Confession Ch. 03

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As the months passed after our first unbelievable encounter, we became a little more mundane in our loving. That’s not to say we became complacent. It was more a case of being truly shocked by our behavior that first evening. I think we were both a little frightened of the lack of control we had both exhibited. Yet, although I can’t speak for my mother, I myself almost wished that such unbridled lust would over take me again. Allow me the total freedom of fucking her with no limits placed on our rutting. It’s hard to explain. For example, I had no wish to hurt my mom in any manner, but in the back of my mind I remembered our battered and bruised bodies with a certain admiration. There was no way I could suck on my mother’s cunt during her menstruation, but in some weird way I wished that mind consuming lust would once again pervade my body allowing me to abandon convention and suck the menses from her.

However, our sex life was good. I remember my mom telling me, a few weeks after we began that the honeymoon would soon be over, as I entered her for the third time that night. I will admit as the first year passed the frequency of ejaculation did diminish, but the urgency of sex was replaced with love that in many ways exceeded climatic demands. My mother taught me to cock her thoroughly. Every night we struggled to cock. Often taking a large part of the evening to make sure that her pussy was absolutely stuffed with every millimeter of flesh I could force into her, before she or I would begin the motions of fucking. Many nights we did not bother with climatic release preferring to fall asleep with her body packed with cock. Usually after such a night, we’d have a quickie in the morning before I went to school.

As our love grew, our relationship began to change. Although I was still very much my mother’s boy I became her partner as well. I accepted my duties as a partner in the maintenance of our lives accepting the need to vacuum and dust as easily as mowing the lawn and painting. Washing the dishes in the evening after a meal became a pleasant ritual, for once the last dish was put away, my mom expected her evening cuddle, where I would stand behind her at the sink and lift her large pendulous flesh from her bra and admire their weight. Usually her nipples would erect the moment I touched her breasts and if not I would kiss her neck and shoulders until they did. This always elicited the same response to the point I had it memorized.

“Take me to bed and cock me.” She would say, and to the best of my ability, I would.

School became a large part of my life, not because I had come to appreciate it more but because I knew good marks were the key to my mom’s sexuality. Unlike my past behavior, now, I didn’t put off my assignments but did them as soon as they were assigned. I made a point of studying each day. Soon my marks reflected my efforts and as usual, success bred success. My mom helped a lot, for although she wasn’t lavish with her praise, she freely used her body to reinforce the idea that excellence brought its rewards. One of my favorite rewards she used frequently. Mom would have me flat on my back straddling my face so I could see her hairy pussy about a foot above me, and through the veil of her pubic hair, I would look up her belly to her tits dangling above. Slowly, to begin with, she would finger herself, starting her lubricity, spreading it over her genitals, covering herself in her slime until her clit and labia were slippery with her own exudate. Her genitalia would swell exposing her inner blood engorged labia succulent with her dew, fat and ready for me to suckle. Soon some of her special moistness would slide down her thighs. It was then we both knew she was ready.

Mom would reach down, grab my head with both hands and pull my head up hard against her slimy wet crotch thrusting her cunt vigorously against my nose and tongue, her inner lips kissing me. Her tits would flop about, her back arch as her body humped for climax. As her orgasm took her she exuded, a thick bounteous cum that coated my throat, forcing me to swallow the rich flow. Mom knew how addicted I was to her juices. The moment her flow diminished she would move her genitals down my body until she was able to cock herself, jamming her cunt down hard over my rampant prong, sometimes we fucked, other times her ass would bounce occasionally maintaining my hardness as she lay on top of me stuffed full.

Our second year began with my winning a scholarship to university and my mother deciding that she was going to start exercising. My mom, not one to do things by halves, joined and aerobics class, a gym casino oyna where she lifted free weights, and a fitness center where she used a variety of exercise machines. As the months passed my scholastic endeavors continued to improve as my mother continued to apply her particular reward all over my face and my addiction to her taste continued to grow.

The changes in my mom were far more gradual but change she did. Her thighs that had previously behaved like jelly when she moved tightened and grew more muscular. They would never be the thin sticks of a model, but they became sexually appealing capable of driving her pelvis upwards or clamping my head tightly to her throbbing loins. Her buttocks developed a muscular weight that rounded them, filling her jeans with attractive feminine flesh. The spare tire that had surrounded her middle causing her belly to droop over her pubic hair and enlarged her ass disappeared. The dimples on the upward sweep of her bottom reappeared. Although her breasts tightened but a little, I had grown to like the sway of their pendulous weight as we fucked and would no longer have enjoyed the tight smaller orbs of a younger woman. In short, my mom was not only the most sensuous of woman but now her healthy body increased her sexuality as well. It was as though the honeymoon stage of our relationship had resumed, my mom’s stamina greatly increased, our fucking more frenzied and more frequent.

By the beginning of the third year of our relationship, I was on the dean’s list third in my class, my mother trim and tight, easily satiating my cardinal lusts. I complimented her on her success with her various exercises, only to be told that she still had not accomplished what she had set out to do. Unbeknownst to me my mom spent long hours in the showers of the various clubs she had joined checking out the young girls that exercised with her. I didn’t know that my mom was looking for some young pussy that she could sample. I suppose the only redeeming feature of her search was she was very particular as to what she wanted.

