Company Xmas Party Ch. 09

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We both seemed to sleep very well that night, but the morning brought a problem. I was awoken to sniffling, and when I looked to Diane, she was crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. She proceeded to tell me that she was very sore down there. I must have had a stricken look on my face, because she immediately said “Don’t worry, it was worth it. Last night was great.”

I asked her if she had anything for pain, and she said she did in her purse. As I got out of bed, I went to the Jacuzzi and started running water in it, nice and warm. I brought her the bottle, and a glass of water. She took a few pills, and then lay back on the bed.

“I don’t know how I am going to get through today.”

“Call your mom, if you think they are up, and tell them that you are not feeling well. You can just relax, and soak for a bit. Once you call, I will have breakfast brought up.”

She made the call, and once she was done, she tried to sit up, but grimaced the entire way. I walked to her, and scooped her up gently. Even for her discomfort, she let out a delighted peel of laughter which told me that everything would be fine. I set her into the tub, and she melted. I called for room service, then sat behind Diane, and began rubbing her shoulders. After a moment, she pulled my hands around her, and hugged me to her. We sat like that for a little while, and then I had to excuse myself. Nature was calling me.

I walked back into the bed room just as Diane sat back up in the tub. She had dunked herself under water. I started putting on something before the food arrived, and I asked her how she was feeling.

“My vagina is really sore.”

I could barely contain myself. A snicker escaped me. “That sounded strange, so clinical.”

She laughed at me. “I am serious, you might not get any more this week. I think you might have broke it.”

“Your vagina?” I asked her, bemusedly.

“What do you prefer? Twat? Cunt? Pussy?” she asked with a bit of mischief.

I walked to the tub. “Oh, I love the dirty talk!” I leaned down, and kissed her on the cheek. Then seriously, I asked her “Is there anything I can do? Anything else you need?”

“No, but I might need you to kiss it better, later.” Just then there was a knock on the door.

Diane looked like she was going to get out of the tub, but I motioned her back in, and pulled the door closed behind me. Room service walked in when I answered the door. I had requested a cart, and they obliged. I motioned for the man to be quiet, and I signed the ticket, and quietly closed the door. Once the coast was clear, I loudly said “Just put that in the bedroom.”

I heard Diane scream my name, then water starting to slosh. I ran in quick to get her to settle down. “I am kidding, he is already gone. Sit back down, and I will serve you breakfast.”

She let out a nervous laugh, and then exclaimed that I was an asshole. I left the warm stuff sit under their covers, and proceeded to sit behind Diane again with a bowl of fruit. She laid her head back against me while ataköy anal yapan escort I fed her a piece at a time. Once done, she climbed out, and easily put on a robe, and we sat for breakfast.

The morning was a rather lazy one. Once we had eaten breakfast, and I was cleaned up, we lounged on the deck for a little while. Diane changed into a swimsuit, and I into shorts, and we sunned ourselves on the deck. Diane even became as bold as to remove her top. Around eleven, her parents had called to check on her. She said she was feeling a bit better, and they agreed on an early dinner, and her parents were taking Sean to a movie that evening.

We decided to take our lunch by the pool, and continue to relax, and soak up the sun. As we headed for the door, I asked Diane “Are you taunting me on purpose?”

She spun around, and I think that action made her realize she had forgotten one important thing. She let out a squeal, and covered her tits, and quickly found her top. Once she was covered, we headed for the elevator. While waiting for it to arrive, I stood behind her, wrapping an arm around her stomach, and began kissing and nuzzling her neck. She held onto my arm, and purred in delight. The elevator arrived, and we stepped inside. Diane pressed the button for the lobby, and I resumed my position. This time, I brought both hands up, and slid her bikini top up over her breasts, and caressed her nipples to hardness.

While she kept her head up, nervously watching the floors go by, I slid a hand into her bottoms. I did not venture too deep, lightly rubbing my fingers through her pubic hair. All too soon, we neared the lobby, and I helped Diane get decent again. Holding hands, we walked to the area of the pool that offered food service. We found a couple of lounge chairs, and placed our order when the waiter arrived. Soon, we finished our lunch, and continued to rest in the sun.

After a short while, I heard Diane getting up. She grabbed my hand, and told me we were getting into the pool. We jumped in, and splashed around for a minute, and then we drifted to the edge. A hotel employee was walking by, and she asked him if there was a map of the park nearby that we could look at. He quickly returned with one, and we spread it out in front of us on the cement. It got wet, but we did not care. She said that she wanted to look for something different to do there. I floated behind her, looking over her shoulder while she searched. The waves in the pool kept bumping me into her from behind, and she started rubbing her butt against my crotch.

Sounding a bit dejected, she said that nothing on the map was jumping out at her, but there was a magic show later that night that was for mature audiences. I put an arm around her to allow me a better look over her shoulder, and said it could be fun. Pointing to the area of the map closest to us, I told Diane that maybe she should continue to look at that part of the park.

