Closing Time Troubles

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Closing time.

The last customer walked out the door. I went to lock it as you began putting things away. We didn’t usually work the night shift, but had agreed to trade with some of the other employees.

As you cleaned up behind the counter, I began cleaning the lobby. You caught me starting a couple times, but I was pretty sure I was able to play it off as just scanning the room for things to clean. After a while, you went into the back to put things away.

I finished cleaning the lobby and called out to see what was left. No response. I called your name. Nothing. I walked towards the back, being cautious as I knew you enjoyed scaring people as a prank. I leapt around the corner. Still nothing.

I saw the walk-in freezer was cracked open. I looked through the window and saw you placing unused goods back on the shelves. I opened the door and felt a blast of arctic air – the cooling unit was on, and loud. Probably why you didn’t hear me. You still didn’t hear me as I stepped in.

As I snuck up behind you, you turned around and your eyes opened wide. You shouted “NO!” and dashed past me towards the door as I clicked shut.

With your arms pressed against the door, you looked over your shoulder and said “you don’t work nights much, do you?” Before I could reply, you continued, “This door doesn’t open from the inside. The inside handle broke last week and the repair guy won’t be able to come out until tomorrow.”

Floundering for something to say, you start looking around the walls and realizing I’m not sure what you’re doing, you continue again “Help me see if there’s a control panel or something in here.” We found no panels.

I reach for my pocket – empty. My cellphone was still in the employee cubby, per company policy while on shift. I’m about to open my mouth again and you say “Yeah, my phone is in the cubby too.”

We try pushing on the door some more and finagling the handle around. No luck. The A/C unit is still blowing. The thermometer shows just above freezing. The thermostat is generally set for 2 below.

We both begin to mecidiyeköy escort shiver. We alternate rubbing our hands and shoulders and hopping on our toes to keep the blood flowing.

After a few minutes you look at me and say that we are going to have to find a better way to keep warm or we’ll exhaust ourselves and freeze before midnight. We look around, but the shelves only contain frozen food. I timidly, and awkwardly, mention how skin on skin contact is a good way to keep warm. You stare – I can’t tell what you’re thinking. My words stutter and soften to a stop.

After a seemingly infinite moment, you walk towards me and wrap your arms around me. I don’t know what to do. You can tell. You say “we can huddle, but no funny business.” I wrap my arms around you. Body against body is helping. You’re warm.

After a few minutes, you rest your head on my shoulder. My cock begins to stiffen almost immediately. I think to myself “Why now?!” I was starting to think you didn’t notice, but then you lift your head and look me in the eyes.


I shrug. My eyes are wide, like a deer in headlights.

“Sorry, I can’t help it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re cute?”

You open your mouth, but no words come out. Your cheeks are red, but I can’t tell if you’re blushing or if it’s from the cold.


But while I search for how to finish that sentence, you move your lips forward onto mine. I suddenly felt like I was standing in the hot summer sun.

As the pressure of your lips against mine begins to decrease, I put my hand behind your head and pull it back. Your tongue leaps from your mouth into mine. I do the same.

My foot slips and as I lose my balance, you try and help me keep it, but we fall to our knees. We kiss again.

We pull out faces away from each other and look deep into each other’s eyes. You whisper “skin”.

We simultaneously begin taking our clothes off, making a single pile on the floor. You’re down to your bra and panties. I’m down to my underwear şişli escort and a tight undershirt. As I begin taking my shirt off, you push me from my knees onto my back, landing on the piles of clothes. You fall into my body and begin kissing again as you grind your pelvis against mine.

I didn’t think my cock could get this hard.

My hands nervously creep from holding your waist, up your back and fumble with the clasp on your bra. You notice that immediately too. You lift your head away.

“Whatcha doing?”


“Well don’t keep me waiting.”

My nervous fingers magically unclasp your bra and you let it fall over your shoulders and down your arms. You throw it aside and lean forward slightly, hanging your breasts directly over my face. My hands move back to your hips.

My cock feels like it’s going to explode.

I reach my tongue towards your nipples. They are hard from the cold air. I pull the nipple into my mouth and suck. You moan. I move to the other nipple and suck again, tracing my tongue in circles around it. You moan again.

Distracted by your tits dangling in front of my face, I didn’t notice your hand moving down my body. I didn’t notice until your cold hand slipped inside of my underwear and grasped my hard, hot cock. I almost choked on your nipple. Less than an hour ago, I had been trying to steal glances without you noticing. Now…

You begin stroking. I moan.

Your soft, warm beasts pull away and you press them against my chest. Your smiling lips open and we taste each other’s tongues again as your hand continues stroking my cock.

You start to roll yourself to my side and we trade places – chest pressed against you with my legs straddling you, hovering my cock just inches above your pussy. Your hands grab my ass and pull my cock toward your pussy and you grind your hips hard against me. It’s cold and my hips instinctively pull away.

You pull my hips back and grind again. “It’s too cold for me to be this wet.”

I grind back.

Supporting myself on one elbow, I slip my other hand under your panties. You shiver briefly as my fingers find your pussy. It is so wet.

I slide my wet fingers around the lips of your pussy and begin running your clit. You moan again. I keep circling and playing with your clit. You keep moaning. I stick a finger inside your hot pussy and as my other fingers play around your clit, your body trembles. Your breath shakes. Your legs stiffen.

“Oh! My! Gooooooooood!”

I can feel your pussy tighten around my finger.

You rip your underwear off and pull me down as far as you can reach. You stick your hand between our bodies, grab my cock, pull it towards your pussy, dripping and steaming in the cold air.

I no longer hesitate. As I thrust myself inside of you, you wrap your legs around me. It is so hot. So tight. Your pussy is still pulsing as I pound my hard cock in and out of you.

Your hands grab around me and your nails drag along my back. You moan as I grunt and growl in your ear.

I feel like my cock is going to burst at any moment.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Don’t stop fucking me!”

I keep thrusting in and out. In and out. You pull me tight towards you. My cock tightens.


My cock pulses and sprays inside of you. You tighten your grip with your legs. Your pussy leaks from cum and orgasms.

I rest my full weight on your body. Your legs loosen their grip. Your arms fall to your sides. My cock twitches inside of you. Our hearts pound against each other’s chests.

The A/C unit is still blasting across our sweating bodies, but we don’t notice.

A new noise begins. Beeping from somewhere. We notice.

“Oh shit, that’s the temperature alarm!”

I look at you with a confused expression.

“If the temperature goes above a certain point for long enough, an alert is sent.”

You go on to explain that corporate will call the store to make sure everything is ok with the freezer.

“But we can’t answer the phone.”

“Yes, but if we don’t answer, they’ll call the manager on duty. We’re saved!”

We put our clothes back on and huddle in the corner. It wasn’t long until the manager showed up and let us out. No one suspected how the alarm got set off.

On the way out the door, you look at me, wink, and say “see you tomorrow night!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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