Mom also slowly changed the clothes she wore. Gone were the jeans and plaid shirts. Now she seemed to wear clothing that clung to her body. I remember particularly one pair of slacks made of a material that seemed to mold itself to her body showing off her bottom to perfection delineating each buttock with a soft clingy covering. I would often get hard watching her bottom twitch and loved rubbing my hands over the material. She began to wear more feminine blouses, many of which opened enough to show her magnificent cleavage to its full advantage. I thought that these changes were to entice me, which they did, but I didn’t know she had a ulterior motive.

Finally half way through the third year while showering one day mom looked up to see a young lady, about half her age saunter into the shower room. She was obviously comfortable in her nudity, an attitude that mom liked. Mom watched her as she turned on a shower and began to soap. She looked up and noticed mom was watching her and gave mom a gentle smile. The kind that said I think I like you too. In many ways, she was a younger copy of my mom. Wide of hip, thick and muscular of thigh, prominent shapely ass, and an exceedingly hairy muff, which she half heartily trimmed around the edges, over all, extremely attractive to my mom. On her chest hung two heavy globes of flesh, already pendulous by weight which mom enjoyed watching knock about as she soaped. The woman seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time washing her pussy so mom, who had already washed hers decided to wash it again matching the young lady stroke for stroke. Then mom stepped it up a notch and began blatantly fingering her clit. The young lady, not to be out done, not only matched her actions, but also with the other hand played with one of her nipples.

Mom stepped forward wanting to be a little more intimate until she realized they were in a public place where another woman could walk in on them at anytime. Instead, mom asked her for a cup of coffee. The young lady smiled and said, “I’d like that very much.” They soon were sitting in a secluded portion of a coffee shop where they could talk.

Mom said, “my names Judy what’s yours?”

“Laura,” she replied

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Laura,” said mom. “I hope you realize just how attractive I find you.”

“Oh I think we established how attractive we found each other in the shower,” observed Laura. “After all we were pretty blatant as to what we’d like to do.”

“Laura, to be honest with you I’m unsure. Up to this point I have been a steadfast heterosexual, canlı casino but in your case I think I would like to be bi. However, again being honest, I have to tell you if you’re a lesbian I’m not interested. I simply couldn’t find a female without a craving for the male appendage attractive,” said mom.

Laura laughed bitterly and responded, “I just went through a miserable breakup with a very definite male and yes I love cock!” Here, apparently Laura blushed. “I hope I haven’t offended you using such vulgar language.

“Not at all,” replied mom, resting her hand on top of Laura’s, “you simply said it like it is. There’s nothing I like better than being cocked.”

“Cocked?” Questioned the curious Laura.

“Yes, having my cunt stuffed so full of cock I can’t get another millimeter of hard male flesh in” laughed mom.

“Oooh, that sounds sooo good,” giggled Laura. “I’d enjoy a good cocking too.”

“Well then Laura everything you say and do turn me on and I’d like to get to know you better, in every sense of the word,” stated mom as usual showing no prevarication.

Maybe it’s because of the breakup I just went through I find the thought of a female interesting, but I don’t think so. I feel if we had meet at any time in my life I would have liked you and been interested, it’s that at the moment I’m unattached so I can allow myself the pleasure.” Said Laura.

“Since you told me about your current status, I feel I have to confess mine as well. I’m very much attached to a male at the moment and don’t see any dissolution of that arrangement anytime soon. If you don’t mind working around that situation, there’s a hotel just down the block and I’d like to book us a room. I’m sorry there’s so little romance in my proposal but I’m so totally aroused I need to find out if I will enjoy you’re taste.

“Let’s go!” cried Laura, “the shower was more than enough romance. She grabbed her purse and headed out of the coffee shop. Her enthusiasm was infectious and mom hurried to follow her with a mixture of fear and need, but not enough fear to dry her pussy or stop her nipples from becoming achingly erect.

They soon found themselves behind a locked hotel room door staring at each other suddenly shy even though they had seen all of each other’s charms in the shower. In fact, those charms had led directly to their present situation. Mom, with her heart beating rapidly and her mouth dry, finally began to undo the buttons of Laura’s blouse revealing the huge cleavage between Laura’s heavy tits. The moment that one of Laura’s breasts flopped from her bra signaled a frantic, almost hysterical removal of clothing. Both pussies hot with need, juiced as clothing flew about the room. They stood staring at each other stark naked for a second, before their bodies clashed together like two wrestlers grappling for control. A sexually demanding struggle, before mom was able to throw the sexual feminine hot wet flesh to the bed and begin Laura’s ravishment. The two women licked the perspiration from each other’s bodies reveling in each other’s mammary flesh, groping hot wet hairy twats, smearing each other’s slimy sticky exudate over each other’s bodies. They used the same exudate to probe each other’s anuses with stiffened fingers. Each attempting to prolong the moment they both craved as they thoroughly felt each other up.