She barely got out “Why?” before a long ataköy bdsm escort gasp as I slid my hand down the front of her bikini. I nuzzled to her ear and told her I would be gentle, and she should just put her head down, and pretend to be looking at the map. With that, I gently slid a finger over her clit. I felt her body tense up. I decided to keep my focus there. Pretending that nothing was going on, I asked Diane “Is there anything good up here?” as I started stroking her clit. She was trembling. Before I realized it, her body shuddered, and she let out a groan. I thought we were busted, but she covered quickly. “We missed that show last night.”

She spun around in the water, and I pulled my hand from her bottoms. I smiled and said “Maybe next time.” I moved my mouth close to her ear and whispered “Quick thinking.”

With just a hungry look, she directed me out of the pool, and we quickly dried off. I followed her to the elevators. Once the door closed, and our floor selected, she forced me against the wall, and began to furiously kiss me. She led me to our room, and we quickly went inside. She pulled me into the bedroom, and pushed me forcefully backwards. I fell on the bed, and watch her as she slid her bottoms off, and quickly climbed over me, placing her pussy directly over my lips.

Needing no further direction, I grabbed her butt, and pulled her to me. She had a handful of my hair, and was pulling my face into her pussy, which was very wet. All the while my tongue was busy stroking over her lips, she was thrusting her hips back and forth. This was as animalistic as I had ever seen her. She was savagely using my face to make herself cum. My face was becoming quite slick from her juices as she slid herself around, even bumping her clit into the tip of my nose. With one hand on the headboard, she let go of my hair with the other hand, and started rubbing her clit. She slid forward, and told me to lick her ass. I thrust my tongue as far in as I could, and felt her cum begin to flow from her.

Before it seemed like she was done orgasming, Diane slid down my body, and when her head was at my crotch, she yanked my trunks down my legs. Once the obstruction was removed, she quickly took my dick into her mouth. I groaned at the feel of her warm, wet mouth, her lips tightly sealed over my cock, sliding up and down. She used her tongue on the bottom of the shaft, making me shiver, and threatening to end this feeling too soon.

She started quickly, attacking my cock, and making grunting and mewling noises. I glanced down and noticed how her motions caused her breasts to sway enticingly. The end was near for me, and Diane noticed my gasps, and slowed down a bit. With my cock in her hand, she looked up at me with those big eyes. She then started running her tongue around the head, still keeping those beautiful eyes turned up to me. She slowly slid her mouth all the way down my cock, then applying a little more pressure, pulled back off, and all the while keeping ataköy elit escort those eyes locked on mine. I shuddered in pleasure.

I noticed a grin form on her mouth while she sucked on the head of my cock, and I felt her press a finger against my ass. As soon as it started to slide in, I pushed my head back into the bed in pleasure. Once her finger was all the way in, she pressed it upwards and started stroking it in and out. I gasped when she would rub against my prostate, and taking that as her cue, Diane slowly took my cock all the way into her mouth again.

This was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. At first, I tried to concentrate on each stimulus, but soon both pleasures were upon me. Those lips sliding up and down the shack of my dick, while her tongue danced on the bottom, her finger fucking my asshole, rubbing my prostate. All I knew was pleasure, and without any warning I was pushed over the edge. Diane pulled her mouth to the top of my cock, and worked the head, and I felt her finger rub more intensely. I was cumming. It was intense. My body started shaking, and I was tearing at the sheets. My eyes were shut as I felt all those sensations flow through me.

Once I settled down, I looked up at Diane. My thrashing must have dislodged my cock from her mouth. She had cum all over her, but she looked like she was anything but upset. Most of it was on her face, some was in her hair. Some was on my chest, and on the bed. She had a look of awe on her face.

“That was amazing!” she said. “It did not look like you were going to stop.”

“That’s my line. That was a nice trick there.”

She started to stroke my cock, rubbing the cum that had dribbled out over it. I was much to sensitive at the moment, and began squirming. I hopped off the bed, and pulled her up with me, and led her to the shower.

“I would rather not have to explain to your parents why you look like this.”

Once in the bathroom, she looked in the mirror. She squealed and said “It looks like I took on a bunch of guys at once.” She seemed to marvel in how much of my cum was on her.

We stepped into the shower, and cleaned ourselves up. She kept wanting to stroke my cock, but I was still too sensitive. I asked her how her parts were doing after last night, and she said she was OK. “Nothing hurts anymore. My stomach is a little sore.”

I kneeled down, and kissed her on her belly button. “That make it better?” I asked.

She pulled me back up, and wrapped her arms around me. “We better get ready for dinner. Do you want to see that magic show tonight, or do you just want to continue to ravage me?”

“After what you just did, you might have broke me. It is like I can still feel your finger, and my buddy is still tingling.” Sheepishly I added “I think I would like you to do that again.”

“You taught me that having something up your butt is fun. I thought you would have known for yourself.”

“Nope. Never had anyone do that to me before.”

“Well, since you broke my cherry, to coin your phrase, I might as well break yours.”

“Didn’t you already do that?” I started to feel a little nervous, knowing how mischievous she could be.

“Well, I figure you did not do mine until last night.” She gave me a wicked grin as she stepped out of the shower.

Well, this could be fun, but I was still nervous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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