldn’t believe what I was considering, feeling the wetness stir in my crotch. He turned and saw me standing there. He had a surprised look in his eye, but his hand did not stop moving inside his shorts.

I quickly turned and headed for the door. What the fuck had I been thinking? And what was I going to do about Alex?

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