Finally, mom turned in the bed and straddled Laura’s head, her hot hairy pussy seeking the soft wet tongue. She lowered her own head towards the hairy nest between Laura’s succulent thighs, when the odorous musky heat of an aroused wet female assailed her nostrils. For a moment she balked, realizing this was a female she was about to become so intimate with. Then the smell reminded her of my hardness just after it was dipped in her own cavity. She knew she loved that taste and consequently renewed her resolve to pleasure this sexy woman lying beneath her. Just then, a warm wet tongue penetrated her swollen sex sending shivers of lust through her body as Laura’s hands gripped her ass and pulled her juicy pungent puss tight to her mouth. As her own lust, for a hot tongue pervaded her body, mom returned the favor driving her own tongue deep within the confines of Laura’s sexy folds. The tasty exudate that coated her tongue sealed the death knell of any resistance she felt towards the tasting of female flesh.

On the contrary, her tongue now coaxed the thrusting pussy to give up more of it tasty product, enjoying the salty slime that slid down her throat. Laura’s response was animalistic; her body thrashing around under moms’ searching tongue. Humping and heaving kaçak casino as multiple climaxes racked her convulsing body, almost spraying moms’ tongue with her juices. Mom enjoyed Laura’s sexual fervor and returned it with an ardor of her own. Mom’s own hand gripped bum humping and heaving, thrusting her sopping wet swollen genitalia against the vacuuming mouth flooding it with her salty mucus. After a while, the energetic response waned as they exhausted each other with rippling spasms of climatic seizures.

Mom, her body still quivering from an excess of lust, turned once again in the bed and took Laura in her arms, kissing her gently, making sure their large breasts were squashed together. Each had a hand on the other’s ass, pressing their pelvises together their thighs intertwined as they still humped their pussies against each other. Both still seeking release from their need of each other, but instead sexually bonding. As they rubbed their hot lubricious succulence over each other’s thighs, their kisses became more frantic, until once again their bodies shuddered and shook, releasing them momentarily from their wantonness.

Mom was shocked at how much she had enjoyed playing with a female and was sure she had finally found the right woman for her needs. It had been a long search but mom was satisfied a successful one. She gave Laura one final kiss and told her she had to go, but if Laura was willing they would met at the same place and time tomorrow. Laura’s wholehearted, excited response waylaid any worries mom felt. As they dressed to leave mom once again admired the broad child bearing hips, curvaceous ass, hairy pubes and the magnificent dangly breasts that bounced and swayed with every movement Laura made.

When I got home that night my mom was literally lying in wait for me. Within a few minutes of my walking in the door, my clothes were off and I was flat on my back my cock in my mother’s mouth. I, of course, didn’t know what had gone on that day or what had brought this on. All I knew was my cock was where it belonged and my mom couldn’t seem to get enough of it. She sucked me until I was about to cum then used me like a paint sprayer spraying herself with my spermy sticky spew, rubbing it into her face, boobs and belly. But that was not enough! Mom waited until I was hard again and sucked me once more this time allowing me to fill her mouth with my creamy spend. She then kissed me, her tongue pushing some of my spunk into my mouth.

But that still wasn’t enough and we sixty-nined for close to an hour before I was hard enough to cock her. Mom needed that cocking like never before. Wriggling about on the bed, her loins demanding, thrusting, heaving, till she was stuffed with cock. She squirmed my cock into herself, and it maybe my imagination, but I think she managed to get a little more in than she had ever before. Then with a large sigh of contentment, she lay on top of me absolutely stuffed with man meat almost purring like a cat. Her quim began a continuous squeezing, keeping my prick in a constant state of aching, skin-stretching, blood filled hardness as the mucus membranes of her hot wet pussy rippled over my rock hard cock. It was almost as though she was feeling me up using her pussy alone as her source of information. A confirmation that she was indeed full of my cock.

An hour past while she kept herself crammed full, and then suddenly she exploded fucking, humping, heaving, jamming my cock into herself. Gasping for breath, grunting with effort, perspiration breaking out over her withering body as she worked my sex. Her cunt holding me tight with muscular contractions that seemed to squirt more of her lubrication over my pistoning cock. The flowing juices allowing me to move within the confines of her contracting muscular pussy. This time she demanded the spermy spew deep in her body. No longer able to withstand her unusual assault, I obliged, spurting rope after rope, creaming her with my essence, my body out of control, completely overwhelmed by my mother’s requirements. Her own body responding to my spastic spew, shuddering with orgasmic bliss, with each new spurt , her groans of ecstasy ringing in my ears.

It wasn’t until years latter she confessed why she had been so libidinous that night. I remember she asked me if I remembered that night, if it stood out in my mind, which it certainly did. She then told me that was the day she had first made love to Laura. Mom had enjoyed her first foray with a female so much she had frightened herself, worrying if she was a closet lesbian. That night, as far as she was concerned, proved her needful requirements of a hard male cock. She was at her most libidinous when a cock spewed its’ creamy goodness over or in her body. No wet pussy, as far as she was concerned, would ever be able to match a cocks’ feel and flavor as it spit.

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