Commuting Home

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So here we are again, headed home from yet another long day at work. I’m excited for tonight’s drive however. I’ve been planning this commute for a while, deciding to liven up the typical routine. While sitting at the red light, I lean over I’m horny and wet as hell. I ask if you’d help me with my problem. I lift my skirt smooth, & glistening with wetness. You groan with pleasure and tell me to relax and enjoy. You place your hand on my thigh and I quiver. It’s not going to be a typical drive home. Hopefully I can keep the car on the road. I worry we might be seen by other drivers, yet it also excites me. Knowing that others could see our nasty act sends a thrill through me.

You reach out and caress my leg, stroking it with your fingertips, slowly moving your hand up my thigh. The anticipation in me builds with your touch. I can feel my pussy lips swelling, and my clit tingling. I can’t wait to feel your fingers in my cunt. As I pull my pocket rocket and butt plug out of the glove box, you smile with a devilish grin. You tell me your cock is getting hard & straining against your jeans. Game on!

You continue to touch my leg, ever so lightly at first and then increasing in strength with each stroke. Your hand is moving closer, and closer, to my moist hole; the tension in me building. I feel my nipples harden, the tips swelling and puckering with desire. You move your hand slowly up my thigh, too slowly for me. So I wiggle my ass on the car seat and lift my hips, aching to reach the warmth & strength of your hand. I want to feel your hand engulf my crotch, I want to feel your fingers inside me. I love when you spread your fingers and stretch my cunt open. When you twist & turn your fingers inside me, my pussy goes wild.

You sense my need and your fingers finally reach my swollen clit. I instantly cum, and my hot cream fills your hand. You suddenly jam 3 fingers in my pussy, plunging them deep. As you do, another canlı bahis orgasm overtakes me. My muscles tighten on your fingers, eagerly drawing them deeper into my wet hot cunt with each spasm. As you thrust your fingers in & out of me, I reach out & grab at your cock.

I hear the sharp intake of your breath, and feel your cock respond to my touch. I groan, anticipating the feel of you in my hand. Your rod is swollen practically dancing beneath my touch, and growing ever harder & longer. I struggle to release your shaft, nearly causing a wreck. I watch with glee as you unbuckle & unzip your pants, revealing your beautiful rock hard cock. Oooooh, I want to suck it & taste it!!

I place my hand on your shaft and touch the tip, feeling a bit of cum that I know tastes so sweet. I want to taste it, so I bring my fingers to my mouth & suck your cum off them. The feel and thickness of it makes me even wetter. I can feel my juice dripping down my crack towards my ass. I watch excitedly as you take the butt plug, slide it into my pussy and moisten it. Glistening and dripping with my cum, you remove the butt plug from my oozing cunt and tell me to lift my hips. As I feel it penetrate my ass, my body rocks with another orgasm and I squirt hot juices all over your hand, myself and the car seat. As we laugh, you plunge your fingers in my snatch again. The sheer pleasure of having 2 holes filled starts a chain of small orgasms. Each spasm is stronger, deeper, & longer, than the last. My body racked with convulsions, I suggest that we should stop at a nearby park and finish what we’ve started. I’ve packed a few more things and have plans for you!!!

I pull up to a park, where we both rearrange our clothing a bit while you watch, stroking your cock.

My hand reaches down towards my pussy, slowly traveling over my quivering stomach. I love playing with myself, and watching the desire on your face while you watch me pleasuring bahis siteleri myself. The intensity of your gaze and your quickening breathing as you watch me finger myself. Watching you, watch me is hot as hell. I slip a couple fingers into my crotch and feel the soft moistness of it. The dark depths of my cunt inviting my fingers, wanting to engulf no, calling me, to plunge my fingers in. As I touch my clit I shudder again, and my knees go week. Moaning, I slip my fingers into my wet pussy and feel the warmth of its embrace. Loving it, you ask me to describe how it feels while I fuck myself more. Your voice caresses me and fills my soul, my need for you growing each moment. Trying to put words to the feelings I have, are impossible.

I try to explain how it feels, but fail. The nastiness of having my own fingers in my cunt, while you watch with your hard cock cradled with your big hand, turns me on beyond belief. My body begins to float. All other thoughts & the world have disappeared. The moment is only about our sexual desire and need for each other. The sight of your swollen rod makes me quake with want and desire. As my clit hardens, my pussy lips swell and fill with blood. My juices flow and the wetness makes me hot. I finger fuck myself more, feeling my stomach tighten, my leqs shaking as a series of orgasms take over me. My body squirms in pleasure and I watch the satisfaction on your face. All I know is my cunt, the outside world is gone. Mmmmmmm my cunt feels good, I love my cunt.

I decide it’s your turn, and ask if you’d like me suck your cock. You show me the obvious answer, thrusting your cock towards my face. I greedily get down on my hands take your cock in my mouth circling it; moving down your cock to the bottom of your rod. I grab your balls and caress them, while sucking your cock from the top to the bottom. Up & down, and up & down again. You moan in pleasure, relax and enjoy the sensations pulsing bahis şirketleri through you. Your thick shaft throbbing & wanting release, yet you restrain yourself telling me you want to fuck my tight ass. Please I ask, being the slut that I am. I love having my ass fucked hard, while I play with my clit and touch my pussy lips.

You reach around and suddenly my clit twinges & starts to pulse. My juices squirt all over our hands, its thickness & hotness oozing all over us. I reach behind me and caress your cock with my wet cum. The touch of my fingers on your cock sends you out of control, and you start to ram your cock deep into my ass. You plunge my ass hard & fast with your cock, the pace & speed increasing with each thrust. You tell me you love the tightness of my ass, how awesome it feels to fill that hole with your thick rod. You are getting really turned on every time I touch myself and that you can’t get deep enough in my ass. I ask you to plunge deeper. It hurts at first, but it’s a pain that feels good. It increases the intensity of each orgasm. The thickness of you filling my ass is beyond description. I go to town finger fucking myself, thrusting them deep into my wet cunt. My nipples harden, my back arches, and you pull my hair & tell me you’re about to cum. I beg you to cum in my ass, while continuing to shove my fingers in & out of my hot cunt. I feel an orgasm building as well and as you start your climax, I come with you. My pussy convulsing, my ass muscles closing tightly on your rod while you shoot your cum in me. I feel the warmth of it, and my orgasm reaches its intensity. Oh yeah, baby. Fuck me, fuck my ass, I beg you to fuck me so hard I’ll remember it tomorrow. You continue to pound your juice in my ass, and your breathing tells me of your complete satisfaction. I squirm as I cum and we are both spent. Our limbs draping over one another, entwined and entangled.

While our sexual appetite is fulfilled, our physical hunger needs to be taken care of. So we untangle ourselves, drape clothing over our sweaty, naked bodies and dig into the picnic lunch with abandon. What a great commute!! Can’t wait to go it again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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